Tricky solo discography ~ part 5
(2019 - now)

fall to pieces

The "Fall To Pieces" period:

  click here for a bigger pic  Tricky presents: Test Of Time
digital download / False Idols K7S369D / 30. August 2019
LP Europe / False Idols K7S369LP / 30. August 2019  (limited to 300 copies)
01. Dio Russo: House of Ill Repute 1:56
02. Young Magic: Lucien **2:42
03. Sean K : Narrative3:19
04. KLOXII: Shades3:19
05. Breanna Barbara: Ramblin' Woman2:04
06. Descartes A Kant: Crime Scene4:46
07. Chikaya: Fall In 2:21
08. Tennin: Heal You2:14
09. Tricky: Makes Me Wonder (feat. Marta)3:38
10. Idles: Colossus (Tricky remix) *2:28
11. Bob Vylan: The Moth & The Flame **1:53
12. Saul Williams: Nature Boy1:39
13. Suzy Sleepzzz: Lollopa3:07
14. Rodolphe Burger: FX Of Love3:42
15. Serve The Servants: Gravity 2:14
16. Leeroy Thornhill: In My Shoes 5:07

* remixed by Tricky
* produced by Tricky

This is not a regular Tricky album, but a sampler of mostly unsigned artists released on Tricky's label False Idols. But it also includes a new song by him: "Makes me wonder". Singer is Marta, who also toured with Tricky in the last years. There is also a video starring her (check out the videography for details).

Another contribution is a remix by Tricky: Idles - Colossus (Tricky). Plus he produced two of the tracks: ‘The Moth & The Flame’ by Bob Vylan, and  ‘Lucien’ from Young Magic. 'Lucien' was already released in 2016 as a single, watch the video on You Tube (it is slightly different and longer).

The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and can be bought at Bandcamp and other places.



  click here for a bigger pic  20,20
digital download / False Idols K7S391EP / 6. March 2020
01. Hate This Pain (feat. Marta) 1:41
02. Lonely Dancer (feat. Anika)
03. M2:31

This is the first release by Tricky after his daughter Mazy died. The instrumental "M" is probably about her. Marta is Tricky's latest tour singer, Anika is a Berlin based singer (check out her official website here). You can buy the digital download at Bandcamp and other places. I've added the lyrics for the two songs here

In September 2020 this EP was also released as a blue 7", part of a limited Dinked edition of Tricky's album "Fall to pieces" (see below).


  click here for a bigger pic  Fall Please
digital download / False Idols K7S391S1 / 11. June 2020
01. Fall Please (feat. Marta) 2:27

This is the first single off of Tricky's upcoming album "Fall To Pieces", which will be released on September 4. You can buy the track on Bandcamp, or listen to it on You Tube or Spotify. There's a video for it, done by Marta Kacprzak, check out the videography for details.

>Tricky: “Fall Please” is around eight, 10 years old, and it didn’t get on the False Idols album because I found it too pop.>
(Spin, 2. September 2020)


  click here for a bigger pic  Thinking Of
digital download / False Idols K7S391S2 / 28. July 2020
01. Thinking Of (feat. Marta) 2:11

This is the second single from "Fall To Pieces". You can buy the digital download at Bandcamp or other places. Unlike the other singles it doesn't have a video.

> Tricky about 'Thinking Of'': "There’s a distorted noise that happens a couple of times in it. It’s got like a screeching sound. That was my brain when my daughter died. <
(Spin, 2. September 2020)


  click here for a bigger pic  I'm In The Doorway
digital download / False Idols K7S391S3 / 25. August 2020
01. I'm In The Doorway (feat. Oh Land) 2:51

This is the third single off of Tricky's upcoming album "Fall To Pieces". There is also a video (watch it on You Tube), directed by Mateusz Miszczyński. Go to the videography for details. Tricky already worked with Oh Land in 2012, resulting in the song "I'm Not Going" (released in 2016 on "Skilled Mechanics").

> Tricky: "With most of my stuff, there’s nothing else like it around, but with ‘Fall Please’ and ‘I’m In The Doorway’, it’s my version of pop music, the closest I’ve got to making pop." <
(NME, August 2020)


  go to the discography  Fall To Pieces
  digital download / False Idols K7S391D / 4. September 2020
  CD Europe / False Idols K7S391CD / 4. September 2020
  LP Europe / False Idols K7S391LP / 4. September 2020
Europe / False Idols K7S391 / 4. September 2020 (clear vinyl, limited to ???)
  LP Europe / False Idols K7S391LPI / 4. September 2020 (red vinyl, limited to ???)
  LP Europe / False Idols K7S391LPISIGNED / 4. September 2020 (red vinyl,signed print,limited to 100)
  LP Europe / False Idols K7S391LPD / 4. September 2020 (Dinked,blue vinyl,+blue 7",limited to 800)
  CD Japan / False Idols K7SCDJ-391 / 30 September 2020
01. Thinking Of (feat. Marta) 2:11
02. Close Now (feat. Marta)1:37
03. Running Off (feat. Oh Land)1:44
04. I'm In The Doorway (feat. Oh Land)2:51
05. Hate This Pain (feat. Marta)3:23
06. Chills Me To The Bone (feat. Marta) 
07. Fall Please (feat. Marta) 2:27
08. Take Me Shoppping (feat. Marta)2:44
09. Like A Stone (feat. Marta)3:26
10. Throws Me Around (feat. Marta)3:15
11. Vietnam (feat. Marta)2:28

This is Tricky's 14th studio album. Obviously a lot of songs are influenced by his grief for his daughter Mazy, who died in May 2019. But some songs are older like "Fall please" (as he points out in this interview with Spin). Probably also the two songs with Oh Land were recorded in 2012 and never used back then.

There are a lot of different versions available, especially some limited vinyls. The red and clear vinyl are probably limited, but I don't know how much there are. There are also some red vinyls with a signed art print, these are limited to 100. The official website store is offering different bundles with tote bags, T-Shirts and other stuff, check it out here.

The Dinked edition is blue and comes with a blue 7" of the 20,20 EP released before only as a download (see above). It is limited to 800 copies who were sold in independent records stores on pre-order (and sold out probably the same day). You can read about the Dinked edition here. As far as I could find out the Japanese CD doesn't have any bonus tracks.

I've added pictures of most of the releases here.

> Tricky: "Marta doesn’t care about being famous, she just wants to sing." <
(Spin, July 2020)


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