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Tricky has been taking part in a couple of radio shows, which
are interesting because he often plays
unreleased or rare tracks.
Check out these radio specials with Tricky as guest or host:

    Spin College Radio    
18. November 1996
This radio show was aired in November 1996, it contains interview parts with Tricky and one unreleased song: 'Summer Nights' by Cath Coffey. The song is released on her album 'Mind The Gap' (only in Japan) and on the album 'Remixed by Tricky', but this is a different version! It has faster beats and Wayne Jobson is contributing the male vocals instead of Tricky and is still unreleased. Tricky talked about it in an interview with Spin magazine in December 1996 (read it here).

Cath Coffey feat. Wayne Jobson - Summer Nights (UNRELEASED VERSION!!!)

    KCRW: Morning Becomes Eclectic    
22. January 1998
Tricky was guest DJ at KCRW's  'Morning Becomes Eclectic' in 1998. He played some surprising songs, such as the Spice Girls. The only exclusive song was 'Divine Comedy', at that time only available as a bootleg 12" and promo 12", but later released on the Mission Accomplished EP. 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' with Tricky was online here, but not anymore.

Eric B And Rakim: Mahogany
Prince: Under The Cherry Moon
LL Cool J: 4 3 2 1 (E-Dub Remix)
Tricky: Divine Comedy
Public Enemy: Sophistacted Bitch
Tom Waits: Clap Hands
Spice Girls: Too Much
LL Cool J: Mr. Goodbar
The SpecialsDo The Dog
Snoop Doggy DoggFreestyle Conversation
PrinceNew Position
Geto Boys:  'Till Death Do Us Part' Intro


    House Of Blues: Tricky Radio    

1. September 1999 & 2000
House of Blues had a radio show hosted by Tricky for three weeks in September 1999 - including an unreleased track ('Yukiko', now released on 'Blowback') and two unreleased remixes (Grace Jones: 'Cradle to the grave' and a remix of Tricky's own song Mellow'). It was again available at the House of Blues website in 2000 with a slightly different tracklist and even more unreleased songs: a Tricky remix of Ambersunshower's 'Rhythm Child' and two songs by Durban Poison artists (that I don't know, sorry), one features definitely Mad Dog. You can find these extra tracks at the end of this page. I had real audio files for the unreleased tracks, but they don't work anymore...

tracklist from 1999:
Product Of The Environment: Tony Guest
Tricky6 Minutes (Sheri Coke remix)
Method Man: Judgement Day (Tricky Remix)
The Baby NamboosHard Times
UB40I Get Lifted
TrickyMellow (Remix) - UNRELEASED
Grace Jones: Cradle to the Grave (Remix) - UNRELEASED
TrickyYukiko - UNRELEASED (at that time)
Eric B. and RakimPaid In Full
Genaside IICasualties of War
Cam'RonHorse and Carriage (Tricky Remix)
Tricky: Suffocated Love (live)
Genaside IIAd Finite
Stephanie Cooke (Tricky pres. Grassroots)Live With Yo Self
Genaside IIBulletproof Jumper
The Hillfiguzes (Tricky pres. Grassroots)Heaven, Youth Hell
Dr. DoomDr. Doom's In the Room
TemptationsPapa Was A Rolling Stone
Autumn PeopleIn Da Mudd
Slick RickWe Turn It On
Product Of The EnvironmentDave Courtney

additional tracks from Tricky Radio 2000:
Mad Dog & ??????
another Durban Poison act (?)???
AmbersunshowerRhythm Child (Tricky remix) - UNRELEASED!

    Spinner / KCRW: Ground Zero     
June / July 2001 
Ground Zero is a radio show with Chris Douridas at KRCW - the show with Tricky as a guest was aired June 23 in 2001 and for a while available online at The whole show was 
two hours, but the main part with Tricky was in the second hour. Here's the playlist, it includes the unreleased track 'Question' with Alanis Morissette! The song was recorded for 'Blowback', but her label holds it back. So Tricky recorded another version with Hawkman, released as 'Diss Never'.

Tricky (feat. Hawkman & Ed Kowalczyk) - Evolution Revolution Love
Tricky (feat. Hawkman) - Diss Never (Dig Up We History)
Tricky (feat. Ambersunshower) - Your Name
Tricky (feat. Hawkman) - Something In The Way
Tricky (feat. Martina) - Black Steel
Tricky (feat. Alanis Morissette) - Question (UNRELEASED!!!)
Tricky (feat. Stephanie McKay & Alanis Morissette) - Excess

    Tricky on Loveline    
13. June 2001
This is a radio show hosted by Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles (here is their website). People can call and tell them their love troubles. Tricky was a guest and sometimes makes a comment, it also has little interview parts and they play songs from Blowback. 

Listen on You Tube here or here.


    Know Wave: DJ Milo & Tricky     
30. June 2014
DJ Milo and Tricky were guests in the Know Wave radio show with Michael K on June 30, 2014. DJ Milo chose some tracks, including his remix of 'Sun Down' (which was unreleased at that time). It was later released as a bonus track on the Japanese version on 'Adrian Thaws' and shared on Soundcloud. You can listen to the radio show on Soundcloud. Tricky joins at the end (at about 44 min) and doesn't say much, the DJ Milo remix starts at 49 min.


Jan Hammer: Don't You Know
Dusty Springfield: Let's Talk It Over
Jay Dee: Flyyyyy
Dr. Alimantado: Best Dressed Chicken In Town
Takumi Kaneko: Open The Galaxy
Jocely Beroard: Siwo
Manicured Noise: Faith
Deepchord: Grand Bend (cv313 Dub)
Prince Far I: Under Heavy Manners
Tricky feat. Tirzah: Sun Down (DJ Milo Remix)


    BBC 6 Mix: Tricky     
31. October 2014  / 30. January 2016
Tricky hosted the radio show "6 Mix" on BBC 6, where he played songs and explained their influence on him. Because of the BBC 6 Festival in Bristol they are streaming it again in 2016, together with the 6 Mix of Massive Attack. You can listen to the show here until February 29. The original Tricky show was 2 hours, now they are only playing the first hour. Here is the playlist back from 2014 (maybe not complete, because Bill Withers and De La Soul are missing from the first hour). 

tracklist from 2016:
Marianne Faithful: There Is A Ghost
Peter Tosh: Pick Myself Up        
Bill Withers: Ain't No Sunshine
James Brown: King Heroin
Tracy Chapman: For My Lover
Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit
Noora Nor: Forget What I Said
Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe: Sun Is Shining
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush: Don't Give Up
De La Soul: Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
Happy Mondays: Wrote For Luck
Special Ed: The Mission
The Specials: Gangsters
Björk & Tricky: Keep Your Mouth Shut
additional tracks from 2014:
House Of Pain: Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom)
Bruce Springsteen: 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)
Donna Summer: I Feel Love
Kat Onoma: Que Sera Votre Vie
Cocteau Twins: Blind Dumb Deaf
Eric B. & Rakim: In The Ghetto
Neneh Cherry & Tricky: Devotion
Vybz Kartel: Jamaica
Cham: Ghetto Story
Tirzah & Tricky: Sun Down
Sefyu: Molotov 4
Radana: How We Do
The Dirty Harrys: Kendrick
The Raconteurs: Steady As She Goes


    Rinse FM: Tricky (1)
07. October 2019
Tricky hosted a radio show on Rinse FM four times, this is the first one. It is two hours long, the other are only one hour long. The tracklist is not made available, I will add it if I'll have the time... The other Rinse FM shows were on 30. April 2020, 30. June 2020 and 20. August 2020 (see below).

Listen to the show on Soundcloud.
click for a bigger pic


tracklist: to be added soon...
(well, soonish)



    Rinse FM: Tricky (2)
30. April 2020
This is Tricky's second radio show on Rinse FM. The first was was on 7. October 2019, the third on 30. June 2020 and the fourth on 20. August 2020. There is no tracklist released yet. I will add it, when I'll have the time...

Listen to the show on Soundcloud.
click for a bigger pic

tracklist: to be added soon... (well, soonish)



    Rinse FM: Tricky (3)
30. June 2020
This is the third radio show that Tricky did for Rinse FM, it was one hour long. The next one took place on 20. August 2020 (see below).

Listen to the show on Soundcloud.
click here for a bigger

Trentemøller: Miss You
Layori: Dada (Renaud Letang radio edit)
Calypso Rose: Abatina
to be continued...



    Rinse FM: Tricky (4)
20. August 2020
This is the forth radio show that Tricky did for Rinse FM, it was one hour long.

Listen to it on Soundcloud
click here for a bigger
Dave East - Really Wit Me
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Uneins
UB40 - The Earth Dies Screaming
Busy Signal - Stay So
KO - son of a gun
Castanets - I’ll fly away
Roni Size - Dirty Beats
Eli Fross - Situations
Marvin Gaye - Trouble man
Odetta - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere
Manronix - Cold Getting Dumb
Brigitte Fontaine - Le goudron
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House
Viagra Boys - Sports
Toni Braxton - Please
Amyl and The Sniffers - 70's Street Munchies
Tricky - Silver Tongue - When You Go
Tricky - 'Nicotine Love' feat. Francesca Belmonte


    BBC 6 Music: Desert Island Disco
4. September 2020
On the release day of his new album 'Fall To Pieces' Tricky was on BBC 6 Music Radio for a short interview and to play tracks that inspired him. The format is called "Desert Island Disco", you can read about it on the BBC 6 Music website.

Listen to it here (available for one month), starting at 1:35:10. 

Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit
Nancy Wilson: (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
Madonna: Don't Tell Me
Prince: If I Was Your Girlfriend
Busy Signal: Stay So
X-Ray Spex: I Am A Poseur



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