La Defense Jazz Festival
Paris, France (27.06.2015)
about 73 min. 
vocals: Tricky, Francesca Belmonte

02You Don't Wanna Instrumental 
Parenthesis  (You Tube)
Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)
Puppy Toy 
06 Nothing Matters
Why Don't You  (You Tube)
Black Steel (aborted)
Really Real
10 Palestine Girl
11Lying On The Moon (by Francesca)
12Nicotine Love
13Hiding In The Rushes (by Francesca)
15When You Go
16Vent  (short video on You Tube)
18I Sing For The Joker  (by Francesca)

Here is a review by Jonathan: 

There was a strange night...

The artists of the evening are Coely (hip-hop), Tricky and Francesca and the hip-hop legend KRS-One. The entry is free, so much people come to see a hip-hop concert... not a Tricky concert. During all the set, much people aren't interested by the show, waiting for KRS-One... The sound is not really good. The first part of the show (Parenthesis, Do you love me now and Puppy Toy) is really interesting cause Tricky's singing really his vocal. Puppy toy is a great moment! The show continue with Nothing matters and Why don't you (good version which awake a little the crowd).

Black steel is like usual aborted :( ...

On Really real and Palestine girl, there is too much people disapopointed around me who's talking loud (more than the concert).

After this, the Francesca's show begin: Tricky presente (quickly!) Francesca for 2 anima's songs, Nicotine love and Overcome.

And then... the guitar begin the riff of Vent (with When you go for intro). Tricky move, jump and dance slowly on all the scene but he don't sing... his microphone fall... the sound stop...

Everybody thinks that it's the end of the show, but the guitar playing again and Vent continue, chaotic (more than usual) with Tricky completely mad on the scene... The song during like that more than ten minutes, at the end, the crowd wants more and Tricky seems to want to continue the show.

After a pause the band plays the third Francesca's song of the concert, Joker. Nice performance totally distorted. Tricky was mad this evening. A little drunk also...



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