Tricky solo discography ~ part 4
(2012 - 2018)

False Idols
Adrian Thaws
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The "False Idols" period:

   not officially released / 2012
1. Armies

This is a song that is listed on Spotify as a bonus track for the upcoming album 'False Idols', but it was never released on any album version or as a download anywhere! It was recorded probably in early 2012, as Tricky mentions it in an interview with The Independent in April 2012 as the first single. Vocals are by Francesca Belmonte, if I'm not mistaken.
You can listen to the song on Spotify or on You Tube. It was used as a theme song for the TV series "Good Cop", see the intro video on Vimeo or You Tube. You can read here why they've chosen this particular song.

<The music has a cool, urban and modern feel. The lyrics are poetic, open to different and personal interpretation. But for us, they talked about the pain and pleasure of owning a gun and the terrifying immediacy of killing someone.>
(Rebecca Hodgson, BBC website, 2012)



  click here to see a bigger pic  Matter Of Time EP 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP1 / 19. March 2013
1. Liz Densmore: Matter Of Time 
2. Francesca Belmonte: I Could
3. FiFi Rong: Forget
4. Pavement Grammar: Frenglish

This is an EP with artists from Tricky's label "False Idols". A similar EP (False Idols label sampler) was released later, see below. Tricky contributes vocals to the song "Matter Of Time" by Liz Densmore. A remix of that song will be released later on the Stella Polaris album "Nine Muses" (see below). You can buy the EP for example at Boomkat.


  click here to see a bigger pic  False Idols label sampler
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP1  / April 2013
1. Tricky: Does It 2:58
2. Liz Densmore: Matter Of Time  2:50
3. Francesca Belmonte: I Could 2:57
4. FiFi Rong: Forget 3:46
5. Pavement Grammar: Frenglish 3:39

This is a sampler of artists from Tricky new label "False Idols". Francesca Belmonte is also the main female singer on his forthcoming album False Idols. Tricky does also vocals on Liz Densmore's track "Matter of time" (that was also released on the Matter Of Time EP, see above).



  click here to see a bigger pic  Nothing's changed 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP1 / 15. April 2013
1. Nothing's Changed
2. Does It

The first single from False Idols! "Does It" is also on the album "False Idols" (see below), so no real b-sides here.



  click to see more pics  False Idols
  2xLP / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308LP / 27. May 2013
  CD / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308CD  / 24. May 2013 (Germany), 27. May 2013 (Europe)
  CD Deluxe / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308DCD / 24. May 2013 (Germany), 27. May 2013 (Europe)
  CD US / False Idols, !K7 Records 73082 / 28. May 2013
  CD Japan / False Idols, !K7 Records K7CDJ308 / 12. June 2013
01. Somebody's Sins 2:39
02. Nothing Matters 3:18
03. Valentine 3:16
04. Bonnie & Clade  3:04
05. Parenthesis 2:57
06. Nothing's Changed 3:19
07. If Only I Knew 3:14
08. Is That Your Life 2:45
09. Tribal Drums 3:55
10. We Don't Die 3:11
11. Chinese Interlude 2:15
12. Does It 2:58
13. I'm Ready 2:36
14. Hey Love 3:08
15. Passion Of The Christ 2:44

The Deluxe version of the CD has a bonus track:
16. Does It (Remix by Tricky)    2:42
The French Version has another bonus track with rapper Sefyu:
17. Stay In The Light    2:44
There is also an exclusive iTunes bonus track:
16. We Don't Die (Remix by Tricky)    3:22

The vinyl includes a CD. It looks like the Japanese version won't have any bonus tracks, it will be released on June 12, as you can see here
The female singer on "False Idols" is mostly Francesca Belmonte, except for "Nothing Matters", which was recorded with Nneka (Nneka-Lucia Egbuna from Hamburg), FiFi Rong wrote and sang "Chinese Interlude" and "If Only I knew". There's also a different version of "If Only I Knew", produced by FiFi Rong herself, you can listen to it on her Soundcloud or buy it at Bandcamp. The male vocals on "Tribal Drums" are actually not by Tricky, but by his guitar player Tristan Cassell-Delavois.
"Somebody's Sins" is a (kind of) cover version of a Van Morrison song ("Gloria"), but the lyrics are actually by Patti Smith. She added these lyrics to her cover version of "Gloria" on her album 'Horses' from 1975. "Parenthesis" is a reworking of the Antlers song "Parenthesis", it is written by The Antlers and Tricky and features Peter Silberman on vocals and also guitars by The Antlers. "Does It" doesn't only samples "Love Is A Chainstore" by The Ropes, but also uses part of their lyrics (Where are the protesters, The slogans and sign, This will be a swift decline, I wouldn't be caught dead in love).
The song "Valentine" features a sample of Chet Baker singing "My Funny Valentine", written by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rogers for the Broadway Musical "Babes in Arms". Tricky said in an interview with Fact Magazine that Björk had played him that song and by sampling it he wants to give something back to her and apologize to her for not being "good" in that relationship. Although the lyrics of "Valentine" are not about Björk, there even might be a connection to the lyrics of "My Funny Valentine", but maybe I'm reading too much between the lines: as you can read on Wikipedia the lyrics of "My Funny Valentine" are about the girl Billie, who doesn't want Val to change, although his "looks are laughable" and his "figure less than Greek". And Tricky said in the Fact interview that he is greatful for Björk's advice that he shouldn't change his way of singing and should not take singing lessons, because he would not have "weird melodies" anymore. 
Go here to see pics of the CD and vinyl versions.

> “This new album I’ll stand behind every track,” Tricky says. “I don’t care whether people like it. I’m doing what I want to do, which is what I did with my first record. That’s what made me who I was in the beginning. If people don’t like it, it don’t matter to me because I’m back where I was.” <
(official website, April 2013)


  click here to see a bigger pic  Nothing Matters 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP2 / 10. June 2013
1. Nothing Matters

The second single from False Idols. No b-side or whatsoever. You can buy it at Beatport or Juno other places.



  click here to see a bigger pic  Parenthesis  
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP3 / 29. July 2013
1. Parenthesis

The third single from False Idols. Again no b-side...


  click here to see a bigger pic  Stella Polaris: Nine Muses 
  CD Denmark / Stella Polaris Music STELLA 009CD / 2. August 2013
01. Moby: Go (Leo Ryan's Stella Polaris Remake)  5:59
02. Wsgm: Iodine (Løwenstein & Natal's Stella Polaris Remix)  5:20 
03. Violent Romance: Shadows  4:01
04. Laid Back: White Horse (App'ropo Stella Polaris Remix)  4:32
05. Yoav: Hotel Oblivion (Nicka & Asle's Stella Polaris Remix)  6:38
06. In America (The Stella Polaris Edit)  The Liberty Balance  4:32
07. No Logo: Now We Try (Jean Von Baden & Mashti Stella Polaris Remix)  5:02
08. Tina Dico: True North (Stella Polaris Remix)  4:44
09. August: Alone at Last  5:24
10. Jacob Bellens: End of the Needle  3:19
11. The Indians: Magic Kids (Asle Bjørn's Stella Polaris Remix)  6:45
12. Tricky: Just a Matter of Time (Ben Hoo's Adaptation) 4:29
13. Lulu Rouge: Fyrkat  7:40 
14. Ian Dawn: Beautiful (Stripped Down for Stella Polaris Remake)  4:48

This compilation features an excluside remix of 'Matter of Time' by Tricky and Liz Densmore, you can listen to the song on Soundcloud. The credits say: written & produced by Tricky, remix & additional production by Ben Hoo. They should mention Liz Densmore...
The original was released on two label samplers: 'Matter Of Time EP' and 'False Idols Label Sampler' (see above). If you don't want to buy the whole album, you can buy just the Tricky song at Beatport.



  click here to see a bigger pic  Valentine 12" 
  12" Europe / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP4 / 30. September 2013 (left)
  digital download / False Idol, !K7 Records K7308EP5 / 30. September 2013 (right)
click here to see a bigger pic

a. Valentine (Andy Stott Remix) 6:37

This is a one-sided vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. It is a colored vinyl in a simple black cover. When you buy it will you get a personal access code to download the song as mp3 from K7. Click on the pics to see bigger versions, click here to see the back of the vinyl. A strange thing: my 12" has the K7308EP5, but some websites and shops list it as K7308EP4.


  click here to see a bigger pic  Is That Your Life (Remix)
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7308EP6 / 17. November 2013

1. Is that your life (Remix) 

This remix was done after the shooting of the video. Tricky explained: "I wanted something moodier to fit the vibe of the video, so we went in with our friend Tony Ra who reworked the track specifically around what we had created visually". The credits at the end of the video list Tony Ra as 2DMP. You can watch the video on Vimeo or on You Tube 



The "Adrian Thaws" period:

  click here to see a bigger pic  Five For You
  free digital download / False Idols / 9. May 2014
1. Tricky feat. Martina Topley-Bird: Black Coffee 4:50
2. Tricky feat. John Suzuki & Yukiko Takahasi: A Song For Yukiko 4:10
3. Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix) 3:19
4. Tricky feat. Liz Densmore: ESP 2:56
5. Tricky feat. Emel: Emel 2:43

Tricky offered this download package for free at the official website. The announcement is not online anymore (you can still read it through the Way Back Machine), but I think the download is still working, just follow this link. You have to sign up for the official newsletter and then you will find a download link in your mail inbox. 
When asked why he's giving them away for free: "Just because I can, and it's just for love". Some tracks were already released (
Black Coffee on Nearly God, Yukiko on Blowback, the Billie Holiday remix on Verve Remixed. ESP was at that time only released as an Instrumental on the "Spirit Music Group" Promo, but later it ended up as a bonus track for the Adrian Thaws album (see below). Emel is still unreleased so far.


  click here to see a bigger pic  Nicotine Love 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records / 30. June 2014

1. Nicotine Love  3:06

This is the first single from the new album "Adrian Thaws" that will be released on September 8. The song has vocals by Francesca Belmonte and Tricky. The spoken sample is taken from a speech by Malcolm X, as Tricky explained in an interview. In a NME video interview he explained that the song was put on the album in the last minute. This was a reaction to a comment by a fan on Facebook, who was surprised that he chose a house tune for this series "Tricky's choices".
The lyrics were posted by Tricky here, also check out the lyrics section.
In July Tricky shared a remix by the Young Fathers.
You can download it for free when you've signed up to the official newsletter at Or you can listen to it on You Tube or Soundcloud. Later it became available as a download on iTunes (see below). 

> Nicotine Love, Tricky's first full-blown house track. "Fran can take an influence and make it her own," Tricky says approvingly. <
(Killbeatmusic, August 2014)

> "I’ve given up weed and smoke cigarettes, so “Nicotine Love,” for instance, says that even with my bad habits, I still bring love."  <
(Bullettmedia, August 2014)

  click here to see a bigger pic  Nicotine Love (Young Fathers remix) 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317ST3 / 25. July 2014
1. Nicotine Love (Young Fathers Remix)

This remix was given away for free by Tricky when you signed up for the official newsletter (follow this link, I don't know if it's still working). You can now also buy it on iTunes or Beatport.

> [...] the thumping electronica of Nicotine Love, he replies it was a riposte to a Facebook message from a fan who expressed surprise at Tricky’s interest in house music. [...]
"Some girl said ‘Wow! Tricky likes house music!’ But how the fuck would this girl know what I like? It was so ignorant."
(The Skinny, 4. September 2014) 

  click here to see a bigger pic  Silly Games 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records / 4. August 2014
1. Silly Games feat. Tirzah  3:38

This is the second "single" (or whatever it is) from the new album 'Adrian Thaws'. It has vocals by Tirzah, the song is a cover of 'Silly Games' by Janet Kay from 1979 (listen to it here). You can buy 'Silly Games' on iTunes or listen to it at 
Soundcloud or YouTube. I've added the lyrics to the lyrics page.

> Tricky: "My daughter was listening to Little Dragon and Tirzah. I didn’t know who Tirzah was and I was going to go for Little Dragon but my daughter said 'Tirzah would suit you more.' And after I heard Tirzah for the first time I thought this is the person who can do Silly Games. And she takes it somewhere else.” <
(The Skinny, 4. September 2014) 

  click to see a bigger pic  Adrian Thaws
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317CDX / 5. September 2014
  2LP + CD / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317LP & K7317CD / 5.
September 2014
  CD / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317CD / 5. September 2014
  CD Deluxe / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317DCD / 5. September 2014
  CD Japan / False Idols, Beat Records BRC-423 / 6.
September 2014
01. Sun Down (feat. Tirzah) 3:41
02. Lonnie Listen (feat. Francesca & Mykki Blanco) 3:16
03. Something In The Way (feat. Francesca Belmonte) 3:24
04. Keep Me In Your Shake (feat. Nneka) 3:27
05. The Unloved (skit by AJ) 1:10
06. Nicotine Love (feat. Francesca Belmonte) 3:07
07. Gangster Chronicle (feat. Bella Gotti) 3:00
08. I Had A Dream (feat. Francesca Belmonte) 2:38
09. My Palestine Girl (feat. Blue Daisy) 3:33
10. Why Don't You (feat. Bella Gotti) 3:33
11. Silly Games (feat. Tirzah) 3:37
12. Right Here (feat. Oh Land) 2:59
13. When You Go (by Silver Tongue) 0:48

The Deluxe version of the CD has two bonus tracks:
14. ESP (feat. Liz Densmore)      2:53
15. Different People (feat. Francesca Belmonte)      1:55

The Japanese version has two bonus tracks (although only the second is listed):
14. ESP (feat. Liz Densmore)     2:56
15. Sun Down (DJ Milo Remix)     3:13

I have gathered all the necessary infos about the album on the Adrian Thaws mini site.
Besides Francesca Belmonte the album has a lot of different guest singers: Nneka makes a re-appearance, she was on the last album 'False Idols' as well (see above). Tirzah can be heard on two tracks, Blue Daisy on one. Mykki Blanco has a short appearance on 'Lonnie Listen'. 'Right Here' features danish singer Oh Land. Bella Gotti (formerly known as No Lay) raps on two tracks, she already toured live with Tricky in April 2014. One of these tracks is 'Gangster Chronicle', a cover version of The London Posse's track from 1990. This cover version is unusual for Tricky, as he tries to recreate the track as close to the original as possible - while normally his cover versions turn the song into something completely different. But here he copies the sound of the original, also using siren sounds and even using the same vocal sample (I will not name it here, because the artist already sued Massive Attack for using it in Unfinished Sympathy and I don't want anybody to get in trouble. But if you're curious you will find out what I'm talking about with a bit of googling). The original 'Gangster Chronicle' samples also a bassline by Courtney Pine (off of 'Sacrifice' from 1988), I think Tricky didn't sample it but record it. The album has another cover version: 'Silly Games', the original is by Janet Kay (see cover me for details).
The album also contains a skit by A.J. (Alan Johnson) and a short song by Tricky's daughter Mazy Topley-Bird as Silver Tongue (she sounds so much like Martina, amazing!).
Go here to see pics of the vinyl and other release formats.
The bonus track ESP with Liz Densmore was available as a free download in May 2014 (the package was called "Five for you": 54U), but it seems it's not online anymore. You can still read about it here. The Japanese bonus track was played by DJ Milo in a radio show, you can listen to it at Soundcloud (the song starts at 49 min). You can also listen to it on Soundcloud, because Tricky gave this remix (and two others) away for free in April 2015 (see below).

> “Calling it Adrian Thaws is saying you don't really know me", says Tricky.
“I suppose this is my club/hip hop album,” he says. ... "I’m not known for doing club music but this album has some club tracks on it — well, what I would consider club music.” < 
(official website, August 2014)


  click here to see a bigger pic  Sun Down 
  digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records K7317S1 / 31. October 2014
1. Sun Down 3:40
2. Sun Down (Actress Tes Remix)3:38
3. Nicotine Love (Young Fathers Remix)3:34

This single is only released digitally, although on a promo CDR you can read that there will be a physical release (see here). Sun Down also has a video, shot in New York with Tricky, Norman Reedus and Mizuo Peck (watch it here). You can buy the single or individual songs on iTunes and other places. The Actress Tes Remix was done by producer Actress (Darren J. Cunningham), you can listen to it on Soundcloud. The Young Father Remix of Nicotine Love was already released in July (see above). Three more remixes of Sun Down were later given away as a free download (see below).

  click here to see a bigger pic  Tricky feat. Ajeya: European tour bonus tracks
   free digital download / False Idols, !K7 Records / 12. January 2015
1. Nicotine Love (French Language Version) 3:04
2. Ready 1:25
3. Same Old Song 2:57

Tricky offered this download package for free to promote his European tour. You can download the tracks here or listen to them on Soundcloud. The download was announced on Tricky's official website. Ajeya was supposed to support him on this tour, but somehow it didn't work out. On Facebook she wrote: "Further to disagreements between our respective managements, I decided to end my collaboration with Tricky. I send all my good vibes to Knowle west boy. My legendary discretion asks you to believe that; meetings are made whereas others do not have to take place."



  click to see a bigger pic  Live in Gdansk
  free digital download  / False Idols / January 2015
01. You Don't Wanna 3:11
02. I Live Alone 3:44
03. Nothing's Changed 3:21
04. Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover) 3:55
05. Joker (by Francesca Belmonte) 5:07
06. Palestine Girl 5:00
07. Nothing Matters 3:22
08. Why Don't You 3:36
09. Vent 8:32
10. By Myself 9:27

For the first time ever Tricky released an official live recording! A flyer with a download link was handed out at the Berlin concert on January 30, see the flyer here. Click here to download the live songs or read the announcement at (you need to sign up for the official newsletter to download the files). The songs were recorded in Gdansk, Poland on 29. October 2014, as you can read in the newsletter: "Before heading off on his current tour, Tricky performed a special gig in Gdansk, Poland. The set was recorded live and 10 of those tracks are now available for you to download for free."

Only 10 songs were shared in this download, while the show was much longer. See the full setlist and some You Tube links in the concertography.


  click here for a bigger pic  Something In The Way (feat. Mallu Magalhaes)
free digital download / False Idols / 17. March 2015
Tricky feat. Mallu Magalhaes: Something In The Way  3:15

This is a new version with Brazilian vocalist Mallu Magalhaes. Tricky gave it away for free (download it using this link) in advance of a short South American tour in March 2015. You can also listen to it on You Tube.



  click here for a bigger pic  Sun Down Remixes
free digital download / False Idols / 9. April 2015
1. Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down (DJ Milo Remix)  3:11
2. Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down (DJ Still Life Remix) 2:57
3. Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down (Parallel Thought Remix) 3:33

Tricky gave these three remixes away for free (you can download them here). You can also listen to them on Soundcloud or You Tube. The DJ Milo Remix is also the bonus track on the Japanese version of 'Adrian Thaws' (see above).



The "Skilled Mechanics" period:

  click here for more pics  Beijing To Berlin
7 inch / False Idols K7328ep1 / 16. October 2015
  digital download /
False Idols K7328ep1 / 16. October 2015
1. Tricky feat. Ivy: Beijing To Berlin  2:49
2. Tricky feat. Milo: Necessary 3:33

Tricky starts a new project called 'Skilled Mechanics': "a loose collective with rotating membership that allows Tricky to work with a variety of different artists, while at the same time pushing his unique vocal talents to the forefront." The main collaborator is DJ Milo (Milo Johnson). The first track is a collaboration with Chinese rapper Ivy. There's also a video for the song, you can watch it on You Tube or Vimeo, I've added it to the videography. You can buy the 7 inch and digital download at the K7 store. Credits for the song are: vocals: Tricky, Ivy, Han Xingzhou, guitar & bhass: Wim Janssens, produced by Tricky & Ivy, written by Tricky & Ivy.
'Necessary' is a collaboration with Milo, features Tricky on vocals and has a sample of Tricky's own song 'Silly Games' right in the middle of the song. The song is written and produced by Tricky & Milo. Check out scans of the vinyl here.

>Tricky about Ivy: I was in Beijing for a show and I met this guy who managed her. She's so different! So raw! The strange thing is, I've had the track for a while but I only just found out that she’s not rapping in Chinese. I ain’t got a clue what language it is. I have no idea. It might be completely made up but whatever it is, it sounds wicked. < 
(official press release, October 2015)



   Diving Away
digital download / False Idols / 18. November 2015
Tricky feat. Luke Harris: Diving Away  2:09

This is a download single with no b-side or anything, you can buy it on Amazon and iTunes. It was shared on Soundcloud and You Tube on November 18, but on Soundcloud is says "released 18. January 2016", so maybe a physical release was planned for January, but it never happened. Diving Away is a cover of 'Porpoise Head' by Porno For Pyros, listen to the original on You Tube.

> Tricky about Porno For Pyros: "I toured with them in Australia in 1996. My daughter Mazy, who was about four years of age, was with us and she had frontman Perry Farrell wrapped round her little finger. He took all of us to Sealand in Australia. So there was me and Porno For Pyros all trying to get her pram onto the Australian metro. But how many big artists would do something beautiful like that? I think it speaks volumes about him. So I’ve got a lot of love for Perry Farrell and I’ve always wanted to cover one of his songs." < 
(official press release / Stereogum, November 2015)



  click for more pics  Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics
  digital download  / False Idols K7328D / 22. January 2016
/ False Idols K7328CD / 22. January 2016
   LP / False Idols K7328LP / 22. January 2016
   CD Japan / False Idols !K7CDJ328 / 10. February 2016
01. I'm Not Going (feat. Oh Land) 2:53
02. Hero (feat. Ann Dao) 2:23
03. Don't Go 3:12
04. Beijing To Berlin (feat. Ivy) 2:52
05. Diving Away 2:09
06. Boy 2:54
07. Bother 2:24
08. How's Your Life 2:59
09. Here My Dear 2:38
10. We Begin (feat. Francesca Belmonte) 1:35
11. Well2:50
12. Necessary3:35
13. Unreal (by Renata Platon aka Xdare)1:49
Janapese bonus track:
14. Waiting For Hours (download code)1:45

Skilled Mechanics is Tricky and his drummer Luke Harris with various guests. On this album DJ Milo is a regular contributor (co-produced five tracks: Hero, Don't Go, How's Your Life, Here My Dear, Necessary), plus various guest singers. Also Luke Harris is singing on three tracks (Diving Away and Bother, both cover versions, also on How's Your Life). Tricky mentioned in several interviews that the track with Oh Land is 6 or 7 years old (recorded in Paris). He was asked to produce her album, but then she was dropped by Sony Records, and so he owns all of that material. (side note: I think it was in 2012, because she posted about recording with Tricky in July on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, also she was still on Sony Records in 2011). Ivy is on vocals and co-writer of "Beijing To Berlin" and co-writer of "Necessary". Renata Platon (aka XDare) wrote and sang "Unreal", you can listen to it on her Soundcloud profile in a longer version (3:35 instead of 1:49 on the album). She is originally from Moldavia, at least that's what she says on her Facebook profile. Also 'We Begin' exists in a longer version (on Francesca's album "Anima - Deluxe edition", see discography here). "How's Your Life" contains a sample of Larry Carlton's "High Steppin" (go to they ask my origin for details). 

The K7 online shop says that the vinyl version doesn't have Necessary, but it does. The vinyl comes with the CD as a bonus. The cover art is by Nyle Johnston aka Miigizi, check out his artwork on Instagram. Go here to see scans of the cover and more. Go here to the Skilled Mechanics mini site with more details. 

The Japanese version was supposed to come on January 27, but then was postponed to February 10. It has the same CD as the European one, but a jewel case instead of a digipak. It has one (very short) bonus track (available by download code): "Waiting For Hours" (you could listen to it for a while on Soundcloud, but not anymore). This track is otherwise unreleased so far, but was used in Tricky's short film "Sophie Sees" (go to movies don't move me for details), so obviously it's from 2013 or before. You can watch the film on You Tube, the song starts at 8:43 minutes. I don't know who the female singer is, as there are no credits for the song. Strangely the wave-file that you can download has the number 15, although the CD has only 13 tracks! Maybe they originally planned another bonus track?

> Tricky: "There was an ex-C.I.A. agent on this programme speaking about assassins who were sent abroad by the US to start revolutions and topple governments. He called them ‘skilled mechanics.’ I thought that was a great name for someone who was a killer basically. The name was so dark and cynical it just stuck with me."  <
(press release, 2015)


  click here for a bigger pic  Skilled Mechanics: The Remixes EP
digital download / False Idols K7328ep4 / 25. March 2016
1. How's Your Life (Huxley Remix) 6:56
2. Boy (Riddla Remix)2:44

This is a download single of two remixes from the Skilled Mechanics project. You can buy it here. It says about Riddla: "Riddla is a 21 year old producer and mainly known for his energetic and dark grime productions but has a wide style crossing between different genres as he pleases with ease. Predominantly recognizable in the way he controls bass in his sound. Born and raised in Germany, he moved to Nottingham, England at the age of 10 and started producing in May 2011." According to discogs Huxley's real name is Michael Dodman and he is a UK DJ and producer.



  click here for a bigger pic  The Obia EP (compiled by Tricky)
digital download / False Idols K7345D / 30. September 2016
1. WOODJU: Damballah (free download here 3:58
2. Euanwhosarmy feat. Lyndsey Lupe: For Nothing   (You Tube)3:12
3. Syava: Nenaviju Izmenu3:13
4. Kiko King & Creativemaze: Tin Man2:23
5. Tricky feat. CASISDEAD: Does It2:41
6. Kiko King & Creativemaze: Wolves3:35
7. WOODJU: Irradiant 3:17

This EP is technically collaborations and it only has one track with Tricky on it. Its purpose is more to give other artists a platform. Contributors include:
- Woodju and Syava: russian rappers, whom Tricky met on tour or traveling
- Euanwhosarmy: a new project of 3D (Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack) and Euan Dickinson
- Kiko King & Creativemaze: Berlin musicians, who supported Tricky and Massive Attack on various German tourdates
- Casisdead: UK rapper, 'Does It' is a new version of the song released on 'False Idols' in 2013.

Some of the tracks are quite old, for example "Tin Man" is from 2015, "Wolves" is from 2014 and already released on an EP called Intellect Illuminated.


  click for a bigger pic  Ghost In The Shell (music inspired by)
  digital download  / Paramount Pictures / 31. March 2017
01. Kenji Kawai – “Utai IV Reawakening” (Steve Aoki Remix) 4:30
02. Johnny Jewel: The Hacker 3:23
03. Boys Noize: Cathryn’s Peak 3:25
04. DJ Shadow: Scars (ft. Nils Frahm) 3:35
05. Above & Beyond: Surge 2:25
06. IO Echo: Aokigahara Forest 4:22
07. Tricky: Escape 3:05
08. Ki: Theory: Enjoy The Silence 4:17
09. Johnny Jewel: Free Fall 0:36
10. Gary Numan: Bed of Thorns 5:27
11. Johnny Jewel: The Key1:58
12. Kenji Kawai: Utai IV Reawakening2:37

Originally Tricky played a small role in this movie (Pazu, as announced here), but it seems his scenes were cut out, although he was in the trailer (at 1:39). He also posted this photo from the filming. But at least he contributed one song to the soundtrack: "Escape". As far as I know it is not in the movie. 

You can listen and watch the video to "Escape" on You Tube and buy a download at Juno or other places. Or you can buy the whole album on Amazon or iTunes.


The "Ununiform" period:

  click here for a bigger pic  The Only Way
digital download / False Idols K7S350S1 / 09. June 2017
1. The Only Way 4:51

This one-track download single came as a surprise, since Tricky talked a lot about a second Skilled Mechanics album. The song was recorded in Moscow late 2016 and sounds a lot like the Maxinquaye era, which is why Tricky called the song "Hell Is Round The Corner Part 2". You can listen or buy the track at different places.

> Tricky: "A few years ago I’d have said I ain’t doing this because it sounds like me. I always had a punk rock attitude: I don’t give a fuck if you like Maxinquaye, I ain’t doing another Maxinquaye. Now I’m a bit more comfortable giving people what they want sometimes." <
official press release / Consequence of Sound, 8. June 2017)



  click here for a bigger pic  When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)
  digital download /
False Idols K7S350S2 / 12. July 2017
1. When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)

This song is the first song by Tricky and Martina for a long time!!! You can buy the single on iTunes, Juno or other places. Tricky says in a press release: "I said to Martina ‘it would be great if you were on the album,’ and it happened really naturally, with her sending her vocal in an email. My managers realise it's a big deal and that it would be to listeners, but it’s not to us.” (Dillinger Magazine)

Later also a video was shot, you can watch it on You Tube or go to the videography for details. The song is also released on the album 'Ununiform' (see below).

> Tricky: "There has to be a reason to do an album, not just because people want to hear it (...). After seeing what the vibe was, I can say there would be reason for us to make an album again, it was testing the water really." <
(Northern Transmissions)




  click here for a bigger pic  Mixed by.... Volume 1
  digital download /
False Idols K7S350R1 / 25. August 2017
1. The Only Way (Kahn Remix)
2. When We Die (Heatwave Remix) 3:02
3. When We Die (FaltyDL Remix) 3:43

This EP features remixes of Tricky's latest released "The only way" and "When we die". It sounds like there will be more releases like this because it's called "Vol. 1", but who knows... You can buy the release at Bandcamp or other places and also listen to the songs on Soundcloud (click on the song titles). Here you can also read comments from the remixers and some background infos.

> Kahn: "In truth it was initially a bit daunting working with someone who’s been such a crucial creative influence, but the whole experience has meant a great deal to me and I hope we can work together again at some point in the future." <
(Crack Magazine, August 2017




  click here for a bigger pic  Running Wild (feat. Mina Rose)
  digital download /
False Idols K7S350S3 / 28. August 2017
1. Running Wild (feat. Mina Rose)

This is the second single from the upcoming album "Ununiform". It features London singer Mina Rose, who also wrote the lyrics. She will also tour with Tricky on the upcoming tour. You can buy the song here for different players or listen on You Tube.



  click here for a bigger pic  Ununiform
digital download / False Idols K7S350D / 22. September 2017
CD Europe / False Idols K7S350CD / 22. September 2017
Europe / False Idols K7S350LP / 22. September 2017
  LP Europe / False Idols
K7S350LPX / 22. September 2017  (limited red vinyl gatefold)
  CD Japan / False Idols
K-7SCDJ-350 / 27. September 2017
01. Obia Intro 1:56
02. Same As It Ever Was (feat. Scriptonite) *  3:46
      CD version: "rap version" of Same As It Ever Was2:47
03. New Stole (feat. Francesca Belmonte)3:06
04. Wait For Signal (feat. Asia Argento)3:05
05. It’s Your Day (feat. Scriptonite)2:03
06. Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite)3:13
07. Dark Days (feat. Mina Rose) 2:45
08. The Only Way **4:51
       CD version: The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)4:08
09. Armor (feat. Terra Lopez from Rituals of Mine)2:25
10. Doll (feat. Avalon Lurks)3:06
11. Bang Boogie (feat. Smoky Mo)1:18
12. Running Wild (feat. Mina Rose)3:37
13. When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)3:43
CD & vinyl bonus track:
14. The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)4:07

* The CD has a different version than the vinyl and download version!
* The CD has the Stripped Down Tricky Mix instead of the album version!

This is Tricky's 13th studio album, partly recorded in Moscow, partly in Berlin. The press release calls it "a journey into happiness and contentment." It features some new vocalists (Mina Rose, who will also be on tour with him, some Russian rappers) and some old (Francesca, Martina). "New Stole" is a new version of "Stole", released on Francesca's album 'Anima' from 2015 (go to the collaborations discography to see details). "Doll" is a cover version of "Doll Parts" from Hole.

The CD and LP have a bonus track not mentioned on the cover: the 14th track is "The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)", you can listen to it at Juno Records or on Soundcloud (Tricky shared it in July, see above). 

The CD version has two different versions of two songs compared to the vinyl and download (by mistake or not, it's hard to say, because a promo CDR has only one different track, see promo discography):
- track 2 is a different version of "Same As It Ever Was", because it has a Russian rap part instead of a sung chorus and is much shorter. You can compare both version by the audio snipped on Juno Records: CD version with rap part, download version with chorus. I've included both versions in the lyrics, check it out here. Since the CDR also has the rap version, I think it is supposed to be on that. Why the download and vinyl versions are different, I have no idea...
- track 8 is also the Stripped Down Tricky Mix and not the original version of "The Only Way" (so it is included twice on the CD, as track 8 and bonus track 14)! This is not the case on the promo CDR, which makes me believe it's a mistake, also because it doesn't make sense that this version is on the CD twice.

I couldn't find out anywhere if the Japanese version has any bonus track and which versions of track 2 and 8 it has. The LP with red vinyl and gatefold cover is limited to 150 copies and is sold out in official stores.

> Tricky: "This album now is the first album I've made (in years) which isn’t going to pay off some kind of debt. So it's more relaxed!" <
(press release on K7 website, September 2017)



  click here for a bigger pic  When We Die (reworking by Breanna Barbara)
  free digital download /
False Idols K7S350S4 / 6. October 2017
1. When We Die (reworking by Breanna Barbara)  (free download)

This is a new version of "When We die". It was released digital on October 6 as a single, then became a free download one day later! You can download it at Bandcamp. The track features new vocals by Breanna Barbara instead of Martina's vocals. Breanna also joined Tricky on his US tour in autumn 2017, so probably the song was given for free to promote her. She also appeared with Tricky on KTUX Radio Austin on Octobger 20, see the session here.


  click here for a bigger pic  Mixed by.... Volume 2
  digital download /
False Idols K7S350R2  / 3. November 2017
1. Running Wild feat. Mina Rose (DJ Tennis Remix) 6:52
2. Running Wild feat. Mina Rose (LA Riots DJ Mix Radio Edit)3:28

This remix EP follows the Mixed By series that started in August with Vol. 1 (see above). You can buy the release at Beatport or listen at Soundcloud, if you click on the song titles above. The release at Beatport has two tracks, while only one is listed at Bandcamp, weird. The DJ Tennis mix was premiered on Dummy Magazine one day before the official release. Juno Records lists the release date as November 17.


  click here for a bigger pic  Running Wild (Urbanski Remix)
  digital download /
No Paper Records (?) / 9. November 2017
Running Wild feat. Mina Rose (Urbanski Remix) 4:32

You can buy the remix here (only in the US) or here. You can also listen to it on You Tube or Soundcloud. or the Polish Apple Music. I'm not sure this release is official, but it says "official remix" on his Soundcloud website.


  click here for a bigger pic  The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)
   download / False Idols
K7S350S5 / 22. February 2018
1. The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)

This alternative version was shared on Soundcloud on July 6, 2017. Then later it was a bonus track and even a regular track (probably by mistake) on the album "Ununiform" (see above). Then finally it was released as a one-track download single in 2018 with a video (watch it on You Tube). If you want to buy it, go here.
While the "original" version was recorded in Moscow in late 2016 (see above), this version was recorded in Berlin and by 'accident', as Tricky explains: "The mix came about by accident. I was working on something else, playing around on the keyboard, and when I heard the 3 chords I was playing I knew instantly it was a special vibe but it didn’t work with what I was working on at the time.  So rather than finish the track I was trying to do, I carried on with this track and did vox of The Only Way on top  – it was just meant to be.” (


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