Welcome to my Tricky discography. I've tried to list every item that Tricky ever released.
Often you can see
more or bigger pictures when you click on the cover picture.
I've added You Tube links or other possibilities to listen to the songs.
The discography is divided into these parts:

solo discography:
Here you will find all the releases under Tricky's name or project's name (like Nearly God, Lonely Guest etc.).
I only list promos here if the song
or mix is not released otherwise (like Can't Freestyle). Some of the songs here are
only released on soundtracks (like Slowly) 
or even unreleased (like music for commercials: Dasani and Gap).

remix discography:
pretty self explanatory, here are all the remixes that Tricky did for other people.

collaborations discography:
Here you will find all songs Tricky with other people that are released on their albums or singles.
Here I usually only list official releases and not promo, unless a specific song is only released on a promo. 

promo discography:
Here you will find all the promo releases from Tricky's solo stuff. If it contains an otherwise unreleased
song or mix, then it will be also listed in the solo discography, so it will be listed twice.

Yeah, it's a bit complicated and there are grey areas, but I needed a
system to not have one big page. If you are looking for a specific song
and are unsure where it is,  you can always use the search function.

But now without further delay, go to:

solo part 1
solo part 2
solo part 3
solo part 4
solo part 5

promo part 1
promo part 2


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