The Word
TV, UK (13.01.1995)
about 3 min
vocals: Tricky, Martina
Black Steel   (see the video on You Tube here or here)

This date of the show is January 13, as you can read on IMDB (the year is a mistake, it must be 1995 and not 1994, you can see that Martina is pregnant).

Tricky's musical director from his first tours, Pete Briquette, said:
“We did The Word, that awful late-night TV show on Channel 4. Backstage, Tricky and Martina put on the wedding gear from the Maxinquaye sleeve, and it looked fucking great. He came to me and said, ‘What do you think – should we wear this?’ I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely!’ When it came to it, they didn’t wear it, and he might have been right. He is very dangerous, but he is also very careful. He has a keen eye for doing things right, and he probably thought it might have come across as cheap and gimmicky in that setting.”
(quote from Tricky's book "
Hell Is Round the Corner")




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