La Laiterie
Strasbourg, France (11.12.2013)

vocals: Tricky, Francesca

The setlist is taken from, but I think it's not correct.

01 You Don't Wanna Instrumental    
02 'I Live Alone'      
03 Nothing's Changed    
04 Parenthesis  
05 Puppy Toy                       
06 Ace Of Spades    
07 Overcome             
08 Nothing Matters   
09 Past Mistake 
11Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)     
12Black Steel
13Does It
14Really Real
15I Sing For The Joker     (You Tube, next song is Gangster Chronicle)   
16Makes me wanna die
19Gangster Chronicle (London Posse cover)      
21'By Myself' 

Here are some photos.

Here is a review (in French) with photos, and even more photos are here.



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