Tony Lambrianou
My name is Tony Lambrianou
I was brought up with the Krays in Bethnal Green
We was all families and brothers
And that's where your power lay
Within your family
The East End is known for the criminals it turned out
There was a new movement among the youth
The firms of that time were the Richardsons, the Nash Brothers,
the Lambrianou Brothers, the Krays,

We ran the system, that's how it had to be, they couldn't tell us what to do, it wasn't like that.
You didn't argue with the Krays, I know what fear is, cause I'd give it out
If they had the hump, that was it, you knew you had a problem
If one of them hit you on the chin, stay on the floor,
You never knew what was going to happen, never said a lot but they done a lot
I was convicted with the Kray twins in sixty-nine for the murder of Jack the Hat McVitie
It wasn't my row, it wasn't my argument, but we with them,
I as there when it happened, I disposed of the body, I was the last person to see him
This man was one handful, he was about six foot two, about sixteen stone on him;
He didn't fear no one, and if he had a gun on him, he'd use it,
I see him blow a pub out one night cause they wouldn't serve him a drink, cause he'd come back,
You couldn't let him go you couldn't let him go, he was a nuisance
And when a person becomes a nuisance we couldn't leave him
I got a life and fifteen years recommendation, and I done fifteen years nine months,
I was category A for twelve years, there was no parole for me,
I had gone past that stage of things, I came out still living in the past,
I miss what I left behind, the firm, the image is back there,
Once you put the suit on, once you put the suit on
You become a different person
We never involved ourselves with innocent people.
They was all other villains, that was the code I lived by
We fall into a category people like me, the Krays, Freddie Foreman, Frankie Fraser, Dave Courtney, unemployable men, I deserve something
But to be convicted of a murder I thought was a bit strong
A big slice out of my life and it cost me plenty
The firm
The firm.



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