La Cooperative de Mai
Clermont-Ferrand, France (15.12.2013)

vocals: Tricky, Francesca

The setlist may not be complete, as this You Tube video has 'By Myself' as the last song.
01 You Don't Wanna Instrumental    
02 'I Live Alone'     (You Tube, plus next 3 songs and last song)   
03 Ace Of Spades      (You Tube)  
04 Overcome        (You Tube) 
05 Puppy Toy  (You Tube)                      
06 Parenthesis  (You Tube)
07 Valentine Instrumental      (You Tube)     
08 Gangster Chronicle (London Posse cover)      (You Tube)              
09 I Sing For The Joker     (You Tube)   
10Nothing Matters   (You Tube)
Nothing's Changed    (You Tube)
'By Myself' 



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