from ADRIAN THAWS to TRICKY
  from TRICK to TREAT
                         from MISTAKE to SUCCESS
     from MC to TAI CHI

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    interview from August 16, 1999    
introduction (by Charlotte Roche)  (1,34')

Juxtapose  (0,35')
the album is already 6 months old, also the touring got boring, so he learnt to play guitar and wrote two new songs, one of them is already played live ('bad boy')

old stuff  (1,08')
he doesn't listen to his old music, it's like dirty washing

in the beginning  (4,29')
Massive Attack, success, Nellee Hooper and a lot more

mistakes  (0,58')
listen and learn the difference between being credible and being trendy!

changes  (3,14')
his challenge is not the music, but to improve his personality

words  (0,58')
his music is all about his words, the music is just a train to get the words out, he doesn't even like his voice, making music is a surviving-tactic for him

internet  (1,25')
he wants to give out lyrics before they're even used in a song, because the "kids" are so much into lyrics, plus he talks about trickyonline

record companies   (1,59')
they're too slow, he already finished his next album ("Street dog and scrappy lover"), it will be his first very english (hip hop) album, he's prepared for being dropped since he's a kid, because he bought studio equipment from the money he made with Maxinquaye, so he can do it without them

Durban Poison  (2,20')
as longs as he had his deal with Dreamworks he didn't release anthing, now the whole thing is just starting with four releases this years

Island life  (1,31')
he made mistakes, went for the obvious (money), but Chris Blackwell knew it wouldn't work, waited for him to made his mistakes

live  (1,06')
a lot of songs from PMT and 'Angels...' are designed as live songs, he's become half a live act, playing live is as important as his music

Tai Chi  (2,22')
it's as important as his music, focussing your mind just on one thing isn't healthy, his teacher is almost like a father, he's trying to grow and work on his personality

happiness  (1,08')
Tai Chi showed him that you can learn something every day, he's learning to live happy, success has nothing to do with happiness


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