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13. March 2022
Tricky news: tour is cancelled.

8. December 2021
Tricky news: film screening in Berlin tonight! Some concerts were cancelled or postponed, check out the tourdates.

23. October 2021
Martina news: Forever I wait released in CD format!
Tricky news: Lonely Guest album out since yesterday! Some concerts postponed.

11. October 2021
Martina news: Bandcamp story and new tourdates for 2022!

27. September 2021
Tricky news: Tricky won an award and performed two songs at the AIM Independent Music Awards on August 25. Also added to the concertography, which was updated in general a little bit.

26. September 2021
Tricky news: some tour dates are rescheduled, you can pre-order the Lonely Guest album in different format. Also the single "On a move" is added to the discography.

25. September 2021
Tricky news: new collaboration coming soon!

18. September 2021
Martina news: album out! It is also added to the discography, as is the Pure Heart EP limited vinyl.

29. July 2021
Tricky news: I'm a little behind with all the releases, so I've finally added the latest releases to the solo discography: Doorway EP, Fall To Pieces remixes, Fall To Pieces Live. Also two collaborations to the collaborations discography: with Trentemller and Lonely Guest.

16. May 2021

Tricky update: I've added details for a concert at the Astoria, London in 1995 and some minor changes in the discography.

15. May 2021
update: the tour dates have been updated.

14. May 2021

Martina news: single out now, album in September. The new single is also added to her solo discography.

17. December 2020
Tricky news: tourdates are postponed.

5. December 2020
Tricky news: Live show and interview on KEXP Radio.

15. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the lyrics for 'Fall to pieces' to the lyrics section (or go here directly).

10. September 2020
Tricky news
: Tricky takes over BBC 6 Radio for Desert Island Disco (also added to the radio page). I've also added pictures for the Dinked edition and the red vinyl edition of 'Fall to pieces' here.

9. September 2020
Tricky news: competition to win a test pressing (and places to buy the Dinked edition)!

5. September 2020
Tricky update: I've added the new album 'Fall To Pieces' to the discography and began a mini site for it (go here).

4. September 2020
Tricky news: new album out today!

3. September 2020
Tricky news: paperback book and competition.

29. August 2020
Tricky update: I forgot a forth radio show on Rinse FM (from June 30)! It is now added to the radio page.

28. August 2020
Tricky news: Rinse FM radio show(s), also added to the radio page.

27. August 2020
Tricky news: two new singles out (also added to the solo discography and the videography).

23. July 2020
Tricky news: European tour in spring! Check out also the tourdates.

13. June 2020
Big Tricky news: new album 'Fall to pieces' in September!

14. April 2020

Martina update: an older song ('Millennial heart') added the news and the collaborations discography.
Tricky update: an interview on french TV (NPA 1998) added to the concertography.

13. April 2020
Lots of Tricky news: a new EP was released in March (news and solo discography), tourdates in Eastern Europe announced (tourdates) and a Steve McQueen exhibition at Tate Modern (closed at the moment).

07. December 2019
Lots of Tricky news: new video released ('Makes me wonder'), I've also added it to the videography.

28. October 2019
Lots of Tricky news: sampler released, book events, autobiogaphy out soon. Also updated: tour dates, concertography, solo discography, remix discography.

21. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography details! Also a remix is released (added to the remix discography).

11. August 2019
Tricky news: autobiography to be released soon.

10. August 2019
Sorry for the long break, I was very busy and Tricky was very quiet. In the news: Tricky took a break because his daughter died, but will release a new sampler soon. Also Martina's news are updated.

26. February 2019
Tricky news: in the studio & festival in France! Also added to the tourdates. And I've added an old setlist for Ghent 1996.

15. December 2018:

Tricky news: appearance at Berghain new year's eve!

25. October 2018:

Martina news: new songs played live at Koktebel Jazz Festival, I've also added the setlist here. And I've updated her biography.

24. October 2018:
Tricky news: track with Ghostface Killah, also in the collaborations discography.

7. October 2018:
Tricky update: new tourdates.

22. June 2018:

Martina news: you can now buy Martina' single 'Solitude'.

16. June 2018:
Martina update: I've added her new single 'Solitude' to the solo discography, plus some older promo releases.

15. June 2018:
Martina news: details about new single and EP.

14. June 2018:
Martina news: single on June 15!

10. June 2018:

Martina news: new EP on June 14 and concert at Festival (also added to the tourdates).

5. April 2018:

Martina news: new material soon, maybe on her brand new You Tube channel? I've also added three older collaboration to the collaborations discography (Son Of Dave: Hot Summer Nights and two songs with Clark) and updated it with more details and links.

31. March 2018:

Tricky news: KUTX radio session. I've also added Breanna Barbara and Marta Zlakowska to the musicians page.

30. March 2018:
Tricky news: two new videos and tourdates in the US. The tourdates are also added to the tourdates section and the videos to the videogaphy.

26. February 2018:
Sorry for my absence! I've updated the tourdates, since Tricky is currently on a little European tour and will play the US in May!



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