La Riviera
Madrid, Spain (26.11.01)
here's a review from David:

it was my fourth tricky show and though it was pretty good i have to say it was the worst by far.. i mean, even if it wasn't as remarkable as his previous gigs he's still better than 80% of the bands i've seen live recently, but i reckon there were too many things that didn't quite work and at times the show was boring and a bit repetitive.. 

for starters, how many times can you repeat the same song structure during a show?: most old songs started slowly and then went up and down as tricky and co freestyled/sang and turned them into unrecognisable noisy-metal jams and the new songs also sounded along those lines.. he used to combine this kind of jams with different sounding songs from all of his albums and that made
for a really cool and eclectic show, now it's too much of the same thing.. 

then, why the hell did he murder a great song like for real (to mention one)? he just kept yelling "it's my turn to talk!".. i mean i don't go to shows to hear the exact same versions of the songs as on record but i think he's going too far with some of his songs.. also, the ones he played which were closer to the originals like chritiansands or overcome didn't sound as fresh as they used to with the
band looking like they were going thru the motions, almost as if those songs were an excuse for them to be able to jam on the newer and less known songs and not alienate the audience.. 

also i didn't particularly like the selection of songs they played, i felt like there were too many songs missing and i could've done without some of the ones they played (black steel? great cover but why again?).. they didn't even play anything from angels with dirty faces for fuck's sake!.. 

the band played great as always, especially perry who really kicks ass on drums, but sometimes the jams seemed a little too rehearsed, whereas before they sounded fresh, like they were improvising with tricky giving instructions onstage and all.. this time he looked kinda unfocused and kinda spaced out for the whole show, maybe the sound problems had something to do with that, and
he didn't look as confident and comfortable as he used to.. overall i reckon their sound has suffered a lot from opening for tool, playing for rock audiences.. i heard tricky really digs them and you could definitely tell by seeing him and his band live these days.. 

the sound was awful at times, nothing surprising considering la riviera is a shit sounding venue anyway, sometimes you couldn't hear tricky among all the other instruments and most times you couldn't hear the female singer at all.. speaking of her, i just didn't understand why she sang such few tunes (she didn't even sing in some songs with female vocal parts like sauna and vent) but still
spent the whole show dancing onstage and showing off the fact that she was rather hot.. not that it bothered me, she looked great and could definitely dance but it was quite a weird presence in the center of the stage and she wasn't that impressive when she sang anyway, she looked a bit coy and not very confident.. it was the first time i actually missed martina or the other vocalists on earlier songs live, the other people i've seen singing with tricky and the band for the past 3 or 4 years did a way better job.. by the way, i dunno who that girl was but she definitely WASN'T the ambersunshower i've seen in pictures, she was white, had long straight blonde hair.. 

higlights of the show for me: hawkman, which i liked even more than on record i must say, the guy can rap plus he can also dance and looked really cool.. then there was an amazing new version of vent (though i missed the female vocal counterpart) and i also liked she said, girls and one of the new songs called question.. critic was also cool but i liked the earlier versions better, especially
cos of tricky's lyrics which he has altered drastically.. as i said, the show was still pretty good, especially considering what's out there, but the other times i felt like i had seen something unique and amazing and this time it didn't feel as special.. maybe it was me or maybe they just had a bad night, let's hope it was just that.. 

finally, i was able to read the written setlist, a guy who got it from a roadie after the show let me take a look at it, so i got to know which new unreleased songs he played, here it is (not in actual order): 

Black Steel >>into>>Diss Never (Dig Up We History) 
Feed Me 
For Real 
She Said 
Hot Like A Sauna 
You Don't Wanna 
Ace Of Spades 




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