Roma, Italy (17.12.01)
about 100 mins.
vocals: Tricky, Hawkman, ???
new song ('It's Just A Question')
You Don't Wanna
Ace Of Spades
Black Steel
For Real 
Money Greedy Vent (as encore)
Give it to 'em

see a photo here

here's a review from Giuseppe:

This was my second Tricky concert, the first was just this summer in Rome too; also I've seen a lot of videoclips of Tricky's live performance, so I knew very well what I was going to see. The show of this summer impressed me a lot, so when I read that he will come back in Rome, I decided to see the concert another time. The show took place in a very little indoor stadium, a friend of mine told me they use it for the five-a-side football, and when I came in I thought it was perfect for a concert like that, in fact when the show began the stadium was full, I was quite close to the stage but I had all the space that I needed. 

The concert was opened from a band of two rappers from Los Angeles (so they said), after the first song I thought they weren't very bad, but after four or five songs I'd like to have a gun, to go up to the stage and to use it: I hate that kind of rap songs that repeat always the same words for thousands times (the top was "motherfucker put your hands up"). Fortunately after about half an hour they stopped to insult us and Tricky began his performance: I didn't know that song but it looked me very nice, Tricky wasn't at his best but it was just the first song of the show, the other player instead played immediatly in a fantastic way, this summer they weren't so powerful, also the drummer played  "Sonor" drums and I think there are no drums like that; the sound was fantastic, I was only waiting for Tricky's wakin' up. 

Somebody told me before the concert that Ambersunshower wouldn't be in the show, so I thought they wouldn't play her songs, it wasn't in this way: after the first song came out on the stage a nice blonde singer and she started to sing "You don't wanna", it was terrible, it seemed me another song from that I know, it was a TORTURE; actually I don't like Ambersunshower very much, yes she's a great performer and she as an incredible voice, but I think she's too cold, anyway I love "You don't wanna" and I think it's her best song, so I could't stand to hear it in that horrible way. Then it was the turn of Hawkman: the song was "Aces of spade" and Tricky began the duet with him, Hawkman was fantastic as ever but Tricky wasn't still in the concert, actually I thought it was too soon to sing a song long and difficult as it. The fourth song was "Pumpkin", now the new
singer seems better than before but always bad, the songs of Martina are easier than "You don't wanna" and she looks like a little schoolgirl repeating her lesson. The concert went on in this way, Tricky alternate with the blonde singer till the eighth song and I was very sad 'cause Tricky didn't feel the groove, the music was wonderful but he was tired, listless, I looked for his voice but I couldn't find it, usually his words cut the air as a knife and you can feel them comin' into yorself, but that time they were feeble and distant, I know that usually it's not in this way, it was the wrong evening and I wasn't very lucky.

The live version of "For real" they performed was very different from the record, so I hope I'll hear it another time in the future in a better evening for Tricky, instead I was very surprised when I heard "Money greedy" in this concert: in the last period they didn't do much songs from the album "Angels with dirty faces" and I have had the impression that Tricky would like to remove that part of his carrier.

During the last songs I turned back my head and I saw that a lot of people were gone away and other people were complaining about the show, I don't know if it was because Tricky was not at his best or simply they didn't know that Tricky's music live is very different from what he does on his records and they didn't expect a show as that. The last song of the show was "Vent", Tricky's performance was better than the other, who know the live version of this song (about 20 minutes) can tell the energy the group send to the listeners and this last performance was good almost as that I've listened this summer.

Just in the middle of the show something strange happened: a black girl came in the stage to introduce, speaking in italian, the famous gangster Dave Courtney, she said he is a a big friend of Tricky and that Tricky was very proud to promote a new movie that Courtney has performed, then Courtney came in, embraced Tricky and went out of the stage. Actually I didn't know Courtney at that time and i didn't know that he made a record with Tricky, anyway I didn't like tha bad taste they had introducing Courtney: the black girl used for him the italian word "mafioso" (person of the mafia) repeating it a lot of times, I thought in Italy we are not very good at business: here the "mafiosi" try to hide themself to not be arrested, in England instead they make a lot of money performing movies and records.

and a scan of the ticket, also thanks to Giuseppe:




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