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'Product Of The Environment' is the title of an album that Tricky
made with British Gangsters.
 The music is made by Gareth Bowen,
check out details in the collaborations discography.
 Here you can
find links or lyrics (or both) to some of the songs and gangsters,
plus infos about a promo 12".

    the album    
The CD for the Product... project [PALMCD 2029-2] is released on Palm Pictures on October 25, 1999:
  01. Roy Shaw
  02. Bernie Lee
  03. Tony Guest
  04. Jack Adams
  05. Tony Lambrianou
  06. Freddie Foreman
  07. Dave Courtney
  08. Joey Pyle
  09. Charlie Richardson
  10. Tommy Wisbey
  11. 'Mad' Frankie Fraser

> Bowen got to know Jack Adams, an accomplice of the Krays, after working at London's Barrington Studios, which Adams owns. Adams introduced Bowen to a number of underworld nines, including Great Train Robber Tom Wisby end another Kray associate, Tony Lambrianou, who served time for the murder of Jack 'The Hat' McVitie.... <
(NME, July 31 1999)

    the promo 12"    
This is a promo 12" [POTEDJ1] for the Product... project, released on Palm Pictures:
click here for more details   A1. Bernie Lee (Original)
  A2. Bernie Lee (Remix)
  B1. Tony Guest (Original)
  B2. Dave Courtney (Original)

The Bernie Lee Remix has no end, it keeps on going in the last groove of the A-side, with Bernie Lee telling us everytime again: "I love Nitro!" The sleeve is simply black with a sticker on it. My copy of this promo also has a promo-release-sheet with some infos about the project, see it here.

    lyrics & links    
  • Roy Shaw

  • Bernie Lee

  • Tony Guest

  • Jack Adams

  • Tony Lambrianou

  • Freddie Foreman

  • Dave Courtney

  • Mad Frankie Fraser



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