Teatro Metro
Bogota, Columbia (25.05.2011)
vocals: Tricky, Francesca Belmonte

The setlist is taken from setlist.fm, but there are many mistakes which I tried to correct: 
00Intro: Sam Cooke: Lost & Lookin (You Tube, plus next 3 songs)
You Don't Wanna Instrumental   (You Tube)
02Really Real  
03Puppy Toy  
Black Steel     (You Tube, plus next song)                
05Council Estate  
06 Pumpkin    (You Tube, plus next song)       
07 Ace Of Spades - audience on stage (You Tube, plus next song)  
08 Overcome   (You Tube
09 Gangster Chronicle            
10Tricky Kid
11 Pumpkin                
12UK Jamaican           
13Time To Dance    
Intermission: Sam Cooke: Lost & Lookin (You Tube, plus next song)
15Bristol to London
16Murder Weapon (or maybe someone mixed it up with Bristol to London?)
18Ghetto Stars     
??Past Mistake - audience on stage (You Tube) (You Tube)

There are lots of photos here.



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