Green Theatre
Kiev, Ukraine (26.09.2014)
vocals: Tricky, Francesca Belmonte

I don't know the complete setlist, but these songs are on You Tube, probably more were played and I'm not sure about the order or these: 

01Intro: Vybz Kartel  (You Tube, plus next song)
02You Don't Wanna Instrumental
03'I Live Alone'       (You Tube)
04 Really Real    (You Tube)                      
05 Parenthesis  (You Tube)        
06 I Sing For The Joker    (You Tube)    
07 Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)    (You Tube)                                
08 My Palestine Girl     (You Tube
09 Nicotine Love (You Tube   
10Gangster Chronicle    (You Tube)    
11Why Don't You        (You Tube)  
12 Lonnie Listen   (You Tube)      
Here is a playlist for these videos, but probably not in the right order.

Here are some photos.



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