Berlin, Germany (30.01.2015)
about 80 min.
vocals: Tricky, K Bleax

These songs were played, I'm not sure about the order of some songs in the middle:
Intro: Silver Tongue - When You Go
02You Don't Wanna (Instrumental)
'I live alone'
Puppy Toy 
06 Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)
Nothing's Changed 
Lonnie Listen
My Palestine Girl (extended)
10 Why Don't You    
11 Overcome
12 Black Steel    
13 Nothing Matters
14 Nicotine Love
15Really Real Instrumental (?)
16Sun Down (extended)
18'By Myself

Here is my review of the show:

Lately Tricky concerts can be very good or very bad, depending on his mood. We were very lucky that day, because obviously he was in a good mood! Tricky did a lot of vocals, a lot more than last time, and also his mic was loud enough that you could hear him! It's not always like that. All in all he seemed very focussed, not one song was aborted. The band was good, although I missed a bass and keyboard player, it was just Tristan on guitar and Luke Harris on drums (at least I think so, he was hard to see). The new singer K Bleax did a good job, although her voice isn't as good as Francesca's, so I missed her a bit. Also she seemed a bit stiff and uncomfortable on stage, but maybe it will get better with time, this was only her third show with Tricky. The show started with 'When you go' while the band went on stage, then the usual 'You don't wanna' Instrumental. The first song was the unreleased 'I live alone' which I always like, because it has a good energy, although Francesca can sing it better. Puppy Toy was really great, then after some songs I was really surprised they played 'Lonnie Listen', because Mykki Blanco is so special on it that I thought he's impossible to replace. But K Bleax did his part and it was quite good. Unfortunately Tricky didn't do his first verse. The first highlight was 'My Palestine Girl', it was very intense and played longer than on the album (I think). The following 'Why don't you' was good, I was surprised that K Bleax can do the rap part really good. I would have preferred to hear 'Gangster Chronicle', but unfortunately they didn't play it. Also the usual 'Ace Of Spades' with stage invasion wasn't played this time! The only time people could go on stage was during 'By myself', but the stage was really dark during the song. In general the stage was really dark during the second half, at first there a lot of lights and almost a light show, which obviously Tricky didn't like, so after a comment he made the lights were darker. 'Overcome' and 'Black Steel' were the only songs with no vocals by Tricky, but at least he didn't leave the stage but stayed in the back. My favorite song was 'Sun Down', which was played in a longer and more intense version with no female vocals (as far as I remember). After a short break the band came back for two encores, which were played really long (about 30 minutes): first Vent and then 'By Myself'. 

All in all it was a very good show, although I thought the one in December 2013 at Lido was more intense and emotional, but maybe it was just me. It took me a while to get in the right mood, also the room was so crowded that no one could really move and I had a tall guy in front of me who was standing still like a rock the whole time, people around me were talking all the time, it was a bit annoying. I wish Tricky would chose a bigger venue next time, it was sold out, so I guess a bigger place wouldn't be a problem. Tricky was in a good mood, very focused and very polite (thanking the audience a lot), but almost a bit too tame, I don't know.

Here's a pic of the ticket:

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