Here are the lyrics for all the Martina related tracks, the
songs are in alphabetical order. The lyrics from the tracks with
Tricky are taken from this great lyrics page, a bit corrected
sometimes. If you want to correct or add anything, feel free
to send me a mail!

    lyrics by album    
Quixotic (2003)  The Blue God (2008)



    lyrics by song    
Anything Phoenix
April Grove Razor Tongue
Baby Blue Ragga
Carnies Sandpaper Kisses
Ilya Shangri La
Intro Soulfood
I Still Feel Stevie's (Day's Of A Gun)
I Wanna Be There Too Tough To Die
Lullaby Valentine
Lying Yesterday
Need One

    non album tracks    
Coattails Of A Dead Man (with Primus) Outrun (David Holmes)
Dirty Drowning Man (with Primus) Slip Your Skin (David Holmes)
Warzone (with Puracane) Zero Tolerance (David Holmes)
I Only Have Eyes For You

    with Tricky    
Abbaon Fat Tracks Judas/If you want my love
Aftermath Lyrics Of Fury
Analyze me Makes Me Wanna Die
Anti Histamine My Evil Is Strong
Bad Dreams Overcome
Black Coffee Poems
Black Steel Ponderosa
Brand New You're Retro Sex Drive
Broken Homes (Hip Hop Mix) Singing The Blues
Carriage For Two Six Minutes
Children's Story Strugglin'
Christiansands Suffocated Love
Demise Talk To Me (Angels With Dirty Faces)
Feed Me Taxi (White Boy)
Hell Is Round The Corner Vent
I Be The Prophet


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