Berlin, Germany (29.02.2016)
about 75 min.
vocals: Tricky, Luke Harris, Paul Noels

Intro: Vybz Kartel: "What Do U Want Fi Do"  (parts of the show on You Tube)
02 You Don't Wanna Instrumental 
I'm Not Going 
04 Hero   
05 Diving Away          
06 Here My Dear
07 Overcome
08 Parenthesis 
09 Bother
10 My Palestine Girl     
11 Makes Me Wanna Die    
12 Sun Down       
13 Here My Dear (with crowd on stage)
14 Beijing To Berlin
15 Vent

See some photos at Watch parts of the show on You Tube.

Read a review here (in German).

Here's my (short) review:

The show was really good in my opinion (not as good as the live shows used to be from 1996 to 1999, but still very good)! Tricky seemed to be in a good mood, thanking the audience a lot and in between two songs he said something about living in Berlin now and so playing at home today! Also his vocals were loud and good to hear, not always a given lately! Luke Harris on drums and Paul Noels on guitar were also good and they can sing very well. The only things that bothered me was mostly the shortness of the gig. It was over so fast, and ended after the best song: a great, long and intense version of Vent. The audience was really nice and in a good mood, that's why I was surprised that Tricky didn't play longer (because my impression is that Tricky's mood depends on the audience). I really wished the concert would have gone on after Vent, but ok. Also it was a bit lame that the female vocals came from a laptop. I don't really like the fact that he's not touring with a female singer this time. It just makes a difference and would be more intense and more "natural" to have a female singer, and a whole band for that matter. Maybe it's too expensive? What a pity... But other than that I really enjoyed the show!

They played mostly songs from Skilled Mechanics (of course), even starting with the first two songs from the album in the exact order. I didn't care much for the slower songs like "Diving Away" or "Overcome", although "Makes Me Wanna Die" was very good (sung by Paul Noels, I think, I couldn't see much, maybe I should wear high heels next time!). I always prefer faster songs with more energy, so the best tracks in my opinion were "Here my dear", "Palestine Girl" (very intense live), "Vent" of course (always my favorite) and "Sun Down", most of these were played longer than on the album. I was shocked that they already left the stage after 60 minutes, but then I thought about other concerts, where the second half was almost as long as the first and not just the usual encore. But unfortunately not today. They came back with "Here my dear" (for the second time), this time people were allowed to go on stage. I didn't expect that (and unfortunately I wasn't right in the front), because he doesn't play "Ace of spades" anymore. 

So all in all it was good, but not extraordinary or special. But maybe I'm spoiled because I have seen too many great Tricky concerts :) 

PS: I'm not exactly sure when Beijing To Berlin was played, but it was definitely played...

PPS: support act was Kiko King And Creative Maze, who announced that they are on Tricky's False Idols label! They have some photos and videos backstage with Tricky on their Facebook page.


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