Scalinata Valle Giulia
Rome, Italy (26.06.01)
about 120 mins.
vocals: Tricky, Ambersunshower, Hawkman, Marlon
A song for Yukiko
Ghetto youth (stopped)
Lyrics of fury
You Don't Wanna
Ace Of Spades
Over me
Diss never
Bury the evidence
Give it to 'em
Bad dream
Black steel
Abbaon fat tracks
Vent (as a long encore)
   [maybe not in this order]

here's a review from Alessio:

I saw Tricky 3 times more before, everytime he went to Italy, so I thought he couldn't impress me much......he played in Rome 26/06/2001 in a very beautiful place called "scalinata Valle Giulia", a kind of marble stairway in front of the stage, all inside a little park with ancient statues and fountains on both the sides, and a very big and ancient building behind the stage (it was an Art Academy) looking like a kind of stage-frame.....when I went in, I immediatly understood that most of the people should be sitting all concert long, and so it was.........when finally lights went down and the keyboard player started the first japanise part of Yukiko I went easily very close to the stage, so that I saw all the band coming in: there were three singers, and Tricky gave to the other two lot of space, sometimes looking like it was their concert.....Ambersunshower was right-side, Hawkman in the middle and Tricky left-side, behind them the drummer (I've to say immediatly I felt happy when he played Lyrics of fury, cause I realized he was a very good drummer, it's not a song every drummer can play well!), the keyboard player, the guitar player and the bass player (as always, you know...),and in the middle of the concert a very young guy went on stage to sing asiandubfoundation-style lyrics on an unknown song. Tricky dressed a white shirt and military trousers, and started smoking immediatly (as always, you know...) going on all concert long.

After Yukiko all the band started Ghetto Youth, but Tricky stopped them with a hand movement after less than a minute, looking like a conductor with his own metalguitar-orchestra, and the Lyrics of fury beats tried to move the public. There I understood this concert had a little problem, the roman public himself, cause I was the only one to jump and move and dance (and I was in front of the stage, a place where people "should" be reactive) with all the others which stand still, just the middle of the concert I was very surprised to see a tall girl with an angry face and folded arms, my eyes saw a clear sign of closing, and it's unbelieveble, to go to a concert with that a Tricky concert, where you've to disconnect the mind and let all your energy to the body, cause the music goes straight on to your stomach, finding itself the interior way to go to explode in the head.......

But I enjoyed myself with Lyrics sang twice, then came You don't wanna and I thought Ambersunshower was right to replace Martina, cause she doesn't try to sing the same but has a personal style and a good voice.......but later I changed my mind when she did old Martina songs like Black steel or Overcome, cause they sound like different, really bad.......probably Ambersunshower should sing her own songs.........but all the concert was going from Blowback back to Maxinquaye or Pre-millenium tension, as if Tricky would someway be linked to the past, to the earlier works........

Nothing to say about Hawkman instead, he has a very good voice and he's very charismatic onstage, even if he sometimes sounds like Shaggy........... Tricky was fantastic as always (you know....), with his style and with his blues, with the back to the public, with the too much smoking, with the expanded songs, with his rumblin' voice ready to shout and coming inside you, with  "thanks thanks thanks so much". But he didn't impresse me much, cause I saw the show before (and last time in Arezzo there were 12000 persons, that day just 1500.......).I mean, I was excited and all, my body had good vibrations, I felt the music inside but I needed something more, and Tricky is the kind of person who can give it.

It happened with the encore, a 20 minutes long version of Vent, with a climax getting bigger and powerful every second, with that fantastic electronic broken dishes sample, with that wonderful song and Tricky shouting "can't hardly breathe" on & on.........but it wasn't music that changed me, he was him. I was tribal-dancing when I realized Tricky wasn't singing no more, so I stopped myself and looked to the stage. There, inside violet laser lights, I saw the Devil. Tricky was in front of the public, at the centre of the stage, with the mic going straight from his right hand to the legs,v ertically, moving like an epileptic, dancing like a fool, throwing his head away from left to right and back with the music rhythm, and having very strange faces, with eyes looking up so that we could see only the pupils white, the mouth paralyzed in a laughing position, and all I saw reminded me to the Exorcist, but "this ain't the Exorcist", so I feel my body change. I stood still, then I started to scream with all the voice I had, and this feeling captured me up to the end of the concert....... may-be people thought I'm crazy or drunk, may-be you'll think, but that was Tricky's energy and I found my way to give it all back.

Then all finished, I went away but passing close to the back stage (it was on a big road) I understood they had to come out there. In fact few minutes later I had my autograph, I just said to him about the public (un)reaction and he answered "it's not MY problem" with a strong accent on MY. He was right. Then they all went on a 9 person car, but the young singer went out and walked to a girl and said something to her. Then she went inside the car and started talking to Tricky. Ten minutes later she was out and the car with all the band inside went out. I asked her what happened, and she said "nothing" as always (you know...), she said she just talked to Tricky, and she said she left him her mobile number....then she was hoping for a call, later.....she was very young and not so beautiful, but this is rockstar-life too.

I only remember I thought to a Tricky's interview where he was upset because girls wanted to meet him and going round with him, just to let themselves to be seen round with a vip as Tricky.........





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