This interview with Tricky was broadcasted by
Radio Fritz after the release of 'Angels With
Dirty Faces'. Some
parts were translated, but
some were broadcasted in the "original version".
The real audio streaming is not working anymore, sorry...

    interview from July 13, 1998    
'I control my career'  (39 sec)
He won't let the record company market him as a gangster or bad boy. That would be dangerous for him, because when you meet one in reality they have a lot less to lose than you have. Controling his career means he controls his destiny. 

Björk  (52 sec) PJ Harvey  (15 sec)
She's a country girl, that's for sure! 


Quite the opposite of PJ Harvey: soft image, but tough girl! He's gotten 
a bit swallowed in the relationship with her, and she had a  wrong image 
of him (passionate musketeer). 



Bush  (41 sec)
Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting...

Neneh Cherry  (45 sec)
When she sings his songs she touches his soul, but she lets the music industry abuse her to make her bubble gum pop. 
'I deserve to die'  (41 sec)
Not him personally, but we all... Fear of death is brought to us by Christianity. And if he would be religious he would be a buddhist, because he likes the thought of living more than once
'I want my Mum'  (43 sec)
The death of his mother caused that he numbed himself - and therefore 
wrote lyrics like 'I hate to feel' - but then the trouble  is that he numbed
himself to other feelings, too.
performing in the dark  (46 sec)
He did that for a while because of shyness, but now there's lots of light,
and lots of energy. Like a punk gig... without the punk.

sexual tension (39 sec)
When he spends hours in the studio without a woman (with hip  hop projects), he just needs some female company.... 


analyze me (20 sec)
He's searching for answers and wants to become a better person,  like help someone that you hate, for example


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