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 May 19, 2003

 June 17, 2003

Tricky: "I called this album Vulnerable because it's
my most honest and open record. On this album 
I've stopped hiding and I'm allowing people to see 
different sides of the real me." (official bio)


Click on the titles to listen to the songs (mostly on You Tube, sometimes live versions):
01. Stay
02. Antimatter
03. Ice Pick
04. Car Crash
05. Dear God -- cover song (XTC) 
06. How High
07. What Is Wrong
08. Hollow
09. Moody
10. Wait For God
11. Where I'm From  -- the music was already played live in 2001 ('Ace Of Spades')
12. The Lovecats  -- cover song (The Cure)
13. Search Search Survive

Vulnerable is released as a double CD, the second is a DVD with the following tracks:
01. Vulnerable movie
02. Tricky: Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix)
03. Radagon & Tricky: Receive Us
04. You Don't Wanna (live in Rome)
05. Photo Gallery

But there also a different version as one CD with a CD-Rom part and the following videos:
14. Tricky: 'Antimatter' CD-ROM part
15. Radagon & Tricky: 'Receive us' CD-ROM part
16. Radagon & Tricky: 'Snap them' CD-ROM part  

For details go to the discography. 


The first single will be Antimatter, released on June 23. The single will include the following remixes:
01. Antimatter
02. Ragga Remix (by Lickle Kings)
03. Jimmy & T Remix (by Tricky & Winston Burris)
04. Ollie Remix (by Toby Clark)

Three more remixes can be found on promo 12"s and a promo CD, check out details here.

The video for Antimatter is directed by Stephane Sednaoui, who already did a lot of videos for Tricky (Hell Is Round..., Pumpkin and others). You can watch it at Anti.

click to see a bigger pic of the cover

01. Stay
02. Antimatter
03. Ice Pick
04. Car Crash
05. Dear God
06. How High
07. What Is Wrong
08. Hollow
09. Moody
10. Wait For God
11. Where I'm From
12. The Lovecats
13. Search Search Survive

or read all the lyrics together here... 


    cover songs    
Dear God (written and performed by XTC)
The Lovecats (written and performed by The Cure) 

The Selector - Missing Words (Car Crash) 


Because some of the reviews are not online anymore, I used links to the Way Back Machine:

Resident Advisor:
Vulnerable shows that Tricky's prepared to re-do an album like Maxinquaye all over again, this time in a 2003 context, yet he's also willing to incorporate the techniques he's learned over the years on other albums such as Blowback and Juxtapose. (3.5 of 5)

Rock Music Review:
Overall i'd say this is probably one of his better works and a proper return to form after the glossy exercise of Blowback.  (8 of 10)

Music Critic:
Vulnerable is rife with the sort of eccentricities that have long encouraged a love-hate relationship with Tricky’s black magic – mucuous growls and impenetrable, seemingly free association lyrics dropped into a simmering vat of jungle beats, funereal keys and looped guitar tracks. (3.5 of 5)

But while Vulnerable undeniably lacks the unpredictability and genuine innovation of his early days, it's a solid and surprisingly melodic affair which is a huge improvement on his often unlistenable last few efforts.
(3 of 5)

Stylus Magazine:
Tricky has found his own private California now, is unshackled from the machine against which he spent so long raging, and has a new chanteuse who’s a reasonably credible facsimile of her antecedent. And yet this record is still an example of mediocrity. (C-)

If this is supposed to be a new beginning for Tricky, at least that implies an acknowledgment of past sins. A full exorcism of his defensive inclinations and the Maxinquaye blueprint would be a welcome next step but less than a decade after his startling debut, it's hard to imagine that this once-bulletproof talent has the goods to offer more than the ghosts of his own past. (4.9 of 10)

Tiny Mixtapes:
Where are the demons? Where is the madman that we once knew? He is gone and with him any creative thought or approach that would have made this release worthwhile. (2 of 5)

The Guardian:
Thaws has clearly decided that inspiration lurks somewhere within his own back catalogue. The sense of a man trying to recapture his past glories with very limited success is impossible to shake. And that's a difficult pill to swallow from an artist whose music was once about unpredictability.

Slant Magazine:
Though a full 13 tracks may be a bit wearisome (she’s no Martine), Francavilla lends Vulnerable a cohesiveness that was missing from 2001’s star-studded BlowBack and, well, every other record Tricky has made since 1995’s Maxinquaye. (3 of 5)

Music OHM:
Buy. Play. File away. Don’t expect to accidentally start humming any of it.

BBC: album of the day:
Some of the 13 tracks suffer from the Tricky-by-numbers syndrome. Ice Pick is little more than some muttering, scratchy guitar and frenetic drumming, but for the most part Vulnerable shows that melody and brooding atmospherics are, once more, harmonious house-mates at their creator’s abode.

His influence on taking things forward has been immeasurable, and he above most deserves to have each record reviewed on its own merits. And 'Vulnerable' is a very good record indeed, and stands up on its own just fine. (3.5 of 5)

When it comes to things the great British public aren't clamouring for, a new Tricky album ranks somewhere below radiation poisoning and above a new series of 'Orrible'. And yet the albums keep coming, as inevitable and unnecessary as reality TV shows, but more depressing. (5 of 10)

Burn It Blue:
‘Vulnerable’ dips its toes into the kind of downbeat claustrophobia we associate with Tricky AND embraces visceral guitar crunching. It’s not vintage Tricky, but rather the sound of a man straining to retain artistic credibility. (3 of 5)

CD Kritik (in German):
Für viele Ohren dürfte zwar auch sein neues Album "Vulnerable" noch immer düster und latent aggressiv klingen, doch für Trickys Verhältnisse ist es die Entdeckung der Leichtigkeit des Seins...

Musikexpress (in German):
Großartig die erste Nummer "Stay", brilliant die "Cure"-Coverversion "Love Cats". "Vulnerable" ist ein grandioses Gesamtwerk. Mister Tricky, bleiben sie so offenherzig!

Tonspion (in German):
Man erwartet nichts mehr von einem Tricky-Album und siehe da - "Vulnerable" wartet auf mit positiven Vibes, wie man sie vom Meister der Dunkelheit schon lange nicht mehr gehört hat.

Laut (in German):
Klang schon der Vorgänger "Blowback" versöhnlich, scheint die kalifornische Sonne Trickys Gemüt noch mehr zu erwärmen.


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