Firenze, Italy (16.12.01)
about 90 mins.
vocals: Tricky, Hawkman, ???
new song ('It's Just A Question')
You Don't Wanna
Black Steel
Give It To 'Em
Diss never
For Real (long version)
Money Greedy (long version)
Vent (as encore)

here's a review from Alessio:

Tenax. They write Tnx. They're completely fucked up in the head. Tenax was a very famous disco in the 80's in Florence. I was there yesterday night because of Tricky, but looks like they did stop at 80's. The biggest problem of that concert was the acoustics, because it sounded like there was your neighbor's garage-punk band on stage............ they just pumped up the bass and the drums lines to much, really too much,so that we couldn't hear the voices at all. They don't know Tricky's live music don't need that, all based on the bass line mostly, it's so powerful itself. So every beat you could feel your chest to bump! And another big problem was that they let go in the double the people they could, this is just my impression because so we had no space for real. At the end I think people at Tenax did this "just" for the money,without any kind of professionalism. In fact when the concert was over they immediatly asked people to go out because they had to close, while they usually go on allnight long dancing. But maybe it was just sunday night, the wrong night for them.

Tricky himself was quite good, I get the impression he was really in the mood yesterday night, but you can understand there was this disgusting sound which destroyed all the atmosphere he can create. Anyway I will tell you just my impressions shortly...........first of all I've to say I really didn't get in the concert, and when it happened it was too late because was for last two songs. I think it's because of the sounds, you know..... Secondly I really didn't like the drummer, he was very very simple, and even the blonde girl was quite terrible (but I'm not so sure about her because of the sound, you know...), I mean she showed us a very beautiful ass all concert long, but unfortunatly I
was there for the music!!

Hawkman was great as always, nothing to say, even if yesterday night he mistaked starting a song. Nothing to say to guitar and bass players, they did what they had to do, nothing more nothing less. Tricky was very good, he was well predisposed,he did his own intense show rumbling and shouting and changing every song, once again (and this time I was terribly close to him, just 2 or 3 meters, because Tenax is very very small and with that sound I preferred to see the show) I saw him to direct the band as an orchestra, and just move and act as an epileptic, if you saw him once you know what I mean man!

I liked very much a long version of For real, he just didn't sing because he was smokin', so the band played as instrumental, then quite at the end (I'm sure they were going to stop it) he went to the mic and started few lines, and went on repeating them again and again and asking to the band to go faster and then to relax again and again........he finished humbling "It's just passed the
time" for minutes, then they started immediatly a long and strong version of Money greedy, so all togheter was really emotional. But then the concert finished, after just 75 minutes, then they were  immediatly back for a long Vent version as encore, but it did't impress me much, I saw that too many times. 

At the end my friends and me we were really upset about this concert, too short and with a disgusting sound, you know........ Permit me to say few lines more to that stupid guys who were close to me in front of the stage: if you wanna see a concert protecting your girlfriends and if you don't like people dancing close to you, try to go to Britney Spears concert!!!!




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