Tricky remix discography


   Angelique Kidjo: Agolo
   CD Europe / Mango, Island Records 74321 17726 2 / 1994
  CD Australia / Mango Phonogram
875 063-2 / 1994 (card sleeve)
  CD UK / CIDM 815 Mango, Island Records 875 063-2 / 20. February 1995
  12" UK / 12 MNG 815 Mango, Island Records 875 063-1 / 20. February 1995
1. Agolo (7" Edit) 4:51
2. Agolo (Code 9 Mix)  5:59
3. Agolo (MK Dub) 7:00
4. Agolo (MK Ragga Mix) 5:05
5. Agolo (How's Tricks Mix) 6:09

The Tricky remix is credited "remixed by Howie B and Tricks"! The UK 12" has all the tracks except for the 7" Edit: 
A1. Agolo (Code 9 Mix)
A2. Agolo (MK Dub)
B1. Agolo (MK Ragga Mix)
B2. Agolo (How's Tricks Mix)



   Leena Conquest: Boundaries EP
  CD Germany / BMG/RCA 74321-21409-2 /1994 (left pic)
  CD UK /
BMG/RCA 74321-20852-2 / 6. June 1994 (left pic)
  12" Germany / BMG/RCA 74321-21409-1 / 1994 (left pic)
  12" UK / BMG/RCA
74321208521   1994 (left pic)
  CD Austria / UP 2 Uptight Records, GiG Records 777 901 1994 (right pic, digipak)

1. Boundaries (Radio Edit) 4:35
2. Boundaries (Full Length Mix) 6:46
3. Boundaries (Tricky Mix) 6:45
4. Boundaries (Six In The Morning Mix, by Dobie) 5:04
5. Boundaries (Instrumental) 6:45

Wow, there are a LOT of version of this EP! Above I've listed the tracks of the German CD.

The German 12" has the same tracks as the CD, except for the Radio Edit:
A1. Boundaries (Full Length Mix)
A2. Boundaries (Tricky Mix)
B1. Boundaries (Six In The Morning Mix)
B2. Boundaries (Instrumental)

The UK CD and 12" have a different last track: 
Boundaries (Full Length Mix)
Boundaries (Tricky Mix)
Boundaries (Six In The Morning Mix)
B2. Love Is Blind

The Austrian CD is called "Lenna Conquest & Hip Hop Finger" and also the tracks have slightly different names and the Tricky Mix is shorter:
1. Boundaries (The Uptight Rerecording)             4:09
2. Boundaries (Tricky's treat)                        5:03
Boundaries (Dobie's Six In The Morning Mix)   5:02
4. Love Is Blind (Lean & Uptight)                        4:46

There also an Instrumental of the Tricky Mix, but it is not officially released, only on promo 12"s (see below). Then there seems to be a reissue from 1998 with a different cover and different tracks (see below).


   Leena Conquest: Boundaries (promo 12")
   promo 12" UK / Natural Response Leena1 / 1994 (left pic)
promo 12" US / Natural Response RDAB 62999-1 / 1994 (right pic)
A1. Boundaries (Full Length Mix) 6:46
A2. Boundaries (Instrumental) 6:45
B1. Boundaries (Tricky Mix) 6:50
B2. Boundaries (Tricky Instrumental) 7:30
B3. Boundaries (Six In The Morning Mix) 5:04

The promo versions of this EP have an instrumental version of the Tricky Remix that is not included in the regular release (see above). The US 12" has slightly different names for the remixes, for example "Tricky vocal mix" and "Tricky instrumental mix". The UK promo has a standard black sleeve, the US version has a picture sleeve.



   Luscious Jackson: Here (12")
  12" US / GR017, Grand Royal 7 58148 0017 0 9 / 1995
A1. Here (Original LP version) 3:33
A2. Here (Explosion Mix) 5:06
A3. Bam Bam (live) 2:22
B1. Here (Squirrel Mix) 3:29
B2. Queen Of Bliss 3:40
B3. Surprise (Live) 2:44
B4. Here (Love/Hate Mix) * 3:43

* remixed by Tricky

The Tricky Remix can also be found on the two CD singles (see below).



  click here for a bigger pic  Luscious Jackson: Here (CD 1)
  CD UK / Grand Royal, Capitol Records_7243_8_82439_2_6 / 1995
1. Here (Squirrel Mix) 3:38
2. Queen Of Bliss 3:39
3. Here (Love/Hate Mix)* 3:46
4. Here (Original LP Version) 3:28

* remixed by Tricky

This CD is part of a 2 CD set. The second CD also has the Tricky mix (see below).



click here for a bigger pic
 Luscious Jackson: Here (CD 2)
 CD UK / Grand Royal,Capitol_7243_8_82437_2_8 / 1995 (left)
 CD Netherland / Grand Royal,Capital_7243_8_82504_2_9 / 1995 (right)
click here for a bigger pic
1. Here (Squirrel Mix) 3:35
2. Here (Love/Hate Mix)* 3:43
3. Here (Explosion Mix) 5:08
4. Surprise (Live)  2:44

* remixed by Tricky

The dutch version is the same as the UK version, but the cover looks slightly different. While on the UK cover it says: "Part 2 of limited edition 2 x CD set. Includes bonus track and Tricky remix" (see a bigger picture of it here), this is not written on the dutch cover (see the dutch cover here)!



   VA: The Crow II - City Of Angels (OST)
  CD / Mercury Records 533 147-2 / 1996
01. Hole: Gold Dust Woman 5:09
02. White Zombie: I'm Your Boogieman 4:29
03. Filter: Jurassitol 5:14
04. PJ Harvey: Naked Cousin 3:56
05. Bush: In A Lonely Place * 6:01
06. Tricky vs The Gravediggaz: Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix) 4:45
07. Seven Mary Three: Shelf Life 4:34
08. Linda Perry feat. Grace Slick: Knock Me Out 6:52
09. Toadies: Paper Dress 4:48
10. NY Loose: Spit 5:54
11. Korn: Sean Olson 4:49
12. Deftones: Teething 3:35
13. Iggy Pop: I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) 4:45
14. Pet: Lil' Boots 4:10
15. Above The Law feat. Frost: City Of Angels 4:54
16. Heather Nova & Graeme Revell: Believe In Angels 5:28

* produced by Tricky

This soundtrack features two contributions by Tricky: "Tonite Is A Special Nite", which is the same version as on the Hell EP and he produced the Bush song "In A Lonely Place". This song is identical to the Tricky Mix on the Bush Remix CD "Deconstructed".



   Intastella: What You Gonna Do
  CD / Planet 3 Records, Edel 0097442WHE / 1996
01. Mary Jane 3:55
02. The Night (Dave + Huey's Lolly Mix) 4:15
03. Grandmaster (Durban Poison Mix) * 6:39
04. Come On Let's Live 4:04
05. What You Gonna Do 2:57
06. The Right Experience 4:16
07. Grandmaster 4:03
08. The Past 5:24
09. The Night 3:48
10. Keeping Warm 3:50
11. I'll Be Forever 6:09
12. Drifter 4:02
13. Point Hope 5:03
14. I Love The Smell Of New Grass 10:16

* featuring Tricky & John Tonks
The Durban Poison Mix can also be found on a 'Grandmaster' single (see below). 

   Intastella: Grandmaster
  CD US (?) / Planet 3 Records GXY2009CD / 1996
  CD Germany / Planet 3 Records, Edel 0097905WHE / 1996
  12" / Planet 3 Records GXY2009T / 1996
1. Grandmaster (7" Mix) 03:54
2. Grandmaster (Durban Poison Mix) * 06:35
3. Grandmaster (Eurohike Mix) 10:05
4. Come On Let's Live 04:04
* featuring Tricky & John Tonks
The German CD has only the first three tracks and on the right down corner of the cover a white writing saying it says "Incl. Tricky Remix" (see a picture here). The 12" has these four tracks:
A1. Grandmaster (Durban Poison Mix)
A2. Grandmaster (Electromix)
B1. Grandmaster (Eurohike Mix)
B2. Grandmaster (7" Mix)


   Yoko Ono: Rising - The Mixes
  CD UK / Capitol Records CDP8372680 / 5.3.1996
1. Talking To The Universe (Cibo Matto Remix) 04:21
2. The Source (ABA Allstars) 04:58
3. Ask The Dragon (Ween Remix) 04:50
4. Where Do We Go From Here (Tricky Remix) 05:08
5. Rising (Thurston Moore Remix) 08:48
6. Franklin Summer (Yoko Ono/IMA) 30:02

> Tricky: "I just did a remix for Yoko Ono, and it's quite New Romantic. [...] I'm realIy pleased with it. I was really gutted, 'cos I wished I'd kept it for me." <
(Melody Maker, December 23/30 1995)

> Tricky tells me of two remixes he has done recently, including one for Yoko Ono, and how he started off by simply swapping over the songs' drum tracks. <
(Blah Blah Blah, October 1996)



   Elvis Costello: All This Useless Beauty (single)
 CD Germany / WO376CD, Warner Bros 9362 43747 2 / 26.7.1996 
 CD UK / WO376CD, Warner Bros 9362 43747 2 / 29.7.1996
1. All This Useless Beauty (Album version) 4:38
2. Almost Ideal Eyes (Released Three Weeks Ago) 4:22
3. The Other End Of The Telescope (Performed by Sleeper)  4:28
4. Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky) 5:34

This single comes in a flat paper cover and is a limited edition. It says on the back: "This is a limited edition: four of four". The Tricky remix can also be found on the "You Bowed Down" single (see below) and a 2CD re-release of the "All This Useless Beauty" album from 2001 (see below)



   Elvis Costello: You Bowed Down
  CD US / Warner Bros 9 43777-2 / 17.9.1996 (digipak)
1. You Bowed Down 4:54
2. Almost Ideal Eyes (Released For The First Time) 4:20
3. Just About Glad (live at the Fillmore) 3:43
4. All This Useless Beauty (Performed by Lush) 3:45
5. Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky) 5:34

> TRICKY: "You never know if someone's working with you because they want your name or because they like what you do. As long as you get what you want. ...  As long as you get something out of it, it's good.
RG: So you have no responsibility to, say, Elvis Costello?
TRICKY: No, no responsibility to him at all. I did a remix for him and he did one for me. That's how it went, we don't talk about money - you do me a mix and I'll do you a mix, and that was it; we've never met, we've never even talked." <
(Raygun, October 1996)



   Garbage: Milk (Wicked Mix) - CD 1
  CD UK / Mushroom Records D1494 / 11.11.1996
1. Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) 4:02
2. Milk (The Completely Trashed Remix, by Goldie) 6:31
3. Milk (Album Version)  3:52
4. Stupid Girl (Tee's Radio Mix, by Todd Terry) 3:45

The cover comes with a sticker, maybe some also without. The European version of this CD single has the same tracks except the Wicked Mix (therefore it has the Siren Mix), so I didn't list it here. 
The Wicked Mix (also on part 2 of this single, see below) is the "radio-friendly" version of the remix that Tricky did. The "real" remix can be found on the Australian edition and a limited 7" (see below).

> RG: You also did something with Garbage that hasn't come out yet.
TRICKY: I'm having trouble with that at the moment. I did a remix for them, which they want to put out as a single, but I heard they want to do a radio-friendly mix of it, they want to use my mix but do certain things so the radio can take it. If that happens, they can't use it. I wouldn't let them do it. I'd follow them on tour, just follow them everywhere and drive them mad. Wait outside their hotel rooms. <
(Raygun, October 1996)


   Garbage: Milk (Wicked Mix) - CD 2
 CD UK / Mushroom Records DX1494 / 11.11.1996 (left)
 CD Europe / Mushroom Records 75321 44018 2 / 11.11.1996 (right)
1. Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) 4:03
2. Milk (The Classic Remix, by Massive Attack) 4:47
3. Milk (The Udder Remix, by Rabbit In The Moon) 4:49
4. Stupid Girl (The Danny Saber Mix) 4:26

The European version of this CD has a different tracklist: 
1. Milk (The Siren Mix)
2. Milk (The Classic Remix, by Massive Attack) 
3. Milk (The Udder Remix, by Rabbit in the Moon)
4. Milk (The Wicked Mix, featuring Tricky)
The Wicked Mix is the "radio-friendly" version of the remix that Tricky did. The real remix can be found on the Australian edition and a limited 7" (see below).

"They flew me to Chicago to do this remix, and then the management decide to put the other version out instead because mine's 'not commercial enough'. I mean, if you want a commerdal remix, why d'you ask me to do it?"
(NME, November 9, 1996)




  click here
                    for a bigger pic  Garbage: Milk (Tricky Remix)
  CD Australia / White/Mushroom Records D1380 / 1996 (left)
  7" UK / Mushroom Records SX1494 / 11.11.1996 (limited) (right)
1. Milk (The Siren Mix) 4:02
2. Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) 4:03
3. Milk (Tricky Remix) 4:19
4. Milk (Album Version) 3:52

The 7" is a limited edition (15.000 copies) and has a number printed on the back. The cover has a nice hologram on the front side, while the record itself is in a big sleeve, red on the one side, white on the other side. The tracks are: a. Milk (The Wicked Mix) aa. Milk (The Tricky Mix).

"They flew me to Chicago to do this remix, and then the management decide to put the other version out instead because mine's 'not commercial enough'. I mean, if you want a commerdal remix, why d'you ask me to do it?"
(NME, November 9, 1996)



   Bush - Deconstructed
  CD / Trauma Records IND 90161 / 11.11.1997
  CD Japan / MCA Victor MVCT-19003 / 1997
  2 LP / Trauma Records INT2-90161 / 11.11.1997
01. Everything Zen (The Lhasa Fever Mix) 4:14
02. Mouth (The Stingray Mix) 5:58
03. Swallowed (Goldie/Toasted Both Sides Please Mix) 5:49
04. Synapse (Philip Steir/My Ghost in the Bush of Life Mix) 6:29
05. History (Dub Pistols Mix) 5:44
06. Personal Holloway (Fabio Paras/Soundclash Republic Mix) 6:21
07. Bonedriven (Mekon/Beat Me Clever Mix) 5:16
08. Insect Kin (Jack Dangers/Drum and Bees Mix) 7:04
09. Comedown (Lunatic Calm Mix) 6:37
10. Everything Zen (Derek Delarge Mix) 7:16
11. In A Lonely Place * 6:01

* produced by Tricky

"In A Lonely Place" can also be found on the single "Swallowed" (CD Trauma Records IND 95528), which has the following tracks:
1. Swallowed (Radio Edit)
2. Broken TV
3. Glycerine
4. In A Lonely Place

> "The best thing about Tricky is how open he is," reckons Rossdale. "He has no fear, and I respect that. [...] Without a doubt we will work together again," reckons Rossdale. "Unless one of us gets shot." <
(Blah Blah Blah, October 1996)

> "Bush - I wish I'd never have worked with those people. That singer, it's disgusting! You know what I mean, he wants to be Kurt Cobain, he wants to be famous. He just wants to be on a front cover of a magazine, he's disgusting...." >
(Tricky in a radio interview)




   The Notorious B.I.G.: Hypnotize
  CD / BM620 Arista/BMG 74321 46641 2 / 1997
1. Hypnotize (Radio Mix)  3:59
2. Hypnotize (Trickster European Remix) 4:31
3. Hypnotize (Club Mix) 3:50
4. I Got A Story To Tell (Album Version) 4:43

> Tricky wrote it [Broken homes] the night he learned of Biggie's death - a mere two days, it happens, after Tricky had been asked to come up with a Biggie remix. [...] It's fucking depressing," says Tricky of hip-hop's outbreak of bloodshed. "I don't see how bulletproof vests and music coincide." <
(Spin, May 1998)




   VA: Half Baked (Music from the motion picture)
  CD / MCA MCD 11723 / 1998
01. Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary 3:22
02. Smash Mouth feat. Chopper - Virgin Girl 3:37
03. Luscious Jackson - Love That's Real Suite 2:48
04. Home Grown - We Are Dumb 1:57
05. Black Grape - Marbles (Why You Say Yes...?) * 4:45
06. Days Of The New - Seasons Change 4:58
07. The Specials - Farmyard Connection 3:37
08. Cowboy Mouth - The Pusher 4:08
09. DJ Milo And Tricky - We Know ** 4:38
10. Coolio - (I'm In Love With) Mary Jane 4:33
11. UB40 - I Get Lifted *** 3:58
12. Cibo Matto - Who's Got The Light *** 2:53
13. Tom Tom Club And Nonchalant - Flyin' *** 4:38
14. The Pharcyde - Pack The Pipe 5:26

  *   remixed by Tricky
 **  written and produced by Tricky and DJ Milo
*** produced by Tricky

'Marbles' can also be found on the CD single "Marbles" by Black Grape (see below). 'Who's got the light' can also be found on the double CD single "At Home With The Singles" from Cibo Matto (2001).

> He got into the Wild Bunch through his friendship with Milo, Massive Attack's original DJ who left before 'Blue Lines' because, as Tricky puts it,"He's that fuckin' militant about music he just didn't want to fuck with record companies. <
(Mixmag, September 1996)


   Leena Conquest: Boundaries EP (reissue)
  CD UK / Parousia 74321-52272-2 / 1998
  12" Italy /
Moviemento 743215836315 / 1998
   promo 2 x 12" UK / Parousia
PAR 008 / 1998 (no pic)

1. Boundaries (Banana Republic Radio Edit) 3:45
2. Boundaries (Dopeskillz Mix) 5:59
3. Boundaries (Banana Republic Club Vocal) 8:07
4. Boundaries (O-Nation Mix) 4:54
5. Boundaries (Tricky Mix) 6:51
6. Boundaries (Original Radio Edit) 4:10

This is a reissue of an EP originally released in 1994 (see above). Boundaries is misspelled on the cover and vinyl (Boundries).

The Italian 12" has these tracks:
Boundaries (Banana Republic Club Vocal)
Boundaries (Dopeskillz Mix)
Boundaries (Tricky Mix)
B2. Boundaries (Original Full Length Mix)

And the promo 2 x 12" (pic of side D) have these tracks:
A. Boundaries (Banana Republic Club vocal)
Boundaries (Original Full Length Mix)
Boundaries (Dopeskillz Mix)
Boundaries (Tricky Mix)
Boundaries (O-Nation Mix)

There also an Instrumental of the Tricky Mix, which was released on different promos 12" in 1994 (see above).



  click for a
                bigger pic  Black Grape: Marbles
  CD / Radioactive RAD 49054 / 1998 (left pic)
  12" / Radioactive RAXT 33 / 1997 (right pic)
click for a bigger pic
1. Marbles (Radio Edit) 3:45
2Marbles (Tricky Mix) 4:44
3. Marbles (R.I.P. Why U Say Mix) 7:27
4. Marbles (R.I.P. Dub Da Funk Mix) 5:58
5. Marbles (Fabio Paras Mix) 10:43
6. Harry The Dog 4:07

The "Tricky Mix" is identical to the version on the 'Half Baked' soundtrack (see above). The 12" has these tracks: 
A1. (R.I.P. Dub Da Funk Mix)
A2. (R.I.P. Why U Say Mix)
B1. (Remix by Tricky)
B2. (Fabio Paras Mix)




   Cam'Ron: Horse & Carriage (feat. Mase)
  CD US / Untertainment/Epic EPC 666456 2 / 7.9.1998
1. Horse & Carriage (Clean Radio Edit) 4:02
2. Horse & Carriage (Dirty Version) 4:02
3. Horse & Carriage (Tricky Remix) 3:22



   Method Man: Judgement Day
  CD / Def Jam 566_845-2_/_1999 (digipak)
  12" / Def Jam 566_851-1_/_1999
1. Judgement Day (Tricky Remix) 4:09
2. Horse & Carriage (Dirty Version) 7:13
3. Judgement Day (Super Jupiter Remix) 4:44
4. Judgement Dday (Roni Size Dub Remix) 7:12

The 12" has the same tracks as the CD. The Tricky Remix can also be found on the album "Tical - Alter Ego Remixes" (see below).


   Method Man: Tical - Alter Ego Remixes
  CD Japan / Def Jam PHCW1037 / 28.8.1999
01. I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Razor Sharp Mix) 
02. Release Yo' Delf (Prodigy Mix)
03. Method Man (Remix) 
04. How High ft. Redman (Remix)
05. Judgement Day (Tricky Remix)
06. Bring The Pain (Chemical Mix) 
07. Judgement Day (Super Jupiter Remix) 
08. Judgement Day (Roni Size Remix) 
09. Break Ups 2 Make Ups ft. D'Angelo (DJ Krush Remix)
10. I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Puff Daddy Mix) 
11. Release Yo' Delf (Prodigy Mix Instrumental) 
12. Bring The Pain (Chemical Mix Instrumental) 
13. Judgement Day (Roni Size Dub Remix) 
14. Break Ups 2 Make Ups ft. D'Angelo (DJ Krush Remix Instrumental)

The Tricky Remix can also be found on Method Man's single "Judgement Day" (see above).


   ACO: The Other Side of Absolute Ego
  CD Japan / Ki/oon Records Sony KSC2 336 / 23.3.2000
  LP Japan / Ki/oon Records Sony SYUM 0151 / 16.3.2000 (limited white vinyl)
1. Yorokobi Ni Saku Hana (Silent Poets Remix/SWE Dub Vers.01) 6:36
2. Aishu To Ballad (DJ Krush Remix) 5:46
3. Aisita Anata Ha Tsuyoi Hito (Electric Sheep Mix, by Ishizo Nishikawa) 4:49
4. Spleen (Yoshinori Sunahara's studio Mix) 6:26
5. Ame No Hi No Tame Ni (Alpha Remix) 6:18
6. Kyou Made No Yuuutsu (Universal Soul Mix, by Mirwais) 3:49
7. Natsu No Hi (Tricky Remix) 4:31

This remix album of Japanese singer Aco is only released in Japan. Aco has already released four regular albums, this one is a remix album of her latest album, called "Absolute Ego". Tricky's remix adds typical Tricky-style beats and a funky atmosphere to this track.

The vinyl version has an additional track as the last track: Yorokobi Ni Saku Hana (Silent Poets Remix/SWE Dub Vers.02)



   Erykah Badu: Mama's Gun
  CD / ? / 2000
01. Penitentiary Philosophy  6:09
02. Didn't Cha Know 3:58
03. My Life 3:59
04. ... & On 3:36
05. Cleva 3:47
06. Hey Sugah 0:51
07. Booty 4:04
08. Kiss Me On My Neck 5:34
09. A.D. 2000 4:51
10. Orange Moon 7:10
11. In Love With You 5:21
12. Bag Lady 5:48
13. Time's A Wastin 6:42
14. Green Eyes 9:56
15. Bag Lady (Tony The Backbone Mix) 4:11
16. Bag Lady (Tricky Remix) 7:38

The Tricky remix can only be found on an import version (I think?) of this album. The "normal" album only has 14 tracks. Track 15 is sometimes also called "Smooth mix". (note: I don't know remember where I got this tracklist and info from. I can't find it anymore and also no info about the Tricky remix! Maybe it was a fake, I'm not sure! I have the track, but I can't tell if it's a real Tricky remix or not)



   Elvis Costello: All This Useless Beauty (2CD)
  CD / Wea & Rhino 74284 / 21.8.2001 (special re-release)
01. The Other End Of The Telescope
02. Little Atoms
03. All This Useless Beauty
04. Complicated Shadows 
05. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? 
06. Distorted Angel 
07. Shallow Grave 
08. Poor Fractured Atlas 
09. Starting To Come To Me
10. You Bowed Down 
11. It's Time 
12. I Want To Vanish 
01. Almost Ideal Eyes
02. My Dark Life (with Brian Eno)
03. That Day Is Done (with Fairfield Four) 
04. What Do I Do Now?
05. The Bridge I Burned
06. It's Time (demo)
07. Complicated Shadows (demo)
08. You Bowed Down (demo)
09. Mistress And Maid (demo) 
10. Distorted Angel (demo)
11. World's Great Optimist (demo)
12. The Only Flame In Town (demo) 
13. The Comedians (demo)
14. The Days Take Care Of Everything (demo)
15. Hidden Shame (demo)
16. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? (demo) 
17. Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky)

This is a re-release of the 1996 album with a bonus CD with remixes and demos. The Tricky Remix can also be found on two singles from 1996 ('All This Useless Beauty' and 'You Bowed Down')




   VA: Remixed By Tricky
  CD Germany / Universal 556 723-2 / 1.10.2001
1. Intastella: randmaster (Durban Poison Mix) 6:41
2. Black Grape: Marbles (Tricky Mix) 4:47 
3. Elvis Costello: Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky) 5:36
4. Yoko Ono: Where Do We Go From Here (Tricky Remix) 5:08
5. Cath Coffey: Summer Nights 6:54
6. Aco: Natsu No Hi (Tricky Remix) 4:31
7. Angelique Kidjo: Agolo (How's Tricks Mix) 6:12
8. Bush:  In A Lonely Place (Tricky Mix)
9. Garbage: Milk (The Tricky Mix) 4:19

This is a compilation of remixes by Tricky and his production for Cath Coffey. The Remix of Angelique Kidjo is 6:12 long, although it says 9:36 on the back cover. Also some of the other track length are incorrect, but just a few seconds. I've listed the actual length of the tracks, not the ones mentioned on the cover.




   VA: Verve Remixed
  CD / Verve Records 589_606-2 / 30.4.2002
  3LP / Verve Records 589_606-1_/_2002 
01. Willie Bobo: Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister Con Madrid... Mix)  7:25
02. Carmen McRae: How Long Has This Been Going On? (MJ Cole Remix) 4:56
03. Astrud Gilberto: Who Needs Forever? (Thievery Corporation Remix) 4:11
04. Dinah Washington: Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? (Rae & Christian Remix) 4:57
05. Nina Simone: Feelin' Good (Joe Claussell Remix)  6:03
06. Shirley Horn: Return to Paradise (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) 5:52
07. Ella Fitzgerald: Wait 'Till You See Him (De-Phazz Remix) 3:51
08. Billie Holiday: Don’t Explain (Dzihan & Kamien Remix) 4:49
09. Nina Simone: See-Line Woman (Masters At Work Remix) 10:04
10. Sarah Vaughan: Summertime (UFO Remix) 6:49
11. Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix) 3:18
12. Tony Scott: Hare Krishna (King Britt Funke Mix)  6:57

The credits for the Tricky remix are: produced by Tricky, drum programming by Tricky, Adam Jones: guitars, FX the right right side of his brain; Justin Chancellor - bass guitars; Wayne Nunes - bass guitars; Perry Melius - drums / drum programming; engineered by David Faulk; vocal editing by Jennifer Leblanc. The LP consists of 3 records, each with two tracks, so the Tricky remix is the first track on the fifth side.


   Signs Main Theme (Tricky Remix)
  not released / 2. August 2022
Signs Main Theme (Tricky Remix)

"Signs" is a movie from 2002, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The Tricky Remix is not on the soundtrack (see the tracklist here), but could be downloaded on the official site (not anymore unfortunately). You can listen to the "normal" main theme on You Tube.



  click here
                  to see a bigger scan  Indochine: Le Grand Secret
  CD France / Sony Columbia COL6733232 / January 2003
1. album version 5.50
2. Remix by Tricky 3.21
3. Remix par "D" Y Front 5.37
4. Mad Circus Mix par Oli De Sat 8.31
5. Remixé par Trisomie 21 4.49
6. Remixé par Babamars 6.13
The Tricky remix is also released later on "Paradize + 10 - Edition Deluxe" (from 2012, see Amazon). There's also an instrumental version of this remix existing, on a rare CDR-promo (see a picture of the cover here). Listen to a sample of the instrumental remix here.


  click here to
                  see a bigger scan  Soul Criminals: Put Yer Filas On
 12" white label / no / 2003
A1. Olympus DMI Mix
A2. DJ Saga Mix
B1. G Force Mix
B2. Tricky Vegas Mix
I'm not 100% sure this is a remix by Tricky... The remix is called Tricky Vegas Mix. It is not commercially released, only on this white label 12". See scans here.


  click here to
                  see more scans  Peter Gabriel: Growing Up
  DVD single / Real World PGSDVD15 / 30. June 2003
1. Growing Up (video) 4:52
2. Growing Up (full album version) 7:37
3. Growing Up (Stabilizer Remix) 4:49
4. Photo Gallery with: Growing Up (Tricky Instrumental Mix) 1:30
Tricky's Instrumenal Mix is used as background of the photo slide show. It is just a short edit, but as far as I know the complete Remix is not released anywhere else. See scans of the cover and back here.



   Eek A Mouse: Mouse Gone Wild
  CD / RAS Records RZDCD005 / 22.3.2004
01. Police chase (Skit) 0:40
02. Lick shot 4:08
03. Jamaicanese 3:39
04. Uptown dread 4:49
05. Schizophrenic 4:12
06. Wine 4:15
07. Pussy & the mouse 4:46
08. American girl 4:07
09. Divas 4:58
10. American dream 4:56
11. Hannibal the cannibal 3:57
12. Ghetto 3:40
13. Eek-A-Mouse 0:39
14. Jamaicanese (Remix by Tricky) 3:53
15. Schizophrenic (Remix by Tricky) 4:17

  click here
                  to see a bigger pic  Rip Slyme: Good Job
  CD Japan / Warner WPCL-10212 / 31.8.2005 (left)
  CD & DVD Japan /Warner WPZL-30034 / 31.8.2005 (right)
                    here to see a bigger pic
01. Stepper's Delight 4:28 
02. Zatsunen Entertainment 4:16 
03. One 4:49 
04. Funkastic 4:41 
05. Rakuen Baby 4:44 
06. Tokyo Classic 4:04 
07. Blue Be-Bop 4:33 
08. Joint 4:55 
09. Hotter Than July 4:09 
10. Dandelion 5:53 
11. Galaxy 5:23 
12. Tasogare Surround 5:37
13. Mata Au Hi Made 4:45
14. Under The Sung 5:09 
15. More & More 3:59 
16. Stepper's Delight (Tricky Remix) 4:25

On the left you can see the cover for the regular edition, while the picture on the right shows a limited edition with a DVD. I think both have the same tracklist. They are best-of-albums that have the Tricky remix as a new song. The remix was used for a Nike campaign in Asia, as you can read here: > Nike came in 2005 to remix STEPPER'S DELIGHT by popular UK artist Tricky and feature it in a commercial with soccer legend Ronaldhino. STEPPER'S DELIGHT was given the honour to be the first Japanese song to be used in a Nike commercial aired throughout all of Asia. <



   The Gospel feat. Kira: Skating Your Pool
  7" UK / Brownpunk BP75502 / 30. September 2007 (left)
  digital download / Brownpunk / 30. September 2007 (right)
  CD promo / Brownpunk / 30. September 2007 
                    here to see a bigger pic
1. Skating Your Pool 2:42
2. Skating Your Pool (Tricky Remix) 3:18

This remix is released on a 7" and as a download (on iTunes). There is also a promo CD with the remix, see the cover here.


   Laid Blak: Red
 download / Brownpunk / 15. October 2007 (left pic)
 CD promo / Brownpunk / 2007 (right pic)
 7" / Brownpunk BP 75504 / 15. October 2007
                    here to see a bigger pic
1. Red (Original version) 4:59
2. Red (Radio Edit) 3:06
3. Red (Tricky Remix) 3:32

This remix is only released on a 7" and as a download (iTunes). If you want it on CD: there is only a promo CD (with two tracks, see a bigger scan of the cover here).



                  here to see more pics  The Dirty: Why I Think It's Love
  CD promo / Brownpunk / 2007 (left pic)
  download / Brownpunk / 25. November 2007 (right pic)
1. Why I Think It's Love (Original version) 1:24
2. Why I Think It's Love (Tricky Remix) 2:39
3. Why I Think It's Love (Tricky Dirty Remix) 3:15

This remix is only released on a promo CD and for download so far (iTunes). The promo CD has two different Tricky remixes, while you can download only one (the "Tricky Remix"). See more scans of the promo CD here.



    The Antlers: Crest (Tricky Remix)
  digital download / 25.09.2012 (not officially released)
1. The Antlers: Crest (Tricky Remix) 3:15
You can listen to this remix on You Tube or Soundcloud. In 2012 you could download the mp3 of the Tricky remix here for free, but the link doesn't seem to work anymore (you can only read it via Way Back Machine, but the download link doesn't work). The remix doesn't seem to be released commercially anywhere. Tricky later worked with The Antlers on his album "False Idols" on the track 'Parenthesis'.


    Zebra Katz: Ima Read (Remixes)
  Mad Decent, Jeffrees / 16.9.2012 (not officially released)
Zebra Katz: Ima Read (Remix feat. Tricky & Gangsta Boo) 5:03
This remix was announced for September 16 on several websites in August 2012 (for example Pitchfork). But I can't find it released anywhere. It was supposed to come out on Mad Decent / Jeffrees, but the release (go here) doesn't have the Tricky remix.
You can listen to the remix on You Tube or Soundcloud. Tricky talks about it in a video interview with FACT, see it here (on a side note: the video about the A-Train he is talking about is called "Hipster", you can see it on You Tube).


  click here for a bigger pic  Garden City Movement: Remix Pack
  digital download / BLDG5 Records / 22.12.2014 (not officially released)
1. Garden City Movement: Bengali Cinema (Tricky Remix) 3:24
2. Entertainment (Foolk Remix) 3:56
3. Entertainment (Tropics Remix) 4:47
4. Move On (Gra Remix) 4:22
5. Move On (Mountain Range Remix) 4:32
6. Move On (Teen Daze Remix) 5:10
This remix was given away for free as a christmas present by the band, as they announced on Facebook! You can download it here.

  click here for a bigger pic  Zoe: Programaton Revisitado Vol.1
  digital / EMI Records / 2.6.2015
CD / EMI Latin Records / 14.8.2015
01. Fin De Semana (RAC Remix)  3:38
02. Dos Mil Trece (Astro Remix) 3:20
03. Andromeda (Poolside Remix) 5:02
04. Sedantes (Rey Pila Remix) 5:08
05. Camara Lenta (AJ Davila Remix) 4:22
06. 10 A.M. (Bosco Delrey) 3:39
07. Game Over Shanghai (Liu Yang River) [Babasonicos Remix] 4:53
08. Ciudades Invisibles (Little Dragon Remix) 5:53
09. Panoramas (El Columpio Asesino Remix) 4:55
10. Altamar (UN Remix) 2:59
11. S.O.S. (Tricky Remix) 3:30
12. Arrullo De Estrellas (Daniel Melero Remix) 5:14
You can listen to the Tricky remix on Vevo or buy the song on Amazon or other places (on iTunes each track is $15 and the whole album $120, I don't know why).



  click here
                for a bigger pic  Compass: Sunshine (Tricky Remix)
  digital / Yebo Music / 25.9.2015
01. Sunshine (Tricky Remix)  2:59
You can buy this Tricky Remix on Amazon or other places. The full title of the artists is Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound & Toy Selectah. The two vocalists on this track are Tiombe Lockhart and Kelli Ali. Kelli was the singer of the Sneaker Pimps. Tricky's remix also has vocals by him. You can listen to it on Spotify.



  click here for a bigger pic  Idles: Colossus (Tricky Remix)
  digital single / False Idols / 16.8.2019
01. Colossus (Tricky Remix)  2:28
This is a digital download single from the forthcoming compilation "Test of time" on Tricky's own label False Idols. You can listen to the Tricky remix on You Tube, at the new False Idols channel. Or you can buy it at Beatport or other places. The compilation was released on August 30, check out the solo discography for details.


   Lee Scratch Perry: 100lbs Of Summer
  digital download / Fale Idols !K7 Rrcords K7S410S 1 / 15. November 2023


01. 100lbs Of Summer 3:49
02. 100lbs Of Summer (Tricky Remix)

This is a single from Lee Scratch Perry's poshumous album, released on Tricky's label False Idols. The album was released in June on CD and in 2024 on vinyl and digital (see collaborations discography). You can buy the digital download at Bandcamp or other places. There's even a trailer for the single (watch it on You Tube).



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