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A source at Tricky's management was so kind to answer
the questions that you sent me, big thanks for that!!!!

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Why exactly did Tricky leave Island Records?
Tricky did not leave Island on acrimonious terms as the media suggests.  Island Records was part of Polygram which was then sold to Universal.  During this time period, a lot of changes occurred within Island including the resignations and firing of many key staff that worked with Tricky including Island founder, Chris Blackwell.  When Chris left, Island ceased to exist as the cool, vibey label it was.  Island is not part of a bastardized label called Island Def Jam (which also includes Mercury).  The focus of the label shifted to rap and r&b which they have been very successful in breaking.  Tricky will be the first one to concede that Island was good to him, but it was time for him to go because of the shift in direction of the label. Tricky left on amicable terms with Island Def Jam. 

Will unreleased songs that are performed live, like "Movies don't move me", or something like the "When Doves Cry" cover that was performed on the BBC ever be commercially released? 
Probably not unless the BBC decides to release it because they have the rights to the performance, not Tricky. 

Who is the other vocalist on "Mission Accomplished"? 
Chesney Hawkes! 

How did he create the backing music for Pumpkin (Ambient)? What is that sound? 
Don't know the answer to that question... will address it later. 

Why was the project with DJ Muggs canceled? 
I plead the 5th! 

Are there any future collaborations planned? 
Yes, and fans will be quite shocked to hear who he is collaborating with! I can tell you that newly-signed Durban Poison reggae artist, Hawkman, and ex Gee St/V2 recording artist, Ambersunshower, are featured vocalists on his forthcoming album.

Can you say anything about Martina's album?
Martina is in the midst of recording a solo record for Independiente. 

Will the "Drunkenstein" project ever be released?
Probably not. 

Will the Suggs collaboration (from Nearly God) ever be released?
Probably not. 

Will there be a Mad Dog solo LP?

What's going to happen to the Baby Namboos?
Baby Namboos may or may not continue.



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