Barcelona, Spain (28.11.01)
here's a review from Jacqui:

GREETINGS FROM BCN. So. The concert was great. Razzmatazz was an incredible industrial venue, dark and obscure, just like our man Tricky. He kept himself half clad all night. Opened by stripping off his pesky t shirt and jacket; exposing that incredible back, chest, and arms of his all night. It is necessary to note that all of his glory was only scantly visible through the dim rotating red lights and Barcelona- induced wall of nicotene and pot smoke. To be honest, the chick had all the exposure, wearing a white tank top a-la gwen stefani, and ho damn, could this girl move her hips. I would love to say I am such an avid tricky fan that I know the names of all the artists he works with, but I don't . I just know the history; where he used to sing with his girlfriend, but then they went nuts (imagine that, tricky being too passionate?), and so he had to replaced her.

Moving ever onward, The Christian Christainson song was not as powerful as I anticipated it to be. Could have been the sound, but the chicks voice just wasn't on (in my humble opinion). I think my basic opinion is that we needed more tricky. For example: the encore of "She's the one.. makes me feel this way" was all tricky. Ten minutes of pure, raw music. It is indeed the reason why god (if he exists) created live music. 

Tricky BROKE every mic stand he got his hands on all night, making the overweight roadie stage right, one of the hardest working stage hands I have ever seen. The torrential fits of head banging.. which was more like a trance inducing head centerfusion, was tough to follow. I would have appreciated more times where the stage was drenched in light and we could see the true humble mahem that is his stage prescence. You could tell all night, that the audience was leaning forward, peering intently through pot glazed eyes, onto the dim lit stage, trying, unfruitfully, to get a glimpse of exactly what Tricky was up to.

I would have mentioned the opening band, had they been worth mentioning. They were really trite lyricists with pretty cool back beats. Only saving factor: the lead singer had a fun way of dancing and a nice ass. 




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