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These are video and audio interviews or specials or
documentaries with Tricky. At the bottom you will find
some German interviews that I encoded to real audio,
but the audio is not working anymore.

    video interviews    
Interview + Live Montreal
(27. June 1995)

This is the oldest video interview I could find. It's quite short and has live clips of a concert in Montreal (29. May) in it. Most interesting detail: he explains that he's fascinated with Indian music, because the Mum of an Indian girlfriend sent him tapes every month. No wonder he sampled some Indian tracks on Maxinquaye!

NAKED AND FAMOUS - documentary by Mark Kidel (1997)
Very interesting documentary filmed in Bristol by Mark Kidel in 1997. It was on You Tube in parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, but it's private now. It is also released officially on the 'Ruff Guide' DVD (see discography).

SHOWSTUDIO: Steve McQueen interview
(21. March 2001)

This was a really long and interesting interview, but now there's just a short snippet to watch. The rest can only be read in the transcript here.

TRACKS: Tricky, Musique sous haute tension (31. August 2001)
Short interview, dubbed in French. You can also see it on You Tube.

DOCUMENTARY: Tricky (2003)
This is a documentary with interview parts, done around the time of 'Vulnerable'. Costanza also tells how she came to work with Tricky: she gave a demo CD to his drummer. It could be the 'Vulnerable movie' from CD2 from the CD/DVD version, I have to check...

French Tricky interview (2003)
French video interview about the album Vulnerable, it's split into short pieces (one for each question, unfortunately the questions are not in it): part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

CHRIS NEADHAM: Tricky interview (14. June 2008)
Very funny interview with a weird interviewer.

JENNY GREENE: Tricky interview (11. July 2008)
This is a radio interview, but a video of it (bad quality, though).

PEACE MAGAZINE: Tricky Tales (20. July 2008)
Very informal interview with Tricky in Toronto: part 1, part 2. In part 1 Tricky tells a story about "Million Dollar Bernie", in part 2 he talks about his family, weed and traveling.

RTP: Tricky (30. August 2008)
Short interview about 'Knowle West Boy', he talks about his daughter (Stacey) and that people exspect too much from his albums (because he did Maxinquaye).

CANAL PLUS: Tricky interview (19. September 2008)
Short interview accompanying a concert for French TV, he talks about how he meet his singers (by chance) and why usually women are singing for him.

FACECULTURE: Tricky interview (27. October 2008)
Very long interview split into parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6. Tricky talks about Bristol, music, working with unknown singers and much more. They did a similar interview in 2014 (see below).

RHAPSODY: Q&A video interview (2008)
Interesting video interview about Knowle West Boy and more.

BIG SHOT MAG: Tricky discusses his fans and the dangers of ego (17. November 2008)
Short interview part, the title says it all. Most interesting detail: he kept "Cross to bear" on the album although he doesn't like it, because he thinks others will like it.

Q TV: Tricky interview (8. January 2009)
Long interview about 'Knowle West Boy'.

WIRED: Tricky interview (2009)
Interesting interview about the 'Council Estate' video, performing with a live band on his first tour, recording, being naive, learning guitar.

Tricky & Stephane Sednaoui (17. May 2010)
Tricky and Stephane Sednaoui on making the videos for Pumpkin and For Real.

GAZETA.PL: Tricky interview for Opener Festival (3. July 2010)
Interview in two parts: part 1, part 2. In the frist one he talks about the music he likes at the moment (Terry Lynn, Mavado, Vybz Kartel), in the second one he mentions that the longest concert he ever played was 6 hours in Israel (that was probably the one on 11. December 1996 at Hunger Club, see details here
). They also did another interview with him in 2011 (see below).

BESTIVAL: Tricky interview (20. September 2010)
Short interview at the Bestival about today's music and the music industry.

SFR MUSIC: Tricky Mixed Race interview (29. September 2010)
Short interview about the album 'Mixed Race', why he performed in the dark earlier and why that changed now.

VIRGINMEGA: Tricky interview (October 2010)
Long french interview about 'Mixed Race'.

MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL: Tricky interview (26. October 2010)
Short interview during the Montreux Jazz Festival, together with Francesca, but she doesn't say anything. The first time I saw Tricky a bit speechless in an interview (being asked what he has learnt about himself through music).

3 ELEPHANTS: Tricky interview (26. November 2010)
Short interview, the interviewer seems to not know Tricky at all 

ALL SAINTS BASEMENTS: spoken word performance (2011)
There was a video interview with an interesting spoken word piece online by All Saints Basements Session, but it's not there anymore. I could only find a short part of it, unfortunately.

Interview about asthma-attack and cancelling of a show (2011)
This is an interview, where Tricky explains why he had to cancel a show in Mexico on May 25. He was in the hospital because of exhaustion and asthma! He also talks about writing, boxing and more. He also mentions a collaboration with him and Latin-American artists, but nothing was released so far.

GAZETA.PL: Tricky interview (1. July 2011)
Interview about his favorites countries to tour (Poland, Russia, France), living in strange cities, Brown Punk movie. There's another part here. They already had an interview with him in 2010 (see above). In the second part he mentions that he had a "competition" up on his website that people should send him covers of a Tricky song in their native language and in English, and he wants to put these songs on a compilation. Sounds interesting, but unforunately it was never released.

JELEN DEMOFEST: Press conference (28. July 2011)
Short video from a press conference for a Festival in Bosnia:
Jelen Demofest.

FACECULTURE: Tricky interview (27. May 2013)
Very interesting and long video interview about the new album, creative freedom, corporate companies, legends like Bob Marley. He also mentions that he has recorded tracks with Oh Land and that this album will come out in January! There are 5 parts of that interview: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5. They also did a long interview in the same style in 2008 (see above).

TELERAMA: Tricky, laying himself bare... (27. May 2013)
Very good video interview, Tricky picks post-its with questions or words and responds to them.

THE BRITISH MASTERS CHAPTER 7: Tricky (31. May 2013)
Very interesting video interview by John Doran.

INTRO: Plattenhören mit Tricky (1. August 2013)
This is a video interview where the magazine Intro plays songs to Tricky and he comments them.

FRSHMILK TV: Tricky interview (4. February 2014 / filmed December 2013) 
Video interview that was filmed in December 2013 in Berlin. Tricky talks about how he almost did a movie with Keanu Reeves, about prisons, how he cares more about evolving as a person than about his music and more.

NME: Tricky Interview part 1 part 2 (9. September 2014) 
This is a short video interview with Tricky. In part 1 he explains why he used the name 'Adrian Thaws' for the album and talks about superstar DJs about music he wants to hear in a club.
In part 2 he explains that Nicotine Love made it to the album the last minute, being inspired by a fan's comment on Facebook (someone was surprised that he chose a house tune for "Tricky's Choice"). He also talks about Mykki Blanco and why he was impressed by him in Berlin.
You can also watch the videos on You Tube: part 1, part 2.

VFILES: Tricky loves Chief Keef (23. September 2014)
Short snippet about why Tricky loves Chief Keef. 

FACT MAGAZINE: I am Adrian Thaws (29. September 2014)
This is not really in interview, but a "mini documentary", well very mini in fact, since it's only 10 minutes and that's even with some live clips in between... Nothing really new there, you can read everything in older interviews.

Brazil: Press conference (30. March 2015) 
Short part of a press conference in Brazil, where he played some festivals in March 2015.

FRESHMILK TV: Tricky Interview (10. April 2015)   
Very short video interview, their website is here, the video on You Tube is here. Although it was published in April I'm pretty sure that it's older. Last year they also had an interview like that, and it was filmed in December 2013, published in February 2014 (see above). Tricky talks about his freedom with his label, how recording music is fun and like meditation and what he would change in the music industry.

LA DEFENSE JAZZ FESTIVAL: Tricky Interview (31. August 2015)  
Short interview, most interesting information: he recorded a new album called 'Skilled Mechanics', the title is how a CIA guy describes contract killers. The album is rap and Tricky is doing a lot of vocals, so he wants to change his live shows, it will be only him, his drummer and DJ Milo. But probably also a female singer.

LRT: Tricky Interview (5. February 2016)  
Interview on Lithuanian TV about the new album and tour, people could call and win the signed vinyl and concert tickets for Vilnius.



    audio interviews    

DJ TODD JAMES: Tricky interview (11. August 2008)
Very interestiong Australian interview in two parts: part 1part 2. In part 1 he talks about, in part 2 he talks about Portishead, Coldplay, his 'Knowle West Boy' album, why he would call himself a "punk rocker", how Justin Timberland is trying to sound like Tricky, what it was like in prison and why he hates police and judges, why he covered Kylie Minogue

RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY: Fireside chat with Tricky (2010)
One hour interview special with Tricky, around the time of the release of 'Mixed Race'. 

RADIO PARADISO: Interview with Tricky (2010) - FRENCH
Short radio interview, dubbed in French, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, where Tricky performed in 2010.

BBC 6: Interview with Lauren Laverne (20. June 2013, recorded 25. May)
Short radio interview, Tricky also played live in their studio, go here for details about that. It is also on You Tube: part 1, part 2.

BBC 6: Interview with Liz Kershaw (8. July 2013)
Short radio interview, mostly about the start of his career.

BLN.FM: Nicht Kennenlernen mit Tricky (17. September 2014)
One hour radio special with Tricky, songs mixed with interview parts. You can check it out at their website or go to Soundcloud directly.

FRANCE CULTURE: Noir Brilliant (20. September 2014) - FRENCH    
Radio interview with Tricky, unfortunately dubbed in French.

DEUTSCHLANDRADIO: Dankbar auch für das Dunkle im Leben (19. January 2016) - GERMAN 
This radio interview has a transcript, but you can also listen to it (when you click on "Beitrag hören" or the play symbol in the first pic, unfortunately it is dubbed in German). It's not sooo interesting, but during the interview you can hear the track "Bother" with Luke Harris (starting at about 7.35 min left), which was unreleased at that time.

FLUX FM: Tricky Interview (19. January 2016)
This is a radio interview with Tricky on FluxFM that he did after the one on Deutschlandradio - he even mentions it in the interview. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, it's all in English and not dubbed! Most interesting news:
- Tricky wants to release a second 'Skilled Mechanics' album with Luke Harris and guests next year
- the track with Oh Land ("I'm not going") is 6 years old, was recorded for her album, but because she was dropped by Sony he could use the song
- he wants to finish his project with Russian rappers this year (or next year)

BAYERN 2 PODCAST: Tricky Portrait (21. January 2016) - GERMAN
This is a short radio podcast, a mix between a review (calling "Skilled Mechanics" a solid album) and an interview. You can also listen here, if the other link doesn't work.

RESIDENT ADVISOR: Tricky Interview
(21. January 2016)

This is a long and in depth radio interview about a lot of topics, mostly his childhood, Knowle West, racism, Chris Blackwell, how he's hard on himself musically, about performing and drinking and much much more. You can download it on their site or listen to it on Soundcloud.



    German TV & radio interviews    
These are interviews that I converted to real audio, but real audio streaming is not working anymore, sorry... 

(13. July 1998)

VIVA 2 (German TV): Soja meets Tricky (August 1998)

VIVA 2 (German TV): Tricky Special (16. August 1999)




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