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25. September 2021
Tricky news: new collaboration coming soon!

18. September 2021
Martina news: album out! It is also added to the discography, as is the Pure Heart EP limited vinyl.

29. July 2021
Tricky news: I'm a little behind with all the releases, so I've finally added the latest releases to the solo discography: Doorway EP, Fall To Pieces remixes, Fall To Pieces Live. Also two collaborations to the collaborations discography: with Trentemøller and Lonely Guest.

13. March 2022
Tricky news: tour is cancelled.

8. December 2021
Tricky news: film screening in Berlin tonight! Some concerts were cancelled or postponed, check out the tourdates.

23. October 2021
Martina news: Forever I wait released in CD format!
Tricky news: Lonely Guest album out since yesterday! Some concerts postponed.

11. October 2021
Martina news: Bandcamp story and new tourdates for 2022!

27. September 2021
Tricky news: Tricky won an award and performed two songs at the AIM Independent Music Awards on August 25. Also added to the concertography, which was updated in general a little bit.

26. September 2021
Tricky news: some tour dates are rescheduled, you can pre-order the Lonely Guest album in different format. Also the single "On a move" is added to the discography.

16. May 2021

Tricky update: I've added details for a concert at the Astoria, London in 1995 and some minor changes in the discography.

15. May 2021
Tricky update: the tour dates have been updated.

14. May 2021

Martina news: single out now, album in September. The new single is also added to her solo discography.

17. December 2020
Tricky news: tour dates are postponed.

5. December 2020
Tricky news: Live show and interview on KEXP Radio.

15. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the lyrics for 'Fall to pieces' to the lyrics section (or go here directly).

10. September 2020
Tricky news: Tricky takes over BBC 6 Radio for Desert Island Disco (also added to the radio page). I've also added pictures for the Dinked edition and the red vinyl edition of 'Fall to pieces' here.

9. September 2020
Tricky news: competition to win a test pressing (and places to buy the Dinked edition)!

5. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the new album 'Fall To Pieces' to the discography and began a mini site for it (go here).

4. September 2020
Tricky news: new album out today!

3. September 2020
Tricky news: paperback book and competition.

29. August 2020
Tricky update: I forgot a forth radio show on Rinse FM (from June 30)! It is now added to the radio page.

28. August 2020
Tricky news: Rinse FM radio show(s), also added to the radio page.

27. August 2020
Tricky news: two new singles out (also added to the solo discography and the videography).

23. July 2020
Tricky news: European tour in spring! Check out also the tour dates.

13. June 2020
Big Tricky news: new album 'Fall to pieces' in September!

14. April 2020

Martina update: an older song ('Millennial heart') added the news and the collaborations discography.
Tricky update: an interview on french TV (NPA 1998) added to the concertography.

13. April 2020
Lots of Tricky news: a new EP was released in March (news and solo discography), tour dates in Eastern Europe announced (tour dates) and a Steve McQueen exhibition at Tate Modern (closed at the moment).

07. December 2019
Lots of Tricky news: new video released ('Makes me wonder'), I've also added it to the videography.

28. October 2019
Lots of Tricky news: sampler released, book events, autobiogaphy out soon. Also updated: tour dates, concertography, solo discography, remix discography.

21. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography details! Also a remix is released (added to the remix discography).

11. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography to be released soon.

10. August 2019
Sorry for the long break, I was very busy and Tricky was very quiet. In the news: Tricky took a break because his daughter died, but will release a new sampler soon. Also Martina's news are updated.

26. February 2019
Tricky news: in the studio & festival in France! Also added to the tourdates. And I've added an old setlist for Ghent 1996.

15. December 2018:

Tricky news: appearance at Berghain new year's eve!

25. October 2018:

Martina news: new songs played live at Koktebel Jazz Festival, I've also added the setlist here. And I've updated her biography.

24. October 2018:
Tricky news: track with Ghostface Killah, also in the collaborations discography.

7. October 2018:
Tricky update: new tour dates.

22. June 2018:

Martina news: you can now buy Martina' single 'Solitude'.

16. June 2018:
Martina update: I've added her new single 'Solitude' to the solo discography, plus some older promo releases.

15. June 2018:
Martina news: details about new single and EP.

14. June 2018:
Martina news: single on June 15!

10. June 2018:

Martina news: new EP on June 14 and concert at Festival (also added to the tourdates).

5. April 2018:

Martina news: new material soon, maybe on her brand new You Tube channel? I've also added three older collaboration to the collaborations discography (Son Of Dave: Hot Summer Nights and two songs with Clark) and updated it with more details and links.

31. March 2018:

Tricky news: KUTX radio session. I've also added Breanna Barbara and Marta Zlakowska to the musicians page.

30. March 2018:
Tricky news: two new videos and tourdates in the US. The tourdates are also added to the tourdates section and the videos to the videogaphy.

26. February 2018:
Sorry for my absence! I've updated the tourdates, since Tricky is currently on a little European tour and will play the US in May!

. November 2017:
Tricky news: new remix of "Running Wild" (also added to the discography), plus win tickets for the Berlin concert.

. October 2017:
Tricky update: an old song added to the collaborations discography (Thanks to Ferdinand for the find)!

12. October 2017:
Tricky update: some new European tourdates.

. October 2017:
Tricky news: free download and tour singer.

6. October 2017:
Tricky news: new version of "When We Die" released today. It's also added to the discography.

. October 2017:
Tricky update: the discography is updated with details about the CD version of "Ununiform". I've also added two promo CDRs to the promo discography (The Only Way, Ununiform) and added the rest of the lyrics for Ununiform (help needed!).

29. September 2017:
Tricky update: three new tourdates in Germany added.

. September 2017:
Tricky update: some lyrics added for Ununiform.

. September 2017:
Tricky update: three new tourdates (although London isn't for sure yet) and some new and old samples added to the samples section (Wait for Signal, a couple of old uncredited samples and some songs sampling Tricky).

. September 2017:
Tricky update: one new tourdate (Lausanne), one interview from 2016 added to analyze me (Thump from June 13), plus more interviews and live performances to the Ununiform minisite.

23. September 2017:
Tricky update: one new tourdate, plus I've added a minisite for the new album 'Ununiform' with reviews, interviews and more, check it out here. I've also added the cover song "Doll" to cover me. In the news: according to an interview Tricky is already working on the next album!

22. September 2017:
Tricky news: new album "Ununiform" released today, plus live performance on BBC! The album is also added to the discography.

21. September 2017:
Tricky news: interviews and live performance.

17. September 2017:
Tricky news: Radio Nova and European tour, also the tourdates are updated.

. September 2017:
Tricky news: some interviews here and there.

28. August 2017:
Tricky news: new single and new remixes, both added to the discography as well! Plus US tourdates in October!

5. August 2017:
Tricky update: I've added the "When we die" video to the videography.

2. August 2017:
Tricky news: video for "When we die" released and tour singer Mina Rose.

16. July 2017:
Tricky update: some news (world tour and Nike campaign) and a new tourdate in Italy added.

. July 2017:
Tricky update: I've added the new single "When We Die" to the solo discography.
Martina update: I've added news about "When We Die" and added it to the discography.

. July 2017:
Big news: Tricky released a single with Martina today, plus new album in September!

. July 2017:
In the news: Tricky released a "Stripped Down Tricky Mix" of "The only way" on Soundcloud (also in the discography) and announced False Idols Films soon.

. July 2017:
Massive update in the concertography: I've added a lot of You Tube links and/or setlists to the concertography for the following gigs: MTV Fashionably Loud 1996/1997Roskilde 1998, St. Petersburg 2009, London 2010, St. Petersburg 2010, Krakow 2010, Paris 2010, Vienna 2010, Cologne 2010, Montreal 2010Brisbane 2011, Warsaw 2011, , Bogota 2011, Mexico City 2011, Zhangbei Festival 2011, Brescia 2012, Sosnowiec 2012, Rome 2012, Moscow 2012, Warsaw 2013, Poznan 2013, Strasbourg 2013, Clermont-Ferrand 2013, Osheaga Festival 2013, Tbilisi Open Air 2013, Porto 2013, Frequency Festival 2013, Paris 2013London 2013, Grenoble 2014, Vilar de Mouros 2014, Minsk 2014, Gdansk 2014, Kiev 2014St. Petersburg 2014, Moscow 2014Vienna 2015, Florence 2015, Madrid 2015, Lille 2015, Sao Paulo 2015, Buenos Aires 2015, Cordoba 2015, Porto 2015, BBC Festival Bristol 2016, Prague 2016, Lisbon 2016, Tourcoing 2016, Brussels 2016, , San Francisco 2016, Florence 2016, Budapest 2016.

. June 2017:
Tricky news: out of the blue a new track called "The only way" is released! I've also added it to the solo discography.

21. May 2017:
Tricky update: I've added an interesting interview from last year to analyze me (XLR8R: "Moving Forward Tricky"), in which Tricky talks about his future plans.

20. May 2017:
Tricky news: new festival gig, also added to the tourdates.

9. April 2017:
Good and bad news: Tricky is not in 'Ghost in the shell', but contributed music to the soundtrack (also added to the solo discography).

. April 2017:
After some technical problems moon palace is back! In the news: Tricky will play a show with Lee Scratch Perry at a festival soon! Also added to the tourdates.

29. January 2017:
Happy new year!!! Sorry I've been quiet lately, but there wasn't much to report...
Tricky news
: recording with Asia Argento! I've also updated the concertogaphy with the concerts from autumn 2016.

16. October 2016:
Tricky news: new track with Wax Taylor! I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

10. October 2016:
Tricky update: I've added some You Tube links for full shows to the concertographyTempe 97 (plus setlist), Shepherd's Bush 97 (part of the Naked & Famous documentary, shown on TV, but not on the DVD), Leeds 97 (audio only, but radio braoadcast quality), Moscow 2016. Plus I found some (older) dates from 1997 that I didn't have: Rimini on May 10, Fribourg on May 14 and Zürich on May 13.

. October 2016:
Tricky news: European tour in November, also added to the tourdates.

7. October 2016:
Tricky news: the music of "Take it there" used for new EP by Massive Attack. I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

. October 2016:
Tricky update: a new tourdate added.

. October 2016:
Tricky news: Obia EP relased yesterday, I've added it to the solo discography.

22. September 2016:
Tricky news: Obia EP soon and one track now!

. September 2016:
Tricky misc. news: book release, still awaiting announced Obia EP, back on Instagram.

29. August 2016:
Tricky news: more performances with Massive Attack (Paris, Ghent, Bristol), also added to the tourdates and concertography.

26. August 2016:
Tricky update: (past) concert at Beautiful Days Festival added to the concertography and to the tourdates.

14. August 2016:
Tricky news: new EP in September and documentary about Gary Numan.

29. July 2016:
Tricky update: one new US tourdate.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: song with Tony Tonite, I've also added the album to the collaborations discography.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: All US tourdates are now official!

7. July 2016:
Tricky news: Another tourdate (Berlin, yeah!). I've also updated the tourdates.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: US tour in autumn! I've also updated the tourdates with three US dates.

5. July 2016:
Tricky news: EP with Kiko King & Creativemaze in September.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: more info on Tricky performing with Massive Attack.

23. June 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky will play live with Massive Attack and without.

. June 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky will be in the movie "Ghost in the shell"!!!!

23. May 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two new promos to the promo discography: Brown Punk movie on DVD and Grace Jones Hurricane testpress 12".

. May 2016:
Tricky update: I've added a lot of live reviews and advertisements from Thorben's collection of magazine clippings, also other details and links! They're all over the concertography and I've marked everything as [new]. So just take a look, it's too much to list it all. The most interesting thing is probably this Melody Maker review from the Tel Aviv show in 1996. The concert was about 3 hours and 20 minutes long!

15. May 2016:
Tricky news: Japanese bonus track on Soundcloud, new Instagram Tricky gallery by Thorben!

. April 2016:
Tricky news: today's concert in Hannover was moved to another location! I've also corrected and added some older dates in the concertography and added a short video interview from 1995 with Tricky and Martina (and Terry Hall, but he doesn't say anything) at the Mercury Music Prize.

11. April 2016:
Tricky update: I was lucky to buy some pretty rare Tricky vinyls, so I've added several scans and details about these new vinyls and some old ones to the discography: The Hard Sell LPAftermath demo 12", Can't Freestyle, God's Bass (with DJ Milo), Clandestine Affair (with Grace Jones)Hurricane promo (with Grace Jones)

. March 2016:
Tricky news: Remix EP out! I've also added it to the discography.

28. March 2016:
Tricky update: two new tourdates in Denmark added, plus I've added the Pre-Millenium Tension re-issue to the discography with details and scans here.

13. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added Massive Attack's Ritual Spirit EP to the collaborations discography, because it was released on March 4. Plus I've added scans of the deluxe edition of 'Adrian Thaws' here, because I just noticed they are not there (kind of late, but better late than never).

12. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two articles to 'analyze me', one of them is a short interview with Tricky's engineer Francois Kerjan, who talks about a lot of technical stuff.

6. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the Japanese version of the SKilled Mechanics CD to the discography with scans here, also to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

4. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added a setlist and my review of the Berlin concert here, also two short interviews from German newspapers (Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Morgenpost) to 'analyze me'.

29. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've updated the biography and added part 8.

28. February 2016:
Tricky update: Two new tourdates (Maastricht, Hannover), also I've updated 'movies don't move me' (I added Red Light Runners, although it's unreleased, and the Brown Punk movie, plus updated the list of movies that use Tricky's music, also updated a lot of little things throughout the whole page). 

26. February 2016:
Tricky news: Massive Attack's "Ritual Spirit" EP was released as a very limited edition, I've also added it to the collaboration discography with lots of infos and pics.

21. February 2016:
Tricky update: old news about an unreleased movie (Red Light Runners).

20. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added details for the BBC 6 Music Festival, added the Boy video to the videography and Skilled Mechanics mini site and added a concert in Tel Aviv from 1996 to the concertography.

17. February 2016:
Tricky update: more tourdates!

16. February 2016:
Tricky news: video for 'Boy' released today!

14. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added some samples to 'they ask my origin': Abbaon Fat Tracks, Search Search Survive, Bombing Bastards.

13. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two interviews to 'analyze me' and to the Skilled Mechanics mini site, a french one (Liberation) and a German one (i-D).

12. February 2016:
Tricky update: some new tourdates (Prague, Paris, several in Italy) added to the tourdates, plus I added reviews to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

10. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the last lyrics to Skilled Mechanics: Here My Dear, We Begin, Well, Unreal. If you have additions or correction, let me know (especially for Here My Dear and Well, they were really difficult).

7. February 2016:
Tricky news: expanded issue of PMT. And a new tourdate is added: Moscow on March 30.

6. February 2016:
Tricky news: Screening of 'Naked and famous' at the BBC 6 Festival in Bristol and how to win tickets for the Berlin show. And I've finally updated the interviews section 'all I speak is words': I removed dead links and added tons of video and audio interviews and specials. I also added some links for the recent concerts to the concertography. Plus details for an older one (Session with Selah Sue, see here).

5. February 2016:
Tricky news: remix of 'Boy' plus two more tourdates added.

2. February 2016:
Tricky news: radio show on BBC 6 and postponed release date in Japan. Plus I redid the radio section, added the BBC 6 Mix and an older show called "Loveline" (from 2001).

30. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the video for 'Take It There' to the videography.

29. January 2016:
Tricky update: some more lyrics are added to Skilled Mechanics lyrics (Beijing To Berlin, Bother, How's Your Life)

28. January 2016:
Tricky news: the Massive Attack EP 'Spirit Ritual' was released officially today! I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

27. January 2016:
Happy birthday, Tricky! I've added an old little feature about the artwork on Tricky's first records, taken from Q magazine (thanks to Thorben for that).

26. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for a couple of songs from 'Skilled Mechnics' to the lyrics.

25. January 2016:
Tricky news: collaboration with Massive Attack!

24. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the two new cover songs (Diving Away, Bother) to cover me, and a new sample (in "How's your life") to they ask my origin.

23. January 2016:
Tricky news about the Japanese version of Skilled Mechanics. I've also added scans of the CD and vinyl to the discography (go here directly).

22. January 2016:
Tricky news: Skilled Mechanics album is out today! I've updated the discography and the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

21. January 2016:
Tricky news: new guitarist on tour, I've added him to the musicians! Plus I've added some interviews and radio podcasts to analyze me.

20. January 2016:
Tricky news: two radio interviews with some details about Skilled Mechanics, in one of them you can listen to "Bother", not yet released or streamed!
Martina news: she is on tour with Massive Attack in January and February! Of course the tourdates are updated.

17. January 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky is finishing a book with pics, words and lyrics!

16. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for the new song 'Boy' and added it to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

14. January 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky shares new song 'Boy'!

10. January 2016

Tricky update: some new tourdates and I've added the "Diving Away" video to the videography.

9. December 2015
Tricky update: some new tourdates (including Berlin, yeah).

4. December 2015

Tricky update: I've added reviews for False Idols and some old ones for Maxinquaye.

3. December 2015
Tricky update: Two more tourdates added.

29. November 2015

Tricky update: I've added three tourdates in Poland and deleted the ones that were unsure and probably not happening.

28. November 2015

Tricky update: I've gathered all the infos about Skilled Mechanics on a mini site here and added it to the specials. I've also updated the tourdates, as probably most of them are unsure and DJ Milo removed them from his website by now.

27. November 2015
Tricky news: Anime Deluxe released today with two Tricky related tracks. I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

26. November 2015
Tricky news: new Obia clothing and a competition to win a shirt!

24. November 2015
Tricky update: four concerts added to the tourdates and an old gig to the concertography (June 27, 2014: Control Day Out Festival)

23. November 2015
Tricky news: two gigs (Zagreb, Split) are postponed from December to January, probably the other tourdates will also move to January!? I've updated the tourdates.

22. November 2015
Tricky news: Diving Away single and video, I've also added it to the discography and the lyrics. Plus I've added 'Beijing To Berlin' to the videography. I've also deleted the gig tonight in Australia in the tourdates, because it seems it was just a wrong announcement.

21. November 2015
Tricky news: tour details! And of course the tourdates are updated.

19. November 2015
Big Tricky news: album release, tracklist and new song streaming!

9. November 2015
Tricky news about Francesca: deluxe edition of her album with a Tricky remix, a video and a live show.

8. November 2015

Tricky news:
two more concerts (Belgium and Australia). I've also updated the tourdates.

7. November 2015
Tricky news:
Maxinquaye limited re-issue. I've also added an article about it to analyze me (The Quietus).

4. November 2015

Tricky news: live shows in Croatia and more details about the upcoming album!!! Also updated: the tourdates.

2. November 2015
Martina news: she recorded a song with The Prodigy, I've also updated the discography with the single and album.

1. November 2015
Martina news: she is recording again, finally! I haven't updated the Martina page in ages, but to be honest there wasn't anything to update, as far as I know :(

31. October 2015
Tricky update: I've added scans of the "Beijing To Berlin" vinyl to the solo discography.

30. October 2015
Tricky news: Skilled Mechanics album will be out in January!

29. October 2015

Tricky update: I've added lyrics for "Necessary", although far from complete and correct, so if you want to send corrections, please email me or comment on Facebook.

18. October 2015

Tricky update: I've added a new interview to analyze me (Ubikwist magazine).

16. October 2015
Tricky update: the new EP "Beijing To Berlin" is out today, details in the news and the discography.

9. October 2015
Tricky update: I've added an interesting interview about Tricky's recording routine from the magazine "Sound & Recording" to analyze me.

5. October 2015
Tricky update: I've added a new remix to the remix discography (thanks to Christer Stewart Aarbo for letting me know about it on Facebook!).

3. October 2015
Tricky news: more details about the upcoming single!

28. September 2015
Tricky news: details about the "Beijing To Berlin" single.

25. September 2015
Tricky news: first single in October: "Beijing To Berlin".

22. September 2015
Tricky news: Tricky talks about his new album in a video interview. I've also added the interview to analyze me.

9. September 2015
Tricky news: new single soon! I've also changed some of the lyrics from 'I had a dream', because Francesca posted them on Instagram.

25. August 2015
Tricky update: It seems that Tristan Cassel-Delavois is not working for Tricky anymore! I've added a new guitarist to the musicians page, who played gigs since June this year (Adam Bourne).

15. August 2015
Tricky news: new album soon!!! I've also updated the collaborations discography with infos about Francesca's album 'Anima'.

23. July 2015

Tricky update: a video interview with Freshmilk TV added to analyze me.

22. July 2015
Tricky update: two live reviews (Brussels, Paris) and other details added to the concertography, especially for the Brussels show (27.1.), Paris show (20.2.), Tel Aviv show (26.2.) La Defense Jazz Festival (27.6.), and a new show added: Gazebo Italian TV show. Thanks a lot to Ferdinand and Jonathan for the reviews!!!

20. July 2015
Tricky news: album with Russian rappers and with DJ Milo! And I've added an interview with Red Bull to analyze me.

19. July 2015

Tricky news: bits and pieces from the last weeks, as I was too busy for updates: Zoe remix, moving to Berlin, recording new material and more... I've also updated the remix discography and concertography.

1. June 2015
Tricky news: Francesca's solo album is released today!

31. May 2015

Two more Tricky tourdates in France added (thanks to Jonathan for mentioning them on our Facebook page).

30. May 2015

Two new Tricky tourdates (including Glastonbury!).

21. May 2015
Tricky news: clothing line Obia!

1. May 2015
Tricky news: Tricky will play in Beijing tomorrow! The tourdates are updated also.

12. April 2015
Tricky news: 'Sun Down Remixes' free download! I've added these remixes to the discography and also added a section of all free download to the Adrian Thaws minisite.

6. April 2015
Tricky update: two new tourdates added!

22. March 2015
Tricky news: Francesca news about South America and her album "Anima":

21. March 2015
Tricky news: South American tour starts soon (I've updated the tourdates), free track for download!

1. March 2015
Tricky update: I've added a lot of items to the promo discography (all belonging to Thorben, thanks a lot!), mostly to part 2 from the Knowle West Boy and Mixed Race era, but also some to part 1. I've also added the Japanese versions of Knowle West Boy and Mixed Race to the solo discography (again thanks to Thorben!). In general I've refreshed the whole discography a bit, exchanging the not-working audiolinks to new ones etc.

14. February 2015
Tricky news: details about Francesca's album and one new track!

5. February 2015
Tricky news: Remix for "Bengali Cinema" by City Garden Movement as a free download! Also in the remix discography.

4. February 2015
Tricky update: I've added a short review for the Berlin concert here.

1. February 2015
Tricky news: moon palace Facebook page! 

31. January 2015
Tricky news: free download of a live gig!

29. January 2015
Tricky news: some tour changes (new singer!), I've also updated the concertography and the live musicians.

18. January 2015
Tricky news: merchandise, new singer, free downloads. Also one new tourdate added (London).

1. January 2015
Tricky news: tourdates for 2015 (see also tourdates), video for Palenstine Girl (see also  videography).

2. December 2014
Tricky news: download three free tracks from Francesca!

1. December 2014
Tricky news: some radio shows. Also a short interview about the album Adrian Thaws added to analyze me.

30. November 2014
Tricky news: Francesca plays live in London, Tricky tours in January and February (see tourdates)! 

29. October 2014
Tricky update: I've added a new sample from 'Something In The Way' (thanks to Scott!) and a recent interview with Faze Mag (in German) to analyze me, it's also in the news.

26. October 2014
Tricky news: Sun Down remix on Soundcloud, I've also added a promo CD to the discography.

12. October 2014
Tricky update: I've added two review to the Adrian Thaws mini site (Tiny Mix Tapes, Fact Magazine).

9. October 2014
Tricky news: 'Sun Down' single is coming in November, French radio interview.

6. October 2014
Tricky update: I've added two interviews to analyze me (Bullettmedia, France Culture radio special).

30. September 2014
Tricky update: I've updated the biography.

27. September 2014
Tricky update: I've added scans of the Japanese CD, some recent interviews and one from 2013 (Headhone Commute) to analyze me and I've added interviews and articles to the Adrian Thaws mini site.

25. September 2014
Tricky news: documentary on Monday, Sun Down video now also on Vevo. I've added it to the videography.

23. September 2014
Tricky news: video for Sun Down released today!

22. September 2014
Tricky update: I've added a mini site for 'Adrian Thaws' here, in the news: video for 'Sun Down'.

20. September 2014
Tricky news: Berlin radio show and 'Adrian Thaws' was "album of the day" yesterday on BBC6.

17. September 2014
Tricky update: I've added recent interviews to analyze me and some news from these interviews. And I've added 'Armies' to the discography, even though it is not really released anywhere. Some links to You Tube are added for the very rare Spirit Music Group promo and to the last part of the solo discography.

14. September 2014
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for the two bonus tracks from the Deluxe CD (ESP and Different People). In the news: future plans for releases (from an interview).
Little Martina news about a live video and I've updated the tourdates.

13. September 2014
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for 'Adrian Thaws', but could use some help (if you have any additions or corrections, send me a mail). Also two tourdates in Poland added and a lyrical quote for 'Lonnie Listen' at the samples page.

12. September 2014
Tricky news: world tour planned!? I've also added details about the release of "Adrian Thaws" to the solo discography, added 'Gangster Chronicle' to the cover page and added samples for 'Right Here' and 'Keep me in your shake' to they ask my origin.

7. September 2014
Tricky news: album released!

4. September 2014
Tricky news: video shoot in New York.

3. September 2014
Tricky news: album stream.

2. September 2014
Tricky news: The Adrian Thaws archive '95-'99.

19. August 2014
Tricky news: Lonnie Listen on Spotify! Plus I've added the BBC4 radio show 'Loose Ends' to the concertography (go here).

14. August 2014
Tricky news: radio show appearance on August 16! And I've added three radio show from 2013 to the concertography: BBC 6, BBC 4 and The Guardian live session, and also the Bazant Pohoda Festival from July this year.

11. August 2014
Tricky update: I've added a sample for 'Every Day' to they ask my origin and 'Silly Games' to cover me. Plus lyrics for Mixed Race (only 4 years late, well....) - I need help for Hakim, though!

10. August 2014
Tricky update: I've added a short interview with Frankfurter Rundschau to analyze me and added 'Silly Games' to the discography. Also two tourdates in Poland added.

9. August 2014
Tricky news: gathered infos about new album.

8. August 2014
Tricky news: tourdates in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (also added to the tourdates).

7. August 2014
Tricky news: Remix of Nicotine Love, new song 'Silly Games' to download for free! I've also added the lyrics to 'Silly Games' to the lyrics section, and a new festival date in Belgium is added to the tourdates.

12. July 2014
I've added the Know Wave radio show with the unreleased remix of "Sun Down" to the radio section

11. July 2014
Tricky news: Japanese bonus track on Soundcloud! I've also added some older promos to the promo discography (part 1 and part 2), too many to mention them all.

10. July 2014
Tricky news: lyrics for "Nicotine Love". I've also added them to the lyrics section. Plus I've added some singles from False Idols to the discography (Nothing Matters, Parenthesis, Is That Your Life) and also Nicotine Love.

8. July 2014

Martina news: on tour with Massive Attack! I've also updated the tourdates.

6. July 2014
Sorry for no updates lately, I was busy and out of town...
Tricky news: new album and single! Also some more tourdates.

17. May 2014
Tricky news: book in the future?

10. May 2014
Tricky news: free tracks for download, even two unreleased songs!

4. May 2014
A little Tricky update about something old: I've added a little section about Steve McQueen to the Blowback minisite.

2. May 2014
I've added Nicky Love to the musicians page (singer in 2001), updated the concertography with the musicians for 2006 and Martina singing two shows in Japan in 1999 (big thanks to Mark Thwaite for all these infos). I've also updated Martina's concertography.

27. April 2014
Tricky news: "Hey Love" video nominated for award and needs your vote! I've also added some details about the last gigs at the concertography and updated the links section.

10. April 2014
Tricky news: No Lay on stage yesterday.

5. April 2014
Tricky news: one new tourdate in June, song title from new album.

20. March 2014

Tricky news: new tourdates, Francesca's solo gig and interview.

5. February 2014

Tricky news: video interview from December.

4. February 2014
Some news about Francesca Belmonte in the Tricky news.

3. February 2014
Some Tricky news about new album and one festival. I've also updated the tourdates.

28. December 2013
Tricky news: competition winner video for "Hey Love", also in the videography.

6. December 2013
Little (old) Tricky news about artwork.

5. December 2013
Tricky news: interview about new album (also added to analyze me). I've also added detailed information about the three Maxinquaye reunion shows in 2012 (Bristol, London and Manchester).

3. December 2013
Read my concert review of Tricky's show in Berlin on Sunday.

1. December 2013
Little Tricky news: new drummer for European tour. I've also updated the musicians page and the concertography.

11. November 2013
Martina news: Crystalised is now released as a 12" and video! I've also updated the videography and the collaborations discography with an older song ("We were never alone"), thanks to Ferdinand!

10. November 2013
Tricky news: new video, winners announced to perform with Tricky, plus I've updated the videography.

14. October 2013
Tricky news: new remix and video, plus I've updated the videography with the latest videos.

13. October 2013
Tricky news: the short film that he directed is now online! I've also updated the movies section with it and in general.

2. October 2013
Tricky tour news (good and bad), so I've updated the tourdates. Also in the news: your chance to perform with Tricky in November, new track on Soundcloud! And I've updated the discography with the Valentine 12".

22. September 2013
Some Tricky news and new tourdates.

13. September 2013
Tricky news: Valentine on vinyl, new tourdates!

6. September 2013
Tricky news: video for Parenthesis, new tourdates in Germany (yeah!).

1. September 2013
I've added some Tricky show setlists to the concertography (San Diego 2001, Irving 2001, Neapolis Festival 2013, Rock En Seine 2013), also some news about the Rock En Seine show and Francesca's solo album.

14. August 2013
News about a Tricky performance on BBC 2.

12. August 2013
News about a remix of a Tricky song, also added to the discography.

11. August 2013
I've brought the Martina page up-to-date, including the following sections: news, biography, solo discography, collaborations discography, tour dates, concertography, links.
And some Tricky news about a Black Steel cover.

4. August 2013
I've finally redone the biography (long overdue!) and added two older collaborations with Persia White to the collaboration discography ("Tease" and "Past Mistakes"), also a track from a Japanese soundtrack from 2009 (see solo discography) and the album by I Am Omni from 2011 (see collaborations discography). And some articles are added to analyze me, two about his tattoos (from 2009 and 2011) amongst others.

1. August 2013
News: Tricky reveals the name of his next album, released probably in January. Also I've added some older and some new interviews to analyze me.

27. July 2013
I have finally finished the update on the tour musicians, including live videos from all the years (so unfortunately the page takes a long time to load!). Also some minor updates in the concertography.

26. July 2013
Older news about a Warrior Charge collaboration (also in the collaborations discography).

22. July 2013
News: video competition for "Hey Love".

10. July 2013
A bit of old news: check out an interesting and in depth review of False Idols on Radio Eins by "Das musikalische Quartett" (in German only).
Also one new Italian tourdate added (Not Fest, Siracusa).

9. July 2013
News about a live session and recording in the studio. I've also updated the collaborations discography with Maya Jane Coles' "Comfort" album that has a Tricky collaboration on it. Plus four new tourdates and one german interview (Intro, from May 15) added to analyze me.

22. June 2013
News: "Hey Love" video online, one new tourdate
Big update in the musicians page: live musicians updated with photos and videos (the rest of the videos will follow later, I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks from tomorrow on). Also a lot of updates in the concertography that are really too many to list all of them, so just a few: I've added some shows (Glastonbury Festival 1994, "The Word" TV show on 13.1.95, Mercury Music Prize on 12.9.95, MTV Most Wanted on 21.10.95, several appearances on Canal Plus' NPA: 1995, 1997, 1998, Gogolfest Kiev on 12.9.10, Washington on 4.6.95, several Australian shows and other festivals in 1996,) and I've added links and pictures for MTV Fashionably Loud (30.10.1996), links for the Belfort Festival (10.7.1999) and for Leeds 1997, details for Melbourne (31.7.08) and I've in general updated the musicians for all the years as detailed as I could.

13. June 2013
An interview with The Guardian added to analyze me.

12. June 2013
News: Francesca in the studio! I am at the moment reworking the musicians page and adding stuff to the concertography, but it takes more time than I expected! I hope to be finished soon, so stay tuned :)

8. June 2013
Bad news: US shows rescheduled! But two good video interviews added to analyze me (Telerama, The British Masters). Plus I've updated the concertography with more names of the musicians and more dates and links (especially in the year 2011 with lots of blogs and photos from the musicians!), added the 'Time To Dance' video to the videography and INXS collaboration 'Mediate' to the discography.

6. June 2013
News about two unreleased versions by FiFi Rong and a bonus track from Mixed Race, also added to the solo discography

5. June 2013
In the news: Francesca's solo album, also an interview with her added to analyze me and a promo CD of hers added to the promo discography, plus another (older) Brownpunk sampler.

4. June 2013
I've added the names of the tour musicians to the concertography (as announced on BBC4), also details about the London show, Nancy show and two links with photos for the Berlin show. Plus a very interesting interview with Selftitled Magazine is added to analyze me.

3. June 2013
News about live shows on arte and BBC and Tricky's short film "Sophie sees". The videography is updated, also a link added to the Leeds show 1997 and some more interviews.

1. June 2013
I've updated the samples and cover page with new and old stuff.

31. May 2013
Lots of news: video for "Nothing matters", False Idols test pressing vinyls, Sefyu track, new album in January. The discography is updated with pictures for "False Idols" and with the French bonus track. Also some photos added for the Berlin concert.

28. May 2013
News about an (unreleased?) song called "Armies".

27. May 2013
In the news: an (older) remix of an Antlers song (Crest), also in the remix discography

26. May 2013
News about a French exclusive track on "False Idols". Also I've added "False Idols" to the solo discography (pictures to come later) and also the lyrics to the lyrics section! Plus I found a collaboration with Creep ("Call Her") and added that to the collaborations discography.

25. May 2013
Some new and old news: False Idols out, Zebra Katz remix and more. Also new tourdates added and the concertgraphy is updated with some gigs in 2012 and 2013, setlist for the Paris show and my personal rumblings about the Berlin show. I've also added some interviews from 2011 and 2013 and the Zebra Katz remix to the remix page.

10. May 2013
News: you can listen to snippets of the new album!

5. May 2013
News: North American tourdates. And I've updated the solo discography.

3. May 2013
Lots of news: first single from "False Idols" released, another free download, video and more!!!

29. March 2013
News about the first single and videos on YouTube. Three new tourdates added (although two are not listed on Tricky's official website!?) and some minor updates in the discography: I added a link to listen to the very rare song "Can't Freestyle" to the solo discography, plus I've updated the collaborations discography with DJ Milo's "God's Bass" and Grace Jones' "Clandestine Affair".

28. March 2013
Tricky is still alive, and so are we! Although this website is not regularly updated, I can't let it die completely. Thorben (aka Trickynerd) took over my job here last year, maybe we can both do updates from time to time. But our busy schedules make it difficult :(
There are news about a new album in May and tour dates! Also I've updated the discography a bit adding a third part to the solo discography.

18. May 2012
Hello there, after a nearly two year gap that will be filled over the next few weeks, this site will be updated regularly again. To start off the concertography, current tour dates and links have been taken into the now. A lot of updates will follow very soon. 

30. September 2010
Tricky news: album out!

19. July 2010
Tricky news: album title and tracks, and some more tourdates! Also more tourdates for Martina.

20. June 2010
Sorry for no update for so long!!! I had no time at all :(
Here are some news for you: Tricky will release a new album soon and play some concerts, Martina is on tour with Massive Attack again!

2. January 2010
Happy new year, everybody! I've updated the Martina discography with the latest Massive Attack collaboration and a collaboration with Luciano.

29. December 2009
Tricky update: the discography is updated with some new releases: South Rakkas Crew, Maxinquaye Deluxe Edition, C'Mon Baby single. And I've added infos about the japanese edition of Knowle West Boy!

13. September 2009
Martina news: Psyche with Massive Attack.

6. September 2009
Martina news: song with Luciano.

26. August 2009
Martina update: more new tourdates with Massive Attack and one festival for next summer.

23. August 2009
Tricky update: new tourdates in Russia, plus I've added an old song from 2005 to the solo discography (Tricky & Lisa Stone: Jupiter Joy), some pictures to the gallery and some soundtrack song to movies don't move me (Narc, Fastlane, The O.C., Sleeper Cell, .45, The book of revelation, Skins, Transporter 3)

22. August 2009
Martina update: news about a tour with Massive Attack!

19. July 2009
Tricky update: two new tour dates added, plus seveal news about tour photos, a Maxinquaye re-release and Kerli.

18. July 2009
Martina news: she will work with Massive Attack!

30. June 2009
Sorry for this long break, but I was extremely busy... 
I've updated the Tricky tour dates, the new tour dates include places like Japan, Taiwan, Uruguay and Argentina!!!

11. May 2009
Tricky news: unreleased tracks from the Pre-Milennium Tension recording, radio interview about his new album (the interview includes three live songs). Also more summer tourdates are added.

28. March 2009
Tricky update: Some new tourdates and I've updated the concertography with some recent tracklists or other goodies (Boston, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, SXSW, Los Angeles).
Martina update: one tourdate added - Art Rock Festival in Saint-Brieuc, one day before Tricky will play at that festival :)

25. March 2009
I've updated the concertography with a tracklist for the show in Anaheim.

18. March 2009
Tricky news: two video interviews...

8. March 2009
Tricky update: two more tourdates (Belfast and ATP Festival) added, single "Puppy Toy" added to the discography.

5. March 2009
Tricky update: three new tourdates in the US and Canada added.

23. February 2009
Martina update: new tourdate (she also plays at the SXSW Festival, like Tricky!) and a new track added to the discography ("Bless You" from the Virgin Territory soundtrack).

11. February 2009
Tricky news: recording a new album and event in Paris on Friday!!! And some new US tourdate added (also one in Canada and Ireland).

31. January 2009
Tricky news: more US tourdates and a digital release of "Puppy Toy".

29. January 2009
Tricky update: a collaboration with Martina (probably from 2003) added to the discography.
Martina news: a live video from Paris (also added to the concertography), and three (!) older collaborations: one with Tricky ("Alone"), one with Common ("Everywhere") and one with Mountain Of One ("Can't be serious"). They're all in the collaborations discography.

26. January 2009
More Tricky tourdates...

19. January 2009
HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!!!! And sorry for a long break, but I was very busy....
Tricky news: new US tourdates

3. December 2008
Tricky update: news with some tourdates, I've updated the videography with the name of the director of the Puppy Toy video, and a lot of setlists and video links are added to the concertography for the latest concerts (Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Bucharest, Thessaloniki, Athens and Paris).

21. November2008
Tricky update: details about the concerts in Helsinki and Tallinn.

19. November 2008
Tricky news: video interview, Canal+ and random toughts about the tour. Plus I've added some setlists and details for these shows: Madrid, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Antwerp and Oslo. I've also added one older tour date: a secret gig in Torino on July 9 (see concertography) and some links to review or photos for several concerts (see concertography as well).

16. November 2008
Tricky update: I've added the Grace Jones collaboration "Hurricane" to the collaborations discography (along with addition to older releases of that song: the white label from 1998 and the Danny Tenaglia remix album from 2005). And I've added sound files for the b-sides of "Puppy Toy" to the solo discography.

13. November 2008
Martina update: I've added a review and details about the Berlin show!

7. November 2008
Martina update: news about her current tour, plus details about the Paris concert (5. November) and the Melody Nelson concert (23. October).

6. November 2008
Tricky update: news about the next album, two interviews added to analyze me, small corrections made to the lyrics of Joseph and Cross to bear, and setlists are added for the Frankfurt show and Amsterdam show.

5. November 2008
Martina update: news, plus some links added to the concertography (for example Montreux 2007), plus I've updated the gallery

22. October 2008
Tricky update: I've added a few You Tube links for the Berlin show, the Cologne show and the Paris show.

21. October 2008
Tricky update: the single "Slow" is added to the discography, plus two promo CDs to the promo discography.

17. October 2008
Tricky news: collaboration with Grace Jones released soon.

16. October 2008
Check out two more interesting Martina tour dates!

15. october 2008
Martina update: more tour dates!

13. october 2008
Tricky update: Setlists and photos or other links added to the concertography for London and Paris.
Martina update: I've added a couple of shows to the concertography (All Music TV show, Paris show, Lausanne with Polar).

12. October 2008
Tricky update: some new pictures in the gallery.
Martina update: I've added a "Baby Blue" promo CD to the discography

11. October 2008 - second update 
This couldn't wait, sorry: new tour dates for Martina added: BERLIN (I'm a happy person!) and Köln, and besides celebrating I've added two new picture to her gallery.

11. October 2008
Tricky update: one new tour date (Paris again!) and I've added a link to photos from the Berlin concert.

10. October 2008
Tricky update: setlist, links and a photo added for the Hamburg show, plus I've done little corrections for the French Album de la semaine show.
Martina update: new Europena tour dates!

9. October 2008
Tricky update: setlist and some links added for the Berlin show.

5. October 2008
Tricky released "Puppy Toy" today: see discography and videography!

29. September 2008
Tricky news: new tour dates and cover for the "Slow" single. And I've added a french TV show on Canal + (Knowle West Boy was album of the week) to the concertography with video links.

16. September 2008
New Tricky tour dates for November in France! And I've added the San Francisco show and the drummer's name to the concertogaphy.

15. September 2008
Martina update: a couple of new tour dates added and older shows to the concertography, plus some video links for the Paris FNAC Festival and the single "Baby Blue" to the discography.
Tricky update: one video link for "Love Cats" added to the Moscow show and several video links for the Rock en Seine show.

14. September 2008
Tricky news: two new singles! Also I've added details about the Anaheim show, the Hollywood show a video link for "School Gates" at the Traffic Festival, some video links for the Toronto show and a review for the Philadelphia show. Also one older interview from June (Telegraph UK) in analyze me.

8. September 2008
Tricky update: news about Grace Jones. Also three setlists are added (Seoul, New York, Philadelphia), plus video links for the Letterman show, the Melbourne show, the Moscow show, the St. Petersburg show, Benicassim Festival, Lowlands Festival, Be 2 Together Festival, Rock en Seine and a photo from the Brownpunk Night in January and the lyrics for Baligaga!

6. September 2008
Martina update: news about the release of single "Baby Blue", plus I've added video links the Paris show, the Open'er Festival, the Bucarest show, the Moscow show and  Glastonbury.
Tricky update: news about the Trickyonline website and David Letterman. Also a bunch of new European tour dates are announced.

2. September 2008
Tricky update: tracklist for the Paris show added, plus news with a live video. I've also added two promo CDs to the promo discography (Council Estate and Puppy Toy).
Martina update: news about a radio show.

28. August2008
Tricky update: new tour dates (in Germany).

22. August2008
Martina news update: "Baby Blue" will be the next single! Also I've added some links to videos from the Tiscali showcase in London this year. 
Tricky update: one new tour date added (Manchester).

11. August2008
Martina update: a tracklist for the Paris show is added.

7. August2008
Martina update: two new songs added to the collaborations discography (one with Stewart Copeland and one with The Gutter Twins). 
Tricky update: two new tour dates, and Council Estate (US release) is added to the discography.

4. August2008
Tricky news: The Wire interview is online (see also analyze me), plus two other video interviews. I've also added scans for the Council Estate vinyls (discography) and a video for the Moscow show in 2001.
Martina update: I've added a few videos for the Bucharest show and the Nancy show.

3. August2008
One more tour date for Tricky added (Toronto).

1. August2008
More Tricky tour dates in the US!

31. July2008
A little update on the Tricky lyrics (Coalition), a Council Estate promo CD added to the promo discography and two US tour dates added.

24. July2008
Martina update: three new tour dates!
Tricky update: I've added a few You Tube videos and other informations to the concertography: Oxegen Festival 2008, Traffic Festival 2008, Canal Plus 2008, France Deux 2008, David Letterman 1998, Sessions at West 1998 (recording and TV show), Leeds 1997, Jools Holland 1995.

22. July2008
Tricky update: I've added three remixes to the remix discography (all Brownpunk artists: Kira, Laid Black, The Dirty) and the names of the tour musicians to the concertography (big thanks to Laura for that!).

17. July2008
Tricky update: A link to a "making of video" for Council Estate is added to the videography. Plus I've added a tracklist and links to You Tube for the Belfort concert 2003, interviews to analyze me (including a very interesting one from 2007 with lots of insights on recording Maxinquaye, be sure to check it out!), some photos to the gallery and a 'Council Estate' promo CD to the promo discography.

16. July2008
Martina update: one photo for the Regents Park show in 2004 added.
Tricky update: news about next single and Wire cover, old toudates from 1997 and one from 1998 are added to the concertography, which is updated a bit in general (links with photos, posters, flyers, reviews etc.). And one new and one old article are added to analyze me (1995: The Wire, 2008: Musicohm). The lyrics of School Gates are updated.

14. July2008
Tricky update: more news about a tour, more pictures added to the Tricky gallery, plus the discography is updated with the Brownpunk sampler. Some links with photos or tracklists are added to the concertography (Cambridge 2001, Berlinova 2003, Meltdown 2003, Doctor Music Day 2006, Pinkpop 2008, Oxegen 2008).

13. July2008
Tricky update: news about Australian tour, plus I've added again some photos to the gallery, one interesting interview to analyze me, a Portishead (!) sample in Council Estate to they ask my origin (plus two lyrical quotes: one for "Coalition" and an older one: in "Hot like a sauna" he quotes himself!).

11. July2008
Tricky update: I've added a Council Estate CD to the promo discography and updated the gallery with some new photos. Also some articles are added to analyze me.

9. July2008
Tricky update: news concerning Tom Waits, some lyrics are updated with the correct versions directly from Domino Records (Puppy Toy, C'mon Baby, Council Estate), and I've added recent reviews and interviews and two videos (Unofficial, Council Estate) to the videography.

7. July2008
Martina update: two collaborations with Leila added to the discography, plus the Blue God lyrics are updated.
Tricky update: I've added the two cover version (Slow, Veronika) to cover me, plus I've added the version of "Under the bamboo tree" by Steve Martin that inspired Tricky to cover this song (You Name).

6. July2009
BIG Tricky update after the release of "Knowle West Boy": news, new album in the solo discography, lyricsfor "Knowle West Boy" (any help is greatly appreciated!!!) and one new London tourdate.

4. July2008
Martina news: tour update: tour with Lenny Kravitz, and more...

1. July2008
Some Tricky updates: news about the latest releases, two tourdates added and a review for Knowle West Boy (in German). And I've added the single "Council Estate" to the solo discography and the song "Tongue Tied" with Balay to the collaborations discography.

5. June2008
Tricky news: remix competition from Relab!

28. May2008
Martina update in the tourdates: she's not playing Glastonbury once, not twice, but three times!!!! 

27. May2008
Tricky news: interview and new tracks on BBC 6 Music today! Also I've updated a couple of links from the concertography and added links to videos on You Tube, for example for New York 99, Montreux Festival 2001 and Amsterday 2003)
Martina news: misc. stuff and thoughts including news on her collaboration with Leila and playing Glastonbury (see also tour dates). And I've added some links to You Tube to the concertography, for example for the Montreux Jazz Festival 2004 and Luxembourg 2008. I've noticed that Martina performed "Poison" already back in 2004 at the Montreux Jazz Festival....

25. May2008
Tricky news: two You Tube videos from his performance at Jools Holland, plus one more tour date.
Martina news: video interview, plus I've added scans for "The Blue God" and a promo CD to the solo discography.

21. May2008
Martina news: Tiscali showcase tomorrow.
Tricky news: album cover discovered, new tracks on MySpace, Jools Holland and other tour dates.

12. May2008
Martina news: "The Blue God" is released today!!! (I've added it to the discography)
Tricky news: US release date of "Knowle West Boy" released.
NB: This website won't be updated this week, because I'm on vacation! 

7. May2008
Martina news and tour: European tourdates added.

6. May2008
Martina news: Poison released (I've also added details to the discography).
Tricky news: release date for "Knowle West Boy" moved to July.

27. April2008
Additions to the Martina discography: "The Blue God" promo and "Poison" promo with sounds. In the news: two festivals and "Soldier" sounds on official website.

13. April2008
Martina news: video from Bethnal Green gig, single update and album promo of "Blue God"
Tricky news: release date???

3. April2008
Tricky news: remix competition & new single.

1. April2008
Tricky news: new website and redone website.
Martina news: album tracks and new single announced (and I've updated the concertography and the reviews).

15. March2008
Martina update: news and tour dates.

9. March2008
Martina update: release of Carnies in the news and the discography and some other news, plus I've added some infos and video links in the concertography (for the Son of Dave concert, Later with Jools Holland and a guest appearance with The Gutter Twins).

24. February2008
Tricky news: collaboration with Balay.
Martina news: Jools Holland videos on You Tube.

23. February2008
Tricky news: release date for "Knowle West Boy".
Martina news: collaboration with Luciano.

21. February2008
Martina news: free 7" with CD order, Jools Holland and video...

9. February2008
Martina news: free download of 'Valentine' and a radio show.

8. February2008
Major update in the Tricky promo discography with a 4 CD set including a lot of unreleased tracks!!!

4. February2008
Martina news: single announced! Plus I've updated her gallery.

3. January2008
Happy new year everybody! The year starts with good news in the Tricky universe: his new album will be released in April! Check out the news.
24. November 2007
Little Tricky news: a collaboration with Zenzile and Tricky's official blog. 
Also I deleted one date in the concertography (Neptune, Paris, 23. April 1998), because it never existed! It turned out to be mixed with the date of a show from 23. April 1997 and is actually the concert from May 25 at Elysée Montmartre (a venue like "Neptune" also doesn't exist in Paris). So all the bootlegs that exist from that concert have the wrong date and venue. Thanks for Pierre-Jean for clearing this up!!!

11. October 2007
Finally some sign of life from both Tricky and Martina! Martina news: new album and collaboration coming soon. Tricky news: two little videos, new tracks on My Space, a collaboration, a remix, the Brown Punk website and clubnight.

30. April 2007
Just some little updates on Tricky: two soundtracks added to movies don't move me (Silent Cry and World Shut Your Mouth) and check out Tricky on X17Online  - more in the news

1. April 2007
A little update in Tricky's solo discography: The Six Minutes CD! Plus a picture for an Indochine CDR with the Tricky Remix Instrumental is added to the remix discography.

3. March 2007
Some Martina news about a festival and finishing of her album. I've also updated her gallery and concertography a bit...

7. January 2007
Speaking of news - here are some about Tricky: two My Spaces and an (old) remix from 2005 (check out the news and remix discography).

6. January 2007
Happy new year everybody! I've searched the net high and low for some news concerning Tricky or Martina - but nothing.... So I've updated the Martina links and Tricky's analyze me with a small new article.

14. October 2006
Martina news: she will be on stage with Son of Dave in London!

13. October 2006
Again a little update in the Tricky concertography: tourdates with PJ Harvey in 1995 added and corrected.

12. October 2006
Little Tricky update: I've updated the concertography with a couple of links to You Tube, where you can see live videos for Jools Holland 98, The Doritos Sessions 2001, Craig Kilborn 2001 and Conan O'Brian 2001. Plus I've added setlists for The Paradiso, Amsterdan 2003 and the Forest Glade Festival 2003.

1. October 2006
Tricky update: three samples added to they ask my origin plus some links to You Tube in the Martina videography, Tricky videography and Sessions at West 1998.

30. September 2006
Some Tricky news: almost all shows are cancelled (see tourdates) and check out a Neneh Cherry petition to release unreleased material! Also I've updated the gallery with new photos.

3. September 2006
Martina news: concert at Oxjam in October and new message board! And I've updated the collaborations discography with an older collaboration from 2005: Tommy Evans: Remain Forever / Portrait.

16. August 2006
Tricky news and links: Brownpunk is online!

3. August 2006
Check the Tricky tourdates for an update about the rest of the US shows.

31. July 2006
More tourdates changed (read it in the Tricky news).

28. July 2006
Tricky news: another cancellation...

27. July 2006
Tricky news: show cancelled! 

11. July 2006
Tricky news: concert in New York moved to August 19. And I've updated movies don't move me with appearances of Tricky in 'Girlfriends' and 'Clean', plus added some movies and TV series that use Trickys music (The West Wing, Clean, Rupture, Alien Autopsy).

10. July 2006
Tricky news: MySpace website with unfinished tracks. Also I've updated the Martina solo discography with sounds for 'I only have eyes for you' and the collaborations discography with sounds for the Jet Lag album that includes a sond with Martina. Also the Tricky discography is updated with some sounds (Sly & Robbie: Street Times) and the song "Neon Religion" with Sunshine (see collaborations discography).

6. July 2006
Big Tricky news: he directed a little movie or 'musical' with his Brown Punk artists! I've also updated the movies don't move me page with infos about 'Clean' and the Tricky videography with some new links and the video for 'Receive Us'. Also the musicians page is updated with musicians from 'Vulnerable'.

4. July 2006
Tricky news: more tourdates in the US and two more european festivals!

3. July 2006
Major update in the Martina news.

2. July 2006
Martina news: Album released next year!

1. July 2006
Tricky news: another festival date in summer, plus a bunch of US concerts in August (also see tour dates).

5. June 2006
More Tricky updates: little (old) news about the Coachella Festival. And I've updated the links in the videography and added a new (old) video with Massive Attack called "Just a matter of time". (go here directly) Also the links in analyze me are updated, plus a little article about the Serge Gainsbourg album added.

4. June 2006
Updates in the news and tourdates: San Diego "Street Scene" Festival in August! I've also updated the links and musicians pages, because most of these links were not working anymore....

1. June 2006
SORRY for no updates in a long time, but I don't have much time for this web site anymore. And also there were no big news about Tricky, so....
But now check out some Tricky news.

15. August 2005
Finally an update (sorry, busy): Martina appears on Gorillaz album (see news and discography).

6. May 2005
Tricky news: TV appearance! Plus I've added Costanza's web site to the links.

24. March 2005
SORRY SORRY SORRY that I didn't update the page for so long! I had no time, and nothing interesting happened anyway.... But here are some little updates: 
news about Costanza's web site, Tricky discography updated with Daddy G's 'DJ Kicks'.

15. October 2004
Tricky news: the original white label mix of 'Aftermath' released soon!

9. October  2004
Some pictures added to Martina's gallery.

8. October  2004
Two Martina articles added to 'analyze me'.

7. October  2004
Tricky updates: I've added Rico's album "Violent Silences" to the collaborations discography and the "Clean" soundtrack to the solo discography.

6. October 2004
Martina news: two gigs cancelled. Other Martina updates: two promo CDs added to the discography (Quixotic promo CDR, Anything promo CD), sounds added for "Spoiled".

29. September 2004
Martina news: Q&A in a magazine, plus release of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Diplo albums (also updates in the collaborations discography about these two).
Tricky update: news about the 'Clean' soundtrack, plus a link added (where to buy rare stuff).

16. September 2004
Another Martina tourdate in October confirmed (London).

9. September 2004
Updates in the Martina news and tourdates:Another concert with the Blues Explosion.

23. August 2004
Martina news: cover of "Too tough to die".

21. August 2004
Martina news and tourdates: collaboration and concert with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

20. August 2004
Martina updates: I've added tracklists for the Jazz Cafe gig, the Montreux Festival and the Regents Park gig. Also the solo discography is updated with details and scans for "Anything" (also the Tricky discography) and the collaborations discography with "Diplo - Florida" (CD and scans for the limited promo double vinyl).

19. August 2004
I've added sound files for the Tricky remixes of Eek A Mouse to the discography.

18. August 2004
Tricky news: the collaboration with Sly & Robbie is now released, also in the discography. Plus two more uncredited samples are added to they ask my origin (for 'Moody Broody Buddhist Camp' and 'Broken Homes - Hip Hop Remix') and two lyrical quotes ('Eurochild' and 'Antihistamine').

11. August 2004
Some Martina news: collaboration with Diplo, Sam D. remix, Lamb's "Back to Mine", Montreux Jazz Festival. I've added the Diplo promos to the collaborations discography.
And also news about Tricky: collaboration with Sly & Robbie, also some news about Hawkman. And I've added details about the Eek A Mouse remixes to the remix discography.

7. August 2004
I lost all my emails from 2004! If someone has written me news or other infos and I haven't answered you yet and updated my web site with it (because I didn't have much time in the last months, sorry - but I wanted to do it soon), please send it again! Especially the guys who wrote me about Carmen, the Specials cover song (?), the Rico album and everything else I don't remember... THANKS A LOT :)
Tricky updates: one sample is added to 'they ask my origin' (beats of Black Steel!) and the Jam & Spoon track is added to the discography and in the news.

27. July 2004
Martina news: album released today! 

25. July 2004
Martina news about the US release of her album and a cancelled show, also Tricky news about Brown Punk.

22. July 2004
A big SORRY for no updates since March, but I was very busy...
Tricky news: production of the soundtrack for 'Clean', plus new remixes and collaborations!
Martina news: tourdates and an exclusive interview, plus the discography is updated with several 'Soul Food' releases.
More news and updates will follow soon!

6. March 2004
Some Martina updates (tourdates, discography: Soul Food promo 12").

3. March 2004
Martina news!

14. February 2004
Martina news: she will play the Montreux Jazz Festival! Also the discography is updated with a new promo, which is also added to the download page (Soulfood - Charles Webster's Bangin' Dub). I'Ve added another song for download: Too Tough To Die (Hot To Tape Mix) from the limited french edition of 'Quixotic'!

6. February 2004
Tricky news: live songs from Vieilles Charrues festival for download! And I've added an older article (Mixer 2001) and a new feature (Stylus Magazine 2003) to analyze me. Plus a little update on the music in "Without a trace".

5. February 2004
Two new movies added to Tricky's movies don't move me.

4. February 2004
I've added a link to a review for an old concert (Athens, 25.6.2001) to the Tricky concertography.
Martina news: a new tourdate!

30. January 2004
Tricky news: tour canceled.

29. January 2004
Little Martina news, plus some more setlists and photos in the concertography: The Scala, London (29.07.03), Queens Square, Bristol (25.08.03), Islington Academy, London (15.11.03), Astoria, London (14.12.03).

10. January 2004
Some Tricky news: the new single was released in France!
Martina news: she did a DJ set and live set for Radio Nova, also a tracklist for that is added to the concertography and some photos for the XFM Winter Warmer show and the Fleece, Bristol.

12. December 2003
Martina news and tour: another concert in December (XFM Winter Warmer), plus I've updated the discography with the 'I Still Feel' Remixes.
Tricky news: a big interview in a new interview magazine (Galore). 

21. November 2003
Martina news about new remixes, plus details added for these concerts: Brussels, Bristol and Manchester.

2. November 2003
A little Martina update: two interviews (Scene Online and Express & Star) added.

31. October 2003
Some Tricky news, one movie added movies don't move me (Girls Like Us, 1996) and  one interview (In the mix) to analyze me

26. October 2003
New Martina tourdates!

22. October 2003
Some Tricky updates: an old article added, plus sounds and scans for the Peter Gabriel remix.
Martina updates: a new old interview, one radio interview (with a link to download as mp3) and a live session with Virgin Radio with an unreleased song added to the concertography.

18. October 2003
Martina updates: I've corrected the tracklist for 'My life in CD' and added the interview parts in real audio. Also 'analyze me' is updated with a new interview (Shake n Stir) and  the discography is updated with three new promo CDs (Need One - New Mix, Need One French CDR, Need One French CD) and scans for the Anything promo CD. And last but not least I added an edited version of the chat with Martina on Thursday.

16. October 2003
SORRY for no updates lately, but I was on vacations and there were several technical problems! But now the web site is updated again with lots of Tricky news and Martina news, plus the Tricky videography is updated with some more links to watch videos, the Martina gallery is updated with two pictures, and last but not least: I've added a search page!

4. October 2003
Martina news and toudates updated.

3. October 2003
I've added another b-side to the Martina download page (Hours Away).
There are also Tricky news.

2. October 2003
Martina news about a new single, plus an updated discography with unreleased Anything remixes. Also the concertography is updated with a radio show (Craig Charles) and a tracklist for "My life in CD", and an older articles is added to analyze me. And last but not least I've added a little download page for rare Martina songs.

24. September 2003
Martina news about another toudate (Bordeaux), also see tourdates. And the concertography is updated with the latest radio and TV appearances.

23. September 2003
Lots of Tricky news! Plus the discography is updated with a new collaboration (2thousand3) and a new remix (Peter Gabriel: Growing Up).

20. September 2003
Tricky news, plus an updated discography with 'Back To Mine'.

19. September 2003
A big Martina update: news about TV and radio appearances, a BBC live review (Leeds Hi-Fi Club) and a link with pictures from the Bristol show added to the concertography, a link (BBC Profile) and an interview added, the whole discography is updated with a lot of sounds, pictures and infos about different song versions and more. Also the gallery is updated with two new pics from the Anything booklet.

11. September 2003
Martina news: four new gigs, cancelled.

10. September 2003
Martina news about the Mercury Music Prize and a reviewfor 'Quixotic' added (BBC).
Tricky update: a pic for the film "Jack Frusciante..." in movies don't move me.

4. September 2003
This time a big Tricky update: two movies added to movies don't move me (Jack Frusciante..., the TV series "24"), the discography is updated with scans and more details about the Antimatter releases. Also the gallery is updated and one article is completed and scans are added (Detour 96).

3. September 2003
A lot of Martina updates: In the news: new single released this week, bonus songs on the french album. I'Ve also updated the concertography with photos (Bristol, 25.08.) and links to listen and download for several radioshows (BBC 6 Music 17.6., Radio 4 26.08., XFM 28.08.) and the live appearance at Later with Jools Holland. Also the french Quixotic release, the Anything releases and scans for Need One are added to the discography and the gallery is updated...

29. August 2003
Another Martina tourdate has been added (Brussels), and in the Tricky news: a webcast of the Leeds concert (1997). 

28. August 2003
Martina news: live appearance in France and on the radio.
Tricky updates: I've added an older review (Nantes 2001) to the concertography and some news.

23. August 2003
I've added pictures for the latest Martina and Tricky videos.

17. August 2003
I've updated the Martina gallery and added one article to analyze me (Big Issue), plus more pictures for the Observer article
Also an interesting (old) interview with Tricky is added to analyze me (Launch 1998).

16. August 2003
Some Tricky news, plus updated Martina news and videography.

11. August 2003
Martina update: two promo singles added to the discography (Anything, Need One Remixes).
Tricky news: more about the Agoria collaboration.

8. August 2003
Martina news: the 'Anything' video and tracks of the single. Plus a review for 'Quixotic' added to the reviews (NME), 

5. August 2003
Tricky news: two releases are coming up, also I've added a link for pictures of the Werchter Festival to the concertography.
And some reviews and pictures are added to Martina's concertography (Leeds, Glasgow, London Scala), plus an interview with Q to 'analyze me' and a 'Quixotic' review from Dotmusic to the reviews.

4. August 2003
Some Martinanews and a review for the Leeds show added to the concertography.

29. July 2003
A Tricky interview is added to analyze me (Filter Magazine).

28. July 2003
The tracklist for Martina's Bush Hall concert is added, with sound files for two unreleased songs!

24. July 2003
Martina update: news about Mercury Music Prize nomination, plus some scans added to the discography (Need One promo 12"). 
Tricky update: photos of the Vieilles Charrues Festival added to the concertograhy, plus some items, scans and sounds to the discographies: Hell EP promo 12", A Ruff Guide promo CDR, Soul Criminals white label, Leena Conquest remix (Instrumental).

20. July 2003
I've added the lyrics for Martina's 'Quixotic' from the booklet, though some parts are still missing or unclear - any help is appreciated :)

19. July 2003
Tricky updates: the Antimatter enhanced CD and clear vinyl are added to the solo discography, also a possible Tricky remix to the remix discography (Soul Criminals: Put Yer Filas On). 
Martina: news about new single, plus a new interview in analyze me and another review for the Bush Hall show. Also more photos from the Quixotic booklet are added to the discography and gallery and the Need One promo 12" is added to the discography

18. July 2003
Martina news: the Bush Hall gig! And updates in the discography with scans of Quixotic.
Tricky news: music in TV ads! Plus the Martina collaborations are added to the discography.

16. July 2003
Some Martina news and i've updated the discography, as 'Quxotic' was released on Monday!

14. July 2003
Tricky: More Vulnerable reviews added to the reviews page and the Vulnerable mini site, and three articles to analyze me. Plus one picture added to the gallery and one review and photos for the Meltdown Festival 2001.
Martina: I've made a little reviews page with the reviews for 'Need One' and 'Quixotic', which is out today! Plus one interview added to analyze me (The Independent).

13. July 2003
Martina news: Bush Hall gig on the official site soon! Plus I've added a review with a nice photo for the Bush Hall gig.

4. July 2003
Martina news: listen to the album, see the cover picture.
Tricky news: possible start of US tour!? And the Paris page is updated.

3. July 2003
Martina news: more tourdates plus a new design on the official site. Also some pictures added to the gallery, plus the Observer cover picture to 'analyze me'. And the biography is updated a bit.
Tricky news: name of the tracks he produced for Martina and tour start in the US. Also some reviews added to the concertography:Paris and London, also the Tricky gallery is updated with two photos.

29. June 2003
Some scans added to the discography: Martina: Six track sampler, Tricky: The Crow promo CD.

28. June 2003
Sound files added for Martina: Quxiotic 6 Track Samplerand Tricky: Grease (unmastered Juxtapose tracks and remixes).

27. June 2003
Tricky news: webcast from the Paradiso! Also I've added some more old (French) concerts: Paris (09.07.1999), Thiers (16.07.1999), Paris (30.11.2001), Toulouse (02.12.2001). If anyone wants to write a review about a Tricky concert from this tour, please send it to me and i'll put it on my site!

25. June 2003
Martina news & concertography: a review for the London concert added. Tricky: two older items added to the promo discography (Tricky Kid tape; unmastered Juxtapose CD).

24. June 2003
Martina's discographyis updated with the Quixotic Six Track Sampler and Tricky's promo discography with some more items (Vulnerable face mask, Vulnerable DVD, Antimatter video).

23. June 2003
Tricky's new single is released today, so check out the news and the discography.

22. June 2003
I've added two interviews with Tricky ('Alert Interviews' and 'The Age') to analyze me.

18. June 2003
Updates in the Martina concertography and Tricky concertography (musicians' names and corrections in the Meltdown review, also another Meltdown review from Dotmusic added). Also some Tricky news and Martina news.

17. June 2003
Martina news: the tracklist of Quixotic and a first review. Also the Quixotic promo CD is added to the discography and the tracks played live in London are updated with names.
Tricky news: Vulnerable released in the rest of the world, plus some other little news. Also check out a review for the Meltdown Festival concert in the concertography, which is also updated with some older shows: secret gig in Paris (Le Reservoir, 26.5.98), Elysee Montmartre Paris (23.4.97) with a rare song in real audio!

16. June 2003
Martina news update and one picture added to the gallery.

14. June 2003
One interesting Tricky interview added to analyze me.

13. June 2003
Some Tricky news.

12. June 2003
All the Vulnerable lyrics are updated, plus some shows added to Martina's concertography: Jools Holland 2003, photos for the 30.4.03, shows from 1996 with Porno For Pyros - including a live song by Martina in real audio from the Washington show!!!

11. June 2003
I've added a German press folder to the Vulnerable mini site and sounds for the Rico EP. Also promo releases for Antimatter are added to the promo discography (CD, 2x12").

10. June 2003
Two new Tricky tourdates!

9. June 2003
I've added two Martina articles and news about the release date of 'Quixotic'.

6. June 2003
I've added Martina's single 'Need One' to the discography.

4. June 2003
Another Martina interview added to analze me. Plus an article about Tricky and finally the mysterious tourdate on June 13!

2. June 2003
One more Tricky tourdate.

31. May 2003
I've added more scans for the Vulnerable releases.

30. May 2003
Martina news: the release date for 'Need One'.

29. May 2003
The linksare updated.

28. May 2003
The second update today, this time for Martina: in the news and tourdates: there are two new tourdates announced for the UK, and she will play at Later with Jools Holland. Also it seems like the single release is delayed....

28. May 2003
Tricky news: the name of the film he (maybe?) will do with Nick Egan. Some corrections in the lyrics (Moody, Where I'm From), but your help is still needed for the rap parts in "Where I'm From", so if you can correct something, please send me a mail!!! And I've added one sample to they ask my origin (Car Crash) and the Vulnerable 4-track promo to the promo discography. Also there are more reviews and interviews added....

27. May 2003
Tricky: Some articles and reviews have been added, also the solo discography is updated with scans of the different Vulnerable releases and the LP. In the news: tracks from the Antimatter single and cover picture.
Martina: One interview(The Observer) has been added, and in the news and tourdates: another show is announced for London.

26. May 2003
I've added the lyrics for "Where I'm From" (the Italian part, at least) and a little update in the tourdates... 

22. May 2003
In the news: a competition to win Tricky CDs and masks, plus I've updated the discographywith the two 'Vulnerable' versions and sounds for the bonus track from the enhanced CD. Also the two coversongs ('Dear God' and 'The Lovecats') are added to cover me and there's one new tourdate.

20. May 2003
More Tricky news...

19. May 2003
Tricky's new album 'Vulnerable' is released today! Check out the newsand the Vulnerable mini site for updates...

17. May 2003
In the news: Vulnerable can now also be listened to at Anti. And I've added the lyrics for Vulnerable to the Vulnerable mini site and the lyrics.
And I've added a Martina solo discography (with one promo for 'Need One' so far).

16. May 2003
More news and little updates in the Vulnerable mini site.

15. May 2003
Big news update: Tricky has recorded another two albums, also the video for Antimatter is online! Check out the new Vulnerable mini site, also I've updated the presskits with new promo photos and postcards and the videography with the Antimatter video.
And there are also Martina news about a live video!

10. May 2003
Another big news update: the updated tracklist for Vulnerable, details about the bonus DVD and a mp3 to download. And more toudates added.

9. May 2003
I've added a new article about Martina (i-D magazine - thanks to Bertrand) and some photos to the gallery. Also updated are the Tricky biography and the gallery and newsto win tickets!

7. May 2003
I've added some missing ticket informations for Tricky's toudates. And some Martina news.

2. May 2003
One more Tricky tourdate added, plus some news.

1. May 2003
Another review about the London concert added.

1. May 2003
A first review from last night's Martina concert (in the concertography)!

28. April 2003
The competition to win tickets for a Martina concert is now closed - congratulations to all the winners!

26. April 2003
New Tricky tourdates added from! And there are still some tickets left at the Martina competition, so check it out!

24. April 2003
Second (important) update for today: I have free tickets for the London show of Martina, check out the competition here. Also check out the news with a tracklist for "Need One".

24. April 2003
Three more tourdates in Germany added for Tricky, plus some news about the US release.

23. April 2003
More tourdates for Tricky and other interesting news. Also more Martina news: a first tourdate and I've updated the links section.

22. April 2003
News: An official Martina web site is now online! Also some updated in the Tricky tourdates: one festival without Tricky, another one added.

7. April 2003
News and tourdates: another tourdate in France added.

2. April 2003
Big Martina news with sounds from 'Need One'!

1. April 2003
Tricky news about the album cover and more.

29. March 2003
I've started a new guestbook for Tricky and a seperate one for Martina. The old one was limited to 100 entries, so some were already deleted. You can still see the old one here, though. Also: I've solved the riddle about the mysterious text in the Poems 7" and Overcome 7".

28. March 2003
In the news and tourdates (Tricky): two tourdates for June! 

27. March 2003
Martina news: name of the album and more! 
Tricky news: sounds form the new album!

26. March 2003
In the news: the cover for 'Vulnerable' and more news. I've decided to delete the text-only-versions of the discography and to split the remix & collaborations discography into two parts: the remixes and the collaborations. And the biography is updated.

25. March 2003
News about an interesting old Tricky song! Also I've added the 5 new Tricky photos to the gallery.

23. March 2003
Newsabout Tricky's new album and some collaborations, also news about Martina's album and single. Then the remix & collaborations discography is updated with "The Harder They Come" singles, KHM: Game and Tricky's remix of Indochine: Le Grand Secret. I've also added one movie to movies don't move me (Scrubs, from 2001).

19. March 2003
News about Martina's album, also news about Tricky's album!

5. March 2003
Check out more news directly from Anti about Tricky's new album! Also finally a single from Martina's album in the Martina news!!!

3. March 2003
Welcome back to Moon Palace Tricky &  Martina with a great new provider (Ghostnet)! For the re-start you will find lots of interesting updates: First of all you could check out the new lyrics section. Then there are big news about a new Tricky album in May and a new amazing item with scans in the promo discography ("Treasure Me"). And last not but least I offer you an exclusive download of an unreleased version of "Aftermath", you can find more details in the discography("After This", Aftermath testpress).

31. January 2003
SORRY that the web site is down for some days. Obviously there are some problems with the server, I hope it will be back online soon!

26. January 2003
Finally some news about Martina's album!

24. January2003
In the news: A Tricky remix is finally released!

30. December 2002
In the news: two unreleased tracks in the 'Bad Company' movie (see also movies don't move me).

13. Novemberr 2002
Big news about (another) new record!

3. Novemberr 2002
News about a Tricky remix, plus I've added the catalogue number for the Juxtapose LP.

4. Octoberr 2002
Some Tricky related news, plus one link removed (Dirty Angel) and one 12" added to the remix discography (Black Grape: Marbles).

20. Septemberr 2002
More Martina news, and the Tricky links are updated, and I've added the US version of the "Ruff Guide" DVD to the discography, plus a new (older) picture to the gallery

17. September 2002
I've added some promo videos to the promo discography (PMT, Christiansands, live @ The White Room, For Real) and some scans for the PMT book / CD.

16. September 2002
Some Martina news: Finally a song shows up!

1. September 2002
News about the US release of the DVD, plus I've added the new remix to movies don't move me and a new ("old") review and interview to analyze me (Select 1999).

25. August 2002
I've added the Tricky & Rico video to the videography.

23. August: 2002
More news: The video for "Mixed Up Faces" is online!

22. August 2002
News about a Tricky remix.

6. August 2002
I've updated the biography, and added a better sound sample for Japan - Ghosts (in they ask my origin).

4. August 2002
In the news: Tricky recorded new songs! And a new soundtrack added to movies don't move me.

29. July 2002
Sorry about a little mistake: the sample in 'Bad Dreams' is not from the Specials' song "Girldfriend", but "Housebound", so I've updated they ask my origin...

28. July 2002
I've updated the links with a new URL for the French site 'Dirty Angel' and added a sound clip for 'Ghosts' (lyrical quotes).

27. July 2002
I've added an 'Angels With Dirty Faces' advance CD to the promo discography and the 'You Don't Wanna' video to the videography.

25. July 2002
Some news about the DVD. And I've updated the solo discography with the Japanese PMT CD and added the catalogue number for the Australian Blowback CD.

23. July 2002
The discography and the news are updated with the new "Ruff Guide" DVD!!! Also updates in you ask my origin (Bad Dreams sample and Aftermath lyrical quote), in the remix & collaborations discography (Paul Oakenfold: Bunkka, Rico vs. Tricky: Mixed-Up Faces), in the promo discography (Product Of The Environment 12") and Product Of The Environment specials page.

22. July 2002
News about the new releases today.

20. July 2002
Some news about the DVD and other stuff.

13. July 2002
The complete PMT presskit added to the presskits...

9. July 2002
Some news about the DVD release.

30. June 2002
Brazil is soccer world champion - congratulations! Apart from that there are big Tricky news: 'You Don't Wanna' will (maybe?) released tomorrow, details about the 'Ruff Guide' DVD and the Blowback double CD! I've also updated teh calendar of course...

27. June 2002
Big news: the 'You Don't Wanna' video online!

26. June 2002
Some news about some releases. And I've updated the remix discography with Paul Oakenfold's 'Bunkka'.

18. June 2002
In the news: Paul Oakeblfold's album 'Bunkka' which should have been released today.

17. June 2002
Some news about the "Ruff Guide" DVD.

16. June 2002
I've added a better sound sample for the new Tricky collaboration 'Don't Touch' (in the remix & collaborations discography), plus I've updated the videographies (for Tricky and Martina): corrected release dates, a better description for the 'Poems' video, download links for the two Massive Attack videos and a corrected name of the director of "Tricky Kid" (Arthur Jafa).

14. June 2002
Interesting news about a new collaboration and possible tour!

13. June 2002
A little update in the remix & collaborations dicogrpahy (Whale: I'll Do Ya, Intastella: Grandmaster, Luscious Jackson: Here CD) and big update in the promo discography part 1: two Ponderosa 12"s, Black Steel advance CD, Brand New You're Retro 12", Poems 12", Nearly God CD, Christiansands, Les Inrockutibles promo video. Also a little update in the promo discography part 2: A Ruff Guide promo CD.

11. June 2002
The second part of the remix & collaborations discography is updated now! Some new items are added (Intastella: Grandmaster, Method Man: Tical Alter Ego Remixes, Black Grape: Marbles, Bush: Deconstructed).

9. June 2002
Some little additions and corrections all over the remix & collaborations discography.

6. June 2002
Some news about a new Tricky site and a review for "A Ruff Guide".

5. June 2002
'Bad Company' added to the remix & collaborations discography and to movies don't move me.

2. June 2002
A new (and very surprising) sample added to they ask my origin (Jagjit Singh)! And a little addition to the Ruff Guide promo CD in the discography.

1. June 2002
I've added the 19 track version of "A Ruff Guide" to the solo discography (thanks to Gary), and a promo for it to the promo discography (thanks to Thorben).

31. May 2002
Some scans for the Blowback releases and Made In Bristol added to the discography.

29. May 2002
"A Ruff Guide" added to the discography.

28. May 2002
Lots of news: why Tricky cancelled his tourdates, news about the new single and last but not least a new album!

27. May 2002
News: best-of-album released today!

26. May 2002
Some news about the Tricky/Nelly Furtado collaboration (inclusing sounds!), plus I've updated the musicians page with some links.

23. May 2002
Three album reviews (Pre-Millennium Tension, Angels With Dirty Faces, Juxtapose) and one live review added, thanks to David Bennun.

22. May 2002
Two films added to movies don't move me: 'Thirteen Ghosts' (with Excess) and 'Ultimate X' (with Christiansands).

21. May 2002
In the news: a new Tricky song!

19. May 2002
I've added sound files for the three new Tricky songs from the French Blowback edition (solo discography) and updated the links section

18. May 2002
Lots of Martina news! And a little update to "Made In Bristol" in the Tricky solo discography.

16. May 2002
In the news: another festival this summer. Plus I've added "Made in Bristol" to the solo discography.

15. May 2002
More details about the french double CD Blowback added to the solo discography (thanks to Julien!), plus a GAP promo 7" added to the promo discography.

14. May 2002
A little news-update with the cover picture and updated tracklist for the best of album!

14. May 2002
Big news about a Tricky DVD video collection!

8. May 2002
In the news: a review for the new album!

7. May 2002
News and sounds for the Billie Holidays remix, plus a little addition in the Blowback mini site with the French Blowback edition.

6. May 2002
In the news: the limited french edition of Blowback.

5. May 2002
And again another festival: Werchter (news & tourdates)! Plus I've updated the remix & collaborations discography with John Forte and the Verve Remixed album, including sounds, and the videography with the Tool video "Parabola". Also I've added more tourdates for 1995 (PJ Harvey tour and US tour) to the concertography, big thanks to Les Cirkel again!!!

4. May 2002
Another festival in the news and tourdates: Vieilles Charrues in France! Also in the news: Tricky appears in the new Tool video, plus some little Martina news.

3. May 2002
News about two new Tricky releases, and he will play the Essential Festival in Bristol on Sunday! And an updated list of tour musicians for 1995 (see also musicians page, with a new photo), thanks to Jim Love and Les Cirkel! Also some more toudates for 1995, thanks also to Jim!

2. April 2002
Check out the news and an exclusive download!

28. March 2002
News about another collaboration.

24. March 2002
News about a Nelly Furtado collaboration!

20. March 2002
Finally a tracklist of the best-of album in the news!

10. March 2002
News about a festival this summer (see also tourdates), plus I've added some links for last year's T In The Park Festival (8.7.2001) to the concertography and seven pictures to the gallery.

7. March 2002
Some news and a new tourdate! Also two links for the Cambridge show (9.7.2001) added to the concertographyand one press photo to the presskits.

4. March 2002
Two new soundtracks added to movies don't move me (Glory Days, Bully).

24. February 2002
News about the best of album and John Forte!

22. February 2002
Pre-Millennium Tension presskit added to the presskits!

18. February 2002
Another soundtrack added to the movies don't move me page ('Boiler Room').

17. February 2002
One new soundtrack with Tricky added to movies don't move me, also some little updates in the discography (Overcome and Black Steel digipak, Tricky Kid digipaks) and news about the best of album....

12. February 2002
News: a film that uses Tricky's music... Plus I've updated the musicianspage and added some more photos.

10. February 2002
In the news: Tricky best-of-album.

7. February 2002
Three new pics in the gallery, additional pics for the Overcome 7" and one pretty rare promo CD added to the discography ("promo-erotic 5 track blood sampler").

6. February 2002
Interesting news about Hawkman! Plus a little addition to the For Real video.

4. February 2002
Some newsabout Tricky's book and a little addition to the Rome review.

3. February 2002
My site was down for some days, because the server crashed! But now everything is back and better! Check out the solo discography with some additions (for example Overcome 12" and Makes Me Wanna Die 12"), the promo discography - which is now divided in two parts - (Volume 10 LP, Black Steel promo). Also a ticket for the Bizarre Festival 2001 was added, plus a review for the Cologne concert

28. January 2002
A new sample added to they ask my origin (Broken Homes Hip Hop Mix).

25. January 2002
In the news: a new Tricky forum and 'All I hear is words'!

4. January 2002
A review for the Rome show!

1. January 2002
I've updated they ask my origin with two new samples!

30. December 2001
Some tracklists and reviews added for the following shows: Vienna (01.07.01), Belfort (07.07.01), Portland (03.08.01), Berlin (11.12.01).

28. December 2001
Updated promo discography with For Real CD, Angels With Dirty Faces CD, Wonder Woman CD, plus updated solo discography (For Real 12").

19. December 2001
More news....

17. December 2001
One review for the Florence show added, plus some news.

12. December 2001
A review for the Hamburg show added and some news.

09. December 2001
Two tourposters for the Russian shows (St. Petersburg and Moscow)  added (big thanks to Serge!!!).

08. December 2001
Newsand discography: news and sounds for the 'You Don't Wanna' single! Plus a review for the Madrid show added.

03. December 2001
Some updates in the tourdates.

02. December 2001
Two new tourdates in Russia! Plus a review for the Barcelona show added.

22. November 2001
Some news, one review for the Manchester show (thanks to Oli) and one promo item for Evolution Revolution Love added (thanks to Swami).

21. November 2001
Check out the news and the promo discopgraphy for a release of the unreleased song 'Question' (Canadian promo CD). Also some more items added to the promo discography (Mission Accomplished 12", Blowback Australian acetate) and the solo discography (posters for Black Steel).

09. November 2001
Ticket link for Spanish concerts added to the tourdates.

05. November 2001
One photo of the Voodoo Music Experience added to the concertography.

04. November 2001
Some updates in the promo discography (Blowback sampler) and one older article added to analyze me (Apeman 98).

03. November 2001
Big update: news about the next single, updated tourdates with the correct Italian dates and some Blowback reviews added to the Blowback mini site and the reviews section.

02. November 2001
More news and tourdates! Also updated links.

02. November 2001
Two new tourdates (Italy)!

30. October 2001
Evolution Revolution Love / Excess promo 12" added to the promo discography. Also one new tourdate (Ireland).

28. October 2001
One article added (Vox 95) to analyze me Tricky and Martina.

27. October 2001
More European tourdates (thanks to Julien), plus the Japanese lyrics for 'Yukiko' (thanks to Chikako)!

26. October 2001
Five new pictures in the Martina gallery.

25. October 2001
More updates in the tourdates section (Paris), plus an older promo CD (Volume Ten) added to the promo discography.

24. October 2001
Second updated today with one more tourdate (Hamburg).

24. October 2001
Two new tourdates in Holland.

23. October 2001
Second update: New tourdate (Berlin!).

23. October 2001
Check out a review of the Cedar Rapids show and some news.

19. October 2001
One more UK tourdate and some news.

17. October 2001
Two new tour dates (Germany) added.

16. October 2001
Excess promo single added to the promo discography.

14. October 2001
One new link added.

11. October 2001
News about an interesting auction.

09. October 2001
News about the Manchester tour date.

08. October 2001
News about a European tour!

07. October 2001
A couple of new US tour dates.

01. October 2001
One new tourdate added (Atlanta), plus the new remix album added to the remix discography and a promo CD of the album to the promo discography.

28. September 2001
Some news about tourdates, and two items added to the remix discography (Elvis Costello: You Bowed Down, Elvis Costello: All This Useless Beauty).

25. September 2001
Some updates in the tourdates, and news about a remix album.
(Sorry that I couldn't update the site in the last days, but I had problems with my server...)

20. September 2001
I've updated the gallery with some new pics.

19. September 2001
Some news and another show cancelled...

18. September 2001
Two new tourdates in November, two Select reviews (Maxinquaye and PMT) added to the reviews, plus one Select article (1995) to analyze me. Also a lot of stuff added to the promo discography.

17. September 2001
More news about Tricky's tour. Also some updates in the concertography (San Francisco, 26.04.01 and Lowlands Festival, 24.08.01 - including a real audio link). Also the Live album added to the discography.

12. September 2001
Sad news...

10. September 2001
I've finally added the Live single ('Simple Creed') to the remix & collaborations discography.

9. September 2001
More details about the Paris show (news and tour).

8. September 2001
A tracklist for the Zurich show added.

6. September 2001
Newsand tour: Some new tourdates...

2. September 2001
Lots of updates: News about the 'Evolution Revolution Love' remix and a tour with Tool, two new items in the promo discography (Evolution Revolution Love 12", Blowback US sampler), some new pics in the gallery, another review for the Toronto 97 show and some photos for the Lowlands Festival 2001 added to the concertography

1. September 2001
I'm back from a short trip, here are the latest news... 

27. August 2001
A new interview in the news.

26. August 2001
Some news about the Blowback cover.

24. August 2001
News about Tricky at Pukkelpop! Also updates in the solo discography (Pumpkin cassette single), the remix and collaborations discography (Ancoatz 2 Zambia CD single) and the promo discography (Juxtapose advance CD).

23. August 2001
Ticket for the Milano show 98 added.

22. August 2001
I've updated the gallery, added a flyer for yesterday's show in Zurich and the lyrics of 'Evolution Revolution Love' are corrected.

21. August 2001
Little news, a new NME review for the V2001 Festival and an older one for the Amsterdam 96 show added to the concertography.

20. August 2001
Big update today: some news, a new soundtrack in movies don't move me, another Blowback presskit and four articles in analyze me (Q 1995, WOM 97, Alternative Press 2001, LA Times 2001).

18. August 2001
News and details about Tricky's appearance at the Bizarre Festival.

17. August 2001
One more US tourdate added.

15. August 2001
Little news from MTV...

14. August 2001
Check out a new sample at they ask my origin (for 'The Moment I Feared').

12. August 2001
I've added more great photos for the Blah Blah Blah article from 96, also two more articles from the same issue about Ambersunshower and Ragga. And some pictures in the gallery are now in better quality and re-organized.

11. August 2001
Some updates in the lyrics for 'Girls'....

9. August 2001
News and updated videography about Live's 'Simple Creed' video.

8. August 2001
Updated news and tour with new US tourdates!

7. August 2001
Some additions to the Tricky Kid promo CD in the promo discography...

6. August 2001
One new picture in the gallery, and the Blowback promo video is added to the promo discography.

5. August 2001
One article added to analyze me and the blowback mini site (Telegraph), plus live reviews for the Meltdown Festival 2001 and the London show 1999 to the concertography.

4. August 2001
One ticket pictures added to the New York 1999 show.

2. August 2001
A little interview added to analyze me and the blowback mini site.

1. August 2001
New interview from the Visions magazine added to analyze me, including a small article about me and my site. And a new US tour dateadded.

31. July 2001
A new live review for the Toronto show added, plus two more tickets (Toronto 95, Toronto 99).

29. July 2001
Some news about another TV show, infos about Mary McCreary's album Jezebel added to cover me, including another version of 'Singing The Blues'! Plus two reviews for the Fuji festival added.

27. July 2001
Two live reviews added to the concertography (Boston and Philadelphia).

26. July 2001
Some news and updated concertography.

25. July 2001
One picture added to the gallery.

24. July 2001
One live review for the Rome show added!

23. July 2001
Some news about the American charts and a European tour.

18. July 2001
In the news and all I speak is words: an interview with Suisse radio. Also one picture added to the gallery.

17. July 2001
Blowback presskit added to the presskits, and one article to analyze me and the blowback mini site.

16. July 2001
Some news about the short film by Steve McQueen, also two articles about that topic added to analyze me. Then I've added the tracklist for the Montreux show and more infos about the 'Meet Me In St. Louis' OST to cover me.

15. July 2001
Pictures added to the Intro article and the gallery, plus a new tourdate and a short article in the news and a Blowback review (Music365) to the reviews and the blowback mini site.

14. July 2001
In the news and concertography: the Montreux show online! Plus a short interview added to analyze me, blowback mini site and Martina analyze me.

12. July 2001
One interview and one review added (blowback, analyze me and the reviews page), both in german though. Plus two new pictures in the gallery and a review for T In The Park added to the concertography.

11. July 2001
Little news about Live's new album, plus I've added links to audio and video interviews in All I speak is words.

10. July 2001
I've updated the biography, added another review for Berlin, and re-made the Tricky Radio page with even more unreleased material!

9. July 2001
A tiny bit of Martina news, plus review and photos for the Vienna show added to the concertography, all the Blowback reviews one older review (NME) for Pre-Millennium Tension added to the reviews page, and one pictures to the gallery.

8. July 2001
Updated newsand discography with infos about the Evolution Revolution Love single, one older NME article from 1996 and a new interview added to analyze me, plus one Blowback review and one picture added to the gallery. Plus another (incredibly stupid) review for the Berlin show added.

7. July 2001
Some news about Evolution Revolution Love, plus another review added for the Berlin show.

6. July 2001
In the news: interview with NME.

5. July 2001
Some news and review added for the Berlin show, also musicians for this year's tour added to the concertography.

4. July 2001
Some news, one older article added to analyze me (Musician 98), and I've updated the gallery and added some pictures for the Arezzo show 99.

3. July 2001
One (german) article added to analyze me, plus updated promo discography (Angels With Dirty Faces), remix discography (Luscious Jackson: Here CD 2; Baby Namboos 12").

1. July 2001
Cover me is updated with the cover songs from Blowback. Plus some news, one new US tour date (Pomona) and some pics added to the gallery.

30. June 2001
Big update and news: I just got the 'Evolution Revolution Love' single, check out the discography for details and sounds. A couple of German articles (Visions, Spex, Tip) and reviews (Intro, Rolling Stone) are added to Analyze me and Blowback, a lot of promo photos and sticker to the presskits page, and the gallery is also updated and re-structured. And one tourdate added (Vancouver).

29. June 2001
Some news, a couple of new US and Canada tourdates, NME & Sonicnet review, and finally I've added the sound files for the samples on Blowback.

28. June 2001
Some news about a Tricky game and the Alanis Morissette song, also some pictures added to the gallery.

27. June 2001
Second update: check out the news about videos from dotmusic (also updated: the videography).

27. June 2001
One article added to Analyze me.

26. June 2001
Second update with sounds for the two bonus tracks and one review (news, blowbackand discography).

26. June 2001
One review (London) added to the concertography, also some news.

25. June 2001
Second update with more details about Blowback (news and discography).

25. June 2001
News: new album released today, and one review for the New York show added to the concertography, plus three pictures to the gallery.

24. June 2001
Second news and discography update today with Japanese bonus tracks.

24. June 2001
Updated news and concertography with a review from last night, and one more review added to the blowback mini site.

23. June 2001
Some news about the two bonus tracks and collaborations. Also some little Martina news and one review added to the blowback mini site.

22. June 2001
Some newsand reviews added to the blowback mini site, plus a new tricky web page added to the links.

20. June 2001
Some news and one interview added to analyze me.

19. June 2001
News about another cover song, also updated: blowback mini site.

18. June 2001
Second update: more news about the Evolution... single, and a new tourdate. Plus complete lyrics for Blowback added to the blowback mini site.

18. June 2001
A review for the LA show added to the concertography. Also check out the news.

17. June 2001
One tourdate added to the news and tourdates.

16. June 2001
One soundtrack ("Greenwich Mean Time") added to moves don't move me.

15. June 2001
Some pictures added to the gallery.

14. June 2001
Detailed credits for Blowback added to the news and blowback mini site.

13. June 2001
Second news update...

13. June 2001
Sorry, I couldn't update the site in the last days, so here are the latest updates: news, blowback mini site and gallery are updated, Juxtapose presskit and Blowback promo sheet added to the presskits, original version of Singing The Blues added to cover me

8. June 2001
Some news and one new tourdate.

7. June 2001
News: video and interesting NME article, also updated: videography, analyze me and blowback.

6. June 2001
One more tourdate and an interview in the news and analyze me.

5. June 2001
Lots of tourdates added...

4. June 2001
Second update: director for 'Evolution...' added in the videography (and news).

4. June 2001
One festival date added to the news and tourdates.

3. June 2001
News about the video for Evolution Revolution Love... also updated: the videography.

2. June 2001
One festival added to the news, tourdatesand calendar.

1. June 2001
In the news: small article from NME...

30. May 2001
New festival date added to news and tourdates.

29. May 2001
Updated news and promo discography with sounds and infos from the Blowback advance CD! Also updated with press info and possible samples: the Blowback mini site...

28. May 2001
Second update: German release date for single in the news.

28. May 2001
'Evolution Revolution Love' added to the promo discography.

27. May 2001
Several news.

23. May 2001
News from the official Tricky newsletter.

18. May 2001
Second update today with even more film news.

18. May 2001
Some news and another tourdate tourdate.

17. May 2001
News: Tricky collaboration delayed.

15. May 2001
News and tourdates: one tourdate added.

14. May 2001
The Blowback promo sampler added to the promo discography.

13. May 2001
Some pictures added to the gallery.

11. May 2001
Updated news, tourdatesand calendar: Tricky will play another festival! Plus the transcript of the big Showstudio interview added to analyze me.

10. May 2001
Updated news and analyze me:big interview with Tricky!

9. May 2001
In the news: Alanis Morissette! (also updated: Blowback mini site)

8. May 2001
In the news: Blowback promo site with sounds! Also updated: the gallery and the Blowback mini site.

3. May 2001
A review of Tricky's performance at Coachella added to the concertography.

2. May 2001
More news on Blowback sounds...

2. May 2001
News about Blowback sounds and cover art!

1. May 2001
News and tourdates: another new festival date...

30. April 2001
News and tourdates: a new festival date added!

29. April 2001
In the news: some updates on Tricky's collaboration with Live.

28. April 2001
Little Martina news.

27. April 2001
Tour dates updated with a new date.

26. April 2001
Updated Blowback mini site.

21. April 2001
Some news about Blowback and I've added a new feature: the Tricky calendar, plus a Blowback mini site.

19. April 2001
Updated description for the Karmacoma video.

18. April 2001
News and Analyze me: little NME article from today... 

17. April 2001
Some older tourdates added to the concertography.

16. April 2001
News: Another Blowback song revealed!

10. April 2001
One tour date added.

7. April 2001
One press photo added to the presskits.

6. April 2001
Several news!

5. April 2001
One photo added to the Dave Courtney page.

3. April 2001
Updated discography with a sound sample for the Gap spot.

2. April 2001
Again news about the TV commercial...

31. March 2001
In the news: Tricky did a commercial!

27. March 2001
News about the new album!

19. March 2001
Big thanks to Alessio, who was so nice to correct the mistakes in the Italian Mucchio Selvaggio article (December 2000)!

18. March 2001
Some Tricky news...

17. March 2001
I've gathered all the little extra pages at a new specials page!

11. March 2001
I've added a sound file to the Martina collaborations discography for the Earthling? song.

6. March 2001
Martina news: some album details...

4. March 2001
Finally all other pages are redesigned! Plus some news about Coachella.

2. March 2001
In the news: probable album title.

25. February 2001
I've finally added sounds for Tricky's remix of Aco - Natsu No Hi (remix discography), the original version of Bad Dreams (cover me) and a new sample to they ask my origin (Marvin Gaye). Also updated: videography. And I hope you'll like the new design!

24. February 2001
Some news and tourdates, plus Martina news. Also updated: All I hear is words...

23. February 2001
Updated videography...

22. February 2001
News: Trickyonline is back!

21. February 2001
Updated videography with four non-Tricky videos in which he appeared.

18. February 2001
Little Martina news and a new Tricky audio interview added to All I speak is words.

15. February 2001
News and Analyze me: two more articles about new album.

14. February 2001
In the news: webcast of Tricky's DJ set tonight...

13. February 2001
Second update today: producer of the new album in the news.

13. February 2001
Analyze me: article from NME.

9. February 2001
News: gig in February (also updated: tourdates).

8. February 2001
Interesting news, plus a new press photo added to presskits.

6. February 2001
In the news: Mission Accomplished released today in the US, plus little new information about Red Hot Chili Peppers collab.

3. February 2001
I've added four great photos from the New Year's Eve show 99 in the concertography, also updated: the gallery.

31. January 2001
In the news: two new Tricky remixes. Also updated: the remix discography...

30. January 2001
In the news: new collaborations and record listening party.

28. January 2001
Some updates in the promo discography (Bom Bom Diggy 12" and Tricky Kid 12"). And I've added pictures and infos about the 7"s in the solo discography (Tricky and Martina), also a few additions to the concertography.

24. January 2001
Second update today: a few more pictures for the gallery (Tricky and Martina).

24. January 2001
Three more articles added to analyze me: Spex 95, Option 96 and Park & Ride 99.

23. January 2001
Analyze me: interesting article from 95, written by David Bowie!

21. January 2001
Analyze me: a new (old) article from 1999 (Hip Hop Connection), and the gallery is updated.

17. January 2001
Updated solo discography with longer sounds for "Can't Freestyle"...

16. January 2001
I've added a new article from Il Mucchio Selvaggio to analyze me.

21. December 2000
In the news: Tricky's christmas party and webcast tonight!

20. December 2000
In the news: two new articles and an interview in a Dutch magazine.

13. December 2000
Several news: album release, summer festivals, Hawkman's album.... also updated: tourdates.

12. December 2000
News about a new Tricky remix!

9. December 2000
Some Martina news...

8. December 2000
News: Durban Poison christmas party. Plus lyrics for 'Crazy Claws' and 'Tricky vs. Lynx' at the Mission mini site. Also some upadtes in the concertography and analyze me.

5. December 2000
News: collaboration with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

30. November 2000
Check out the full interview  from "Visions" at Analyze me!

29. November 2000
Check out tricky radio with some interesting update (and another unreleased Tricky track!)

28. November 2000
New interview with Tricky added to Analyze me.

25. November 2000
Little update in movies don't move me: finally the cover picture for 'The Confessional'.

20. November 2000
Updated gallery with some new pictures.

19. November 2000
Some little updates in the concertography and they ask my origin.

18. November 2000
Updated links: Tricky is finally added to the Anti web site, and Apocalypse Tricky is back, sort of.

17. November 2000
A new (old) soundtrack added to movies don't move me. And in the news: Trickyonline!

16. November 2000
Analyze me and news: a new article in Q!

13. November 2000
In the news: the results of the Artists Direct Online Music Awards

9. November 2000
In the news: the anwers to your questions about Tricky arrived! (or go the page directly)

7. November 2000
In the news: Reggie Kray.

6. November 2000
The new EP 'Mission Accomplished' is released today, so check out the new Mission Accomplished mini site! Also updated: news and the solo discography....

5. November 2000
I've added some lyrics and links to the remix & collaborations discogrphy (Product of the Environment) and a new sample discovery (Bubbles) in they ask me origin!

2. November 2000
News: A first review of 'Mission Accomplished' on NME..

31. October 2000
Some news...

29. October 2000
I've added some old articles to analyze me: NME 95, Melody Maker 95, Fix Magazine 96, Visions 96 and Melody Maker 97.

28. October 2000
Analyze me: a new article at Guardian Unlimited. 

25. October 2000
In the news: infos from Tricky's management, cover art for 'Mission Accomplished' and more!

24. October 2000
second update today: a little addition to they ask my origin, and news about the release date of the new EP.

24. October 2000
I've added a new page: they ask my origin. News: TrickyOnline, I've also updated the solo and promo discography with 'Mission Accomplished' and added the last audio file ('Crazy Claws')!

23. October 2000
In the news: 'Mission Accomplished' details (single and album).

22. October 2000
In the news: sounds from 'Mission Accomplished'! Also updated: album reviews and the  concertography.

19. October 2000
In the news: first review of 'Mission Accomplished'!

18. October 2000
Check out the new musicians page! And some details about the new album in the news. I've also updated the promo discography (Ponderosa &  PMT special edition).

17. October 2000
I've added another cover song to cover me: Mellow!!!

16. October 2000
Check out the news about 'Adoma'...

15. October 2000
Updates in presskits and cover me (Singing the blues).

14. October 2000
New page: Martina lyrics!

10. October 2000
In the news: some gossip about a Finley Quaye collaboration.

9. October 2000
Welcome to the new Moon Palace on a new server! All pages are improved, and movies don't move me, presskits, and cover me are updated. Also check out the new biography and little news!

4. October 2000
News: again Mission Accomplished....

28. September 2000
Again details about the new single in the news!

27. September 2000
More news about new single!

26. September 2000
In the news: tracklist for 'Mission Accomplished' plus updated presskits.

25. September 2000
Updated news and 'All I hear is words'.

24. September 2000
Updated links!

23. September 2000
Little Martina news.

19. September 2000
Check out the new Shakespeare page!

18. September 2000
Check out the updated presskits!

16. September 2000
News: EP and album in 2001! Also  updated: 'All I hear is words'.

15. September 2000
More news about the new album (what else?)

14. September 2000
Third update: new album just a fake (read everything in the news).

14. September 2000
Second update today: more news!!!

14. September 2000
News about next album. Plus updated links (Tricky & Martina).

6. September 2000
More news about 'All I hear is words'...

4. September 2000
News about Tricky's autobiography! (also check the 'All I hear is words' page)

2. September 2000
News about a possible new album from Tricky!

27. August 2000
News about the Smashing Pumpkins tribute album and Reggie Kray's album! Also updated: the concertography.

5. August 2000
Check out the news about a possible new Tricky song!

13. July 2000
Big news: again two more reviews from the New York concert, including one from the Mr. Beatbox himself! Also updated: promo discography (Juxtapose promo). Plus some more Martina links.

9. July 2000
More reviews from the New York evening...

8. July 2000
I've added some reviews for the New York 'concert' to the concertography. Plus the Martina discography is updated with another collaboration!

7. July 2000
News: what NME says about Tricky's performance in New York. Also little updates in the promo discgraphy and cover me (pic of Dear Prudence 7"!)

4. July 2000
Finally the definite news about Tricky's concert in NY!

3. July 2000
In the news: 'All I hear is words' may be released already in November? And news about Tricky's concert in NYC (6. July)!

26. June 2000
Check out my new Tricky gallery!

24. June 2000
I've added a new page: cover me, about songs that Tricky covered. Plus I've updated the Tricky tourdates and the Martina discography with infos and sounds from 'Bow Down To The Exit Sign'.

18. June 2000
I've added the missing parts of the Martina page: biography, discography and analyze me! Plus updated Martina news.

12. June 2000
I've changed the design of the main page slightly, and added a big page about Martina Topley-Bird!!!

31. May 2000
News about Martina's solo album!!!

22. May 2000
Little updates in the concertography. And check out my new guestbook!!!

20. May 2000
New feature: concertography!!! And updated tour with a new tourdate.

13. May 2000
More news about Tricky's book All I hear is words. And check out the new videography!

4. May 2000
News: Tricky will appear on an album by Reggie Kray. And I've added the 'Go Now' page on movies don't move me, the rest of the missing pages will follow soon!

2. May 2000
Check out the news: Dreamworld sampler and Martina's guest appearance! Also updated are movies don't move me and the solo discography with real audio for the Anti Histamine Remix.

18. April 2000
More news about Tricky's book! I've added a special page about it: All I hear is words! Therefore the old 'All I hear is words' page with articles and interviews is now called Analyze me!

15. April 2000
Big news: Tricky's book will hopefully be published soon!

12. April 2000
More news: Tricky will play London's Meltdown Festival in June! Also updated: Analyze me.

4. April 2000
News: Tricky signed a new deal with Epitaph and is in the studio at the moment!!! And I've added a new page: Movies don't move me!

30. March 2000
On Tuesday the Crow Soundtrack with a remix of Anti Histamine was released in the US, so I've updated the news and solo discography.

18. March 2000
In the news:  Tricky will contribute to Bahamadia's new album.

12. March 2000
Some pics added in the promo discography and remix and collaborations discography (plus some more infos on Sub Sub: Smoking Beagles).

21. February 2000
Little updates in all three discographies and tour.

29. January 2000
Another little update in the remix & collaborations discography (Cath Coffey, "Summer nights"), plus updated presskits.

28. January 2000
News: The Sonicnet video chat still to see! Also a little update in the remix & collaborations discography.

15. January 2000
News: remix of Anti Histamine on Soundtrack!

4. January 2000
Lots of updates in all three discographies, also updated: news, links, tour, and presskits.

17. December 1999
Updated news: Tricky plays in New York on New Year's Eve. Updated remix & collaborations discography with real audio for Leena Conquest - Boundaries (Tricky remix)!

11. December 1999
Updated remix & collaborations discography with a pic and sound sample for the Leena Conquest remix.

8. December 1999
Finally I've added the second big (almost 50 minutes!) interview in real audio (All I speak is words), plus a sound sample for the Japanese Juxtapose bonus track "Who" (solo discography, news). Also updated: Tricky radio!

28. November 1999
Updated discography (solo, remix & collaborations, promo).

20. November 1999
News: Video chat with Tricky and the Baby Namboos on December 2 on Sonicnet!

13. November 1999
In the news: A message from Tricky to his fans on Trickyonline, plus Martina's backing vocals on the new Primus CD! And I've updated the discography with a lot of new infos, including an unknown remix (Leena Conquest) and the Cath Coffey album. I also uploaded sounds for "Product Of The Environment" and the "Bom Bom Diggy/Hot Like A Sauna" promo.

30. October 1999
Updated news: The producer of Sole's album "Skin deep" is not Tricky, but Tricky Stewart!

29. October 1999
News about a Tricky produced album: Sole - Skin deep! And I've updated the discography and news with a correct tracklisting of the Japanese version of "Juxtapose".

27. October 1999
In the news: Tricky parts with Island Records!!!
Updates with infos about "Product of the environment" (remix & collaborations discography, news), plus updated promo discography.

9. October 1999
I've added the last missing articles plus some more links and (older) German reviews on Analyze me.

25. September 1999
Updated news! Plus I've updated the remix & collaborations discography with the Baby Namboos album.

24. September 1999
New page: tricky radio. The House of Blues radio shows features 3 unreleased tracks that you can listen to in real audio!

16. September 1999
I've added one of two new real audio interviews plus a real audio clip of Can't fresstyle!!!

13. September 1999
New designed solo discography and finally a remix & collaborations discography and promo discography.

7. September 1999
Martina is working on her solo album, read about it in the news!

3. September 1999
Updated news with an online Tricky radio show! Plus some new (old) articles....

24. August 1999
Finally the audio files at the solo discography do work!!! And I've added the links page and updated the news.

22. August 1999
Some new Juxtapose reviews, plus a good new German interview and live review from the Hamburg show on Analyze me, plus I've updated the solo discography.


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