Dave Courtney
I'm Dave Courtney,
My position in sort of the London crime scene is
I have under my command five hundred six foot flat nose geazers
I'm looked at as an army
I'm called in London the yellow pages for the underworld
It’s not being a villain I find addictive
It's the lifestyle around it
The class went out of crime when the only crime left to do was drugs
Most of my wealth has come through debt collecting
I do specialised debt collecting
I go all around the world chasing people for money that they owe everybody else
And if the price is right I would be prepared 
to do anything to retrieve the debt
I would be prepared to go to any lengths to retrieve
Thirty percent of two hundred grand,
Apart from kill somebody.
My choice of weapon is a knuckle duster
If you choose a gun then you've got to be prepared to do
Fifteen years for murder, fifteen years for murder
The good times are good, really good 
But the bad times are really really bad
They outweigh the good times
There's got to be an easier way to earn a living apart
From dodging bullets and doing a load of bird
When I sit back and think of my life so far
The bullet holes, the different prisons I've been banged up in,
The so-called glamour of the crime game
It’s all bollocks really
It's so sad when you want to go and see a friend
And you have to go and visit a prison 
somewhere up and down the country
I'm finished with it
Four times I've been in prison on remand
I ain't going to prison no more
I'm finished with it.
I f you carry a gun and something happens 
you're more than likely to pull out the gun and use it.
If you carry a knife when you're losing a fight 
you'd pull it out and stab him
If you carry a duster you'd pull it out and break their jaw 
and knock him out.
from: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/music/soundqlt/crims/courtney.htm

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