Virigin Records
London, UK (30.06.03)
vocals: Tricky, Costanza

here's a review from Bertrand:

Saw Tricky perform at the Virgin Records Store on Oxford Street, London tonight on the basement floor.

The main lights were dimmed a bit and the stage area softly lit with shades of purple. He started with the 'The Lovecats' (with a groovy fast paced  bit at the end) and concluded with a blazing rendition of 'How High' to great applause from the audience after each song.

Here's the list of songs played;

The Lovecats
Dear God
Where I'm From
How High

It was a great brief set, Tricky (quite animated as always), Costanza and his band were all excellent. He thanked us for coming and stayed on for some signing.





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