Tricky solo discography ~ part 1
(1991 - 1998)


Nearly God & PMT
Angels With Dirty Faces


The "Maxinquaye" period:
  click here for more pics  VA: The Hard Sell                        
  LP UK / Earth Recordings AEARTHLP1 / 8. April 1991
 CD UK / Earth Recordings AEARTHCD1 / 8. April 1991
 cassette UK / Earth Recordings AEARTHMC1 /
8. April 1991
A1. Reborn - Possession (The song) 3:50
A2. 0272 - I Need You Here 5:02
A3. The Federation - Life So Free 4:40
A4. BBP & Free Da Spirit - The Spirit Level 3:15
A5. Tricky - Nothing's Clear 2:52
A6. Language - Tranquility Bass 5:16
B1. Sean Oliver - Furious Fire (Massive Attack & Jeremy Allom Reconstruction) 3:10
B2. Intime - Second Sight 5:07
B3. Tru Funk - You Drive Me (Crazy) 5:48
B4. 3PM - Manifestation 4:39
B5. Mark Stewart & Tony Wrafter - Loyalty Is Valuable 4:29

The CD version has three more tracks:
05. Sister Redz - Next To You (Closer To Heaven) (6:04)
10. D. Rez - Bring Out The Sound (4:20)
11. UK Chapter - And You Are (4:09)

This album is a charity album compiled 1991 in Bristol to help people with blood disorders. "Nothing's Clear" is the first song Tricky released. He did it together with Portishead's Geoff Barrow, who also did some little jobs for Massive Attack at that time. The credits for the song are: written, produced and mixed by Tricky Kid/Geoff Barrow. It features a lot of lyrics that appeared later on Maxinquaye. You can see a bigger pic of the cover on Massive Attack's website, I've gathered scans here. As you can read on Wikipedia the song inspired Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson) in 1994 to call his label "Nothing's Clear", but later the name was changed to Spymania.

> I've known Geoff from Portishead a long, long time and me and him are chalk and cheese. We've never had the same experiences of anything ever. <
(NME, January 14 1995)

> What's the most insulting thing anyone ever said to you?
That I sound like Portishead. <
(The Face, April 1996)




  click here for more pics  Aftermath 12" (demo)
  12" UK / Nyeeve Records NAIF 27168 / 31. March 1993
A1. Aftermath 5:45
B1. Aftermath (Mellow Version) 6:00

An early version of Aftermath that Tricky put out on a self financed 12" before he got signed to Island. Supposedly there are only 500 copies existing! This version sounds a bit different than the album version from Maxinquaye, but not too much. The Mellow Version has a spoken part in the middle (repeated partly in the end by Martina) that is also in 'Version 1' on the regular Aftermath single. The credits for both versions are: Lyrics & production by Tricky, Co-production by Kevin Petrie, Honeycoated vocals by Martina. It also says: copyright control A.Thaws NAIF 27168, self-preservation productions (the catalogue number is Tricky's birthday!). Read an interesting article about this release and Aftermath in general here. The vinyl comes in a white die cut sleeve with a phone number for Nyeeve Records stamped on it, see pics here.

> Tricky recorded the track in 1991 with the help of Bristol scene stalwart, Mark Stewart. <
(Melody Maker, January 29 1994)



  click here for bigger pictures  After This (Aftermath 12" testpress)
  12" UK / no / 1993 (?)
A1. Aftermath (unreleased version) 5:11

This seems to be another early version of Aftermath that I've never seen or heard elsewhere! The version sounds a lot like the "I could be looking for people" remix, but it has no vocals at all and a different beginning. 
The vinyl comes in a white die-cut sleeve without any words or stickers on it. The record itself has only "AFTER THIS" written in the middle (other copies don't have this handwriting). It has no catalogue number, just written LEG + IT 5/5 on the vinyl. It is a one-sided record, so there is no b-side. See bigger scans of the vinyl here.

> Tricky had been picking up the tape, playing it, putting it down, and forgetting about it, all that time. And then, f-- it, he cut a white label right off the cassette copy he had, and hang the hiss. "That's why the white label's got a load of atmosphere. It's to do with the hiss. It's mad really, just bassline and hiss." <
(NME, January 22 1994)



 12" UK / 12 BRW 288, Island 858_111-1 / 24. January 1994
 CD UK / BRCD 288, Island 858_111-2 / 24. January 1994 (digipak)
 CD US / Island 162_440_590-2_/_1994 (jewel case)
 CD Australia / Island 858_111-2_/_1994 (flat paper cover)
1. Aftermath (Version 1 edit)  4:01
2. Aftermath (Hip Hop Blues) 7:40
3. Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix) 5:11
4. Aftermath (Version 1) 5:01

The first regular single that Tricky put out on Island. The Hip Hop Blues is the later album version, while the 'I Could Be Looking...' version is remixed and produced by Howie B and Tricky. The 'Version 1 edit' is in fact an edit of the 'Hip Hop Blues' (Album version). The 12" doesn't have the this track at all. The version 1 will be later released on the digitally remastered Maxinquaye edition in 2009 (see here), also Daddy G used it in his DJ Kicks edition (see here).

> That day they cut a song of Tricky's, 'Aftermath'. It wasn't a logical, songwriter's song as such, although it made sense in its own universe. Mark Stewart was chanting some old crap in the back of the mix somewhere. What was it? It was the Young Rascals' 'How Can I Be Sure'. What did it mean? No-one knew or cared; it sounded fine'. <

> Wordsmith Tricky says he doesn't know what 'Aftermath' is about, exactly. "It's about the bomb, that's the obvious bit. The 'four walls' stuff means it's for eyerybody. And 'Your eyes resemble mine...' I don't know. It's weird. Mad." <

> The main sample, if anyone's interested, comes from Marvin Gaye's 'That's The Way Love Is', the precursor of the dear dead soulman's 'I Hear It Through The Grapevine' and arguably a more spirited record. Then there are two basslines welded together, a bit of ... well, in the end, it's a magical sound. <
(NME, January 22 1994)

> And what about that sample in Aftermath - 'Let me tell you about my mother' - from Leon the Replicant in Blade Runner. You know Leon, an android, a fake human with no parents and no love but false memories... like that's so paranoid... <
(i-D, June 1998)



  12" UK / 12 BRW 299, Island 858_505-1 / 25. April 1994
  12" US / Island 422 - 858
  CD UK / BRCD 299, Island 858
_505-2 / 25. April 1994
A1. Ponderosa (Original Version) 4:19
A2. Ponderosa (Dobies' Rub part 1) 4:24
B1. Ponderosa (Ultramagnetic's Terrorists Power Club Mix) 4:09
B2. Ponderosa (Original Instrumental) 4:19
B3. Ponderosa (Dobie's Rub part 1 Tricky's Confusion) 4:24

The original version is longer than the album version, it has about 30 seconds more at the end of the track. The 'Ultramagnetic's Terrorists Power Club Mix' is remixed by The Ultramagnetic MC‘s (TR Love and DJ More Love). 'Dobie's Rub' is remixed by Dobie, in 2009 it was released again on the digitally remastered version of Maxinquaye (see here). 'Dobie's Rub - Tricky's Confusion' doesn't have Martina's honeycoated vox, only Tricky's backvocals that sound a bit, well, confused.
The CD single comes as a digipak or slim jewel case. It has the Original 7" edit of Ponderosa instead of the 'Original version' (which is shorter, only 3.33) and the tracks have a different order (7" edit / Power Club Mix / Dobies's Rub / Original Instrumental / Dobie's Rub - Tricky's Confusion).

> "It's good," says Tricky. "I've seen all the club reviews, the club DJs, most of them hate it. And that's f***ing really good news." <
(Melody Maker, May 14 1994)



  click for more pics  Overcome
  12" UK / 12 BRW 304, Island 854_171-1 / 16. January 1995 
  CD UK / BRCD 304, Island 854_171-2 / 16. January 1995
  7" UK / BRW 304, Island 854_170-7 / 16. January 1995  
  MC UK / BRCA 304, Island 854_170-4 / 
16. January 1995 
1. Overcome (Album Mix) 3:41
2. Overcome (Bungle Mix) 2:37
3. Abbaon Fat Tracks 5:50
4. Overcome (Zippy Mix) 2:37

The Album Mix is an edit of the album version found on Maxinquaye. The Zippy mix is an instrumental of the Bungle mix, both are produced by Tricky & Mark Saunders. The Bungle Mix will be released again in 2009 on the digitally remastered Maxinquaye edition (see here). Abbaon Fat Tracks is a slightly different version than on Maxinquaye, it is the same but about 1 minute longer (with a longer instrumenal part at the end).
The 12" has the same tracks as the CD, but contains some strange mistakes: on the label of the record is a wrong tracklength for the Bungle mix (3:39, but in fact it's just 2:37 long), while the length of Abbaon Fat Tracks is not written at all. The Album Mix length is written as 4:36 on the label (while on the CD it's only 3:41 long), but it's not a mistake! Because this track is longer than on the CD single and is in fact the album version!!! 
The 7" only has the Album Mix (a) and Abbaon Fat Tracks (aa). But like on the 12" it's again the (longer) album version instead of the edit. It's also a limited edition with a printed number and has a nice foldout cover
(take a look here)
The CD comes as a digipak or a slim jewel case. And an interesting detail about the digipak: in the hole in the middle of the CD is written "way up" with a little arrow (while it says "way down" and an arrow in the opposite direction in the Black Steel digipak). 
The cassette single has the same tracks as the 7" (Album Mix, Abbaon Fat Tracks), but I don't know if it's really the Album Mix or again the longer version.

> The Single that directly precedes the album is a version of 'Karmacoma' - last heard on Massive's 'Protection' - called 'Overcome'...   "Well, that's my song for a start, and it doesn't sound anything at all like the version on their album. Not a bit." <
(NME, January 14 1995)

> "When there's trust there'll be treats / When we f*** we'II hear beats".
"Ah no, it don't say f***, it says 'funk'. That's to do with trust. As in, me and you, when I trust you totally I'll show you myself. I must admit," he grins, "it does sound like 'f***' though, dunnit? <
(Melody Maker, January 21 1995)




  LP UK / BRLP 610, Island_524_089-1 / 20. Fabruary 1995
 CD UK / BRCD 610, Island_524_089-2 / 20. Fabruary 1995
 CD US / Island Polygram_524_089-2_/_1995
 MC UK / BRCA 610, Island_524_089-4 / 20. Fabruary 1995
01. Overcome 4:28
02. Ponderosa 3:30
03. Black Steel 5:39
04. Hell Is Round The Corner 3:46
05. Pumpkin 4:30
06. Aftermath 7:38
07. Abbaon Fat Tracks 4:26
08. Brand New You're Retro 2:54
09. Suffocated Love 4:53
10. You Don't 4:39
11. Strugglin' 6:36
12. Feed Me 4:02

Maxinquaye is Tricky's debut album, named after his mother Maxine Quaye. To see the content of the Maxinquaye presskit (one photo and a 3-page release sheet) go here! The vinyl doesn't have the title 'Maxinquaye' written anywhere on the cover!
In 2009 a digitally remastered edition of Maxinquaye was released, see the discography here. It has a second CD with remixes (old and even new ones!). 

> Tricky: "My Chinese doctor said I got into singing because of my asthma, but I think it was because of my Mum. She was too early dead and I think she's got things to say, she's saying them through me." His first album, Maxinquaye, was named after her. <
(Big Issue, April 20/27 1997)

> Because of all the people I know who've heard this record, the only one who doesn't think it's about sex or find it incredibly erotic is the guy who made it. <
(Melody Maker, January 21 1995)

> Martina: "They're Tricky songs - dark and truthful. I think they reflect the way a lot of people feel right now, but they're also a bit otherworldly. (pause) I guess that's because Tricky's an alien." <
(The Face, February 1995)


  click here for more pics  Black Steel
 12" UK / 12 BRW 320, Island_854_271-1 / 20. March 1995 (with poster)
 CD UK / BRCD 320, Island_854_271-2 / 3. April 1995 (digipak)
 CD UK / BRCDX 320, Island_854_303-2 / 3. April 1995 (digipak with poster)
 CD Europe [?] / BRCDZ 320, Island
_854_307-2_/_1995 (slim jewel case)
1. Black Steel (Radio edit) 3:43
2. Black Steel (Been Caught Steeling Mix) 5:57
3. Black Steel (In The Draw Mix) 6:21
4. Black Steel (The Live Remix) 5:00
5. Black Steel (Album Mix) 5:39

'Black Steel' is a cover of Public Enemy's 'Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos' (check out cover me for details). Track 2 and 3 are remixed by Substance and track 4 by 'Them'. The 12 " has only four tracks (A1. Album Mix, A2. The Live Remix, B1. Been Caught Steeling Mix, B2. In The Draw Mix). The European (or maybe German?) version also has four tracks (1. Radio edit, 2. Been Caught Steeling Mix, 3. Live Remix, 4. Album version). 
There are some funny little details in this single: The digipak has written in the hole in the middle of the CD "way down" (while it says "way up" and an arrow in the opposite direction in the Overcome digipak!). And the number on the front cover is also the release date for the UK single (030495). The poster of the digipak shows the two pictures of Tricky and Martina merged together. Also the 12" has this poster, but in a much bigger size. Take a look at the posters here

> In fact, Chuck D was impressed enough by Tricky's enervated Public Enemy cover that he plans to collaborate with him on a Tricky cover of his own. <
(Spin, February 1996)





  click here for more pics  Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz: Hell EP
 12" UK / 12 BRW 326, Island_854_383-1 / 24. July 1995 (red vinyl)
 CD UK / BRCD 326, Island_854_383-2 / 24. July 1995 
 CD Australia / Island_854_383-2_/_1995
 7" UK / BRW 326, Island_854_382-7 / 24. July 1995 (picture disc)
1. Hell Is Round The Corner (Original Mix) 3:44
2. Hell Is Round The Corner (The Hell & Water Mix) 4:18
3. Psychosis 6:34
4. Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix) 4:41

This single contains two tracks done with the Gravediggaz. The credits for 'Psychosis' are: produced by Tricky/RZA, vocals by Tricky/Grim Reaper, for 'Tonite is a special nite': produced by Dobie/Tricky/RZA, vocals by Tricky/Gravediggaz. The 12" is made of a flame red vinyl. The UK CD comes as a digipak or slim jewel case. The 7" only has the two versions of 'Hell is round the corner' (take a look at the picture disc here). Much discussed is the fact that Hell Is Round The Corner uses the same Isaac Hayes sample as Portishead's "Glory Box" (check out they ask my origin for details).

> Tricky: "I think we've all got a touch of psychosis. In a city, you've got all this energy of people who ain't quite normal; that abnormal energy just reflects off everything and pushes us further down the path." <
(Melody Maker, June 24 1995)

> ... an Island rep suggested that RZA and Tricky meet. ... "At midnight we met at the studio," Tricky recounts. "And we just did the tracks, man. Drank some red wine, started mixing. We set up four mikes and just went down the line, shouting at the engineer." They cut the Hell EP in one night. <
(Spin, February 1996)

> Tricky about RZA: "He's an extraordinary producer and musician, a f***ing Nineties Mozart. I feel a connection with Wu-Tang, definitely, but only in that we're all very confused..." <
(Melody Maker, December 23/30 1995)



The "Nearly God"/"Pre-Millennium Tension" period:
   Starving Souls: I Be The Prophet
  CD / DPCD 001, Durban Poison 854_443-2 / 9. September 1995
  12" / 12DP001, Durban Poison 845_443-1_/_1995 
1. I Be The Prophet 4:55
2. If You Want My Love 4:25
3. I Be The Prophet (With Drums) 4:54

This is the first single from the Nearly God project on his own label Durban Poison under a pseudonym. Tricky says: "It's just a pseudo-name so I can get stuff out quicker. I want to get as much stuff out as quickly as possible, that's why I set up my own label and made up pseudo - names." (NME, October 95). The name was inspired by a band member (Patrice Chevalier), who said that tour musicians are like starving souls (see NME, October 95). 
'If you want my love' is a Depeche Mode cover (check out cover me for details). It is also on the US version of the Nearly God album, with a different name ('Judas'). The 'With drums' version is very similar to the album version. The 12" has the same tracks as the CD.

>> Tricky: "I had this psychic drawing done... See, I wanted to know where all this silver was coming from, cos lately I've been wearing loads of silver," he continues. "And the psychic woman told me it symbolises Mercury, the messenger God .... And she wrote, 'When he lands, there shall be peace.' Mad, innit?"
Tricky tells me he wrote a song last night inspired by this psychic analysis (on impulse, he'd booked a New York studio and used two days between making his live debut and supporting PJ Harvey to knock out a quick EP). The song's called Prophet. <<
(Melody Maker, June 24 1995)



 CD UK / BRCD 330, Island 854_457-2 / 30. October 1995 (left pic)
 MC UK / BRCA 330, Island 854_456-4 / 30. October 1995 (right pic)
click here for a bigger picture
1. Pumpkin (edit) 4:07
2. Moody Broody Buddhist Camp 5:18
3. Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece Remix) 4:51
4. Pumpkin (Ambient) 4:45

The CD comes as a digipak or jewel case, it was released right before Helloween, which fits! I don't know if this was done on purpose or just coincidence. The cassette single only has two tracks: 1. Pumpkin (radio), 2. Moody Broody Buddhist Camp (repeated on both sides). Pumpkin samples the Smashing Pumpkins song 'Suffer' (hence the name Pumpkin). But instead of showing his respect to this band, it seems to be more the opposite:

> TRICKY: Sometimes I sample people to disrespect them. People think it's a compliment. Smashing Pumpkins, that was a bit of a piss take, really, what it was. I saw him in concert, I think he's the most pretentious guy. I don't understand how someone that pretentious can be big, so that was just a piss take. <
(Raygun, October 1996)



   Pumpkin 12"
  12" UK / 12 BRW 330, Island_854_457-1 / 30. October 1995 (orange vinyl)
A1. Pumpkin (edit) 4:07
A2. Pumpkin (Badja Mix) 3:51
B1. Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece Remix) 4:51
B2. Slick 66 4:14

There are two new tracks on the vinyl that are not on the CD single: 'Pumpkin (Badja mix)' and 'Slick 66'. The first is remixed by Badja, the second is a Slick Rick cover song (check out cover me for details). It is another version of 'Children's Story' (from the Poems single and the US version of Nearly God). While Martina is doing all the vocals on 'Children's Story', 'Slick 66' features Tricky on vocals and Terry Hall is doing backing vocals.



  click here for more pics  Nearly God: Poems
  CD UK / DPCD 003, Durban Poison 854_583-2 / 8. April 1996
  12" UK / 12DP 003, Durban Poison 854_583-1 / 8. April 1996
  7" UK / DP 003, Durban Poison 854_582-7 / 8. April 1996
1. Poems (edit) 4:16
2. Children's Story 4:52
3. Poems (full length) 6:32

'Poems' is the first "regular" single from Nearly God, the song has vocals by Terry Hall, Tricky and Martina. 'Children's Story' is originally a song by Slick Rick, the credits are: written by Richard Waters, vocals by Martina Topley-Bird (check out cover me for details). The 12" has a different track order: the full length version is the first track, while the edit is the last. The 7" has a foldout cover and only Poems (a) and Children's Story (aa). On the right inside of the cover (where the record is in) there's a mysterious writing, find out about it here. The CD comes as a digipak or slim jewel case.

> Where did the name Nearly God come from?
It was from a bloke who interviewed me in Germany last year. He came in and said, "So how does it feel to be God?", then stopped and went, "Well, nearly God." <
(The Face, April 1996)



   Nearly God: Nearly God
  LP UK / DPLP 1001, Durban Poison 524_245-1 / 22. April 1996 
  CD UK / DPCD 1001, Durban Poison 524_245-2 / 22. April 1996
  CD US / Island 162 - 531_064-2_/_1996
  MC UK / DPMC 1001, Durban Poison 524_245-4 / 22. April 1996
  MC US / Island 162 - 531_164-4_/_1996
01. Tattoo 5:30
02. Poems (Terry Hall) 6:55
03. Together Now (Neneh Cherry) 3:09
04. Keep Your Mouth Shut (Björk) 6:02
05. I Be The Prophet 4:55
06. Make A Change (Alison Moyet) 6:01
07. Black Coffee 4:50
08. Bubbles (Terry Hall) 3:25
09. I Sing For You (Cath Coffey) 6:22
10. Yoga (Björk) 4:32

The US version has two bonus tracks: 11. Judas (4:23), 12. 
Children's Story (4:49). 'Judas' is a Depeche Mode cover and the same version as 'If you want my love' on the 'I be the prophet' single. 'Children's Story' is a Slick Rick cover and also on the 'Poems' CD single. A different version of 'Children's Story' - Tricky and Terry Hall on vocals instead of Martina - can be found on the Pumpkin 12" under the name 'Slick 66'. 'Tattoo' is originally by Siouxsie And The Banshees and 'Black Coffee' is a Jazz standard (check out cover me for details about all the cover songs).

There's still some unreleased material from the Nearly God project: a couple of songs done with Neneh Cherry (four of them are b-sides of Neneh Cherry singles, check out the remix & collaboration discography) and one collaboration with Damon Albarn (Blur) that will never get released. Tricky re-did the song with Madness singer Suggs, but also this version hasn't been released yet.

Tricky wrote and recorded "Together Now" with Mark Saunders and Neneh Cherry in Spain in July 1994. You can see some photos of these sessions on his official website. In an article by Detour you can read that they recorded 10 tracks during these sessions and why only some of them are released on singles by Neneh Cherry (Had You In Me, Crack Baby, Devotion, I Wanna Know).

> TRICKY: The Damon one is never going to come out. He lost his balls. He wants to work on something for like two months and then do the vocals again and again and again, and I don't work like that.
RG: Was it good?
TRICKY: Yeah, it was, it was. But then Suggs (former Madness vocalist) ended up coming in to do it, so you find out who the real boy is. <
(Raygun, October 1996)

> There's Suggs' voice, sounding more like some twisted sicko nightclub crooner than a cheeky Cockney geezer, over a backdrop that's somewhere between ska and the jerking spasms of 'Ponderosa'. <
(Mixmag, September 1996)


   Tricky presents: Grassroots
 CD US / Payday FFRR_697-124_105-2 / 11. August 1996
 12" US / Payday FFRR_697-120_088-1_/_1996
1. The Hillfiguzes - Heaven, Youth Hell 3:42
2. Tricky - Tricky Kid 4:11
3. Tricky & Laveda Davis - Devil's Helper 4:30
4. Stephanie Cooke - Live w/ Yo Self 3:37
5. Tricky & Roberto Malary Jr. - Grass Roots 3:49

Grassroots is a project that Tricky did with New York hip hop artists, all tracks are produced or co-produced ('Live with yourself') by Tricky. The version of 'Tricky Kid' is a bit different than the later album version on Pre-Millennium Tension, the credits say: remix by Eddie Sancho, background vocals by Drunkenstein (while there are background vocals by Rock on Pre-Millennium Tension). The CD is a digipak.

> TRICKY: I have to run away from my music. It's like hip-hop: I used to be into hip-hop. Then when everybody gets into it, I had to leave that. What's mad is I've just done a hip-hop EP, ... I've been chased from hip-hop, that was my music; people chased me away from that, because everybody started making it, people chased me away from Maxinquaye. I just have to keep leaving the stuff and try to find something else. <
(Raygun, October 1996)


  click here for more pics  Christiansands
 12" UK / 12 BRW 340, Island 854_767-1 / 28. October 1996
 CD UK / BRCD 340, Island 854_767-2 / 28. October 1996
 7" UK / BRW 340, Island 854_766-7 / 28. October 1996
1. Christiansands (Album version) 3:55
2. Ghetto Youth 5:40
3. Christiansands (The Imposter's Mix) 7:03
4. Flynn 2:39

The Imposter's remix is done by Elvis Costello, whom Tricky also remixed (Distorted Angel, see remix & collaborations discography) and whose piano playing he samples in 'Piano'. Elvis Costello also played violin on 'Bad Dreams'. Flynn is an instrumental, except that it features one sampled line from 'Bad Dreams'. 
The 12" has a different order of tracks ('The Imposter's Mix' before 'Ghetto Youth').
The CD comes as a digipak or slim jewel case. The 7" is a picture disc has Christiansands (a) and Flynn (aa). Take a look at the picture disc here

>  "This was in Christian Sands in Norway, a Christian town [...]  Like I went to Helsinki, right, and I met a Devil in Helsinki and a Christian in Christian Sands - that's fact!
   "It is mad. I did an interview with this geezer who was an absolute devil and on the 'plane going to Christian Sands there's this woman trying to convert me...<
(NME, October 28 1995)

> TRICKY: I did a remix for him [Elvis Costello] and he did one for me. That's how it went, we don't talk about money - you do me a mix and I'll do you a mix, and that was it; we've never met, we've never even talked." <
(Raygun, October 1996)



  click here for more pics  Pre-Millennium Tension
  LP UK / BRLP 623, Island 524_302-1 / 11. November 1996 
  CD UK / BRCD 623, Island 524_302-2 / 11. November 1996
  CD UK / BRCDX 623, Island 524
_314-2 / 11. November 1996 (digipak)
  CD US / Island Polygram 314 - 524_302-2_/ 1996 
  CD Japan / Island PHCR_1834_/_1996
  MC UK / BRCA 623, Island 524_302-4 / 11. November 1996
  MC US / Island Polygram 314 - 524_302-4_/_1996
  CD expanded issue / Cherry Red Records CDMRED682 / 18. March 2016
01. Vent 3:04
02. Christiansands 3:53
03. Tricky Kid 4:11
04. Bad Dreams 4:12
05. Makes Me Wanna Die 4:01
06. Ghetto Youth 5:38
07. Sex Drive 3:49
08. Bad Things 5:12
09. Lyrics Of Fury 3:21
10. My Evil Is Strong 3:59
11. Piano 4:15

Pre-Millennium Tension is Tricky's second proper album. 'Bad Dreams' is a cover song of Chill Rob G and 'Lyrics of fury' of Eric B & Rakim (check out cover me for details). The tape and the LP have tracks 1 - 6 on the a-side, and the rest on the b-side. The Japanese CD has an additional booklet with all the lyrics - except for 'Ghetto Youth' -  in Japanese and English (see it here). It also has one bonus track, which is not mentioned on the cover, but in the booklet: 
12. Christiansands (Imposter's Remix)
This remix is done by Elvis Costello and can also be found on the Christiansands single (see above), although there it is called "The Imposter's Mix".
There are a lot of different CD version out: The BRCD 623 is a jewel case, but there is also a book edition with the same catalogue number! The digipak has a different catalogue number (BRCDX).
See the Pre-Millennium Tension presskit here.
In 2016 the album was re-issued as a remastered version with bonus tracks:
12. Flynn
13. Devil's Helper
14. Grass Roots
15. Makes Me Wanna Die (Tricky's Extremix)
16. Piano (The Green Stinky Mix)
The booklet contains an essay by Paul McGuinness. See scans of this edition here.

> RG: It must be frustrating being stuck with the trip-hop tag.
TRICKY: Oh yeah. They say I originated it.
RG: And you don't even like the term.
TRICKY: That's the mad crazy thing, doyouknowwotImean? That's why I did Nearly God, and that's why I did Pre-Millenium Tension. You can't see them as trip-hop albums. So I just keep running away from it. But the farther you run, it's still there. They'll find you. <

> RG: When you said in other interviews that this was going to be a punk record, we thought maybe you meant, y'know, like the Clash.
TRICKY: I thought it was going be heavier. I thought it was just going to be an out-an-out punk record. But you end up straying. What I wanted to do was a total fast album. Some of the tracks are fast and hard, but they did 't come out like that. <
(Raygun, October 1996)




 Tricky Kid CD 1
 CD UK / BRCD 341, Island 854_841-2 / 30. December 1996 (digipak)
 CD France / BRCD 342, Island 854_841-2 / 30. December 1996 (jewel case)
 7" UK / BRW 341, Island 854_840-7 / 30. December 1996
1. Tricky Kid 4:13
2. Devil's Helper 4:29
3. Smoking Beagles 5:03
4. Suffocated Love (live) 3:54

Devil's Helper is taken from the Grassroots EP (see above), Smoking Beagles is a collaboration with Sub Sub. The live version of Suffocated Love was recorded on "Later with Jools Holland", a UK TV show (see the show on You Tube). The 7" has only the first two tracks. 'Smoking Beagles' can also be found on a single by Sub Sub (see remix & collaborations discography), including an instrumental version of this song.
When you take a close look to the digipak you'll see that behind the CD tray is the cover picture of the second CD (and the other way round)...

> Tricky: I am famous and it's made me naked. What's mad is, now everybody wants to be like me. But they don't fucking know the half of it. The grass is always greener." <
(Blah Blah Blah, October 96)



 Tricky Kid CD 2
  CD UK / BRCDX 341, Island 854_874-2 / 30. December 1996
1. Tricky Kid 4:14
2. Makes Me Wanna Die (Tricky's Extremix) 4:45
3. Grass Roots 3:50

This singles comes as a digipak. Behind the CD tray of this second part you'll see the cover picture of the first CD - while the cover picture of CD 2 is behind the tray on CD 1! Grass Roots is also released on the Grass Roots EP (see above). Tricky's Extremix of Makes Me Wanna Die has Tricky on vocals instead of Martina (and totally different music)! 

> RG: Is the song "Tricky Kid" directed at anyone?
TRICKY: Anyone who wants it, really. Any contender to the throne, anybody in the music industry who wants it, who think they're fuckin' all that. <
(Raygun, October 1996)

> In the recent single "Tricky kid", Tricky busts "As long as you're humble / We'll let you be the king of jungle," which Goldie might not have found amusing. (He was unavailable for comment.) <
(Spin, February 1996)


   Tricky Kid 12"
 12" UK / 12 BRW 341, Island 854_841-2 / 30. December 1996
 (limited edition with poster and clear vinyl)
A1. Tricky Kid 4:13
A2. Makes Me Wanna Die (Tricky's Extremix) 4:45
B1. Smoking Beagles 5:03
B2. Grass Roots 3:50

There are no exclusive tracks on this vinyl - they are also on both CDs - but it has a nice poster (60x90cm) with the same picture as on the cover and a quote from Tricky Kid:
"Everybody wants a record deal
Everybody wants to be naked and famous
Everybody wants to be just like me..."



   Makes Me Wanna Die CD 1
  CD UK / BRCD 348, Island 854_934-2 / 21. April 1997
1. Makes Me Wanna Die (Album version) 4:07
2. Makes Me Wanna Die (Acoustic version) 4:08
3. Here Come The Aliens (Afrika Izlam & Tricky) 3:32

'Here Come The Aliens' was maybe planned as a single itself, because there's even a video existing to that song (see videography for details). And the music to that video sounds different than on the Makes Me Wanna Die single! The CD comes as a digipak.


   Makes Me Wanna Die CD 2
  CD UK / BRCDX 348, Island 854_936-2 / 21. April 1997
  CD France / BRCDX 348, Island 854_936-2 / 21. April 1997 
1. Makes Me Wanna Die (The Weekend Mix) 4:22 (7:02)
2. Piano (The Green Stinky Mix) 5:18
3. Makes Me Wanna Die (Album version) 4:05

Track 1 is remixed by the Stereo MCs, Track 2 by A Guy Called Gerald. You can also listen to track 2 on Soundcloud, courtesy of A Guy Called Gerald himself. The Weekend Mix is only an edit version, while the full remix can be found on the regular 12" and the promo 12" and CD (see promo discography). But the French version has the full mix (7 minutes long), even if the cover doesn't say so! Both CDs are digipaks.


   Makes Me Wanna Die 12"
 12" UK / 12 BRW 348, Island 854_935-1 / 21. April 1997
 (limited edition with poster and clear vinyl)
A1. Makes Me Wanna Die (The Weekend Mix - Full Version) 7:00
A2. Piano (The Green Stinky Mix) 5:18
B1. Here Come The Aliens (Afrika Izlam & Tricky) 3:32
B2. Makes Me Wanna Die (Album Version) 4:05

This 12" includes a poster, as the Tricky Kid vinyl, but smaller. It has the two different cover pictures on each side. The cover of the 12" lists track 3 as "Here Come The Alien" instead of "Here Come The Aliens". Another mistake is that the speed is written as 45rpm, while in fact it is 33rpm!



   Makes Me Wanna Die CD (international)
  CD / BRCDT 348, Island 850_970-2_/_April 1998
1. Makes Me Wanna Die (Album version) 4:07
2. Makes Me Wanna Die (The Weekend Mix) 7:00

You can read on discogs that this version is made in France, but I can't find it written anywhere on the CD or cover. Also it says "CD 2 titles" on the op left corner, I think in France this would have been written in French and not in English. 
I bought this CD used and autographed by Tricky and Martina (on the back). See scans here!



The "Angels with dirty faces" period:_


   Divine Comedy
  12" US / white label DPX_11064-1_/_1998

A1. Divine Comedy 8:57
B1. Divine Comedy 8:57

This song was not officially released. It has basically the music of Money Greedy (from "Angels With Dirty Faces") and is a diss on Polygram with lyrics like 'Polygram.... fucking niggers....'. It refers to a remark of Eric Kronefeld: "If every African-American male in the United States was disqualified from pursuing a livelihood...because of a prior criminal record, then there would be no, or virtually no, African-American employees in our society or in our industry."

> Outraged, Tricky recorded his response in the form of a song. "Divine Comedy," which was quickly pressed and and sent out to selected members of the media. <
(Spin, May 1998)



  click here for more pics  Can't Freestyle
  12" US / Durban Poison DPROWL_12002_/_1998 (green vinyl, unofficial, limited)

A. Tricky - Can't Freestyle 4:42
B. Scaramanga - Cash Flow 2:41

The song is not officially released, there are only a few bootleg copies existing of this 12", I've read it's limited to 500 copies. The vinyl is green and comes in a standard black die cut sleeve, I've put up some scans of it here. DP probably stands for Tricky's label Durban Poison at that time. "Can't Freestyle" is basically a rant about Finley Quaye ('using my mother's name in vain'), who said he was related to Tricky, in fact being his uncle. The b-side has nothing to do with Tricky, as far as I know. The song was released on Scaramanga's album "Seven Eyes, Seven Horn" in 1998 (see Maybe Tricky just liked it and put it on there as a b-side.

> The Finley-berating song, "Can't Freestyle", is available in Tricky's adoptive home of New York on "bootleg" green vinyl. <
(The Face, May 1998)

> In the case of Finley Quaye, it was [...] his persistent claims to be Tricky's uncle that forced the rapper to record the as-yet-unreleased Can't Freestyle .... When an excerpt from the lyric was leaked to the press ("Everybody wants to be my cousin / Everybody wants to be my blood / You're not my blood / Don't you feel no shame, taking my mother's name in vain?"), even The Sun ran a report on the slur. <
(Q, June 1998)



   Broken Homes CD 1
  CD UK / CID 701, Island 572_298-2 / 18. May 1998 (slim jewel case)
  CD / MCPS 572_332-2_/_1998 (digipak)
  12" UK / Island  / 18. May 1998
  7" UK / IS 701, Island 572_296-7 / 18. May 1998

1. Broken Homes 3:37
2. Anti Histamine 3:51
3. Money Greedy 5:32

The first single from "Angels With Dirty Faces'. The 12" has these tracks: Broken Homes (Hip Hop Mix) / Broken Homes / Money Greedy / Anti Histamine. The 7" is a limited edition and has only Money Greedy (a) and Broken Homes (aa). The digipak also has the Hip Hop Mix of Broken Homes. 'Anti Histamine' features parts of Blondie's 'Heart Of Glass', sung by Martina. Broken Homes features PJ Harvey on vocals, with whom Tricky wanted to work from the start of his career.

> The leadoff single, the mournful "Broken Homes," [...] is a tribute to the Notorius B.I.G. Tricky wrote it the night he learned of Biggie's death. <
(Spin, May 1998)



   Broken Homes CD 2
  CD UK / CID X 701, Island 572_296-2 / 18. May 1998 (slim jewel case)

1. Money Greedy 5:32
2. Broken Homes (Hip Hop Mix) 5:54
3. 360° 4:04

The Hip Hop Mix has Martina's vocals instead of PJ Harvey's! It contains a sample of Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals" (check out they ask my origin for details).

> Tricky: ...lyrics like, 'these men will break your bones, don't know how to build stable homes'. Homes are important to me," he adds, "because I never had one." <
(Big Issue, April 20/27 1997)

> Tricky: ... someone who've I really fallen for recently is PJ Harvey. I think she's a genius. She's the first person I've ever heard who makes me feel that I know what it's like to be a woman. If I had the choice of working with anyone in the world then it would be her." <
(Select, February 1994)



   Angels With Dirty Faces
 CD UK / CID 8071, Island 524_536-2 / 25. May 1998
 LP UK / ILPS 8071, Island / 25. May 1998 
 2LP UK / ILPSD 8071, Island 524_536-1_/_1998 (limited)
 CD Germany / CIDX 8071, Island 524_520-2 / 25. May 1998
 CD France / CID 8071, Island 524_536-2 / 25. May 1998
 CD Japan / PHCR-1863, Island / 13. May 1998
 CD US / Polygram 524520 / 2. June 1998
 MC UK / ICT 8071, Island / 25. May 1998 
 MC Europe (?) / ICTX 8071, Island / 25. May 1998

01. Money Greedy 5:30
02. Mellow 3:33
03. Singing The Blues 3:28
04. Broken Homes 3:33
05. 6 Minutes 4:46
06. Analyze Me 4:01
07. The Moment I Feared 4:03
08. Talk To Me (Angels With Dirty Faces) 4:28
09. Carriage For Two 4:45
10. Demise 3:48
11. Tear Out My Eyes 4:26
12. Record Companies 4:24

The UK and Japan version have two bonus tracks (UK: 13. Peyote Sings, 14. Taxi, Japan: 13. Time Slippin', 14. Peyote Sings). The Japan version also has a different order of tracks, identical to first promo editions of the album. The double LP (limited to 9999) also includes Peyote sings and Taxi. The US version was available with a free promo CD in some stores (see promo discography). 'The moment I feared' is a cover version of a Slick Rick song (check out cover me for details). Go here to see the Angels with dirty faces presskit (one photo, a 4-page release sheet and article reprints).

> The new album he's made, will, he expects, surprise people when it  comes out next year. "Sometimes it surprises me. It's chilled-out, positive, all about peace and love." <
(Big Issue, April 20/27 1997)

> He says he hasn't listened to his new album, Angels With Dirty Faces, for a while now, but from what he can remember it's "pretty dark". <
(Big Issue, May 25/31 1998)




   Six Minutes 12"
  12" US / Island 314-572_515-1_/_1998

A1. Six Minutes (Greg Nice version) 4:13
A2. Six Minutes (Sheri Coke version) 5:31
B1. Mellow (Remix) 4:29
B2. Six Minutes (LP version) 4:45

This 12" was widely available, while the CD version of this single seems very rare, see below. Mellow was remixed by Tricky himself, the remixes of Six Minutes are by Tricky & Michael Patterson. The credits of the "Sheri Coke version" are: remixed by Susan Rogers and Tricky, additional vocals by Sherry. I don't know who Sherry is, though...
The promo vinyls have another remix (Tricola Mix) that is not on the regular edition (see promo discography).

> The late Mr. Smalls also casts his prodigous shadow over "6 Minutes," in which Tricky asserts that "All the tough guys are dropping like flies" <
(Spin, May 1998)




  click here for more pictures  Six Minutes CD
  CD US / CID 735 Island 572_525-2_/_1998 (???)

1. Six Minutes (Greg Nice version) 4:13
2. Six Minutes (Sheri Coke version) 5:31
3. Six Minutes (LP Version) 4:45
4. Mellow (Remix) 4:29

Back in 1998 everybody thought "Six Minutes" was only released on vinyl! This CD appeared around 2006. It looks authentic, so if it is a bootleg, it is very good. The CD has the same tracks as the vinyl, only in a different order. All remixes are done by Tricky himself (Greg Nice version: Tricky & Michal Patterson; Mellow: Tricky & Michael Patterson). The promo vinyl has another remix (Tricola Mix) that is not on the regular edition (see promo discography), you can listen to it on You Tube.

> [...] 6 Minutes, refers to 'this industry full of vomit'. "We're all monkeys," he says. "We dance and get paid for it, people are so quick to sit back and go along with it, but I'm going to fight back." [...]
He chuckles as he tells how he's just remixed one of the songs on the album called Mellow, adding some "pretty little chords". It's funky, danceable - like the stuff he was doing before Maxinquaye. <
(Big Issue, May 25/31 1998)



  click here for more pictures  Made In Bristol (professional bootleg)
  CD / Island Records (???) 764_111-2_/_1998

01. Hell Is Round The Corner (The Hell And Water Mix) 4:22
02. Psychosis (Non Album Track) 6:37
03. Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix) 4:44
04. Aftermath (Hip Hop Blues) 7:43
05. Brand New You're Retro (The Alex Reele Mix) 4:51
06. Black Steel (Been Caught Steelin Mix) 5:59
07. Here Come The Aliens (Afrika Izlam Remix) 3:32
08. Makes Me Wanna Die (The Weekend Mix by Stereo MC's) 4:22
09. Flynn (Non Album Track) 2:39
10. Devil's Helper (Non Album Track) 4:30
11. Smoking Beagles (Non Album Track) 5:03
12. Suffocated Love (Non Album Track) 3:54
13. Grass Roots (Non Album Track) 3:50
14. Milk (Performed by Garbage) (The Wicked Tricky Mix) 4:02
15. Where Do We Go From Here (Performed by Yoko Ono) (Tricky Mix) 5:08
16. Anti Histamine (Non Album Track) 3:51

This compilation is very rare to find and it's only a professional bootleg! But it has the Island and Fourth & Broadway labels on the back (see the pictures here) and looks very much like an original release, so I included it in the discography. There are some mistakes in the tracklisting: Track 5 is called "Alex Reele Remix", but it should be the "Alex Reece Remix". And "Suffocated Love" is in fact the live version (which also can be found on the Tricky Kid single).


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