So you're more popular with women these days?
"Yeah (laughs), I've always been more popular with women, since I was a kid."

Despite being flavour of the month?
"I can't get into all that groupie shit. Some girls make it really obvious, but I'm really anti that. As soon as I know a girl's into me, I'll do something really horrible. Draw her in and fuck her off. It makes me angry that some women just think a man will automatically shag them because he's got a penis. Thinking that just being pretty is enough, makes me angry. So I'll do stuff Iike start talking to 'em and say stuff like, 'You're not very pretty, are you?' It really upsets 'em. I've found that pretty girls, especially London, trendy girls, just want the obvious nice things said to 'em. All they want to do is talk about themselves. I don't meet many girls I like, actually."

Do you meet many people you like?
"No, I dont. But if I do and I see around a lot, it soon gets destroyed. If I see something in 'em I don't like, that's it, they're out of my life."

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