Adrian Thaws - release dates    
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 Sept. 5, 2014
 Sept. 6, 2014
 Sept. 9, 2014
Tricky: "My first album was my mum’s name and now I’ve come to the point of using my birth name. People still don’t really know me, it’s saying ‘you still ain’t got a clue who I am’." (The Skinny)

"I suppose this is my club/hip hop album,” he says.  "I’m not known for doing club music but this album has some club tracks on it — well, what I would consider club music." (official website)

Is it his best album to date? For once, Tricky is coy in his answer. “It’s better than False Idols but… there’s better to come. We’re growing all the time.” (The Skinny)


'Adrian Thaws' is released in the following formats:

digital download (K7317CDX)
CD Europe (K7317CD)
2LP+CD Europe (K7317LP &
K7317CD, gatefold, photos)
CD Deluxe Europe (K7317DCD, bonus tracks: ESP, Different People, photos)
CD Japan (BRC-423, bonus track: Sun Down DJ Milo Remix)

Check out pictures of the releases here.


Listen to the songs by clicking on the titles (will open a new tab or window):
01. Sun Down (feat. Tirzah)  -- with official video
02. Lonnie Listen (feat. Francesca Belmonte & Mykki Blanco)
03. Something In The Way (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
04. Keep Me In Your Shake (feat. Nneka) 
05. The Unloved (skit by Alan Johnson) 
06. Nicotine Love (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
07. Gangster Chronicle (feat. Bella Gotti) -- cover song, played live in the last years
08. I Had A Dream (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
09. My Palestine Girl (feat. Blue Daisy)  -- with official video
10. Why Don't You (feat. Bella Gotti)
11. Silly Games (feat. Tirzah) -- cover song
12. Right Here (feat. Oh Land)
13. When You Go (by Silver Tongue) -- Silver Tongue is Tricky's daughter Mazy

The limited Deluxe CD has two bonus tracks:
14. ESP (feat. Liz Densmore)      
15. Different People (feat. Francesca Belmonte)  

The Japanese version has two bonus tracks (altough only the DJ Milo Remix is listed on the cover):
14. ESP (feat. Liz Densmore)
15. Sun Down (DJ Milo Remix) 

The Japanese bonus track was played by DJ Milo in a radio show, you can listen to it at Soundcloud (the song starts at 49 min). In April 2015 Tricky shared this remix (and two more) as a free download (download them here or listen on Soundcloud or You Tube).

See pics of the different album releases here.


Nicotine Love:
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1. Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte: Nicotine Love    

released as a download single on 30. June 2014,
released earlier as a promo CDR (see promo discography)

click to go to the discography1. Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte: Nicotine Love (Straight Face Remix feat. Young Fathers)

released as a download single on 25. July 2014, later the remix was also a b-side of the 'Sun Down' single (see below)    

Silly Games:
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1. Tricky - Silly Games

released as a download single on 4. August 2014

Sun Down:
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1. Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down
Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down (Actress Tes Remix)
Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte: Nicotine Love (Young Fathers Remix)

released as a download single on 31. October 2014,
released earlier as a promo CDR (see promo discography)

For more details go to the


    free downloads    
Tricky gave away a lot of songs for free! Here is a list of all the free downloads:

Five For You (54U):
click here to see a bigger pic1. Tricky feat. Martina Topley-Bird: Black Coffee
Tricky feat. John Suzuki & Yukiko Takahasi: A Song For Yukiko
3. Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix)
4. Tricky feat. Liz Densmore: ESP
5. Tricky feat. Emel: Emel

DOWNLOAD (you need to sign up for the newsletter)
This download package was just available for a short time, the announcement on the official site is now gone. But when I checked last time, the download was still working. It features old songs and two unreleased songs. ESP was later released as a bonus track on 'Adrian Thaws'.
Nicotine Love:
click to go to the discography1. Nicotine Love (Straight Face Remix feat. Young Fathers)

DOWNLOAD (you need to sign up for the newsletter)
Later this remix was available as an official download on iTunes.
Tricky feat. Ajeya: European tour bonus tracks:
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1. Nicotine Love (French Language Version)
2. Ready
3. Same old song

Ajeya wanted to join Tricky as a singer on his European tour early 2015, but then it didn't happen. Tricky still gave away these songs for free.

Live in Gdansk:
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01. You Don't Wanna
02. I Live Alone 
03. Nothing's Changed
04. Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)
05. Joker (by Francesca Belmonte)
06. Palestine Girl
07. Nothing Matters
08. Why Don't You
09. Vent
10. By Myself

DOWNLOAD (you need to sign up for the newsletter)
This is the first official live recording ever! It was recorded on 29. October 2014 in Gdansk, Poland.
Something In The Way (feat. Mallu Magalhaes):
click to go to the discography1. Tricky feat. Mallu Magalhaes: Something In The Way

Tricky shared this new version in advance of his South American tour in spring 2015.
Sun Down Remixes:
click to go to the discography1. Sun Down (DJ Milo Remix)
2. Sun Down (DJ Still Life Remix)
3. Sun Down (Parallel Thought Remix)

This download was released in April 2015, the DJ Milo remix is also on the Japanese edition of 'Adrian Thaws'. 

For more details go to the discography.

Sun Down:
You can watch it on You Tube or Vevo!

Tricky directed this video, besides him there are Norman Reedus, Mizuo Peck and Cesar Aceituno in it (Tricky's tweet, Norman's tweet, Tricky's post). The club scenes were filmed at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. 

My Palestine Girl:
You can watch it on You Tube or!

This is the second video from the album. It was done quite spontaneously after a concert in Katowice, Poland. The next day the video was shot with the directors Sławek Wąchała and  Sebastian Juszczyk. The actors are Zonia Al-Raboee and Lester.


read all the lyrics here, or chose one song:

Sun Down
Lonnie Listen
Something In The Way (feat. Francesca)
Keep Me In Your Shake
The Unloved
Nicotine Love
Gangster Chronicle
I Had A Dream
My Palestine Girl
Why Don't You
Silly Games
Right Here

When You Go (by Silver Tongue)
Different People


    cover songs    
Gangster Chronicle (original by London Posse, 1990, listen here)
Silly Games (original by Janet Kay, 1979, listen here)

Details can be found at the cover me page. 


Right Here samples Tricky - Does It (Remix)
Keep Me In Your Shake samples
Alice In Chains - Heaven Beside You
Lonnie Listen quotes Bugle - What I'm Gonna Do

Details can be found at the 
they ask my origin page. 



Love Is Pop: album of the day:
This is a wildly imaginative album that will assure you that you were not mistaken when you proclaimed him a genius way back in 1995.  I hate to say this, as I really do cherish each and every one of his albums, but this is indeed Tricky’s best release since Pre-Millennium Tension.

FAZ: album of the week (in German):
Es ist das anarchisch wilde Zusammenspiel der Stile, Themen und Stimmen, das „Adrian Thaws“ zu einem Album macht, das wie keines seiner Vorgänger klingt und doch einen originären Sound fortführt. Trickys Musik klingt jedenfalls auch nach zwanzig Jahren noch frisch und gegenwärtig.

The Arts Desk:
Once again, Tricky has drawn on his wide-ranging roots and produced a work of surprising variety, yet held together by a profound artist’s sensibility. (4 of 5)
(this review is written by none other than Mark Kidel, who filmed the "Naked and Famous" documentary about Tricky!)

The Guardian:
From opener Sun Down, you're transported to Tricky's world. It is dark, seductive and filled with songs that are linked via his inventive production and bleak worldview. (4 of 5)

The Line Of Best Fit:
Thaws isn’t content to linger on past glories. On his new album, we see the ardent, chronic experimentalist craft remarkably prescient sounds. (8 of 10)

The Skinny:
Adrian Thaws is undeniably Tricky with all his trademark feverish whispers and ominous storytelling but it’s also his most cogent and focused album in years. (4 of 5)

There’s not much on Adrian Thaws that distinguishes it from the direction Tricky has been heading over the past 15 years. This is a continuation of a mood he began etching out in song long ago, which he’s apparently either unwilling or unable to get away from, making it both the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to him. (4.8 of 10)

Musikexpress (in German):
Der Brite hat seine Mitte gefunden, deswegen heißt die LP auch wie er selbst: Adrian Thaws. Und dieser Mr. Thaws ist seit je gespalten, was man endlich auch wieder an seiner Musik hört.
(4 of 5)

Süddeutsche (in German):
Tricky hat die monotone Ruhelosigkeit der vergangenen Jahre wieder in Produktivität verwandelt... Wäre das Album ein Teil eines Hauses, es wäre am ehesten der alte Heizungskeller.

It’s less nightclub, more drunken iPod selection, typical of late-period Tricky: brilliant, frustrating and fatally inconsistent. (6 of 10)

In Your Speakers:
Surprisingly, even though he makes genre changes like he’s changing his socks, the work still feels cohesive, again a testament to the unique sound Tricky’s cultivated. (79 of 100)

If False Idols was the return, Adrian Thaws is the great diversification, and if being disappointed with your universally accepted classic inspires greatness like this, then Maxinquaye be damned (but only in Tricky's presence). (4 of 5)

Under The Radar:
... the sort-of-self-titled Adrian Thaws (Tricky's legal name) is a positive evolutionary step for an artist whose sound otherwise defies easy categorization. (6 of 10)

The Observer:
In fact, at times Tricky’s barely there at all, content to orchestrate Adrian Thaws’ stark beats, the best of which recall his mid-90s peak. (3 of 5)

The first half of the record clashes significantly with the latter half, which is… eclectic. (6 of 10)

Get To The Front:
... a standard producer will have a guitar part that plays for three minutes; Tricky takes the four most stunning seconds of that part and uses only those four seconds. His ear for rhythm and structure, mood and melody is peerless...
He sounds like Billie Holiday. He sounds like Tom Waits. He sounds like Robert Smith and Gil Scott Heron. But actually he is like no one. Tricky is one of the last truly independent, individual and distinct artists of our age.

Collapse Board:
Kinda weird, though, to hide in the shadows so much on an album that bears yr real name... Instead the ladies glow brighter in Tricky’s cavernous lair – which, mind, we approve of. But anyone expecting to catch an essence of the elusive producer via Adrian Thaws will only grab at ashes. And, eh, maybe that’s the point.

HHV Mag (in German):
Tricky bleibt der Formwandler, der er immer war, allerdings weiter seinem eigenen künstlerischen Selbstbildnis treu. Stillstand ist Versagen. Bewegung ist alles.  (6.7 of 10)

Tricky albums of late have been met with little more than kind pats on his career’s shoulder, but underestimating Adrian Thaws would be a serious mistake.

He produces good enough music, and this is a decent album that is worth listening to. But rather than expecting a Tricky album, expect a collection produced by him.

Music Is My Oxygen:
... although it doesn’t reach the heights of its predecessor, it’s still a vast improvement on his 00s output which should also help re-establish his credentials as one of the bass-heavy scene’s most intriguing mavericks.

Sonic Seducer (in German):
Die Vielfalt auf „Adrian Thaws“ ist aber auch die größte Schwäche des Albums, über das böse Zungen behaupten würden, Tricky habe sich verrannt. Positiv gesagt: Adrian Thaws ist ein komplexer Charakter.

Terrorverlag (in German):
“Adrian Thaws” kommt nicht ganz unerwartet, aber dennoch heftig. TRICKY beweist, dass er noch immer eine kapitale Größe ist und seine Gastauswahl ungeschlagen.

Off The Tracks:
Good enough without ever totally nailing it. Mr Consistency for the most part – and then just enough of the mad and mercurial.

Pop Matters:
Adrian Thaws is one of his most successful attempts to achieve reconciliation between the strengths of his established sound, and his need to progress as an artist. (7 of 10)

Record Collector:
This record is a composite piece blessed with a vision and singularity that repeatedly surprises and invigorates.  (4 of 5)

Clash Music:
Restless, furiously inventive and resolutely original, Tricky shows no signs of thawing just yet.
(7 of 10)

The Georgia State Signal:
“Adrian Thaws” is one of the year’s most disappointing records and Tricky’s worst album to date.

Audio Addict:
The whole album is full of pleasing surprises and it feels like Tricky has been lying to us this complete time about his musical identity.
(7 of 10)

Tiny Mix Tapes:
One of the best things about Adrian Thaws is its stubborn and unfashionable sensibility.
(4,5 of 5)

Fact Magazine:
... I
t suffers from the same issues that have blighted his last few: directionless genre-hopping, unimaginative productions, and a general absence of Tricky himself.
(2,5 of 5)

Release Magazine:
Tricky has re-invented his musical style again, and come up with something to rival some of the best albums this year.
(9 of 10)

Der Standard: - IN GERMAN
Tricky hat auf Adrian Thawes weder Richtung noch Ziel. Ab und an hofft man, er würde doch noch die Kurve kratzen, da kommt schon die nächste Peinlichkeit.

NPR - First Listen:
Consistent throughout Adrian Thaws is a brooding, searching spirit and a cinematic sense of atmosphere. Tricky's cinema, to be sure, is noir and then some, but he also knows how to pan back every now and then for a widescreen fantasia.


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