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September 22, 2017
September 27, 2017 

"The legendary Bristolian confronts his legacy, history, family, and even death itself. In all of this, he finds the least familiar thing – peace." (Hotpress)
This is Tricky's 13th studio album, recorded in Berlin and partly in Moscow in winter 2016. So no wonder you can find some Russian rappers on it. But also some familiar voices, like Francesca Belmonte and even Martina Topley-Bird. 

Tricky about the album: "
This album now is the first album I've made (in years) which isn’t going to pay off some kind of debt. So it's more relaxed!"
(press release on K7 website)



'Ununiform' is released in the following formats:

CD Europe (K7S350CD, 14 tracks)
LP Europe (K7S350LP
, 14 tracks, mp3 download included)
LP gatefold Europe (K7S350LPX, 14 tracks, mp3 download included, red vinyl, limited 150 copies)
digital (K7S350D, 13 tracks)
CD Japan (K7S350CDJ, 13 tracks?)

The CD and LP versions have an unmentioned bonus track: "The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)", which Tricky shared on Soundcloud in July. The CD has two "wrong" tracks on it, see discography for details. You can buy all formats at the official K7 webshop or Bandcamp.


Listen to whole songs or snippets by clicking on the titles (will open a new tab or window):
01. Obia Intro
02. Same As It Ever Was (feat. Scriptonite)
03. New Stole (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
04. Wait For Signal (feat. Asia Argento)
05. It’s Your Day (feat. Scriptonite)
06. Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite)  
07. Dark Days (feat. Mina Rose)
08. The Only Way
09. Armor (feat. Terra Lopez from Rituals of Mine)
10. Doll (feat. Avalon Lurks) -- cover song (Hole: Doll Parts)
11. Bang Boogie (feat. Smoky Mo)
12. Running Wild (feat. Mina Rose)
13. When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)  -- with official video

CD & LP bonus track:
14.The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)

The bonus track is not mentioned on the cover, but it is "The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix). Tricky already shared this version in July through Soundcloud, see details in the discography


The Only Way:
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Tricky: The Only Way (You Tube)

released as a download single on 9. June 2017 (for details go to the discography). Later Tricky shared another version on Soundcloud for free: Stripped Down Tricky Mix, which also made it as a bonus track on the album (track 14).

When We Die:
go to the discographyTricky feat. Martina Topley-Bird: When We Die (audio, video)

The first song Tricky and Martina did since 2003! He said that Martina sent her vocals by email! The song was released as a download single on 12. July 2017. 
For details go to the discography.

Mixed by.... Volume 1:
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1. The Only Way (Kahn Remix) (Soundcloud)
2. When We Die (Heatwave Remix) (Soundcloud)
3. When We Die (FaltyDL Remix) (Soundcloud)

These are remixes of other people of the first two singles. They were released as a download EP on 25. August 2017, go to the discography for details.


Running Wild:
go to the discographyTricky feat. Mina Rosa: Running Wild (You Tube)

This is a download single, released on 28. August 2017. The song features London singer Mina Rose, who also wrote the lyrics and will be on tour with Tricky from October on. Go to the discography for details.

When We Die (reworked)
click here to go to the discographyWhen We Die (reworked by Breanna Barbara) (Soundcloud)

This is a FREE download single, released on 6. October 2017 to promote Breanna Barbara as the female singer for the US tour. You can download the song, which has new vocals by Breanna instead of Martinas, for free at Bandcamp. Go to the discography for details.

Mixed by.... Volume 2:
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1. Running Wild (DJ Tennis Remix) (Soundcloud)
2. Running Wild (LA Riots DJ Mix Radio Edit) (Soundcloud)

This is the second Remix EP with two remixes of 'Running Wild'. You can buy the release at Beatport, go to the discography for details.


When We Die:
You can watch it on You Tube!

This video was shot in New York City, directed by Jenny Marie Baldoz. The camera goes along different streets, always in slow motion, starting at day and ending at night. Go to the videography for details. 



Go here to see all the lyrics from Ununiform or click on the songtitles below:
Obia Intro
Same As It Ever Was 
New Stole 
Wait For Signal 
It’s Your Day
Blood Of My Blood
Dark Days
The Only Way
Bang Boogie
Running Wild
When We Die
The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)



    cover songs    
Doll (original 'Doll Parts' by Hole, 1994)

Details can be found at cover me


Fernando Kabusacki - Una Tarde En El Abasto



On his 13th studio album, Tricky translates newfound contentment into songs that fail to live up to the risk-taking example of his early work. (5.1 of 10)

Wie immer erschaffen er und seine Gastinterpreten Musik auf qualitativ hohem Niveau, die sich gekonnt zwischen alten und neuen Ansätzen positioniert, und wie immer gelingt es ihm nicht, diese in ein kohärentes Stimmungsgefüge zu bringen. Vielleicht in den nächsten 50 Jahren. (6 of 10)

Das beste Tricky Album seit Jahren entspricht gänzlich seinem Titel.

Ununiform is an uneven album at best, showing that Tricky isn't bereft of ideas but was lacking the fire to properly flesh them out. (5 of 10)

Sounds & Books: - IN GERMAN
Es ist düstere Musik für düstere Zeiten. Die Party ist vorbei. Tricky vertont den Abgesang. Eine beklemmende und doch befreiende Platte eines Überlebenden.

Musikexpress Sounds: - IN GERMAN
Tricky ist kontemplativer geworden, er findet über weite Strecken zur elektronischen Melancholie, geht auf Tuchfühlung mit seiner Geschichte, schickt im Gegenzug aber auch ein paar neue russische Rap-Freunde ans Mikro. Die Gesangspassagen hat Tricky ja immer schon anderen überlassen, gerne prominenten Verflossenen.  (4 of 6)

Intro: - IN GERMAN
Natürlich ist das alles nicht neu, aber doch sehr eingängig und leicht zu mögen – musikalisch gesehen wahrscheinlich eine gegenseitige Bedingung. Dass die Produktion über jeden Zweifel erhaben ist, sei als Randnotiz noch angemerkt, insgesamt muss man aber schlicht attestieren: vielleicht das beste Tricky-Album seit »Blowback«. 

Tricky plays with all sorts of genres in “ununiform”. He stays partially true to his personal dark hip-hop sound, but also ventures out into the electronic side of music, it is well balanced and shows us that Tricky is capable of creating dope material whatever the genre. (4 of 5)

Pop Matters:
Yes, we have another Tricky album that plays like a mixtape, not like a cohesive statement but like a collection of ideas and friends, assembled for the sake of assembling... While it's a long way from the heights he once reached, ununiform carries more promise than Tricky has shown in some time.


    articles, interviews, live performances    

*Stilbruch: TRICKY* (September 10, 2017) - VIDEO, IN GERMAN   [new]
Video interview, Tricky talks about living in Berlin, his Instagram photos and more. If the above link doesn't work: it's also on You Tube.

*France Inter: LE NOUVEAU RONDEZ-YOUS* (September 13, 2017) - AUDIO & VIDEO   [new]
Tricky performs "The Only Way" and "When We Die" live. The above link is to the audio of the full show. You can also watch a video on Facebook or watch the live songs on You Tube: The Only Way, When We Die.

*House of Frankie: IN CONVERSATION WITH TRICKY* (September 14, 2017)- VIDEO
Tricky talks about Berlin, his favorite guest vocalists, his favorite track on the album and more.

*New Statesman: PEOPLE WANT THE SHINY STUFF...*  (September 21, 2017)  [new]
Interesting interview that goes way back to the beginning of his career, shifting back and forth from the time of Maxinquaye to today (the whole title is >"People want the shiny stuff. We're a bit too real": the rise, fall and return of Tricky<). It also quotes other people like Martina, Mark Saunders, Julian Palmer, Cally Calloman.

*TRT World: TRICKY*  (September 21, 2017) - VIDEO  [new]
Short feature with interview parts about the new album.

*Soultrain Online: TRICKY - LASS DEN GROOVE RAUS*  (September 22, 2017) - IN GERMAN
Interview in German, most interesting part: Tricky already has 6 or 7 tracks for a new album, which will be (surprise, suprise) even better than this one...

*live on BBC 6 Radio with Lauren Laverne*  (September 22, 2017) - AUDIO & VIDEO  [new]
Tricky was in the studio for an interview and a live performance of "When We Die" with Martina and "The Only Way"!!! The above link is the whole show in audio (the Tricky part starts at 2 hours, 9 mins). You can also listen to a shorter part here (Tricky starts at 19 mins, but it doesn't have "The Only Way") or the part where he talks about his Granddad here. Or you can even watch the live performance of "When We Die" as a video here.



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