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17. December 2020
Tricky news: tourdates are postponed.

5. December 2020
Tricky news: Live show and interview on KEXP Radio.

15. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the lyrics for 'Fall to pieces' to the lyrics section (or go here directly).

10. September 2020
Tricky news
: Tricky takes over BBC 6 Radio for Desert Island Disco (also added to the radio page). I've also added pictures for the Dinked edition and the red vinyl edition of 'Fall to pieces' here.

9. September 2020
Tricky news: competition to win a test pressing (and places to buy the Dinked edition)!

5. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the new album 'Fall To Pieces' to the discography and began a mini site for it (go here).

4. September 2020
Tricky news: new album out today!

3. September 2020
Tricky news: paperback book and competition.

29. August 2020
Tricky update: I forgot a forth radio show on Rinse FM (from June 30)! It is now added to the radio page.

28. August 2020
Tricky news: Rinse FM radio show(s), also added to the radio page.

27. August 2020
Tricky news: two new singles out (also added to the solo discography and the videography).

23. July 2020
Tricky news: European tour in spring! Check out also the tourdates.

13. June 2020
Big Tricky news: new album 'Fall to pieces' in September!

14. April 2020

Martina update: an older song ('Millennial heart') added the news and the collaborations discography.
Tricky update: an interview on french TV (NPA 1998) added to the concertography.

13. April 2020
Lots of Tricky news: a new EP was released in March (news and solo discography), tourdates in Eastern Europe announced (tourdates) and a Steve McQueen exhibition at Tate Modern (closed at the moment).

07. December 2019
Lots of Tricky news: new video released ('Makes me wonder'), I've also added it to the videography.

28. October 2019
Lots of Tricky news: sampler released, book events, autobiogaphy out soon. Also updated: tour dates, concertography, solo discography, remix discography.

21. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography details! Also a remix is released (added to the remix discography).

11. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography to be released soon.

10. August 2019
Sorry for the long break, I was very busy and Tricky was very quiet. In the news: Tricky took a break because his daughter died, but will release a new sampler soon. Also Martina's news are updated.

26. February 2019
Tricky news: in the studio & festival in France! Also added to the tourdates. And I've added an old setlist for Ghent 1996.

15. December 2018:

Tricky news: appearance at Berghain new year's eve!

25. October 2018:

Martina news: new songs played live at Koktebel Jazz Festival, I've also added the setlist here. And I've updated her biography.

24. October 2018:
Tricky news: track with Ghostface Killah, also in the collaborations discography.

7. October 2018:
Tricky update: new tourdates.

22. June 2018:

Martina news: you can now buy Martina' single 'Solitude'.

16. June 2018:
Martina update: I've added her new single 'Solitude' to the solo discography, plus some older promo releases.

15. June 2018:
Martina news: details about new single and EP.

14. June 2018:
Martina news: single on June 15!

10. June 2018:

Martina news: new EP on June 14 and concert at Festival (also added to the tourdates).

5. April 2018:

Martina news: new material soon, maybe on her brand new You Tube channel? I've also added three older collaboration to the collaborations discography (Son Of Dave: Hot Summer Nights and two songs with Clark) and updated it with more details and links.

31. March 2018:

Tricky news: KUTX radio session. I've also added Breanna Barbara and Marta Zlakowska to the musicians page.

30. March 2018:
Tricky news: two new videos and tourdates in the US. The tourdates are also added to the tourdates section and the videos to the videogaphy.

26. February 2018:
Sorry for my absence! I've updated the tourdates, since Tricky is currently on a little European tour and will play the US in May!

. November 2017:
Tricky news: new remix of "Running Wild" (also added to the discography), plus win tickets for the Berlin concert.

. October 2017:
Tricky update: an old song added to the collaborations discography (Thanks to Ferdinand for the find)!

12. October 2017:
Tricky update: some new European tourdates.

. October 2017:
Tricky news: free download and tour singer.

6. October 2017:
Tricky news: new version of "When We Die" released today. It's also added to the discography.

. October 2017:
Tricky update: the discography is updated with details about the CD version of "Ununiform". I've also added two promo CDRs to the promo discography (The Only Way, Ununiform) and added the rest of the lyrics for Ununiform (help needed!).

29. September 2017:
Tricky update: three new tourdates in Germany added.

. September 2017:
Tricky update: some lyrics added for Ununiform.

. September 2017:
Tricky update: three new tourdates (although London isn't for sure yet) and some new and old samples added to the samples section (Wait for Signal, a couple of old uncredited samples and some songs sampling Tricky).

. September 2017:
Tricky update: one new tourdate (Lausanne), one interview from 2016 added to analyze me (Thump from June 13), plus more interviews and live performances to the Ununiform minisite.

23. September 2017:
Tricky update: one new tourdate, plus I've added a minisite for the new album 'Ununiform' with reviews, interviews and more, check it out here. I've also added the cover song "Doll" to cover me. In the news: according to an interview Tricky is already working on the next album!

22. September 2017:
Tricky news: new album "Ununiform" released today, plus live performance on BBC! The album is also added to the discography.

21. September 2017:
Tricky news: interviews and live performance.

17. September 2017:
Tricky news: Radio Nova and European tour, also the tourdates are updated.

. September 2017:
Tricky news: some interviews here and there.

28. August 2017:
Tricky news: new single and new remixes, both added to the discography as well! Plus US tourdates in October!

5. August 2017:
Tricky update: I've added the "When we die" video to the videography.

2. August 2017:
Tricky news: video for "When we die" released and tour singer Mina Rose.

16. July 2017:
Tricky update: some news (world tour and Nike campaign) and a new tourdate in Italy added.

. July 2017:
Tricky update: I've added the new single "When We Die" to the solo discography.
Martina update: I've added news about "When We Die" and added it to the discography.

. July 2017:
Big news: Tricky released a single with Martina today, plus new album in September!

. July 2017:
In the news: Tricky released a "Stripped Down Tricky Mix" of "The only way" on Soundcloud (also in the discography) and announced False Idols Films soon.

. July 2017:
Massive update in the concertography: I've added a lot of You Tube links and/or setlists to the concertography for the following gigs: MTV Fashionably Loud 1996/1997Roskilde 1998, St. Petersburg 2009, London 2010, St. Petersburg 2010, Krakow 2010, Paris 2010, Vienna 2010, Cologne 2010, Montreal 2010Brisbane 2011, Warsaw 2011, , Bogota 2011, Mexico City 2011, Zhangbei Festival 2011, Brescia 2012, Sosnowiec 2012, Rome 2012, Moscow 2012, Warsaw 2013, Poznan 2013, Strasbourg 2013, Clermont-Ferrand 2013, Osheaga Festival 2013, Tbilisi Open Air 2013, Porto 2013, Frequency Festival 2013, Paris 2013London 2013, Grenoble 2014, Vilar de Mouros 2014, Minsk 2014, Gdansk 2014, Kiev 2014St. Petersburg 2014, Moscow 2014Vienna 2015, Florence 2015, Madrid 2015, Lille 2015, Sao Paulo 2015, Buenos Aires 2015, Cordoba 2015, Porto 2015, BBC Festival Bristol 2016, Prague 2016, Lisbon 2016, Tourcoing 2016, Brussels 2016, , San Francisco 2016, Florence 2016, Budapest 2016.

. June 2017:
Tricky news: out of the blue a new track called "The only way" is released! I've also added it to the solo discography.

21. May 2017:
Tricky update: I've added an interesting interview from last year to analyze me (XLR8R: "Moving Forward Tricky"), in which Tricky talks about his future plans.

20. May 2017:
Tricky news: new festival gig, also added to the tourdates.

9. April 2017:
Good and bad news: Tricky is not in 'Ghost in the shell', but contributed music to the soundtrack (also added to the solo discography).

. April 2017:
After some technical problems moon palace is back! In the news: Tricky will play a show with Lee Scratch Perry at a festival soon! Also added to the tourdates.

29. January 2017:
Happy new year!!! Sorry I've been quiet lately, but there wasn't much to report...
Tricky news
: recording with Asia Argento! I've also updated the concertogaphy with the concerts from autumn 2016.

16. October 2016:
Tricky news: new track with Wax Taylor! I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

10. October 2016:
Tricky update: I've added some You Tube links for full shows to the concertographyTempe 97 (plus setlist), Shepherd's Bush 97 (part of the Naked & Famous documentary, shown on TV, but not on the DVD), Leeds 97 (audio only, but radio braoadcast quality), Moscow 2016. Plus I found some (older) dates from 1997 that I didn't have: Rimini on May 10, Fribourg on May 14 and Zürich on May 13.

. October 2016:
Tricky news: European tour in November, also added to the tourdates.

7. October 2016:
Tricky news: the music of "Take it there" used for new EP by Massive Attack. I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

. October 2016:
Tricky update: a new tourdate added.

. October 2016:
Tricky news: Obia EP relased yesterday, I've added it to the solo discography.

22. September 2016:
Tricky news: Obia EP soon and one track now!

. September 2016:
Tricky misc. news: book release, still awaiting announced Obia EP, back on Instagram.

29. August 2016:
Tricky news: more performances with Massive Attack (Paris, Ghent, Bristol), also added to the tourdates and concertography.

26. August 2016:
Tricky update: (past) concert at Beautiful Days Festival added to the concertography and to the tourdates.

14. August 2016:
Tricky news: new EP in September and documentary about Gary Numan.

29. July 2016:
Tricky update: one new US tourdate.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: song with Tony Tonite, I've also added the album to the collaborations discography.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: All US tourdates are now official!

7. July 2016:
Tricky news: Another tourdate (Berlin, yeah!). I've also updated the tourdates.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: US tour in autumn! I've also updated the tourdates with three US dates.

5. July 2016:
Tricky news: EP with Kiko King & Creativemaze in September.

. July 2016:
Tricky news: more info on Tricky performing with Massive Attack.

23. June 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky will play live with Massive Attack and without.

. June 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky will be in the movie "Ghost in the shell"!!!!

23. May 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two new promos to the promo discography: Brown Punk movie on DVD and Grace Jones Hurricane testpress 12".

. May 2016:
Tricky update: I've added a lot of live reviews and advertisements from Thorben's collection of magazine clippings, also other details and links! They're all over the concertography and I've marked everything as [new]. So just take a look, it's too much to list it all. The most interesting thing is probably this Melody Maker review from the Tel Aviv show in 1996. The concert was about 3 hours and 20 minutes long!

15. May 2016:
Tricky news: Japanese bonus track on Soundcloud, new Instagram Tricky gallery by Thorben!

. April 2016:
Tricky news: today's concert in Hannover was moved to another location! I've also corrected and added some older dates in the concertography and added a short video interview from 1995 with Tricky and Martina (and Terry Hall, but he doesn't say anything) at the Mercury Music Prize.

11. April 2016:
Tricky update: I was lucky to buy some pretty rare Tricky vinyls, so I've added several scans and details about these new vinyls and some old ones to the discography: The Hard Sell LPAftermath demo 12", Can't Freestyle, God's Bass (with DJ Milo), Clandestine Affair (with Grace Jones)Hurricane promo (with Grace Jones)

. March 2016:
Tricky news: Remix EP out! I've also added it to the discography.

28. March 2016:
Tricky update: two new tourdates in Denmark added, plus I've added the Pre-Millenium Tension re-issue to the discography with details and scans here.

13. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added Massive Attack's Ritual Spirit EP to the collaborations discography, because it was released on March 4. Plus I've added scans of the deluxe edition of 'Adrian Thaws' here, because I just noticed they are not there (kind of late, but better late than never).

12. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two articles to 'analyze me', one of them is a short interview with Tricky's engineer Francois Kerjan, who talks about a lot of technical stuff.

6. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the Japanese version of the SKilled Mechanics CD to the discography with scans here, also to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

4. March 2016:
Tricky update: I've added a setlist and my review of the Berlin concert here, also two short interviews from German newspapers (Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Morgenpost) to 'analyze me'.

29. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've updated the biography and added part 8.

28. February 2016:
Tricky update: Two new tourdates (Maastricht, Hannover), also I've updated 'movies don't move me' (I added Red Light Runners, although it's unreleased, and the Brown Punk movie, plus updated the list of movies that use Tricky's music, also updated a lot of little things throughout the whole page). 

26. February 2016:
Tricky news: Massive Attack's "Ritual Spirit" EP was released as a very limited edition, I've also added it to the collaboration discography with lots of infos and pics.

21. February 2016:
Tricky update: old news about an unreleased movie (Red Light Runners).

20. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added details for the BBC 6 Music Festival, added the Boy video to the videography and Skilled Mechanics mini site and added a concert in Tel Aviv from 1996 to the concertography.

17. February 2016:
Tricky update: more tourdates!

16. February 2016:
Tricky news: video for 'Boy' released today!

14. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added some samples to 'they ask my origin': Abbaon Fat Tracks, Search Search Survive, Bombing Bastards.

13. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added two interviews to 'analyze me' and to the Skilled Mechanics mini site, a french one (Liberation) and a German one (i-D).

12. February 2016:
Tricky update: some new tourdates (Prague, Paris, several in Italy) added to the tourdates, plus I added reviews to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

10. February 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the last lyrics to Skilled Mechanics: Here My Dear, We Begin, Well, Unreal. If you have additions or correction, let me know (especially for Here My Dear and Well, they were really difficult).

7. February 2016:
Tricky news: expanded issue of PMT. And a new tourdate is added: Moscow on March 30.

6. February 2016:
Tricky news: Screening of 'Naked and famous' at the BBC 6 Festival in Bristol and how to win tickets for the Berlin show. And I've finally updated the interviews section 'all I speak is words': I removed dead links and added tons of video and audio interviews and specials. I also added some links for the recent concerts to the concertography. Plus details for an older one (Session with Selah Sue, see here).

5. February 2016:
Tricky news: remix of 'Boy' plus two more tourdates added.

2. February 2016:
Tricky news: radio show on BBC 6 and postponed release date in Japan. Plus I redid the radio section, added the BBC 6 Mix and an older show called "Loveline" (from 2001).

30. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the video for 'Take It There' to the videography.

29. January 2016:
Tricky update: some more lyrics are added to Skilled Mechanics lyrics (Beijing To Berlin, Bother, How's Your Life)

28. January 2016:
Tricky news: the Massive Attack EP 'Spirit Ritual' was released officially today! I've also added it to the collaborations discography.

27. January 2016:
Happy birthday, Tricky! I've added an old little feature about the artwork on Tricky's first records, taken from Q magazine (thanks to Thorben for that).

26. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for a couple of songs from 'Skilled Mechnics' to the lyrics.

25. January 2016:
Tricky news: collaboration with Massive Attack!

24. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added the two new cover songs (Diving Away, Bother) to cover me, and a new sample (in "How's your life") to they ask my origin.

23. January 2016:
Tricky news about the Japanese version of Skilled Mechanics. I've also added scans of the CD and vinyl to the discography (go here directly).

22. January 2016:
Tricky news: Skilled Mechanics album is out today! I've updated the discography and the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

21. January 2016:
Tricky news: new guitarist on tour, I've added him to the musicians! Plus I've added some interviews and radio podcasts to analyze me.

20. January 2016:
Tricky news: two radio interviews with some details about Skilled Mechanics, in one of them you can listen to "Bother", not yet released or streamed!
Martina news: she is on tour with Massive Attack in January and February! Of course the tourdates are updated.

17. January 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky is finishing a book with pics, words and lyrics!

16. January 2016:
Tricky update: I've added lyrics for the new song 'Boy' and added it to the Skilled Mechanics mini site.

14. January 2016:
Tricky news: Tricky shares new song 'Boy'!

10. January 2016

Tricky update: some new tourdates and I've added the "Diving Away" video to the videography.



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