Tricky solo discography ~ part 2
(1999 - 2005)



The "Juxtapose" period:

   VA: Forces Of Nature (OST)
  CD US / Dreamworks DRMD-50111 / 1999

01. U2 - Everlasting Love 3:19
02. Chris Tart - Love The One You're With 3:33
03. Touch And Go - Would You (Trailermen Go To Rio Mix) 3:12
04. Blue Boy - Remember Me (Soulstice Mix) 3:42
05. Propellerheads - Take California (Go On, Force Me edit) 3:29
06. Holly Palmer - A Rose By Any Other Name 3:27
07. Pigeonhead - Battle Flag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix) 3:56
08. Faithless - If Lovin' You Is Wrong 4:17
09. Tricky - Slowly 3:13
10. Swervedriver - Magic Bus 3:43
11. Gomez - Whippin' Piccadilly 3:10
12. Faithless - Bring My Family Back 3:58
13. R. L. Burnside - Rollin' & Tumblin' (Remix) 4:10
14. Cubanismo - Descarga De Hoy (Edit) 5:00

'Slowly' is an exclusive song by Tricky that can not be found anywhere else, up to now. Credits are: written by Tricky, performed by Tricky, additional vocals by Carmen Ejogo.



   For Real CD 1
  CD UK / CID 753, Island 562_304-2 / 3. August 1999

1. For Real 3:30
2. Bombing Bastards 5:15
3. Pop Muzik 2:50

'Bombing Bastards' is produced and mixed by the Berlin group Terranova (aka Turntable Terranova) and is also on their debut album "Close the door" (tracklist see collaborations discography). 'Pop muzik' is a cover - originally written by Robin Scott (check out cover me for details) - and has vocals and production by Tricky and DJ Muggs. The CD comes in as slim jewel case.



   For Real CD 2
  CD UK / CIDX 753, Island 562_305-2 / 3. August 1999

1. For Real (Hip Hop Remix) 4:42
2. For Real (Genaside II Mix) 5:08
3. For Real (Rollo Mix) 5:56

The Hip Hop remix is identical to the Grease remix that is also on promos and the US 12". The Rollo mix is remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss of Faithless. The CD comes in as slim jewel case.



   For Real 12" UK
  12" UK / 12IS753, Island 562_305-1 / 3. August 1999

1. For Real (Hip Hop Remix) 4:42
2. For Real (Genaside II Mix) 5:08
3. For Real (Rollo Mix) 5:56

The 12" has the same tracks as the CD 2, but the same cover as the CD1! The Hip Hop remix is identical to the Grease remix that is also on promos and the US 12". The Rollo mix is remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss of Faithless.




   For Real 12" US
  12" US / Island 314-562_202-1 / 3. August 1999 (limited edition with DJ mat)

A1. For Real (Grease Remix) 4:42
A2. For Real (Genaside II Mix) 5:08
A3. Pop Muzik 2:50
B1. For real (album version) 3:30
B2. Bombing Bastards 5:14

This limited US 12" not only has all the tracks (except the Rollo mix) from the two UK singles, but also a DJ mat (take a look at it here). The Grease remix is identical to the Hip Hop remix.




  CD Japan / PHCW 1706, Island / 23. July 1999
  CD UK / CID 8087, Island 546_432-2 / 16. August 1999
  2CD France / CID 8087, Island 546 650-2, 562_371-2 / 16. August 1999
  2CD Australia / Island_546_442-2_/_1999
  LP UK / Island_546_432-1_/_1999

01. For Real° 3:29
02. Bom Bom Diggy° 4:06
03. Contradictive 3:05
04. She Said 3:30
05. I Like The Girls° 2:58
06. Hot Like A Sauna° 4:19
07. Call Me* 3:36
08. Wash My Soul* 3:52
09. Hot Like A Sauna (Metal Mix)° 3:35
10. Scrappy Love 3:14

All tracks are produced by Tricky, except ° produced by Grease and * produced by DJ Muggs/Tricky. 'Bom Bom Diggy', 'I like the girls' and 'Hot like a sauna' feature additional vocals by the British rapper Mad Dog. The Japanese edition has two bonus tracks (11: Who, 12: Bombing Bastards). 'Who' is an exclusive track, not released anywhere else! It's written by Tricky and DJ Muggs, but vocals are by Tricky. The limited French edition has a second CD with the two b-sides of the 'For real' single: 'Bombing Bastards' and 'Pop Muzik'. The Australian release has a bonus disc with these five tracks: 1. For Real (Hip Hop remix), 2. For Real (Genaside II mix), 3. For Real (Rollo mix) 4. Bombing Bastards, 5. Pop Muzik. Check out the Juxtapose presskit here.

'Contradictive' is also on the soundtrack for 'Brokedown Palace' and - as you can read in the Visions interview - it samples a percussion line from the song "Watching you without me" by Kate Bush, whom Tricky admires very much.

Juxtapose is the first album Tricky did without Martina. He decided not to work with her anymore, which he explained like this:

> "When I read that Face* thing, I started thinking we should split up. Our relationship's good, it's been seven years, and the fact we were seeing each other, had a kid, stopped seeing each other and carried on making albums is unbelievable." [...] "When we do split up and there's more press I'm going to blame Andrew [Smith] and Craig [McLean], those two people are directly to blame." <
(Big Issue, May 25/31 1998)

* A Face article (April 1996, by Andrew Smith) that really upset Tricky - because it basically said he is a bad father - and another Face interview (May 1998, by Craig McLean).




   VA: The Crow - Salvation (OST)
  CD US / Koch Records CD 333_70-2 / 28.3.2000 (left pic)
  promo CD US / Koch Records PRO-1019 / 2000 (right pic)
click here for more pics

01. Filter - The Best Things 3:38
02. Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl (Naked Exorcism Mix) 4:10
03. The Infidels (feat. Juliette Lewis) - Bad Brother 5:23
04. Kid Rock - Warm Winter 4:05
05. Hole - It's All Over Now Baby Blue 3:37
06. The Flys - What You Want 3:26
07. Monster Magnet - Big Gold 5:58
08. Sin - Painful 3:50
09. Tricky - Anti Histamine ("Forgotten By The World Mix") 4:38
10. Days Of The New - Independent Slaves 4:36
11. Pitchshifter - Everything Sucks (Again) 4:27
12. Stabbing Westward - Waking Up Beside You 5:59
13. The Crystal Method - Now Is the Time (Crystal Method Millennium Mix) 5:36
14. Static X (feat. Burton C. Bell) - Burning Inside 4:13
15. New American Shame - Rusted Wings 3:32
16. Danzig - UnderBelly Of The Beast 4:06

This new mix of 'Antihistamine' is in fact just a longer version of the song as it is on the 'Broken Homes' single. The cover of the official release just says 'Antihistamine', but on an advanced promo copy it was called 'Forgotten by the world mix' (see right pic, check out bigger scans here).




  click here for details  Mission Accomplished
  CD Europe / Anti 6595-2 / 6. November 2000 (digipak)
  12" Europe / Anti 6595-1 / 6. November 2000
  CD US / Epitaph EPT86595CD / 6. February 2001
  CD Japan / Epitaph ESCA-8267 / 7. February 2001

1. Mission Accomplished 3:13
2. Crazy Claws 4:20
3. Tricky vs. Lynx (live) 2:43
4. Divine Comedy 6:07

Mission Accomplished is Tricky's first release on his new label Anti Records, the European sub-label of Epitaph. The title track contains parts of a Peter Gabriel song called 'Big Time' (check out they ask my origin for more). All the tracks except Divine Comedy feature Mad Dog on vocals who already appeared on Juxtapose. The vocalist on the title track is Chesnay Hawkes, as you can read here. Divine Comedy is a song from 1998, but was at that time only available as a bootleg 12". The version on 'Mission Accomplished' is shorter than the "original" one, though. For more infos about 'Mission Accomplished' check out the Mission Accomplished mini site.




GAP TV commercial / not released / April 2001

1. Hallelujah

This is the music for a TV commercial that Tricky did for The Gap. He did the song especially for the spot and it is not released anywhere.



The "Blowback" period:

  click here for more pics  Blowback
  CD Japan / CTCW-53009 / 20. June 2001
  CD Europe / Anti Records 6596-2 / 25. June 2001 (limited edition, gatefold)
  LP Europe / Anti Records 6596-1 / 25. June 2001 (limited edition)
  CD US / Hollywood Records HR-62285-2 / 26. June 2001
  CD Canada / Hollywood Records HR-62285-2 / 26. June 2001
  CD Australia / Hollywood Records HR-62285-2 / 2001
  2CD France / Anti Records 6645-2 / April 2002 (limited edition)

01. Excess (with Stephanie McKay and Alanis Morissette) 4:43
02. Evolution Revolution Love (with Ed Kowalczyk and Hawkman) 4:09
03. Over Me (with Ambersunshower and Hawkman) 2:57
04. Girls (with Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante) 4:21
05. You Don't Wanna (with Ambersunshower)  5:25
06. #1 Da Woman (with John Frusciante and Flea) 2:39
07. Your Name (with Ambersunshower) 3:35
08. Diss Never (Dig Up We History) (with Hawkman) 2:50
09. Bury The Evidence (with Hawkman) 4:51
10. Something In The Way (with Hawkman) 3:24
11. Five Days (with Cyndi Lauper) 4:19
12. Give It To 'Em (with Hawkman) 3:04
13. A Song For Yukiko (with John Suzuki and Yukiko Takahashi) 4:10
14. The Hawkman Is Coming 4:19
15. Evolution Revolution Love (Marlon & Maddog Remix) 3:43

The European edition of Blowback comes as a limited edition with two bonustracks (14. and 15., see tracklist above). Also the Japanese edition has these two bonus tracks, in opposite order, the LP doesn't have the bonus tracks. 'The Hawkman Is Coming' is also on the 'Evolution Revolution Love' single, called 'The Hawk Is Coming'. The remix of 'Evolution Revolution Love' is made by Marlon (one of Tricky's brothers) and Mad Dog. Though the remixers are not mentioned anywhere on the CD, the same remix turned up on a promo 12".
The second single will be 'You Don't Wanna', which contains a sample of the Eurythmics' song 'Sweet Dreams' - slowed down to 12bpm. 'Bury The Evidence' contains a sample (or at least the same melody) of 'What's Beef' from Notorious BIG, though it is not mentioned in the booklet.
Unlike on advance promo CDs, track 6 is called '#1 Da Woman' instead of 'Wonder Woman' - how tricky! This song is a cover version of the TV theme Wonder Woman, though with different lyrics)  Blowback contains even more covers songs: 'Something In The Way' is originally a Nirvana song and 'Your Name' is a version of the song 'Under The Bamboo Tree', written by Rob Cole.
The Canadian version is an enhanced CD with an additional multimedia track. According to Swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography "it allows you to sign up to the Tricky mailing list, and it will bring you to Tricky's official site."
To listen to the Blowback songs or other details check out my blowback mini site, and for scans of the different covers and CD go here. And last but not least you can take a look at the Blowback presskits here.
The French edition has a second CD (titled "Blowkcab") with unreleased songs and instrumental versions from Blowback songs. The first CD has the "normal" tracks from Blowback without the two bonus tracks. The tracklist of the bonus CD is (see also the FNAC web site):
01. Excess (radio edit) 
02. My Head
03. Five Days (instrumental) 
04. Suffocating (demo)
05. Divine Comedy 
06. Your Name (instrumental) 
07. Unofficial
Credits for the new songs are:
'My Head': performed by Costanza Francavilla, executive producer: Tricky (c) 2001
'Suffocating (demo)': written by Tricky (c) 2001
'Unofficial': written by Phatt Black/Tricky/Les Forde/Nunes/Melius, produced by Nunes & Melius for Lickle Kinfs Prods, executive producer: Tricky (c) 2002 

> "It's definitely the most ear-friendly of all my albums. I feel like I've been sitting around for a couple of years complaining about what's on MTV and the radio. You can only do that for so long. If you want to hear good music on the radio, you need to make an album." <
(MTV 2001)

> "I did Blowback for the cash” he admits, “cos I’d put money into artists, had to pay my bills and my kids school fees. Someone from Hollywood Records heard some demos and it was two years old when I gave it to them..." <
(Burn It Blue, May 2003)

> My friend once told me it's a gangster album. Not because I am gangster. I’m not. But, I was hanging out with guys who were living a certain life. Blowback is a gangster album really. <
(XLR8R, 25 February 2016)




   Evolution Revolution Love
  CD Netherlands / Anti 1056-2 / 5. July 2001 (cardboard sleeve)

1. Evolution Revolution Love (radio edit) 3:58
2. Bury The Evidence (Don't Watch My Face Mix) 4:50

This version is released only in some European countries, as far as I know. It has only two tracks and a different catalogue number than the three track version (see below). Track 2 is mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, but it's not very different from the album version. 
There are two more versions of 'Evolution Revolution Love' existing (instrumental and a capella), but only on a promo 12".



   Evolution Revolution Love
 CD Europe / Anti 1052-2 / 20. August 2001 (digipak)

1. Evolution Revolution Love (radio edit) 3:58
2. The Hawk Is Coming 4:18
3. Bury The Evidence (Don't Watch My Face Mix) 4:50

'Evolution Revolution Love' is the first single from 'Blowback'. It was announced to be released on June 18, but then delayed. There's another version of this single existing with 2 tracks (see above).
'The Hawk Is Coming' is identical to 'The Hawkman Is Coming', from the limited European and the Japanese edition of Blowback. Track 3 is mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, but it's not very different from the album version.
For an instrumental and an a capella version of 'Evolution Revolution Love' go to the promo discography.




  click here for details  A Ruff Guide
  CD Europe / CIDX 8114, Universal Island 586_871-2 / 27. May 2002
  CD UK / CID 8114, Universal Island 586_872-2 / 27. May 2002
  CD Japan / UICI-1016 / 5. June 2002
  CD US / Universal Island 314 - 586_871-2 / 25. June 2002

01. Aftermath (Version 1) 5:04
02. Poems (Edit) 4:16
03. For Real 3:31
04. Black Steel (Radio Edit) 3:43
05. Pumpkin (Edit) 4:07
06. Broken Homes 4:36
07. Wash My Soul 3:54
08. I Be The Prophet (With Drums) 4:56
09. Makes Me Wanna Die 4:05
10. Tricky Kid 4:13
11. Scrappy Love 3:13
12. Ponderosa (Original 7" Edit) 3:32
13. Christiansands 3:55
14. Hell Is Around The Corner 3:47
15. Singing The Blues 3:31
16. Bubbles 3:26
17. Overcome 3:45

This is Tricky's first official "best of" album, containing tracks from all his albums except Blowback. It also contains two b-sides from singles, the "Version 1" of 'Aftermath' and the (just slightly different) version of 'I be The Prophet'. This album is also released as a video DVD with 14 videos and more (see below). The UK and Japanese version of the CD have two bonus tracks:
18. Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix) [remixed by Howie B. and Tricky]
19. Black Steel (In The Draw Mix) [remixed by Substance]




  click here for details  A Ruff Guide DVD
  DVD Pal Germany / Island Records 586_932-9 / 22. July 2002
  DVD Pal France / Island Records / 22. July 2002
  DVD Pal UK / Island Records / 29. July 2002
  DVD NTSC US / Island Records 314_586_965-9 / 17. September 2002
  DVD Japan / ELMO 586965-9 / 17. September 2002

01. Aftermath  4:02
02. Ponderosa 3:33
03. Overcome 3:44
04. Black Steel 3:39
05. Hell Is Around The Corner 3:52
06. Pumpkin 4:08
07. Christiansands 3:50
08. Tricky Kid 4:10
09. Makes Me Wanna Die 4:03
10. Broken Homes 3:28
11. Money Greedy 4:19
12. For Real 3:41
13. Naked & Famous 49:28
14. Nearly God: Poems (hidden track!) 4:13

This best of album is also released on CD, but this video DVD version features 13 videos and the documentary "Naked & Famous", directed in 1997 by Mark Kidel. This documentary was shown on TV a couple of times, together with a live show, which is unfortunately not on the DVD. 
Back then you could read on the French Amazon (and on this website) that the French version has also three live tracks recorded for MTV (Antihistamine, Critic, Carriage For Two) - the song Critic is unreleased yet. But I don't have the French edition and never saw it, so I can't say if this is true or not. I also can't say if the UK version is any different, but it was released one week later. The US version has the same tracks as the European one...

Poems is a "hidden" video, already indicated on the back of the cover, because it's written as the 14. track, but very hard to read (check out scans here). If you want to find out yourself how to find it on the DVD menu, don't read any further! If you are in the videos menu (the first of the three sections in the main menu), go down to the Broken Homes video (track 10). Now you can see a little light dot on the left side, if you go left to that dot, you will start the Poems video.




  click here for details  You Don't Wanna
  CD Europe / Anti 1065-2 / 1.7.2002 (digipak)

1. Tricky - You Don't Wanna (radio edit) 3:33
2. Ko-La - What's It Gonna Be 3:55
3. Tricky - Intro, Outro 2:43

Ko-La is a girl group, this song is produced by Perry Melius and Wayne Nunes, who played on tour with Tricky several times, Tricky is executive producer. It contains a sample of Tricky's distorted voice, as you can hear it in the beginning of 'Feed Me'.
'Intro, Outro' also features Hawkman and Tricky's brother Marlon on vocals, and it is produced by Tricky, Alex McGowan and Marlon.
Check out the 'You Don't Wanna' mini site here. The video for 'You Don't Wanna' has a part with another Tricky song in the middle: 'Unofficial' from the French edition of Blowback (see videography for details).



The "Vulnerable" period:

  click here for more pics   Vulnerable (CD & DVD)
  2CD Europe / Anti Records 6686-2 / 19. May 2003 (limited edition, digipak)
CD1 (Audio CD):

01. Stay 3:52
02. Antimatter 3:03
03. Ice Pick 3:12
04. Car Crash 3:46
05. Dear God 3:51
06. How High 3:16
07. What Is Wrong 3:37
08. Hollow 4:14
09. Moody 3:24
10. Wait For God 4:06
11. Where I'm From 2:52
12. The Love Cats 2:56
13. Search, Search, Survive 3:06
CD2 (DVD):

01. Vulnerable movie

02. Tricky: Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix)

03. Radagon & Tricky: Receive Us

04. Tricky: You Don't Wanna (live in Rome)

05. Photo Gallery

The female singer on all tracks is Costanza Francavilla, who already recorded the song 'My Head' with Tricky, which was released on a bonus CD for Blowback. 'Dear God' and 'The Lovecats' are cover versions, check out cover me for details. 'Vulnerable' is also released as a one-CD-version with three additional CD-Rom tracks (see below).
The 'Jimmy & T Remix' of Antimatter is remixed by Tricky and Winston 'T' Burris, Receive Us is written by Tricky, Winston 'T' Burris and Conrad 'Radagon' Morgan. Producers are Tricky and Winston 'T' Burris. 

<"I called this album Vulnerable because it's my most honest and open record. On this album I've stopped hiding and I'm allowing people to see different sides of the real me." <
(official bio from Anti website)



  click here for more pics   Vulnerable (enhanced CD)
  CD Europe / Anti Records 6648-2 / 19. May 2003 (digipak)
  CD US / Sanctuary 84618 / 17. June 2003

01. Stay 3:52
02. Antimatter 3:03
03. Ice Pick 3:12
04. Car Crash 3:46
05. Dear God 3:51
06. How High 3:16
07. What Is Wrong 3:37
08. Hollow 4:14
09. Moody 3:24
10. Wait For God 4:06
11. Where I'm From 2:52
12. The Love Cats 2:56
13. Search, Search, Survive 3:06
14. Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix) - CD-Rom part 2:53
15. Radagon & Tricky: Receive Us - CD-Rom part 2:35
16. Tricky & Radagon: Snap Them - CD-Rom part 2:54

The enhanced version has three videos, one of them is an exclusive track, not released anywhere yet (Snap Them). Both tracks with Radagon are written by Tricky, Winston 'T' Burris and Conrad 'Radagon' Morgan. They are produced by Tricky and Winston 'T' Burris. 

> ‘Vulnerable’ is an eclectic mash of downbeat claustrophobia, beauty, visceral guitar crunching pained laments propelled by economic beats, and upbeat Garbage-esque bouncers. <
(Burn It Blue, May 2003)



    Vulnerable (CD)
  CD Japan / VICP-62410 / 21. August 2003

01. Stay 3:52
02. Antimatter 3:03
03. Ice Pick 3:12
04. Car Crash 3:46
05. Dear God 3:51
06. How High 3:16
07. What Is Wrong 3:37
08. Hollow 4:14
09. Moody 3:24
10. Wait For God 4:06
11. Where I'm From 2:52
12. The Love Cats 2:56
13. Search, Search, Survive 3:06
14. Antimatter (Ragga Remix)

The Japanese version has one bonus track, which can also be found on the Antimatter single (see below).



  click here for more pics   Vulnerable (LP)
   LP Europe / Anti Records 6648-1 / 19. May 2003 (gatefold)
   LP US / Sanctuary_06076-84618-1_/_2003

A1. Stay 3:52
A2. Antimatter 3:03
A3. Ice Pick 3:12
A4. Car Crash 3:46
A5. Dear God 3:51
A6. How High 3:16
B1. What Is Wrong 3:37
B2. Hollow 4:14
B3. Moody 3:24
B4. Wait For God 4:06
B5. Where I'm From 2:52
B6. The Love Cats 2:56
B7. Search, Search, Survive 3:06



  click here for more pics   Antimatter (CD)
   CD Europe / Anti 1101-2 / 23. June 2003 (digipak)

1. Antimatter 2:59
2. Antimatter (Ragga Remix) 3:31
3. Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix) 2:53
4. Antimatter (Ollie Remix) 5:57

'Antimatter' is the first single from 'Vulnerable'. The Jimmy & T Remix can also be found - with a video - on 'Vulnerable' (DVD or enhanced version). The Ragga Remix is remixed by Wayne Nunes and Perry Melius (Tricky's bass player and drummer). The Ollie Remix is remixed by Toby Clark. There are three more remixes on a promo 12" and promo CD, check out the promo discography for details and sounds.
There is also an enhanced version existing with the Antimatter video (see below). Some CDS may have a sticker on the back saying:

Tricky - 'Antimatter' - 23rd June 2003
Since his humble beginnings as guest vocalist with Massive Attack and his subsequent release of 95's highly influential debut 'Maxinquaye', Tricky has finally emerged from the darkest stages of his life with his 7th album, and follow up to 2001's 'Blowback',with the new album 'Vulnerable' - out 19th May. 'Antimatter' is the first single from Tricky's new album and was recorded in Los Angeles.With his new vocal muse Costanza Francalliva, 'Antimatter' showcases Tricky's unique fusion of rock,electronica,hip hop and Pop - Tricky style. Tricky embarks upon a six week European tour in June and will also be playing at this years Meltdown.
More info? Contact Pam/Will @ The Hubb: 0207 284 8940





  click here for more pics   Antimatter (enhanced CD)
   CD Europe / Anti 1101-2 / 23. June 2003 (digipak)
   CD US / Epitaph... ./ 7. July 2003

1. Antimatter 2:59
2. Antimatter (Ragga Remix) 3:31
3. Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix) 2:53
4. Antimatter (Ollie Remix) 5:57
5. Antimatter video 2:59

This version has the same tracks as the normal CD, but also a CD Rom part with the 'Antimatter' video. The catalogue numbers of both releases are the same! Another version of the video can be found on 'Vulnerable' (DVD or enhanced version). The European version has the same catalogue number as the 4 track version (see above), but the cover is slightly different and has a sticker on it (see scans here).




  click here for more pics   Antimatter (12")
  12" Europe / Anti 1125-1 / 7. July 2003 (clear vinyl)

1. Antimatter 2:59
2. Antimatter (Ragga Remix) 3:31
3. Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix) 2:53
4. Antimatter (Ollie Remix) 5:57

The 12" has the same tracks as the CD. There are three more remixes on a promo 12" and promo CD, check out the promo discography for details and sounds.




  click here for more pics   How High
   CD France / Anti 1133-2 / 23. November 2003
  12" Netherlands / Anti 1134-1 / 23. November 2003

1. How high 3:14
2. How high - en français 3:24
3. Je tombe mix 3:50
4. Liz Densmore mix 3:44
5. Trick-o-matic fairytail mix 5:24

This single seems to be released only in France so far. According to discogs the 12" has the same tracks as the CD. You can listen to samples of the mixes at Fnac or by clicking on the titles above. The singer of the french lyrics on track 2 and 3 is Emilie Simon, who was support act for Tricky in 2003 (Costanza sang a song by her a capella in Paris), while Liz Densmore provides vocals on track 4. Track 5 is remixed by Jam & Spoon, the name hints to their own album Tripomatic Fairytales, which features a collaboration with Tricky and Costanza (see collaboration discography).




  click here to see a bigger pic   Clean O.S.T.
  CD France / Naive NV802111 / 18. August 2004
  CD / Silva Screen Records SILCD1180 / 2004

01. Brian Eno: An Ending
02. Maggie Cheung: Strawberry Stain
03. Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain
04. Tricky & Liz Densmore: Breakaway
05. Maggie Cheung: Down In The Light
06. Metric: Dead Disco
07. Brian Eno: Spider And I
08. The Notwist: Neon Golden
09. Maggie Cheung: Wait For Me
10. Britta Phillips / Dean Warekam: Knives From Bavaria
11. Maggie Cheung: She Can't Tell You
12. Metric: Dead Disco (live film version)

'Breakaway' is a new song by Tricky, also featuring vocals of Liz Densmore. You can buy the album at Fnac. Tricky also acted in this film, playing "himself" (see movies don't move me). In the movie he performs the song with Liz Densmore live, you can watch their performance and the following scene with Tricky in a bar or cafe on You Tube.




    Daddy G: DJ Kicks
  CD Germany / Studio K7 !K7170CD / 18. October 2004

01. Intro (by Philip Levi & Tipper Irie) 0:16
02. Willie Williams - Armagideon Time 2:22
03. Sound Dimension - Rockfort Rock 0:13
04. Melaaz - Non Non Non 3:47
05. Tricky - Aftermath (Version 1) 5:36
06. Meters - Just Kissed My Baby 4:42
07. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix) 3:31
08. Les Negresses Vertes - Face A La Mer (Massive Attack Remix) 5:28
09. Massive Attack – Karmacoma (The Napoli Trip) 6:07
10. Johnny Osbourne - Budy Bye 4:22
11. Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Dublate Mix) 5:31
12. Barrington Levy - Here I Come (Dublate Version) 3:47
13. Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah 3:59
14. Leftfield - Inspection/ Check One 6:27
15. Massive Attack And Mos Def - I Against I 5:23
16. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Danny Krivit Edit) 4:30
17. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto Mix by Paul Oakenfold)  5:27

There's also a double vinyl of this album, but it doesn't have the Tricky song.




click here for a bigger pic   VA: Kingsbread Sessions
  CD / Discograph Isma'a / 20. May 2005
01. Syreeta - Black Maybe  3:27
02. Leon Ware - Reach In  4:46 
03. Sonja Marie - Mon Dieu  4:20
04. Abstract Rude - La La Do Re Mi  4:12
05. N'Dea Davenport - Why?  3:50
06. Tricky & Lisa Stone - Jupiter Joy 4:09
07. Steeve Spacek - It's Allright  4:30
08. St Marks - My Flower  9:23
09. Big Brooklyn Red - Still Sweeter Than Springtime  4:17
10. Tippa Irie - Not Afraid To Die  3:50

This song by Tricky and Lisa Stone can only be found on this compilation. You can buy the album at Amazon used, since it's not available anymore.



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