Ancienne Belgique 
Brussels, Belgium (27.01.2015)
vocals: Tricky, K Bleax

The order of the last songs is not clear:

'I live alone'  (You Tube, audio only)
02 Parenthesis
Puppy Toy 
Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover) 
Nothing's Changed 
06 My Palestine Girl      (You Tube)
Nicotine Love
Black Steel  
10 Nothing Matters

Sweet Dreams, My Friend (by Tristan)

Why don't you

"By myself"

Sun Down

Vent (You Tube)

You can watch the show on You Tube, courtesy of Ancienne Belgique (it's not the whole show). Or you can listen to that first part in soundboard quality here.

Here and here (through web archive) are some photos.

A side note: this was the very first time that Tricky performed on his birthday! The audience sang Happy Birthday for him!

Here is a review by Ferdinand:

Saw Tricky again last night. Again a mixed bag of emotions. Concert started as usual, ragge intro played, instrumental start, than some tracks from the latest albums. He had a new vocalist, he called her Ajeya, but she didn't really look like her.

Reason also I doubt it: Ajeya posted this on facebook a week before the concert.
Further to disagreements between our respective managements, I decided to end my collaboration with Tricky. I send all my good vibes to Knowle west boy. My legendary discretion asks you to believe that ; meetings are made whereas others do not have to take place. With me, nothing happens by chance and nothing can be foreseen. This is who I am. Thank you for your warm support and stay tuned. I give you a great sound Made In AJEYA / Soon!

Anyway, the girl who sang, did not have the voice near enought to Martina of Francesca. A shame. Funny detail: he performed a show on his birthday for the very first time. (He really needs some money, I think.) So we all sang a happy birthday, though not really perfect :-)

Anyway, it was ok, but not really special as a start. Then they played Overcome. Surprising they played till the finish, but no Tricky singing on the track. After that, followed Palestine Girl. That track was just mindblowing live. Everything worked, and I hoped for more like that.

Strangely a duet followed, the guitar player singing with Tricky in 1 mic. A track called "Sweet dreams my friend". A bit mellow, but when Tricky took the upperhand, it did have something. 

Then it was time for 'Why don't you'. Not my favourite. And then 'Black Steel'. Tricky did not join in again, but also did not cut it short (unusual). But I noticed he didn't like it. The guitar player talked to him like 'till the end?' no reaction. Time for the next song, but Tricky was just like blown away. He sang some lyrics, went to the guitar player, said something to him. Then Tricky sat himself on the floor faced to the bassdrum, the guitar player said something to the other band membres... And at the end of the track, Tricky jumped up, said 'goodnight'. And that was it. The big shout for 'bis' more, etc followed, and another happy birthday. I really thought it was over.

But after 10 min they came back. They played: Sun Down (started electro, than a soft guitar melody and ended in a jam), a long Vent jam (with not much climaxes) and another 'I'm all alone' jam with lot's of public on stage. Suddenly Tricky felt like partying. In the end he threw some camera's away (he didn't like people taking selfies with him), chased the people off stage again but kept a girl with him. She didn't mind and they went away backstage. And that was the end of the show. Went 1/2h over the curfew (the concerthall won't like that) and in the end he had his birthday present I think. In all a bizarre show, with highs, a very high and also some very lows.

Here is another review.



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