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This is a selection of articles and interviews that feature Martina.
Links to interviews on the  web are indicated by *. You can see the
pictures in the articles bigger by clicking on them! For live reviews
check out the concertography. You can find album and single
reviews here, for the albums she has done with Tricky in
the Tricky reviews page.




  • Martina doesn't say anything in this interview, but it describes how Tricky and Martina met.
  • Melody Maker: DODGY GEEZER (January 29)

  • Another variation of the story how Martina and Tricky met, and she even says a few words in the interview!
  • Melody Maker: SLACK MAGIC (May 14)

  • Martina talks about 'Ponderosa' and her take on Ambient. 


  • NME: TRICKY UP YOUR EARS (January 14)

  • Tricky talks about Martina, that she is his best mate and an amazing woman
  • The Face: THE WIDE BUNCH (February)

  • This article says that Martina wanted to study oceanology. She also talks about Tricky's music ('funny but not happy') and states that Tricky is an alien.
  • VOX: TRICK 'N' MIX (September)

  • Tricky talks about his influences - including Martina!

  • Very good and interesting article, written by no one else than - David Bowie! In the beginning it's almost addressed to Martina ("Don't look for the music, it will look for you") and more than the usual music mag crap.
  • NME: VAMPIRE OF THE SENSI (October 28)

  • Big interview with Martina!
  • Melody Maker: MEN OF THE YEAR (December 23-30)

  • Tricky choses Martina as one of the 'men of the year'....


  • The Face: IT'S A TRICKY WORLD (April)

  • Big article with lots of infos about Martina and a short interview with her! Tricky was upset about this article because it portrys him as a bad father. He even claimed later that the writer (Andrew Smith) is to blame for his musical split with Martina (see Big Issue article in 98)
  • Blah Blah Blah: DEVIL IN A BLUE MOOD (October)

  • Martina talks a bit about the recording of Pre Millennium Tension in Jamaica, and Tricky talks a bit about Martina. 


  • The Face: THE MAD FATHER (May) 

  • No Martina content here, but Tricky later attacked the writer, Craig McLean, at the Glastonbury Festival and blamed him (and another writer, Andrew Smith) for his split with Martina.
  • Big Issue: HELL'S ANGEL (May 25-31)

  • Tricky explains why he won't work with Martina anymore.


  • Il Mucchio Selvaggio: TRICKY INTERVIEW (August 31)

  • Short translation of an interview, where Tricky speaks about Martina's solo album.



  • The new album by David Holmes ('Bow Down To Exit', out June 12) will include collaborations with Martina.


  • Virginmega: THE TRADE OF TRICKY (July 12)

  • Short interview with Tricky, where he states that he stopped working with Martina, because the press wanted to turn him into another Ike Turner... 


  • The Observer - GIRL INTERRUPTED  (May 25)

  • The article talks about Martina's history with Tricky, her influences, but Martina doesn't want to talk about the songs from the album.
  • The Scotsman - THE PAST IS STILL TRICKY  (May 27)

  • This article is mostly about Martina's past with Tricky and it has a little interview part at the end.
  • The Scotsman - THE BIRD TAKES TO THE AIR  (June 1)

  • Martina reveals some of her musical influences (from Cesarea Avora to Umu Sangare) and the responsibilities of releasing her own album.
  • i-D: ONE TRUE VOICE  (June)

  • A long article with nice photos! Martina talks about her album, recording with Tricky and other things...
  • X-Ray: FIVE MINUTES WITH...  (June)

  • Another interview that almost talks more about Tricky than Martina! But another cool photo...
  • *Shake n Stir: INTERVIEW*  (June)

  • Interesting interview, giving some insights about the recording of 'Quixotic'.
  •  *The Independent - ON A WING AND A PRAYER*  (July 4)

  • Interesting interview with Martina about the album, making music and Tricky.
  • The Big Issue: BIRD OF PARADISE  (July 7-13)

  • Interesting interview, in which Martina talks about the unreleased song "Four on the floor" and other things.
  • *Express & Star: MARTINA TAKES CENTRE STAGE*  (July 18)

  •  Short interview with Martina, she says that maybe she will work with Tricky again in the future....
  • *Sunday Herald: FLYING THE NEST*  (September 7)

  • Short interview about the low budget films, the Mercury Music Prize, press and more...


  • *Rolling Stone: TOPLEY-BIRD TAKES FLIGHT*  (August 10)

  • Short interview around the release of 'Anything' in the US, Martina talks about recording the albun and that she would like to do a longer tour.
  • * SOUL FOR THE PEOPLE*  (September)

  • Article with interview parts, more about Martina's past with Tricky.




  • VERY interesting feature about the recording of Maxinquaye, also describes how Martina recorded the vocals...



  • *IdentityTheory:  POP NOIR: 13 QUESTIONS*  (March 5)

  • Short interview about "The Blue God" and Martina's inspirations.

  • *Telegraph: Encounter with a exotic, mysterious Bird*  (March 15)

  • Interview with Martina, she talks about Blue God, working with Brian Burton (Dangermouse) and - of course - Tricky.
  • *INTRO: HABEN UND SEIN*  (June 26) - iN GERMAN

  • Not really an interview, more an articles with quotes from an interview... The same issue of the magazine has a feature about Tricky!

  • *Stylemag: Spiritualized im Angesicht des Todes*  (August 22) - IN GERMAN

  • Short article about Blue God, nothing mindblowing new there, but a nice photo
  • *Face Culture: Video Interview*  (March 5)   [new]

  • Really long video interview in 5 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.



  • *The Observer: I played Boggle the other night...* (July 11)  [new]

  • Interview about touring with Massive Attack, her album "Some Place Simple" how she met Tricky, their daughter and her new projects (very vague, unfortunately).


    more interviews:

    2010: (interesting!)

    Antiquiet: A conversation with Martina Topley-Bird


    video interviews:
    2008: (french)

    2010: (french) (french)



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