BBC Radio One Session
UK Radio (29.11.95)
about 20 min
vocals: Tricky, Martina

The tracks were later released on Maxinquaye Reincarnated (see discography here):
Hell is round the corner
4 Ponderosa

I have a recording with these tracks, different order:
1. Pumpkin
2. Strugglin'
3. Ponderosa

The BBC website lists this tracklist, Abbaon Fat Tracks is a mistake: 

1. Hell is round the corner
2. Pumpkin
3. Strugglin'
4. Abbaon Fat Tracks

But it could be a mistake, because as you can see here Ponderosa was definitely played, it is also released on Maxinquaye Reincarnated. 

There is also a recording of this show on the unofficial "Switch On Switch Off" bootleg, see discography.




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