current tour dates    
Tricky's spring tour dates were postponed to autumn due to Covid-restrictions. Now some of the dates are postponed again, some will probably happen as scheduled. These are the tour dates known at the moment:

13. August 2021
Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands) postponed
16. September 2021
Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (Denmark) postponed
18. September 2021
Parkteatret Scene, Oslo (Norway) postponed
19. September 2021
Nalen Stora Salen, Stockholm (Sweden) postponed
21. September 2021
Loftas, Vilnius (Lithuania)
22. September 2021
Palladium, Riga (Latvia)  postponed
23. September 2021
Fotografiska, Tallinn (Estonia) postponed
24. September 2021
Ääniwalli, Helsinki (Finland) postponed
26. September 2021
Re:Public, Minsk (Belarus) cancelled?
29. September 2021
Fabrika, Yekaterinburg (Russia)  postponed
30. September 2021
Kosmonaut, St. Petersburg (Russia)  postponed
01. October 2021
ГЛАВCLUB Green Concert, Moscow (Russia)  postponed
04. October 2021
Atlas, Kiev (Ukraine)  postponed
07. October 2021
MKC Youth Cultural Center, Skopje (Macedonia) postponed
08. October 2021
Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki (Greece)  postponed
09. October 2021
Fuzz Live Music Club, Athens (Greece)  postponed
10. October 2021
Sofia Live Club, Sofia (Bulgaria)     postponed
12. October 2021
Quantic Pub, Bucharest (Romania)  postponed
13. October 2021
Form Space, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) postponed 
15. October 2021
Dom Obladine, Belgade (Serbia) postponed
16. October 2021
Mocvara, Zagreb (Croatia) postponed
17. October 2021Arenele Romane, Bucharest (Romania)postponed
18. October 2021 Form Space, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)Facebook
19. October 2021
A38 Ship, Budapest (Hungary)
20. October 2021
Praga Centrum, Warsaw (Poland)
21. October 2021
Kwadrat, Krakow (Poland)
22. October 2021
Tama, Poznan (Poland)
24. October 2021
Metropol, Berlin (Germany)  postponed
25. October 2021Kulturkirche, Köln (Germany)postponed
26. October 2021
Botanique - Orangerie, Brussels (Belgium) postponed
27. October 2021
Le Trianon, Paris (France)  postponed
28. October 2021
Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing (France)  postponed
03. November  2021Warwick Arts Center, Coventry (UK)   
04. November  2021
Oran Mor, Glasgow (UK) 
05. November  2021Festival of Voice, Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff (UK)    official
07. November  2021
O2 Ritz, Manchester (UK) 
08. November  2021
Electric Brixton, London (UK) 
17. November  2021
Flex, Vienna (Austria)       cancelled
18. November  2021
Magazzini Generali, Milan (Italy) postponed
19. November  2021
La Laiterie, Strasbourg (France)  postponed
21. November  2021
Ninkasi Gerland Kao, Lyon (France)  postponed
22. November  2021
Le Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (France)  postponed
25. November  2021
Sala Apolo, Barcelona (Spain)       postponed
30. November  2021
Hard Club, Porto (Portugal)    
01. December  2021
Liboa A Vivo, Lisbon (Portugal)     Facebook
07. January  2022
Bognor Regis, Rockaway Beach (UK)  official
27. February 2022Nalen Stora Salen, Stockholm (Sweden)
28. February 2022Parkteatret Scene, Oslo (Norway)tickets
02. March 2022Ääniwalli, Helsinki (Finland)
03. March 2022Fotografiska, Tallinn (Estonia)
04. March 2022Palladium, Riga (Latvia) 
05. March 2022Loftas, Vilnius (Lithuania)
08. March 2022Atlas, Kiev (Ukraine) 
10. March 2022ГЛАВCLUB Green Concert, Moscow (Russia) 
11. March 2022Fabrika, Yekaterinburg (Russia) 
13. March 2022Morze, St. Petersburg (Russia) 
17. March 2022Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
12. April 2022 Bremen Teater, Copenhagen (Denmark)   tickets
13. April 2022Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (Denmark)cancelled
15. April 2022Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing (France) 
16. April 2022Big Band Cafe, Herouville St. Clair (France)  official
17. April 2022La Sirene, La Rochelle (France)  Ballyhoo
19. April 2022Le Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (France) 
20. April 2022Ninkasi Gerland Kao, Lyon (France) 
21. April 2022La Laiterie, Strasbourg (France) 
22. April 2022Le Trianon, Paris (France) 
12. May 2022MKC Youth Cultural Center, Skopje (Macedonia)  tickets
13. May 2022Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki (Greece)     tickets
14. May 2022Fuzz Live Music Club, Athens (Greece)   tickets
15. May 2022Sofia Live Club, Sofia (Bulgaria)      tickets
17. May 2022Arenele Romane, Bucharest (Romania)    Facebook
18. May 2022Mocvara, Zagreb (Croatia)  Facebook
22. May 2022Magazzini Generali, Milan (Italy)     [new]tickets
last updated: 8. December 2021



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