Il Mucchio Selvaggio 
  (31. August 99)
Ugo Malatacca: “Tell me about new guests… first of all, the new vocalist.”

Tricky: “Her name’s Kioka, her voice is incredible. Have you heard the songs
she sang in my new album? Now she has a contract with my label, and maybe
she will do a solo production.”

Ugo Malatacca: “Yes, I heard the songs, but I must be honest, Martina was a lot

Tricky: “Martina now is busy with her first solo album. She needs to remain concentrate on that. She didn’t write lyrics since Maxinquaye, she needed to re-concentrate again on herself. Anyhow I will produce something for her with my new label. But I don’t want to work too much on it, I want her to find her own way.”

Mille grazie to Alessandro for the translation!


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