TRICKY, who worked on Björk's 'Post' and whose astonishing 
'Maxinquaye' is MM's joint Album Of The Year, picks his men of the year. 
Interview: DAVID BENNUN. Trick(y) shots: TOM SHEEHAN
An embarrassment to most, but Tricky, as ever, swims against the tide.
"FOR understanding what's going on. He said all this nice stuff about me. People say he's doing it for his own gain, but I don't think it's about that at all. What do I think about his wallpaper? I've never seen it. Is he making wallpaper? That's mad. No, l don't find it embarrassing, he can make as much wallpaper as he wants, and really that is a bit of a stupid thing to do, i must say, but there's something special about the man. I think he's just lost, and that ain't his fault, if you're making wallpaper you've got to be a bit Iost, for f***'s sake. So, no, I don't give a f***. He can make as much wallpaper as he wants. But I ain't gonna buy any. That's mad. What did it look like? Has it got 'David Bowie' written all over it or something? It's scary, isn't it? Oh God, that is scary."

Best known to non ragga fans for his homophobic track "Boom Bye Bye", which caused more trouble for Shabba Ranks than it ever did for him, Buju Banton is now one of the wodd's biggest reggae stars.
"FROM the first album to the second album, he never developed too much. He was more like a regular MC. And now he's developed so much he could be in the same league as BobMarley an' that, some of those songs on the new album are sof*** brillinat. It's like watching him grow up. I think he's got really into God and things like that. Obviously, he's not going to apologise for anything he's done, but I think he doesn't feel the same way now. In 'I Wanna Be Loved' and beautiful songs like that, you can't actually feel hate for anybody, so I'm sure he isn't on that boom-bye-bye-batty-boys sort of vibe anymore."

Wu-Tang Clan member RZA is also
one of Gravediggaz, the original and finest exponents of horrorcore, who collaborated with Tricky on the "Hell"  EP.
"HE'S an extraordinary producer and musician, a f***ing Nineties Mozart. I feel a connection with Wu-Tang, definitely, but only in that we're all very confused, we haven't had a good education as such, but they're sort of heavy. They are men, and I feel like a kid being in the same room as them, because they've been through a lot more than me, and l don't face up to my responsibilities sometimes, and I'm a coward about certain situations ... just the way I lead my life. I'm not a man, and they feel like men, you know."

You know.
"THE king. Robert De Niro cannot sit next to him.In the past I've put a lyric down about DeNiro, on the Massive Attack album, but I've changed by mind since. I think he's just f***ing incredible."

The diminutive but highly buff singer of the eponymous rock band.
"HE wrote a song called 'I Can't Speak', which I listen to all the time. The lyrics are exactly my kind of thing, just really negative, but in a positive way. And it's just caught the feeling. A lot of the time we go on to it before we do a gig, the way I feel sometimes, the way everybody feels sometimes."

Martial arts star of beat-em-ups with a conscience.
"HE'S made some of the best fighting action films, but he's always got a message. Even though he's corny as f***, it's always about the environment, or the government. He's anti-Mafia, anti-FBl, anti-CIA, anti-everything. Also, he's the world's hardest chef.
  "I wanted to put Kurt Cobain in, for writing some of the best songs, but l don't know if I should. He's a bit of a prick for blowing his head off, innit? And it happened last year? Yeah. He's done a lot of stupid things, so he don't deserve Man Of the Year. Take him out."

Tyson has yet to officially reclaim his world heavyweight title, but Tricky has absolutely no doubts about him.
"IT'S nothing to do with the rape verdict, I know nothing about his private Iife or anything, but in the ring, he's the heavyweight champion.
  Frank Bruno is too nice. He's like a teddy bear. He rabbit punches his opponents? Maybe, but if you compare him toTyson, he's quite a gentleman. His heart ain't big enough. When they had a fight, Bruno and Tyson, Bruno hit him with a huge punch, which rocked Tyson's world, and Tyson just came straight back and battered him."

Let's leave Tricky to explain these
"CAN women be Men Of The Year? Fruit Management, my management, they've been there since the white labeIs. And Smash and Vicky from Island Press. Why? Politics. Andy Whittle, my tour manager, and Steve Finan. He keeps it raw. No airs and graces. What you see is what you get. He's a Liverpudlian scallywag, and he hasn't changed."

Tricky's singing partner doesn't strictly belong in here, but I felt I'd better let her in after cruelly barring his grandma.
"NOTHING fazes her at all. She's so departed from this business. She's one of the best singers in England at the moment. But if you're with her, you wouldn't know she was even in the music industry. She's just so departed from it, and I really respect that."

One of the least fashionable men of all time, but primed for a comeback as never before. Whenever he received a bad review, he has claimed, he would drive past the paper's offices inhis Ferrari, thinking, "Yeah, I'm really upset."
"FOR writing 'Cars' and 'Are Friends Electric'. What do I think of the Romo? I prefer it to all this Beatles revival.  No disrespect toThe Beatles at all, The Beatles should be a personal thing. If you want to listen toThe Beatles, play it in your house. They're over, they're finished, right? And every couple of years they keep banging it back in our faces because it's the only thing England's ever had. Its time to move on! Like my first album, nothing to do with nothing anymore. It's just bollocks, it's all rubbish.
  "Fort me, l missed a lot of the New Romantic stuff like Japan and Gary Numan, and I can't remember the other bands, but l've heard them. My own use of make-up? Yeah, yeah, I don't know where that comes from, l think it's boredom. I guess I've got a lot in common with them. I just did a remix for Yoko Ono, and it's quite New Romantic. Very much like that. I'm realIy pleased with it. I was really gutted, 'cos I wished I'd kept it for me."

British actor who specialises in
hip, violent Hollywood movies, although he occasionallyappears in comedies like the unspeakably funny "Immortal Beloved", a biopic of Beethoven. 
"HE'S someone I've admired for years, and I was realIy disappointed when l met him. Totally shat over my illusions, f***in' all over for me, this is it. And he was my hero, he was my god.
  We were talking once, I don't think he was even interested, although I'm talkingwith him, he hasn't given me the message to go away, 'cos l would, if l felt like l was bothering someone, I'd go away. So he's talking with me, without looking me in the eyes, with no interest of anything. But then being as big as he is, to stay normaI would be really f***ing hard.

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  photo: Tom Sheehan

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