where have you been
Probably the L.A. environment is to blame that Tricky didn’t make an album for the next five years, because until 2008 we won’t hear new material from him. These five years are almost like a holiday or sabbatical, you could find Tricky more at parties than in a recording studio. He explains later: "The thing is, you have really got to be disciplined in LA. And I found that hard" (The Observer). It seems Tricky is really influenced by his surroundings while recording, as for example Angels With Dirty Faces is his most experimental album with influences of Blues and Jazz, and it was recorded in New Orleans. 

Although he wasn’t totally lazy in L.A., because he started making music for films and TV after meeting Jerry Bruckheimer: “He basically said to me, go and do me 20 one minute tracks, and then he chose the stuff he wanted” (End Club). “And what’s funny is I put ten dark things and ten lighter things, thinking he’d choose the lighter things as it’s Jerry Bruckheimer, but every time he chose the darkest things. He surprised me like that” (Music Ohm). His music can be heard in the films “Bad Company” and TV series like CSI.

He also ends up acting in some movies: In 2004 he plays himself in the movie “Clean”, the soundtrack has a song with him and Liz Densmore on it ('Breakaway', see him performing the song in the movie on You Tube). In 2005 he also starrs in the TV series “Girlfriends”, playing Finn Robinson (a musician and boyfriend of Lynn, played by Persia White). Tricky and Persia also record two songs together that were featured on the series ('Tease' and 'Past Mistakes') and were later released on her debut album 'Mecca' (2009). 'Past Mistake' will also be released on Tricky’s album Knowle West Boy in 2008 with vocals by Lubna Mhaer, so you could call this an early version of the song. Apparently Persia White came up to Tricky for this collaboration, as you can read in an interview with her: "I asked for Girlfriends to approach Tricky when I agreed to do music for the show… I happen to run into him at a vegan restaurant called Real Food Daily. We talked and he agreed to do the show and work on music together… We connected and had a natural chemistry that led to us working on music for the next year. I have several songs we worked on I would like to release this year." (This article says they recorded five songs, so there must be three unreleased songs).

Also Costanza starts making music TV series like CSI or L Word. One of her songs used for CSI episodes is called 'Where have you been', exactly what we are asking ourselves about Tricky, too! Because from 2003-2006 Tricky didn’t write lyrics or record songs, as he says himself later: “Then I made Vulnerable in 2003. And then I didn’t do anything – not recording, not writing lyrics – for about three years” (Stool Pigeon). When asked why he started again he answers (honest as usual): “I’ve got a kid who’s in school. It costs a lot of money. All of a sudden it’s like, you’d better start working! I’d been living off my money and just partying” (Stool Pigeon).

In 2006 Tricky planned a US and summer festival tour, this would have been the first real tour since 2003. But the dates got cancelled except for three festivals in Spain and Portugal. The female singer is Veronika Coassolo, who met with Tricky's guitarrist Mark Thwaite in LA to rehearse the songs (she will join live tours later again and also write a song on the next album). Tricky’s tour musicians Perry Melius (drums) and Wayne Nunes (bass) release an album this year as Warrior Charge ('No foundation no house'). It features a song with Tricky on vocals: 'You Don't Know Me'. This year he also meets rapper Omni and they decide to do an album together, but it will take another five years until that will be released... 

To release a new album Tricky had to look for a new label, which he finally found in Domino Records. Also he starts his own label Brown Punk, as often his advisor on this project is Chris Blackwell, a good friend and mentor since his Island days, another partner is Emily Taylor. Tricky signs artists like Alex Mills, Kira Skov, Laid Blak and others for his label and starts to promote his artists. He wants to give the artists as much freedom as possible: “We’re doing everything low-cost, an album is costing maybe 20,000. To make that back is not a lot of sales in the long term, so we don’t need any of these artists to have hit records, there’s no pressure on them” (Time Out). He also criticizes the music industry, which is only interested in record sales and rather how a woman looks or how old she is instead of looking for talent and supporting artists. In a video interview he even says: “If I walked into a label with any of my albums now, I wouldn’t get signed” (Rhapsody Q & A on You Tube). 

He is also showing his talents in photographing - his photos are shown in an exhibition in Paris' Palais de Tokyo during April and May, called "Waiting for God" - and film directing: to promote his label Brown Punk he directs a movie about the artists on his label in 2007. In 2008 the Brown Punk movie is finally released, a sampler with artists on Brown Punk also has a new Tricky song featuring Kira ('Messing with my brains') and finally a new regular Tricky is on the way, the first in five years. 




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