Tricky solo discography ~ part 3 
(2006 - 2011)


Knowle West Boy
Mixed Race

The "Knowle West Boy" period:

   Tricky presents Brownpunk  
  digital release / Brown Punk / 20. April 2008

01. Starving Souls - Babylon  4:01
02. The Dirty - Why, I Think It's Love  1:26 
03. Alex Mills - Suzanne  5:05
04. Starving Souls - Days Like This  2:04
05. The Gospel featuring Kira - Skating Your Pool  2:45
06. 1st Blood - Connecting People  3:24
07. Rodigan - The Truth  3:18
08. Face - 8millimeter  4:12
09. Laid Blak - Red 2 5:02
10. Alex Mills - Definition  4:12 
11. The Dirty - I Want Something  3:29 
12. MAXFIELD - Wasting  5:26
13. Starving Souls - Love's Gonna Get You  4:03
14. Tricky - Messing With My Brains 3:42

You can download single tracks or the whole album at 7 Digital. The sampler contains one new (and otherwise unreleased) Tricky song: Messing with my brains. It has additional vocals by Kira Skov. Tricky also did a little movie with his Brown Punk artists (see 'movies don't movie me'). 



  click here to
                  see more pics  Council Estate part 1 (7")
  2x7" UK / Domino Records RUG275 / 30. June 2008

a. Council Estate
b. Council Estate (Kotchy remix)

The single was first released only on 7", a CD version was released later and only in the US (see below). See scans of the two 7 inches here

> Tricky: "9/11 is probably the main reason I didnít release an album for five years" <
(NME, July 2008)



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                  to see more pics  Council Estate part 2 (7")
  2x7" UK / Domino Records RUG275X / 30. June 2008

a. Council Estate (South Rakkas Mix)
b. Council Estate (South Rakkas Instrumental)

This is the second part of a 7 inch set, see scans of the 7 inches here

> Tricky: "I needed an English label to do that, and to bring me home. Epitaph was a great label for me. But they had no presence in England. This is my home country. Iím moving back soon, and I wanted to make an English album." <
(Domino website, July 2008)



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                  see more pics  Knowle West Boy
  CD Ger / Domino Records WIGCD195 / 4. July 2008
  CD UK / Domino Records WIGCD195 / 7. July 2008
  LP UK / Domino Records WIGLP195 / 7. July 2008
  CD Japan / Hostess HSE-10069, Domino WIDCD195J  / 23. July 2008
  CD US / Domino Records DNO 194 / 9. September 2008
  LP US / Domino Records DNO 194 / 9. September 2008 

01. Puppy Toy 3:35
02. Bacative 3:51
03. Joseph 2:29
04. Veronika 3:00
05. C'mon Baby 3:04
06. Council Estate 2:39
07. Past Mistake 5:07
08. Coalition 3:59
09. Cross To Bear 3:46
10. Slow 3:22
11. Baligaga 3:42
12. Far Away 3:39
13. School Gates 3:47

You can listen to all the songs at 7 Digital. The vocalists are not mentioned for each song in the booklet, so here are their names (sometimes the songs are just named after them): Alex Mills ('Puppy Toy'), Veronika Coassolo ('Veronika', the lyrics are also written by her), Joseph Franklin Hunt - a man who sang on the street ('Joseph'), Rodigan ('Bacative' and 'Baligaga'), Lubna Mhaer ('Past Mistake' and 'School Gates'), Hafdis Huld ('Cross To Bear'). 
It's interesting that Tricky took old family photos as artwort on the back of the CD, check out scans and the names of the people here. The musicians include two people who already worked with Tricky before: Mark Thwaite (guitar) and Wayne Nunes (bass).
The japanese edition has two bonus tracks:
14. Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew feat. Kid Foreigner remix)  
15. Council Estate (Mowgli Superstar remix) 
There's an iTunes bonus track, which can also be found on the "Council Estate" US CD single and 12" (see below):
14. Council Estate (Toddla T remix)    4:17

> Tricky: "Knowle West is where I was born. It's a white ghetto. I didn't know what racism was until I left." <
(Domino website, July 2008)

> This album was done for my fans, because for five years Iíve been getting e-mails to my fan website Ďwe miss youí, all this beautiful stuff, and Iím like Ďfuck, Iíve taken all these people for granted, Iíve got to make an album for themí. <
(Music OHM, August 3, 2008)



   Council Estate (US)
  CD US / Domino Records DMO 00186CD  / 5. August 2008

1. Council Estate (album version) 2:39
2. Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew Mix) 4:02
3. Council Estate (Drums Of Death remix) 5:20
4. Council Estate (Kotchy remix) 3:11
5. Council Estate (Toddla T remix) 4:16

This is the only CD version of the single yet, as it is released on 7" in the UK. Some remixes are exclusively on this release (The Drums of Death mix and the Toddla T mix), the Toddla T Mix can also be bought as a bonus track from "Knowle West Boy" on iTunes. You can also buy downloads at Amazon.



   Council Estate (US)
  12" US / Domino Records DMO 001861 / 5. August 2008

A1. Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew Remix) 4:02
A2. Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew Remix Instr.) 4:02
A3. Council Estate (album version) 2:39
B1. Baligaga 3:42
B2. Council Estate (Drums Of Death remix) 5:20
B3. Council Estate (Toddla T remix) 4:16

The 12" version has different tracks than the CD (see above).



   Puppy Toy (digital)
  digital / Domino Records RUG 313D / 5. October 2008

1. Puppy Toy (Tom Elmhirst Radio Edit)
2. Numb
3. Slow (Bullion Remix)

This single is released only digital, as far as I know. The official website didn't list it at all, but you can buy this download at Beatport. And there's a video for this single, you can watch it at Dailymotion. A second version of the digital released came later (see below).



  7 inch / Domino Records RUG307 / 20. October 2008
  digital / Domino Records RUG307D / 20. October 2008

1. Slow
2. Slow (Bullion Remix)

This is the third single of Knowle West Boy, again released not on CD, but as a 7 inch and digital. You can download the digial version at Domino Records or other places. The Bullion Remix can also be found on the Puppy Toy single (see above).



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                  see a bigger pic  Puppy Toy 
  digital / Domino Records RUG313D1  / 23. February 2009
1. Puppy Toy
2. Numb

Strangely this is the second digital release of Puppy Toy! You could download it at Domino, but not anymore, but on Beatport and other places. A different version was already available in October last year (see above). It also had "Numb" as a b-side, but also a remix of Slow and Puppy Toy that is not on this one here. 


   One By One: kzk Soundtrack Adidas Originals
  CD Japan / Ki/oon Records KSCL-1340 / 25. February 2009
01. Ian Brown: Just like you (A.D.I.D.A.S.) 3:27
02. Japanese Cartoon: Army 2:51
03. Grapefruit: Grapefruit 3:59
04. delofamilia: Blond Head 4:20
05. Sarasa Ifu: 3 SoundS 4:54
06. Chatmonchy: Shangrila (Takkyu Ishino Remix) 5:23
07. Ryukyudisko x Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band: Osaka by Okinawa 3:15
08. Happy Mondays: Photographs (Remix) 4:03
09. Beat Crusaders: Perfect Day (Art Crusaders Mix) 4:07
10. Rie Fu: Dark Star Memory 3:56
11. Silent Poets: Wonder (DSPK Remix) 5:21
12. Tricky: Japan 3:47
13. John Mayer Trio: Come When I Call 3:15
14. Tommy Guerrero: Another Nite Another Day Another Way 2:49

This compilation has a Tricky song that is not released anywhere else. I don't know have it, so I can't say much about it, except that is has a woman singing. Here is the official website for the CD, at another website it is called a "Concept album release from apparel brand "Originals by Originals (ObyO.)". You can listen to a small snippet of the Tricky song at Juno Records.  



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                  to see more pics  Maxinquaye Deluxe Edition
  2 CD / Universal Island Records 532 231-1  / 22. October 2009
CD 1:
01. Overcome

02. Ponderosa 3:30
03. Black Steel 5:40
04. Hell Is Round The Corner 3:37
05. Pumpkin 4:30
06. Aftermath 7:38
07. Abbaon Fat Tracks 4:26
08. Brand New You're Retro 2:54
09. Suffocated Love 4:53
10. You Don't 4:39
11. Strugglin' 6:38
12. Feed Me 4:03
CD 2:
01. She Devil (Rough Monitor mix) 6:25
02. Ponderosa (Dobies' Rub part 1) 4:28
03. Slick 66 (Commercial 12" mix) 4:17
04. Overcome (Bungle Mix) 2:38
05. Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece Remix) 4:49
06. Black Steel (Been Caught Steeling Mix) 5:58
07. Aftermath (Version 1) 5:01
08. Just For The Hate Of It (Rough Monitor mix) 4:30
09. Overcome (Acappella - Rough Monitor mix) 2:53
10. Black Steel (Rough Monitor mix) 6:00
11. Overcome (2009 remix) 3:25
12. Hell Is Round The Corner (2009 remix) 5:43
13. Black Steel (2009 remix) 3:56

The first CD is a digitally remastered version of Tricky first solo album "Maxinquaye", which was released back in 1995. The second CD contains old and new remixes.
The song "She Devil" is an alternative version of "Suffocated Love", while "Just For The Hate Of It" is an alternate version of "Abbaon Fat Tracks". The 2009 Remix of Overcome was remixed by Tricky and Al Riley, the 2009 Remix of Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky and Gareth Bowen, the 2009 Remix of Black Steel by Tricky and Fil Bucchino. The Rough Monitor Mixes are not credited to a particular person. Ponderosa (Dobie's Rub part 1) is in fact Dobie's Rub part 1 Tricky's confusion, a version without Martina's vocals. It was released as a b-side of Ponderosa (see discography).
The booklet is the same as the original release, but it has a 5 page article about Tricky's career by Mark Paytress at the end.



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                  to see a bigger pic  C'Mon Baby 
  7 inch / Domino Records DOMTRICK 2 / 23. November 2009
  digital download / Domino Records DOMTRICK 2D / 30. November 2009
1. C'Mon Baby (South Rakkas Crew Remix) 4:00
2. C'Mon Baby (South Rakkas Crew Instrumental) 3:59

The South Rakkas Crew Mix is taken from the upcoming album "Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew" (see below). It is released as a 7 inch and as digital download from Domino. 



                  here to see more pics  Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew
  CD / Domino Records WIGCD 230 / 26. November 2009
  2 LP / Domino Records WIGLP 230  / 28. November 2009
  digital download / Domino Records WIG230D / 30. November 2009
01. Bacative 4:19
02. Joseph 4:38
03. C'mon Baby 3:59
04. Coalition 3:55
05. Cross To Bear 4:12
06. Slow 4:07
07. Baligaga 3:53
08. Numb 6:09
09. Far Away 4:56
10. Baligaga (Dub) 3:21

This is a remix CD with tracks from Knowle West Boy, all by South Rakkas Crew. Their remix of Council Estate can be found on the Council Estate single (see above). C'Mon Baby is already released as a single with an instrumental version as a b-side (see above).



The "Mixed Race" period:

                    here to see a bigger pic  Murder Weapon            Mixed
  digital download / Domino Records RUG376D / 29. August 2010
  7 inch / Domino Records RUG376  / 30. August 2010
a. Murder Weapon 2:58
b. Piece Of Me 2:14

This is the first single from the upcoming album "Mixed Race". Both tracks feature Franky Riley (Francesca Belmonte) on vocals. "Murder Weapon" is a cover of Echo Minott (Noel Phillips) from the year 1993, "Piece Of Me" is written by Christian Karlsson, Klas Ahlund and Pontus Winnberg and is a cover of a Britney Spears song from her 2007 album "Blackout". You can listen to "Piece of me"  here, here or here or buy it on Amazon.

<Tricky: "It isnít just that I love the song Ė itís also a part of my life. I moved into my sisterís place years ago, and some people from her estate hated people from my estate. We went into this shop and one of the guys who had problems with my friends started singing ďMurder WeaponĒ to me, as a threat. Iíve never forgotten it.">
(Oregon Music News, 17 December 2010)

<Tricky: "The reason thereís a music box playing at the beginning is because of my good friend Charles. His mum had epilepsy and so did mine. He spent 13 years in the foreign legion, heíd been to 13 of my gigs, and Iíve got a 13 tattooed on my neck. Heís not a musician, and making him play the music box and recording it was a way of getting him on my album.">
(Oregon Music News, 17 December 2010)  



  click to see more
                    pics  Mixed Race
  CD Europe / Domino Records WIGCD256  / 27. September 2010
  LP Europe / Domino Records WIGLP 256  / 24. September 2010
  download / Domino Records WIG 256D / 27. September 2010
  CD Japan / Hostess HSE-10103, Domino WIGCD256J / 27. October 2010

01. Every Day 2:25
02. UK Jamaican 2:43
03. Early Bird 3:30
04. Ghetto Stars 3:28
05. Hakim 2:45
06. Come To Me 3:56
07. Murder Weapon 2:59
08. Time To Dance 2:24
09. Really Real 2:47
10. Bristol To London 2:26

The Japanese version has one bonus track (buy it here), which you can also buy on iTunes:
11. Friend Went To Jail    2:13
The French download version also has a bonus track (buy it on Amazon, if you live in France). 
It features a woman on vocals, singing in French. It doesn't sound like Francesca:
11. What I Am    4:24  (listen to it here)

Strangely there are no credits in the booklet of the CD, see scans of the release here. The female vocals on the album are by Francesca Belmonte, who called herself Franky Riley at that time. She also wrote all the lyrics of "Ghetto Stars". "Really Real" features Bobby Gillespie on vocals, "Bristol To London" Blackman and Tricky's brother Marlon Thaws. The singer on "UK Jamaican" is Terry Lynn and it's a sort of re-recording of her song "Kingston Logic". Tricky said in an interview that he will also be on her next album. The name of that should be "The Reason" and it was supposed to be released in 2011, as you can read here, but up to now it hasn't been released. Terry Lynn died in 2021, so it will probably never come out. In this article you can read that one track produced by Tricky and Wildlife is called "In This Time" and was used in a TV series called Nikita. You can see the scene in the article, too, or on Vimeo directly. "Hakim" is named after Hakim Haramouche, who plays guitar and sings on that song.

<Tricky: ďI canít do gangsta rap. Thatís not me. I canít talk about being a bad boy, Ďcos Iím not. But Iíve been around that. So this is the closest I can get to a gangsta album. Itís very gully, as Jamaicans call itÖ very dark. Tense, street and urban. Itís like a movie, almost.Ē>
(Oregon Music News, 17 December 2010)  



                    here to see a bigger pic  Ghetto Stars 
  digital download / Domino Records RUG386D / November 2010
1. Ghetto Stars

This is a one-track download single. As you can read on Trickynerd's blog there was also a vinyl single announced and you could download a b-side from Domino for a while (ďGhetto StarsĒ french version feat. Coeur de Pirate).

<Tricky: "I wrote all Frankyís lyrics except this one. I just played her this dark, heavy track which I only had a chorus for, went out for a couple of hours, andÖ wow. She wrote exactly what I was thinking. Itís a gangster song, that tells it straight without glamorising it.">
(Oregon Music News, 17 December 2010)  



                    here to see a bigger pic  Time To Dance (Remixes)
  digital download / Domino Records RUG417D / July 2011
1. Time To Dance 2:24
2. Time To Dance (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 4:36
3. Time To Dance (Doorly's Italo Remix) 5:04
4. Time To Dance (Fifi Rong Remix) 3:39

Tricky signed Fifi Rong later to his own label "False Idols", starting 2013 (see below). She did another version of her remix that is yet unreleased, you could listen to it on her Soundcloud, but not anymore.

<Tricky: "The closest Iím ever gonna get to disco.">
(Oregon Music News, 17 December 2010)



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