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September 4, 2020
September 9, 2020

"You’ve gotta fucking get up and fight. Right now I’m in fight mode. And I feel really good. I do." (press release)
This is Tricky's 14th studio album, influenced by the death of his daughter Mazy in May 2020. Female singers are Marta Złakowska, his tour singer in the last few years, and Oh Land, with whom he recorded some songs in 2012.



'Fall To Pieces' is released in the following formats:

digital download (K7S391D)
CD Europe
CD Japan (
LP Europe black vinyl (
LP Europe clear vinyl (K7S391, limited to ???)
LP Europe red vinyl (K7S391LPI, limited to ???)
LP Europe red vinyl signed (K7S391LPISIGNED, limited to 100, incl. art print)
LP Europe Dinked edition (K7S391LPD, blue marble vinyl, incl. 7" of 20,20 EP and art print)

All vinyl releases include a download code. The Dinked edition was sold out almost immediately after the pre-order was possible (around June). The clear vinyl was sold out one day after the release.



01. Thinking Of (feat. Marta)
02. Close Now (feat. Marta)
03. Running Off (feat. Oh Land)
04. I'm In The Doorway (feat. Oh Land)
05. Hate This Pain (feat. Marta)
06. Chills Me To The Bone (feat. Marta)  
07. Fall Please (feat. Marta)
08. Take Me Shoppping (feat. Marta)
09. Like A Stone (feat. Marta)
10. Throws Me Around (feat. Marta)
11. Vietnam (feat. Marta)

I think this is the first Tricky album without a cover song! All songs are rather short, see details in the discography.


Fall Please:
click here for a bigger pic

Tricky feat. Marta: Fall Please (You Tube)

This song was released as a download single on 11. June 2020 (for details go to the discography).
In an interview with Spin Tricky said about the song:
>“Fall Please” is around eight, 10 years old, and it didn’t get on the False Idols album because I found it too pop.< (Spin, 2. September 2020)

Thinking Of:
click here for a bigger picTricky feat. Marta: Thinking Of  (audio on You Tube)

Again this song was only released as a download single, on July 28. Unlike the other singles it doesn't come with a video.

For details go to the discography.

I'm In The Doorway:
click here for a bigger pic

Tricky feat. Oh Land: I'm In The Doorway (You Tube)

The third single, this time with singer Oh Land. It was released on 25. August 2020.

Go to the discography for details.


Fall Please:
You can watch it on You Tube!

This video features photos, videos and the lyrics. It is directed and animated by Marta Kacprzak.

Go to the videography for details. 

I'm In The Doorway:
You can watch it on You Tube!

In this video you can see a woman driving in a red car through a rural area, while she is blindfolded. The video is directed by Mateusz Miszczyński, who also did another video for Tricky ("Makes Me Wonder"). Go to the videography for details.




Thinking Of
Close Now
Running Off
I'm In The Doorway
Hate This Pain
Chills Me To The Bone
Fall Please
Take Me Shopping
Throws Me Around




Coming soon....



Coming soon....


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*SPIN* (September 2, 2020)
Interesting interview about the songs on 'Fall To Pieces' and performing live.



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