Roy Shaw
My name is Roy Shaw
In 63 I was going on all the blags
Was a bit tasty on the pavement
So we was going to have this bank van 
down at Longfield in Dartford
Picks up from all the banks and then comes along this road
This quiet country road.
The Geaser who was going to ram it said I can't ram it with a car
He said I need a big American lorry
And he was on the other side of the road for it to come
And I was standing on the pavement
I threw this brick through the window and it done the driver
Run round the front of it, pulled the driver out 
and slung him in a ditch
So I ran to the door and I smashed the window
Smashed the bars with the axe and they all fell in
Run the axe round the window frame and jumped in
Six people in there and they went, don't hurt us, don't hurt us
I went just give us your money, give us your money
They went that's it now, that's it, you got a lot of money 
Dived out the window and got into the back of our van
And we was having it away cause we had a tipper lorry 
parked about two miles up the road, 
Had it all cut out so we got underneath and it was all metal on top
But there was a van following us, so I said to the driver,
Stop and I'll go and do him
Stop and let me do him, so they stopped
And I ran at the van that was chasing us, so he saw me coming
Went into reverse and being it's a country lane, 
he went up the bank and turned over in the road
So that was that out of the way 
and it stopped anybody else following us
So we went from there into the tipper, 
got underneath with all the money 
and everything and away we went
And that was it, that one was done
That was the ninety grand one, 
in them days it was one of the biggest blags 
other than the train robbery,
We had the money and split up got away with it, 
then I got grassed up about six weeks later 
and got to court
And I got a fifteen stretch...


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