Berlin, Germany (22.5.2013)
about 80 min 
vocals: Tricky, Francesca Belmonte 
as support: Mykki Blanco, DJs Balzer & Hossbach

This is my very short review of the concert:
First of all I must say that I kind of "lost" Tricky over the last years, because I didn't like the albums "Knowle West Boy" and "Mixed Race" very much. And I haven't seen him live since 2008. So I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this concert!!! It got me back into a Tricky-mood!!! 
The athmosphere felt surprisingly as good as in earlier year, an intensive energy, dark stage and long hypnotic versions of songs, for example about 20 minutes of Vent during the encore. The surroundings in the (in)famous club Berghain added to this dark industrial atmosphere, it was really well fitting! I experienced the "letting the audience on stage" for this first time, and I must admit it was really fun! Jumping and dancing on stage and looking down to the people in the audience - really a cool experience! And even though I and other people were standing really close to Tricky, I think nobody dared to touch him, like he was a god or something. This brings me to  have to the negative things that came to my mind after the concert: Tricky himself seemed really distant, at times even arrogant when directing his band, who didn't look very comfortable on stage. He himself didn't look very healthy, totally skinny and his eyes looked like he was either sick, drunk or high or all together. He did very few vocals, something just some words, for 2 or 3 songs he wasn't even on stage. So all in all very absent, with body and mind. I haven't seen him like this before! I mean, he was never your ordinary rockstar on stage, always coming across a bit uncomfortable or shy, but this time it was different. This was a new side that I haven't seen before and it was disappointing and even sad to see. But apart from that the concert was great, I really got lost in the music sometimes and it reminded of older concerts. Unfortunately I can't remember the setlist, so here are just some random songs that he played, not in the right order and not complete (if you have additions or corrections, please let me know!):
Does It
Nothing's Changed

Ace Of Spades (audience on stage)
Nothing matters
'I sing for the joker'
UK Jamaican
Black Steel
Vent (long version, audience on stage)

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photos (thanks to Thorben):
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Here is a photo from the drummer Ross Harris (via Twitter).
Here is a video on You Tube with short clips of some songs.  
Here is a (very negative) short review (in German).




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