Tony Guest
So as I was saying, I got on the doors 
and I used to go to one club to another you know
It was always the bad clubs because the good clubs looked 
after themselves, they didn't want nobody on,
You know just normal people and all that, but if you went 
to the bad clubs and got the job there,
You got a lot more money cause it was harder,
I see him (a club owner) he said yeah it's all right Tony 
we can pay very well
We'll give you want, then you can pay your team, he said 
but there's a Salford Mob and they're bad
And they come on for protection and I've been paying them 
for over a year now.
I can't pay you, you know and pay them at the same time,
So I said to him well don't you worry about that, 
let me worry about that,
So I was there for about a week, there was five of us,
The next thing we know, he come down, 
he said alright Tony, so I said alright,
I said Barry, I said, well you'd better forget what your down 
here for now, he said, what do you mean
I said he's paying you no more it's our club now, 
oh he said it's like that is it, I said yeah it's like that 
I've took over now and that's it, so with that his mate, 
his minder, his other mate said what you talking about,
This is our club, so with that he started arguing with me,
So I knew I had to do I knew I had to show myself, 
so bump I hit him with a right hook and he's gone to the floor,
Then with that they all jumped on me and started, 
so my team jumped in then, my Johnny and Morty jumped in,
He said stop this now, so I said ok with me and you outside Barry,
So as we got up the stairs and all that they all followed behind us, so I started fighting him outside,
So I put him on the floor I said do you want any more, 
he said I've had enough, I've had enough
But with that I just put my knee on him and leaned on him
and I said listen Barry I'll kill you if you like
Cause he was finished then you know but with that 
they all started kicking me and all that nonsense
And as they was pulling me away he's on the floor 
and he's just got his teeth into my legs,
I've got all the things (scars) now where he got a chunk out of it, with the legs and all that nonsense.
This is not right it’s supposed to be one to one don't it, 
and that was it they pulled him away,
The next thing I know there was blood shooting out 
like water out of me thumb
And it was just on the skin on the floor,
(and some was bitten off..) so they put a towel over me 
and the next thing it was like blotting paper,
And they said Jesus look at the blood so they phoned 
the ambulance and they sat me down
And the ambulance come and they took me to the hospital, 
and they said well we'll have to amputate you,
They had to go back for me thumb, with ice they come back with it.




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