Cellular Center
Cedar Rapids, US (20.10.01)
vocals: Tricky, Ambersunshower, Hawkman, Marlon 
Bury The Evidence
Critic ("Original, Original")
Ace Of Spades
Give It To 'Em
with Tool:

here's a review from Tristan:

       I showed up around 5:30 pm outside the venue, there were already about 400 people waiting to enter. The entire venue was general admission, everyone here wanted to grab a good spot to see the show. While in line to get in, everyone seemed to be staring at one another. The stereotype of midwestern heavy metal fans is that they are anti-social, low class, and hate
everyone. Not much happened to persuade me that this stereotype was wrong. the audience was about 2/3rds male, about 99.9% white, with some creepy old metal fans. I was one of the few who weren't wearing black.

        The doors opened around 6:00 pm, everyone was subject to having their pockets emptied. This didn't stop people from sneaking in joints, as i would find out later. As soon as my group and i were in, we marched to directly in front of the stage. There were alreay about a hundred people sitting down there, saving their prime real estate for the show. The floor was cold. This behavior was new to me, I usually don't attend these giant stadium rock shows. The venue had all of the ambience of a multi-purpose convention center named for a telecom startup. After sitting for about an hour, everyone immediately arose. As soon as everyone was standing up, some lit up blunts, while others became impatient. Tricky and his group walked on stage about twenty minutes later. 

      The area in front of the stage soon became a pit of tightly squeezed people. The atmosphere in this pit was tense. Someone had a drug seizure just as Tricky took that stage. There was pushing from every side of me, with security glaring from just above. Loads of finger-pointing as to who was pushing lead one guard to order the audience to "have a good time".

        Tricky took the stage, and the music from "Bury the Evidence" began. Tricky's performance was tight, the only flaws being a few missed levels by the soundboy, but the audience was not impressed. After the song there were choruses of "You Suck!" from the audience. Tricky responded by shouting "Be Quiet, you fuckers" over the microphone. Next was "Pumpkin", Ambersunshower sang great, whispering the sweet nothings with flair. The song was followed by mixed clapping and booing.

         Tricky soon took off is shirt and turned his back to the audience, bright lights on either side illuminated his form in profile against the side of the arena, which was darkened. The group next performed "Critic","Overcome", "Ace of Spades", and "Give It To 'Em". Hawkman had some  commanding stage presence, he was the only singer who faced the audience throughout the performance. Ambersunshower and Tricky would dance when they weren't singing. "Ace of Spades" had a great rock guitar riff with Marlon toasting a verse. Tricky didn't perform the song that was being played on the radio, "Evolution Revolution, Love". The show ended with Tricky thanking the audience, and then performing an epic length version of "Vent", with an extended breakdown and fast strobe lighting.

        I left the pit after Tricky was done. The place was completely full by now. In the balcony everyone was sitting down, while in the pit people were relatively calm in anticipation of Tool. During the intermission there were cheers whenever a woman on the floor took off her shirt, this happened often. 

        Tool took the stage a half hour after Tricky. Their performance was in front of two giant video screens, with acrobats in front of them for part of the show. The crowd occasionally went crazy, cheering and/or moshing. Maynard sang from the back of the stage, later he addressed the crowd. He said something like "I hope all of you opened your hearts and your minds enough to truly experience Tricky", I guess this is how he talks. About two hours into Tool's performance, in the middle of the song "Opiate", Tricky walked on stage and whispered a verse in his sotto voce, later
singing along. Tricky then left, as Maynard thanked him. The next song was the last, the sold out crowd of 10,000 people stood up as Tool left. Tricky may have made a few new fans at this show, but it wasn't an easy audience.




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