Soja meets Tricky

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    interview from August 1998    
introduction  (0,12')
superstar?  (0,31')
after being in the music business for a while he has learnt what success really means apart from selling records and being famous 

present  (0,27')
he had time to reflect and is much more relaxed now...

past  (0,45')
he's been a demon - though not always for the wrong things...

control  (0,22')
things don't seem so complicated as they did, now he got more control of his life and doesn't let the music business run away with his life... 

New York & Bristol  (0,50')
he likes to be a stranger, that's why he has to move every now and then

paranoid?  (1,27')
that's the reason he felt spaced out for two years: Candidus!

overcome?  (1,25')
he's getting over it after being numbed for two or three years, his whole life changed and he's less confused now

after karma-koma  (0,41')
he could have started learning after Nearly God, but that's the time he got sick, so now he's starting to lear and willing to take more risk

Tai-Chi???  (1,13')
He's ready to learn more about himself and change parts of his personality

touching souls  (0,39')
life is about learning and touching souls...
speed  (1,04')
he's always doing things at the wrong speed, but now he can be more relaxed and move in his own speed

compromises?  (0,43')
the best thing is to do what you want and don't compromise...

Massive Attack...  (0,41')
he's still waiting for a very hardcore and extreme album from Massive Attack...

Massive Attack?  (0,39')
everybody wants to break out of their genre, but you have to be clever to not lose your integrity

PJ Harvey  (1,52')
she's one of the few artists he really respects, he enjoyed working with her, because before he mostly worked with Martina only. Broken homes shows that he's found his own style of songwriting and melodies.... 

broken homes video  (0,41')
he doesn't really like the video, but it's a compromise to reach more people, and he rather compromises with his videos than his music

famous last words  (1,31')
he wants to write beautiful songs, and then even more beautiful songs, and then....


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