Park Sielecki
Sosnowiec, Poland (11.05.2012)

vocals: Tricky, Francesca

The setlist is taken from, but some more tracks were played:

00Intro: Sam Cooke: Lost and Lookin'    (You Tube, plus next song)     
01 You Don't Wanna Instrumental    
02 Puppy Toy  (You Tube)      
03 Really Real           (You Tube)
04 Past Mistake       (You Tube)    (You Tube)
05Black Steel       (You Tube)
06Kingston Logic  (You Tube) (You Tube, plus next 2 songs)
07Veronika    (You Tube)  
08 The Lovecats                   (You Tube)        
10 Ghetto Stars           (You Tube) 
11 UK Jamaican
12Ace Of Spades      (You Tube) (You Tube)  
13Murder Weapon    (You Tube)
14I Sing For The Joker
also played, because there are You Tube videos:
Gangster Chronicle  (You Tube)
Pumpkin   (You Tube)

See some photos here.



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